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EU WiiWare Update: Onslaught and Pop-Up Pirate!

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

This week brings an unexpected release! You were probably expecting Snowboard Riot to be Hudson's next WiiWare game in Europe. Surprise surprise, because they have instead chosen to release Onslaught!

Onslaught was only announced for European/American release about a week ago, but it's already available now! The game is, shockingly enough, a first person shooter - The first on WiiWare. In fact, even the download services on the PS3 and Xbox 360 don't really have any FPS games aside from ports of old ones. Aside from featuring a single player story mode, Onslaught also has a 4-player online co-op mode, which certainly sounds very promising. Onslaught costs 1000 Wii Points.

Today's other release will probably not excite as many people. Pop-Up Pirate! is based on a classic "board" game by Tomy. You are presented with a pirate, who is trapped in a barrel with various openings in it. You and the other players take turns sticking swords and other objects into these openings, hoping that it won't hurt the pirate. As soon as somebody does hurt him, he or she loses! This WiiWare version of the game doesn't really seem to be anything more than a digital version of the game, but it only costs 500 Wii Points.

Certainly a surprising week - Who expected Onslaught this soon after it was announced?

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Ark said:

I hope Onslaught is as good as it looks. I'll be awaiting the review. As for Pop-Up Pirate though, I don't know. The game always looked kind of odd when I saw it years ago, and in a negative way. hopefully it's fun for 500 Wii Points...

Also, is it true Onslaught only has 4P co-op online multiplayer? Not player versus player? Not that I mind if the game is of good quality.



Ben__Harlan said:

Well, at least we have Onslaught, that promises a lot... I dont think i'm gonna download PuP in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time...



Wiiloveit said:

I got PuP and have just spent 45 mins giving it a go, and I'll be downloading Onslaught later today. Let's hope it can live up to its potential, but in the meantime it would be no disappointment if you guys got Pop Them Drop Them SAMEGAME as your next Hudson title. One more question: where's our Snowboard Riot?

Oh, and I nearly forgot: <insert rant here RE: Only getting two games AGAIN>



Kawaiipikachu said:

I'm I the middle of downloading Onslaught after reading the stupidly online only instructions.
I still be awaiting the review but hopefully it be worth the download at the surprising 1000 point cost.



themortalangel said:

I'm so jealous of Europe right now that I think i might all gotta let me know if Onslaught has a deathmatch mode and if it plays as decent as it looks



Wiiloveit said:

@zss_shadow: Theres a minesweeper single player variant, but otherwise it's the same (with an annoying random mini game with disfunctional controls where you swing the remote in a random direction in the hope of picking the "correct" one and skipping your turn), and with Mii functionality. Unless you really enjoy the original, though, you won't end up playing for long.



CanisWolfred said:


Welcome back!

And honestly, I'm not surprised by this in the least. I mean, they had like 100 screenshots of it already, I think it was pretty obvious that it was going to come really soon.



AngelBlack187 said:

i mean if u compare this (1000 points) to say buying rainbow six vegas for £10 etc . you cant really compare . but then again metroids are all good. dunno. dont like the look of onslaught



longtimegamer said:

Onslaught! Can't believe they put it out this early good for you all in Europe. Let's hope it's good. I'm interested in this myself.

@Mickeymac - Obvious? We were told Europe might/will get this around march. So unless you missed that or think the rest of us are psychic, I don't see how you can say it was obvious.



Awesome5 said:

Holy cow! I thought it would take a lot longer for Onslaught to come out! Hopefully they didn't have to rush through production just to release it early. Still can't wait for the North American release, though.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Onslaught already?! Wow. Kudos to Hudson. Umm... no comment on Pop-Up Pirate. Wasn't excited when I heard it was announced and I'm still not.

*recalls bad memories of old annoying commercials of the game that came on often with that dumb parrot XD



Objection said:

I am also surprised at Onslaught coming out so soon. Sucks that we can only get SAME GAME or Onslaught this month, if I remember correctly. Hope its good and you guys enjoy it! (Pop-Up looks like a 5-minute diversion.)



accc said:

Looks like competitive online play is in, according to gamefaqs:
"From the More Details page:

Team up with up to 3 other people in Free Battle Mode, or compete on special maps to see who can get the most points by killing enemies before time runs out, in Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Ranking Battle Mode."



