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Evasive Space - Best Evasive Skills Competition

Posted by Darren Calvert

To coincide with the North American release of Evasive Space this coming Monday we’ve teamed up with Akinai Games to give you the opportunity to win a copy of the game by sharing with us your best example of evading something.

The object being evaded could be anything: a random projectile; the horror of kissing a great aunt with a hairy chin; a large dog turd on the sidewalk/pavement or even artfully shirking off the household chores - the only proviso is that your example of evasion has to make us titter like little schoolgirls.

If you're stuck for inspiration, check out this sterling example of a masterful evasive technique in action:

You can post an actual photo of an evasive event, or even show off your artistic skills in MS Paint if you are so inclined! Just host the image on the interwebs using a service such as Imageshack and post the link below. (550px width would be ideal if you have the skills to resize the image!)

Only one winner will be selected on Monday 16th February (at around 10am GMT). This lucky person will get a copy of Evasive Space gifted to them free of charge. To participate your Wii’s country setting must be set to the United States.

Only one entry per reader please - so make it a good one!

Update: The winner is PDTempest, with this quite frankly unbelievable example of death-avoidance that even Frogger would be proud of:


Well done! We'll be in touch regarding the prize shortly.

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calculon said:

Hey, there's nothing to laugh about someone throwing a shoe. They seem to be the weapon of choice for modern day assassins.

There'll be no sole-less murders from now on.

Random Task.



Kaeobais said:

@Mr. Saturn: Wow, I wouldn't just need a new pair of pants, I'd need a new heart O.O That guy is lucky.

Only america? Damn. Ah well.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Daz, you have redeemed yorselfwith that picture. Best scene ever

And ES comes out Monday. I cant wait for the review, by Corbie of course (it is a shump after all)



Draygone said:

Hmm, yes, that would be when I nodded off at the wheel of my car.

I know, I know, it's dumb of myself if I let myself fall asleep while driving, but here's the real kicker: this had been going on for a month or so. Yeah, real tired after work, I was getting. It was hard staying awake, once I started going off the road, but the sound of the loud gravel woke me up. Eventually, though, my luck would run out. I was nodding off at the wheel, coming on to a construction zone. Traffic was stopped. I woke up in time to see that I was going to hit a pickup truck with its gate down. I managed to swerve around it in time.

...Only to hit an oncoming car.

I eventually did a way to keep myself awake on the way home from work: chewing gum.



Dazza said:

Corbie is a but busier than usual at the moment so it will be a mystery reviewer giving you the verdict on Evasive Space next week.

Besides it's not a shooter, it's about avoiding things. This would just confuse an shmup king such as the Corbinator!

Some good evasive images so far, keep em rolling in!!

PS: Canadians can enter too, but you will need to switch your Wii settings over to USA to receive the gift.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

This is awesome!! I'm dying to get this game so if I participate, that would be great if I got it as it is one of my most anticipated titles.



Wiiloveit said:

Hmmm... a mystery reviewer, eh? Is it... (thinks of the first American guy that comes to my head) OBAMA?



accc said:

The original picture was just jesus in the hot dog, I added the dragon to give it some evasive flair!



Taiyou said:

Oops, my Wii is european, I can't win anyway lol. At least I had a great 5 minutes pause on my studies to make the drawing...



AlexSays said:

Dazza makes a good point, Corbie would be lost.
He'd constantly be searching for the button to shoot.



MarkyVigoroth said:

insert ROFL emote from deviantArt here
I have nothing against Mr. Bush, but... supresses laughter

But still, I plan to not participate.



tatemon555 said:

I don't care for the contest, but Evasive Space on Monday? If Onslaught, BB+, Cave Story, Butterfly Garden, Pop Them Drop Them SameGame, or Adventure Island WW come out with it, then it'll be the best update since the beginning of WiiWare.



Damo said:

Some chucklesome additions here. Keep them coming, folks.



Objection said:

Btw, to several people above, you're only supposed to submit one! That may disqualify you, so you might want to edit and have only one submission. But what do I care, it only improves my odds!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

lol, Obj_Blaster.

Looks like I got some competition. Some.. not so much. lol.
If I understand correctly, it's gotta make 'em laugh too...

Narrowed my submission down. Holding off a bit. Still wondering if I'm allowed to use a vid. I may need make my own, which is why I'm asking.



Dazza said:

The competition is only for images, not videos

C'mon lets see some more MS Paint art, they've been the funniest so far!



jordanr said:

Hey Dazza do you have any idea if Evasive Space is going to have a PAL release since HVS is not publishing this one?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Taiyou: As far as I'm concerned, you have one of the best submissions. It's such a shame you can't win!!

I'll be submitting my entry once I'm sure it should be submitted.

I had a really good one (two, actually) but the problem is, I didn't think they'd be funny enough and TBH, I was confused as to which one you want more out of our submissions: More skills, or more humor.

I had a better submission, like I said, that exemplified more skill (I'll keep my mouth shut so noone can snag my idea, lol) but this'll have to do I suppose.

Hats off to the Megaman and Avoid question ones. Those two are my favs.



Dazza said:

The winner is PDTempest with a quite frankly unbelievable example of death-avoidance that even Frogger would be proud of!

Thanks for all your entries, it was hard to decide between them!



Wiiloveit said:

Congrats, PDTempest - but I think what we all want to know is this: what were your other ideas, KS8?

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