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EU WiiWare Update: Beer Pong and Snowboard Riot

Posted by Damien McFerran

It had to happen some day. We’d been hoping and praying that it would pass us by; that maybe Nintendo, in its infinite mercy would deem us Europeans likeable enough to avoid such digital garbage, but sadly it wasn’t to be. We’re sorry to report that the lamentable Beer Pong! Frat Party Games – the game that proved that quality and popularity don’t always go hand-in-hand by topping the US WiiWare charts for God knows how long - is now available on the EU WiiWare service.

The video game equivalent of watching paint dry (only not as exciting) singularly failed to impress us when we reviewed it some time ago. The only interesting aspect of this release is that the game’s title has reverted back to ‘Beer Pong’ rather than ‘Pong Toss’. For 800 points this is a bit of a sick joke; needless to say, we recommend you pass this one up. Thankfully our Aussie cousins don't need to worry about having to make the choice - they have been spared this game, presumably because it doesn't feature 'Castlemaine XXXX'.

It wouldn’t be so bad if there was a viable alternative available, but sadly the other WiiWare release this week is merely average. Snowboard Riot is Hudson’s attempt to top Nintendo’s 1080 Snowboarding, but as you can see from our review, it’s not entirely successful. At 1000 points it’s also pretty pricey.

What do you our faithful readers think of this week’s releases?

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User Comments (61)



Shortay said:

Quite a poor week in my opinion, but I'm still looking forward to trying Snowboard Riot. The less said about Beer Pong the better though...



Objection said:

I'm surprised it took you this long to get it, but it sucks that you had to in the first place. Hope your next update is better.



ToneDeath said:

I don't believe it! BEER PONG!
Are we ever gonna see any of High Voltage's games over here? I'd like to play Gyrostarr. At least The Conduit is being published by Sega so it has a better chance.



tootie_kicks said:

That's crap! While Beer Toss may be bad/awful/etc. Why the hell can't Aussies buy it???

This just gets worse and worse!

EDIT: While it may look like I'm complaining for no reason, this sets a precident: If it's OK not to give us this game, then it's OK not to give us other games, some of which might be good ones.



ToneDeath said:

How about combining two of the worst WiiWare games to make something more interesting?
BEER SPOGS: Designated Driver
...or maybe not



WarioFan63 said:

Think about it this way, the worst is over. Unless Hockey All-Star Shootout is headed over there sometime soon.

It can only go up from here!



Starwolf_UK said:

So whats that 2 US exclusive titles, 18 more to go

By US exclusive I mean not out in Europe...a vast majority are not out in Japan either (some are like Majour League eating)



Chrono_Cross said:

You guys in EU are such lucky ducks! You not only get one AAA title but 2! Gosh I wish we were this fortunate wink wink



tootie_kicks said:

I hate to have to remind all the USAians all the time, but those two "AAA" games have to last us two weeks. No more WiiWare for two weeks



Kawaiipikachu said:

You mcan blame Michal Atkisin for lake of Beer Pong .
I can easily understand the influence that games can do .
I mean if a game where you control the character decide on what the character does & where you cecome the character i can understand why games can influence the gamers the wrong way .

I wish many more gamers can understand that simple fact befor thay claim that games like Grand theft auto manhunt ect are harmless fun .

I guess in the end that too many gamer believe that playing a video game is no different that watching a movie with the excat same acts in it .



antster1983 said:

Four Ecks and Fosters are brands of lager only sold in the UK because the Aussies throw it away



thewiirocks said:

@tootie_kicks - USAian is not a cromulent word. We live in the United States of America, silly. That's like saying you're an CoAian because Australia is really a continent. And besides, you're addressing all of North America, not just the US of A.

Besides, there are two games there to last you the two weeks you need to wait. You lucky dog. We usually have to wait for one every week!



tootie_kicks said:

1. Since there is always a need to comment about PAL getting 2 games which averages out to only 1 a week, I felt like rubbing someone the wrong way.

2. It's technically Commonwealth of Australia, but yeah I get it.

3. Crono was implying that we got two games in one week, as opposed to their one (just Onslaught), whereas it averages out to one game per week, so we aren't actually better off.

It 's just that Australia's been getting the short end of the vicious club lately with regards to games, so I just needed to vent a little.



Chrono_Cross said:

“Crono was implying that we got two games in one week”

I wasn`t implying anything to say the least. I was actually using sarcasm to be funny and brighten someones day with a good laugh. And the truth is you guys actually waited for this update for 2 weeks and got absolute (as some would claim) crap!

And seriously, where in my previous comment does it say “you guys got 2 WiiWare titles in one week!”



tootie_kicks said:

I assumed by 'You not only get one AAA title but 2!' you were comparing it to you getting only 1 game this week, whereas we don't get any next week.

I think this is a case of assume making an ass of u and me... mostly me...



BigLord said:

I've heard that snowboard riot isn't such a bad game... Maybe 5/10 is a bit harsh?



Chrono_Cross said:

@tootie kicks
I didn`t expect anyone to go into such a conversation with me saying what I did.

Read this sentence I wrote:
“You not only get one AAA title but 2!”
After reading that the first time, then realizing I was talking about Snowboard Riot and Pong Toss I`d think that just like everyone else you`d find it as a funny joke.
...apparently you did not.



tootie_kicks said:

Yes, I did see that you were joking about them being good games when they are (at best) mediocre (no offense to any one who like either of them).

I then thought you were doing the usual American thing of complaining that we got two games this week and you only got one, and mentioned (rather bitterly) that it had to last us.

At this point I'm dissillutioned with the whole VC/WW thing (being Aussie and all), and this caused me to miss subtle cues and fail at teh intarwebs.



timp29 said:

I hope I speak for all Australians when I say screw you Nintendo

Last week, as Australia doesn't get C64 games, we got one game. This week as Australia doesn't get beer pong (for which we should probably actually be thankful) we only get one game. So for the last two weeks Australia and New Zealand get at least half the game releases of any other country.