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Obj_Blaster: There are others that we could potentially get, including Slot Car Racing. lol. And let's not forget next update is finally Evasive Space!

@accc: If only they had Capture the Flag.



SilentJ said:

WHAT?!!! You guys already got Onsluaght?! This is insane! I hope it doesn't suck. I hope to read some good reviews soon.



Shortay said:

I'm very interested in seeing the review for Onslaught - I really hope it plays as good as it looks.

@Shadx: Assuming you're referring to the Pop-Up Pirate review, it should be up sometime tomorrow.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I sincerely hope, for its sake, that Pop-Up Pirate isn't that bad but my hopes aren't too high for this one. Yes, I have spoken. lol.



tkubas1 said:

The video on youtube for onslaught looked cool but i couldn't read anything. It looked a little repetitive, but i'm shure it will be good.



ToneDeath said:

I've just played the first 4 levels of Onslaught, and I'd say it's looking like a 7/10 at least. The controls aren't as good MP3, MOH:H2 or COD:WAW, but they're better than Red Steel at least. There are some interesting ideas here, such as different formations for your squad mates, and controls activated by a flick of the nunchuk, including throwing grenades, a laser whip and wiping bug guts off your visor! The environments are quite wide open and filled with enemies, and the frame rate keeps up at nearly 60fps. There are upgrades to be found for your weapons and bosses to fight too. Like I say it looks like a 7 because it's an impressive effort (did anyone SERIOUSLY expect to see an FPS on WiiWare?) but shows that there is potential for something even better. (Oh, and there's obviously Wi-Fi stuff too, though I've yet to try it)



Objection said:

@K8, I meant games from HUDSON, since a publsiher can supposedly only publish 1 VCand 1 WW a month. Also, thanks for the video links. The game looks really good. I hope that the there are enough (and diverse enough) maps and challenges in the game.



tkubas1 said:

How can you rate it without playing the online? Thats the most important part!



ToneDeath said:

I'm only predicting what score it'll get. No serious critic or even casual player would score a game after playing only a handful of levels. It may even be marked down for the types of multiplayer modes it lacks, though it was generous of Hudson to include any at all I think.



Objection said:

@AlexSays-I can kind of guess from your comment but what did you think of Red Steel? I thought the non-sword parts were fairly good. They weren't as accurate as Corruption but the gunplay was fun enough (IMO) and it had decent multiplayer.
@dimlylitmonkey-How many levels are available and is it the same thing over and over? Please update with your thoughts, including those of online when you can.



longtimegamer said:

That voice in the video might get annoying "Thats why you're still a kid??" That's what it sounds like he's saying to me



ToneDeath said:

If you don't mind me answering too, I found Red Steel's controls horrible. Aiming was fine, but the turning was so slow that if an enemy was out of sight (ie: behind you) then you were doomed. In Onslaught you can make the turning much faster in the options screen, though as I said it doesn't feel as good as the advanced settings on MP3, COD5 and MOHH2. Still, the nature of the level designs and enemy placement I've seen (plus squadmates that watch your back) indicate that the controls are sufficient for this game.

@Objection Blaster
The Nintendaan vids seem to suggest there are 13 missions if I saw correctly, and assuming the number and content of missions in solo and co-op modes are mutual. From what I've seen there are different objectives, though they tend to be variants on "shoot all the bugs." There could be surprises in store later on for all I know. I expect the real fun will come from playing the later missions on a higher difficulty and seeing how you rank online.

@Longtimegamer-yes, the voices are repetitive and annoying, and the music's not much better.



AlexSays said:

I thought the story was shallow, the sword-parts were awful, and the rest didn't do the Wii remote justice.

It catches a lot of unnecessary hate though just because it looked promising and there were so few games to hype at the Wii's launch.

Still comparing this game to one that everyone hates isn't the best way of telling everyone the game isn't bad. lol



ToneDeath said:

I thought the graphics were nice at times in Red Steel, though it looked better in screenshots, while I'd say the opposite is true for Onslaught.

Anyway, it's nearly 4am where I am, and it's House of the Dead: Overkill I'm really looking forward to today after some sleep (it IS out today, right? Maybe Deadly Creatures too?). But Onslaught is a nice surprise, and if you've got points to spare, I say give it a whirl.




mojo25 said:

Ooh, Deadly Creatures...I was looking forward to that, and I still am, but I'm more interested in Monster Hunter 3 now (whenever that'll come out...this year, i hope) it looks pretty epic.

Hmm, I really hope that Onslaught is good, because I'm really looking forward to it.



Pablo17 said:

I think it is good to see a game like Onslaught on WiiWare. I am interested to read the review and find out how the controls are.

I am a little surprised with the lack of death match or team versus modes though, as I think that would have been pretty popular online. Is there at least split screen here?



Kaeobais said:

@27. Shortay: Lol, not really, I was referring to both. I should have made that a little more clear, heh.



Objection said:

@AlexSays-I think he was playing on easy. But it could still be a challenge-less game...As for your thoughts on Red Steel, I mostly agree. Again, I liked it enough to play through it twice but its nothing spectacular by far and like you said, nothing to compare new games by.



guardian42 said:

Hmm, haven't seen a FPS with a score counter in a while!
While the single player affair looks simple and fun, the online modes and control are the factors that really make this title shine.
I'm crossing my fingers!



Virus said:

Well, I really hope Onslaught gets a 6. I enjoy the FPS genre, but I usually dislike paying the price of a standard retail game for these games simply because there is usually a more unique game out there. Seeing this is only $10, I might get it when it comes to the US, if it gets good reviews of course.



Ren said:

Weird. From the video it doesn't look BAD per se; just kinda boring. bugs get old fast, unless they get smart or theres a cool story somewhere in it. Looks like it might be a sad case of a cool game with no Multi-player VS. mode. Why?
At 10 bucks, though, I haven't played a shooter in a while so I won't forget it when I need to blast something one day.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'll probably pass on both of these. I'm not the biggest FPS fan and I need some attempt at a proper story and objectives other than shooting everything to keep my interest (hence the only FPSes I own are still the Star Trek Elite Force games on my Mac -- though I've pre-ordered The Conduit as it looks and sounds quite promising).

Pop-Up-Pirate has been out in Japan for ages. I saw screens and couldn't believe this was really being released on WiiWare. Next thing you know someone will put out a game where you play catch with someone -- oh wait...



lockelocke said:

Onslaught seems like it may be a worthwhile download for gamers who only own a Wii, and are therefore barred from the selection of quality shooters on the 360/PS3. Beyond that, it'll have to be seriously impressive to stand out in the herd. Still, I'm curious and definitely open to more FPS titles for the Wii. Bring on The Conduit!



quakster said:

Onslaught is pretty decent. The online is pretty much the exact same as in all of Hudson's WiiWare games.



KDR_11k said:

The controls seem fine, only sometimes I mix up left shake (wipe blood away) and right shake (reload gun). Turning seems to be the right speed for the kind of game it is (well, I set the speed to D in the options, I suppose that's highest).

The weapon selection doesn't lend itself well to PvP play: SMG, shotgun, assault rifle, homing missile launcher. None of these are reasonably dodgeable and the game's environments are fairly open so cover is not an option either. There's no jumping, ducking or accuracy penalties from running either. Even if Deathmatch were to be added it would need special maps and the game is already at the size limit. I guess they could cut down on the singleplayer maps but that would hurt the game more IMO because I don't think a good DM mode can be implemented with the way Onslaught is designed.

One annoyance to rank players would be that the highscore table appears agonizingly slow (one entry per second or so) and when you exit it the whole animation plays in reverse before you can select anything else.

I couldn't get an online game going yet but that's hardly surprising considering it's 9 in the morning.