@Crono: sarcasm is hard to pick up on the internet... apparently

@Damo: Wow you've actually had XXXX? Its absolute rubbish isn't it



mojo25 said:

Not the best update for

On another note, guys/girls, I might be getting a Wii Points Card this Saturday. I'll have 2500 points total. What games should I get? I know I want Onslaught, which will leave me with 1500 points left.
What should I get with the rest of the points, or should I save up for some more games?



Metroid133 said:

Well sorry to hear you got these two games. I might get these games eventually, but they would appear at the bottom of my most wanted list for Wii Shop Games! (year or so down the road)



Adamant said:

"And besides, you're addressing all of North America, not just the US of A."

All of America, actually.



RadioShadow said:


Not that I use the UK Wii Channel any more.



stubag said:

Well my wiiare wishlist hasnt got any longer with these two stinkers getting released. I'm probably the only one who hasnt got World of Goo yet. I really want it though. Must...get...more...points!



Chunky_Droid said:

@Timp29, I said "Screw You Nintendo of Australia" when I imported a Gamecube the day it came out in America, and have imported everything ever since. Not only do we get screwed on releases in Australia, we pay more over here. When you can get games cheaper INCLUDING the postage from overseas than over here, it's just sad.



Raptor78 said:

Snowboard Riot wasnt too bad, I quite enjoyed it, not in an SSX way but more in a MarioKart way with all the attacks and power ups etc...
I would think that online would be really good but im having trouble finding opponents to race against.



Sean_Aaron said:

Interestingly only Snowboard Riot is shown on the WiiWare page, so even they know Beer Pong is crap -- why did they allow it to come over here then?!?



PALgamer said:

When releasing crap, put out all of it so it's over and done with.
We already commented on this before (shakes head).



calculon said:

@Raptop78: I agree about Snowboard Riot. After the initial reviews I was a bit put off but I downloaded it anyway.

I can sort of understand people complaining about the rubber-banding but if you've played Mario Kart Wii you'll be prepared for the sort of unfairness that can occasionally plague this game. I say occasionally because I only failed to come first on the first course once and came first in one go in the second course.

I'm sure that at any other time this would have been completely different but it's really not that tough.

I also agree about the lack of online players but I can also see game play being considerably more frustrating once some pillock learns how to abuse the system.

I've already seen it in Bomberman Blast where someone will add a couple of invited non-existing players to a game, kill themselves instantly and then use your unfortunate lack of maneuvering space to pretty much get an instant kill. If you kill his/her player they kill one of their 'invited' characters (in revenge form) and repeat.



EJD said:

I was holding on to my remaining 1000 points for today's releases but it looks like I'll have to wait even longer for something to download.

S&S, Cave Story and Bit Trip may be worth waiting for though so my hopes for WiiWare are still intact despite the below mediocre releases.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Alright, more people to face in Snowboard Riot! Hope more people actually get this great game.

Can't wait to face the rest of the world!

Oh and might I add that this alleged issue of there being a "lack of online players" is not entirely true. I can almost always find someone to face in Battle. I have found people in Stoic before but BATTLE is where you'll find the most people. Going at the right time helps also. Peak times (for me in my time zone) are from 12:00 to 5:00. Even late at night, there's people to face. During the first week, yes, it was somewhat hard but now, I rarely have a problem of finding people.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@calculon: I played allthe other MKs and was expecting rubber banding.... just not like that.......

Anyway, I hope this launches itself onto the Top 3 in WWs chart. Why you ask?

For a good lolz, thats why



Wiiloveit said:

I was actually using sarcasm to be funny and brighten someones day with a good laugh.
Yeah, that was hilarious.

Dowloaded Snowboard Riot, but I'm steering clear of Pong Toss. I haven't had much chance to revel in Riot's different modes yet, but the controls are really good and it's a lot less frustrating than I found SSX Blur to be, with the emphasis taken away from performing tricks being a good move by Hudson in my opinion.
I'll be trying out the online modes later, but I can't see it lasting too long on my Wii Menu with only four different tracks We shall see though...

Oh - and yay! Up yours, World of Goo - WE GOT PONG TOSS NOW! Now I can find out what's been keeping all you American's on your Wii's since last Summer. </sarcasm>



Terra said:

Good to finally see SR, not so good to see Beer Pong. At least it's out of the way. I wonder if we'll ever get MLE.



Jiisuki said:

Pretty disappointed, yeah.
I'm still waiting for Gyrostarr, maybe it's never coming..
Just have to get myself a Vectrex and go Web Warp



Terra said:

I might as well do the same. I don't want to have to start another rant on HVS ignoring PAL Regions.



Chrono_Cross said:

"I'm still waiting for Gyrostarr, maybe it's never coming.."

Gyrostarr is something you'll not want to download. Its very blan and repetitive with very little innovation. It is 4 player co-op but that doesn't increase the replay value.



Ferret75 said:

"Get your balls wet."

Tell me I'm not the only one that finds that kind of wrong.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Now that I have my laptop back, I can say this more easily!

Stupid @ # ! % ( # ^ ) ^ @ ^ ¥ BEER TOSS!
hits game really hard
...should I have used my hammer or sword isntead?

Anyways, I think that this is due to the game finally dropping off US charts (probably to attempt the popularity contest there)?

Ferret75-san, you are not alone.

P.S. At least the way I use this, "@ # ! % ( # ^ ) ^ @ ^ ¥" is not meant to be a bad word, but a random angry rambling.
Also, I am roleplaying as the Dark Mister (from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King), since I have him as my avatar in the forums...

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