If you're worried about the time limit, the limits I've seen so far were 30 minutes for a mission that realistically takes around 5. Well, okay, 6 minutes in a "hold the fort" mission where running out of time meant victory, not loss.

The story seems like forgettable standard fare so far. Not that it matters, it's a game about shooting everything that moves to get a highscore.

Oh and instead of headshots you can shoot glowy bits on enemies, pretty much the same principle except it's usually somewhere on the torso.



Raptor78 said:

I was really suprised at Onslaught being released as early as it was but was ready with my points as soon as it came on last night.
Im supprised how easy it was to find other players so early in its release but I had been happily playing three player games last night quite easily and no doubt four player games should be easy any time soon.

Ive never liked FPS on other consoles but not so bad on PCs, but ive enjoyed the ever improving selection on the wii. Sure the graphics arnt great (the are ok though) but it controls easy enough and easy to pick up. I also like the Alien bug theme (cross between Aliens and Starship Troopers).
As a wiiware game I think its pretty damn good value even at 1000 points and mabey with a bit of loving care, time and attention they could improve on what they have and pull off an even better sequel or even a retail game.

I would game it a well deserved 7 out of 10. Its not perfect but Ive enjoyed it and would like to see more... motion controls to wipe off acid blood. lol I keep forgetting about it and that stuff REALLY hurts, lol...



Dazza said:

Please post any friend codes you wish to swap for Onslaught in this thread. If you haven't yet signed up to VC Forums, we recommend you do so.



slangman said:

Wow Onslaught didn't see that coming but I will wait for a review untill i spend my 1000 points.



calculon said:

It's actually not too bad. I can see it getting boring very quickly in single player.

As a side note - has anyone else experienced this bug?

I started the game on Easy and my character just looked like he was dancing to the music. You couldn't reload your weapon, nor throw grenades although you could use the whip laser. Shooting was laggy because of waiting for the hand animation to finish. Clearing bug slime wasn't a problem because that's what seemed to be happening constantly.

I tried all sorts of different things including changing the nunchuck and controller, restarting the game and fiddling with the in-game options. Finally i played in normal mode and it all went away.

If you fancy a challenge though, play in Easy mode. I got exactly half way through the first level before all my projectile weapons were rendered useless. The only bummer is that it takes ages to kill stuff with just the laser whip and enemies don't cause damage quick enough to make it feel any more threatening.



Falk_Sturmfels said:

I agree mostly with KDR 11k and Raptor78. I downloaded it because I´m tired of the million puzzle games we get week by week. Heres a developer who is trying to give us a solid Coregame - and its a success. I was surprised by the framerate. Sure, the textures are not that great, but the game runs absolutely smooth. I played the first three missions right now, but cleared just the first one on normal mode. The 6-minutes-defend-the-base in Mission 2 to hard the first time, but I have to say that I just took a quick look into it.
I was seventh in the european list on Mission 1- lets see how long.
Yes, every level looks like "beat each and everything", but classical scoreshooters do the same, or not? And thats what this is: a shooter like Gradius or R-Type, transformed into 3D and some Bug-scenario, which remembers me a lot on games like "Armorines" for N64.
Its the complete package, which raises this game for me to a strong 8:
Online - Worldwide, Regional and Friends with Rank Lists for each Mission in each of the six (or was it five, sorry, I forgot) difficulty levels(three of them are available when you start - easy, normal and hard, then there is very hard and ultra to unlock).
Ultra ... lets see what mess this will be.
Additional you can play with four guys in a coopgame plus do a fight for the highscore (well, yes, here we miss the deathmatch, but still it is okay).
The maingame comes with 13 missions (but I guess there will be two more), 6 weapons, three different types of commands you can give NPC´s, a very clear soundtrack, some messages from teammembers out of the remotespeaker - and tons of enemies. The third mission was to clear out a cave - I saw some light-effects there with green-glowing mushrooms on the walls.
The controls are somewhere between Red Steel and Prime III - which means there are well playable, but not great. There is no little box in the middle of the screen to move the view - you turn by reaching either the left or right side of the screen. But it is way better than in Red Steel. You can choose how quick the curser moves.
The bad: well, for 1000 points there´s not that much to argue about. There are no "Movies", which tell us the story. Only stupid dialoges and frozen screens with Helmghast-warriors which all looks the same. Just the eyes glow different. And the weapon sound could be more impressive. And of course the lack of deathmatches.

My final word: This is not a storytelling shooter. This is not a texture highlight. This is not the intelligent puzzle game of the week (praise the lord).
This is a highscore trip into waves of enemies. Nice controls, good framerate, action every second. I REALLY like it. I give it a strong 8.



ness said:

@ AlexSais : "what looks to be no challenge whatsoever."
@ Objection_Blaster (#47): "I think he was playing on easy."

Yes, he played it on the easy mode. (He even wrote it in his comment on the Youtube-site.)



EJD said:

Glad to see we were surprised this week. I'll be waiting for the Onslaught review and hope it scores well. Pop-Up Pirate doesn't appeal to me and I've already played the board version so I don't expect much.

I'm just waiting for Gradius Rebirth now and then I think I'll be kept busy for months.



AlexSays said:

Yes, he played it on the easy mode. (He even wrote it in his comment on the Youtube-site.)

Yeah he wrote that in after I had already watched the videos.
Before it just said "This is the best WiiWare game in a while" with a smiley face.



PALgamer said:

The FPS jumps into WW! Is there a CTF online mode in it? Would only get it for the online. But I got my eye on PuP, looking good, lol.

Now onto the update, if ...blah blah blah... only equal ...blah blah blah... lackluster ...blah blah blah... typical ...blah blah blah!!!



KDR_11k said:

Did anyone unlock any weapons yet? I've finished missions 1-7 (for those who don't have it, you have some choice in what order you want to play the missions), some even with an S rank but didn't get any.

The total length of the game is pretty short, I guess you could finish the story mode in 3-4 hours if you don't get stuck but there's an online mode after all and higher difficulties.

I guess the surprise of Onslaught makes us all forget that we only got two games in this update but then again the US doesn't seem to get many games lately either.

EDIT: Also I wonder if a deathmatch would have caused trouble with the ratings, the game is rated 12 because you only shoot bugs but deathmatch would have you shoot humans...



Raptor78 said:

@ PALgamer
Think of Bugs as in BIG bugs... the kind you see in starship troopers and the Alien films so not that bad. Fingers crossed that they will release a Onslaught PVP game as a spin off who knows.



naut said:

WHAT?! NO DEATH-MATCH?! Well, sorry. This just turned into a no buy. The single-player looks boring and repetitive and with no DECENT multiplayer...Blast. WHY HUDSON?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!



calculon said:

@Nintendo-Naut:: There was never any official mention of Death Match or any sort of .vs mode so your rant is pointless. There is co-op online mode but seeing as the game's only been out for one day it's hard to establish if that's any good so you can't really knock that either.

As for my problem (Post 60) I'm beginning to think it may be the controller/nunchuck. I'm going to clean out the plug and maybe open the nunchuck up to see if there's any dust and crap in there that could be causing problems for the motion sensor. Of course, I could always just tap in against the floor but that's no fun.



naut said:

@calculon:: While it's true they never said "deathmatch" exactly, they did say "4 player online multiplayer" which got me all ramped up. I mean c'mon! That's a no brainer! Who wants to see who can kill more enemies first vs. a deathmatch! It just saddens me and besides. The single-player looks severely lacking. You're right I haven't played this game so maybe I shouldn't just dis it yet but, still. Games like Toki Tori, LIT, Tetris Party, and (be still my beating heart) BitTrip Beat catch my interest more and, at the moment, I wouldn't dream of downloading Onslaught before any of these.



KDR_11k said:

Deathmatch with these weapons would suck anyway. The game is designed so players shoot bugs and avoid their melee and slow moving ranged attacks, the weapons simply wouldn't work out. I hope Hudson (or someone else) will make a dedicated arena FPS that's designed around PvP, a WiiWare game just can't be both because you can't fit many levels into the game.



StarDust4Ever said:

I'm definitely not a first-person shooter fan, but I know a lot of people who are, so I am glad that Wiiware is trying to cater to this niche.

Just by the mere description of Pop-up Barrel, reeks of shovel. If you want party games that require little skill to play, then any of the Wario Ware titles is most likely to have dozens of such minigames.



KDR_11k said:

It's a "board"game conversion but I don't really know how that game differs from russian roulette...



Raptor78 said:

@ KDR_11k
in regards to the dedicated arena FPS, I would imagine with tweeking and a little bit of work Hudson would no doubt make an Onslaught PVP game, as you said a wiiware game cant really be both as you wouldnt be able to fit many levels into a game...

besides the competion mode is pretty fun with swarms of bugs all over the place and although you do lose points there is nothing to stop you killing the human competion.
Story mode is also a lot more fun with human allies as opposed to AI ones



Popyman said:

This is why I don't like Hudson. They seem to have a million games going at once, and don't focus on one game long enough. That, and their games are mostly 3D and lack any GOOD art design at all. How hard would it be to use sprites? The awesomeness of Mother 3 could fit on WiiWare for crying out loud!

I wanna see a 2D WiiWare game with as much effort and heart put into it as the games of old. It wouldn't be hard to do that and use the WiiMote in cool ways.



tatemon555 said:

Lucky Europeans (haha, I said european). They're getting a lot of good Hudson games before us. I hope Onslaught is good.
@Popyman: What? Have you played any of Hudson's WiiWare games? Other than Snowboard Riot, they rock the house down. And if you want a 2D game with sprites, don't you have Mega Man 9? Just download Bomberman Blast, Alien Crush Returns, or another great Hudson title, and you'll realize that a game doesn't need sprites to be good.



Mik said:

Onslaught looks absolutely immense! Can't wait for the review!



SmaMan said:

I agree a little bit with the 2 above posters. It does seem like Hudson's been pumping out a lot of games at once. Remember though, they are a huge company and these small-scale games don't require a huge team to put together. Now I do agree that the quality of some of the games has suffered possibly because of this. But many of them are quite good. I bought 5 games in a row from them in the August/September period, and they were good.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Onsluahgt looks okay. I wish it had a deathmatch though, and the comment thattalked about no cover got me worried. I mean, Im still playing Halo 3 and waiting for the Conduit, so I have no drought of FPS right now.

But for 10 bucks, ifit gets a 7, I'll buy it.

And of course, the one time I actually want a 7, Corbie isnt reviewing it



-TR said:

They should realise a version for, ooh, 800 Poitns which is JUST a Death match mode. THEN I'd buy it.

Still, ncie to ahev soemthing good ebfore the US.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

While I'm all for Board Games as I am a HUGE fan (it's my second hobby), Pop-Up Pirate may disgrace the name of Board Games on WiiWare...



mrPlow said:

Just tried Onslaught and have to say that it is surprisingly good.

I was prepared to be disappointed but it wasn't that bad at all. Game reminds me faintly from the Starship Troopers movie and those endless hordes of bugs.

I am sure WiiWare-World guys will give us a good review soon so no point for me to try reviewing this. Anyway I would suggest to try this one if you like FPS games and happen to have spare wii points.
There are some annoying voice announcements though ("that's why you're still a kid" repeated every now and then!? WT#?, seriously )



KDR_11k said:

Those voice announcements are for combo levels I think, you get different ones at higher combo levels but hitting the "Good" level which prompts the first comment happens fairly quickly



jordanr said:

Really enjoying Onslaught. Done the first 7 levels and played through the 8th but died on the boss so have decided to have a break.



AlexSays said:

I already posted those vid links before you did....

Wups. I must've skipped over that post.
But you know two links are better than one.



KDR_11k said:

Done the first 7 levels and played through the 8th but died on the boss so have decided to have a break.

I got stuck on that boss until I went back and redid some missions, finding better weapons in hidden crates there.



quakster said:

So far, Onslaught is the only WiiWare game where you can slaughter 200 cybernetic insects in a matter seconds just by holding down B.

Thumbs up.



KDR_11k said:

Onslaught is already on spot 16 of the list of popular games, pushing SPOGS off the list.



PiratePete said:

I really want this, but I'm strapped for cash as I'm saving for a holiday. And I've cleaned out my parents this week (thanks half-term) on going out. So, this, Snowboard Riot, World of Goo and Mario Golf will be my spending spree. Snowboard Riot first though, hopefully people will still be playing it by the time I get it.

@ Tatemon555: First of all, don't double post. You always do it. Edit your original post to add in what you say in the second post.
"Other than Snowboard Riot, they rock the house down!"
Have you played it, or are you judging it by reviews?
"...a game doesn't need sprites to be good."
Last time I looked, Popyman never said that a game has to be 2D to be good. Use your head, Tatemon!

@ Bahamut ZERO: horrible spelling ahoy! Onsluahgt, lol. Sorry, it just looked pretty funny.



Dazza said:

We've just uploaded the official Onslaught trailer if you still need a bit of persuasion to buy this before we put the final touches to our review.



calculon said:

I'm actually really enjoying Onslaught. Just played a few online co-op matches and they were pretty challenging. I only ever came first once - some bugger was mad on the old rocket launcher.

I haven't played too much of the single player (only on level 5) as my wrist is killing after so much shooting.

I think I'm going to rate this game 8/10. Nice work Hudson! Definitely worth the £7 and I hope they do bring out a sequel or a multi-player vs game on the back of this.



AlexSays said:

Well Calculon now that I see you like this game my fears have been put to rest.
It's not like with other posters who throw their praise anywhere.



Objection said:

^I agree, though I was already looking positively at this based on the videos I've seen.



tkubas1 said:

Everone seems to think its an 8/10. In co-op online can you kill eachother and see who has the least points at the end?That could be competitive, or do the bugs kill you if you don't kill them?



Ricardo91 said:

I didn't expect Europe to get Onslaught so soon. Enjoy guys! Hopefully we'll be seeing it very soon, along with Samegame.

EDIT: Hold the phone! CALCULON is enjoying this game!? Holy crap it's officially a must-have!



smudge said:

Played a few levels last night and this morning. It's a blast - just kill everything and get a high score. A bit like first person space invaders, if that existed. We shouldn't gripe too much, its a decent enough shooter for £7.50. What's not to like?



Falk_Sturmfels said:

@smugde: Agree. I just wrote the same a couple minutes before in another forum. This is Space Invaders as a FPS. The first level with the Tank remembered me a lot on Space Invaders. I hope, the reviewers will see that. Would be bad, if somebody trashes this game just because of the design. I´m tired of all these freaky puzzlers.



KDR_11k said:

Heh, I beat it. Apparently winning on Normal doesn't unlock anything (not even Expert mode) though... Does anyone know if selecting new game keeps your unlocked weapons? Also I'm kinda concerned about my mission scores, I guess once I hit new game I can't go back and improve my Normal scores again?



PiratePete said:

As well as Dazza's link, the Onslaught trailer can also be found on the Nintendo Channel (in the UK at least.)



thakki said:

Can't wait for the review... All this sounds soooooo good.... Wanna buy Onslaught NOW... wait-wait



ness said:

@ AlexSays (#65): "Yeah he wrote that in after I had already watched the videos."

O.K., but if you watched the videos you should have seen that he choosed the Easy-mode before playing .



Objection said:

@ness-But in AlexSays' defense, "easy" was written in German* because it was the German version. (Normal and Hard were spelled the same as in English.) Yes, you could assume it was Easy, but you know what they say about that...
*Edit: Not German. oops. But not English either.



ness said:

That isn't German^^. (Maybe Dutch or Danish, I don't know.)

And yeah, because the other options are 'Normal' and 'Hard' I think it is obvious that the first one is 'Easy'^^.

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