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EU VC Update: MERCS and Winter Games

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

This week offers no real surprises for Europe. One game was released in the US last week instead of ClayFighter, heavily hinting it would hit Europe soon, and the other game was bound to come sometime!

Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS is the second game in the Commando series. You can take control of one of a number of muscular characters as you trek through jungles, mountains and villages blowing up everything you come across, from simple soldiers to giant tanks and mounted guns. This lacks the arcade version's co-op, but Capcom tried to make up for the mistake by giving the Mega Drive version an extra level.

Winter Games seems to be the final Epyx-developed "Games" game which will be released on VC - As Commodore released Summer Games II instead of the first, we don't think there will be any more. In Winter Games you once again compete against friends or the AI in a number of events, naturally trying to go for gold in every one. Sadly this is probably the worst game in the series - For some reason the C64 version of the game only has six events (Some other versions had eight) which means there's much less to do than in the other Epyx sports games.

That's all this week - Not all that surprising!

If you live in the US and desperately want to download C64 games you shouldn't worry too much - As you might remember, last Monday's press release for the US Wii Shop update included an entire paragraph hinting at something big that was coming. Since then multiple people have figured out that it almost certainly refers to C64 games, which, if true, means they could be coming any time now.

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tootie_kicks said:

Anyone from Australia see any notes relating to Australia getting Commodore 64 games as well?

If not, then we only get 1 game in 2 weeks, which royally sucks...



Pj1 said:

When America got MERCS I really wanted this, now I'm not sure! I really want a game that will instantly grab my attention, Sadly this hasn't happened since Mario RPG arrives. Might have a look at MERCS but might save my points for Hanabi!!!

Am I 3rd to Post?????



Pj1 said:

@ tootite_kicks
You guys haven't got C64 yet and you only get one game? that is terrible



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

"As Commodore released Summer Games II instead of the first, we don't think there will be any more."

Just wait untill summer rolls along. Hoho. XD



Winter said:


Saved my points for this week, and we get crap, at least not anything I would download i think. Not good....



Adamant said:

"This lacks the arcade version's co-op, but Capcom tried to make up for the mistake by giving the Mega Drive version an extra level."

Surely you mean 8 (7?) new levels and an all-new mode with tons of new gameplay features.

Mega Drive Mercs is an massive expansion of the arcade game, not just a mere port with a couple new things thrown in.



Terra said:

Didn't see Winter Games coming. Here i was gearing up for a new Hanabi this week, as a new one should hit any week now. Maybe next time?



Starwolf_UK said:

but Capcom tried to make up for the mistake by giving the Mega Drive version an extra level.
Capcom? The title screen does say reprogramed by SEGA suggesting SEGA handled coding the game while Capcom gave them assests to work with or something...



Pj1 said:

Sorry to post again. But can you guys help me??

I've heard this game is really hard and that if you play "Arcade option" it's easier? I've read on here that there's no arcade option. So is this game hard?



Dazza said:

@Bass X0 - winter games was a surprise.

Then why did we have the review ready to go? hehe



Adamant said:

"Capcom? The title screen does say reprogramed by SEGA suggesting SEGA handled coding the game while Capcom gave them assests to work with or something..."

Oh yeah, that too. Sega licensed Capcom's game for their system, and handled the port themselves. They did so with a couple other Capcom arcade games too, like Forgotten Worlds.



blackknight77 said:

Mercs is a good game, so not a bad week for you guys. I played Winter games on the NES back in the day. I just hope the C64 version is better.

Hoepfully you guys get Life Force soon



Corbs said:

Although I had the Commodore 64 version of Winter Games, it was the Apple IIGS version that I loved playing the most. I can't wait for the Commodore 64 games to hit the US VC so I can have a go at this one again.



The_Fox said:

@PJ: It has some areas that are hard (and some that are cheap), but overall its's not too bad.



Adamant said:

Wait, they left arcade mode out of the European version?

Original mode can be tough, yeah. Not horrendously hard, but you'll spend some time with it.
Arcade mode is relatively easy.



y2josh said:

I'm really not looking forward to the C64. Glad you all got MERCS. Good luck 2 weeks from now



Viral said:

I'm not all that impressed really. I'm still waiting on Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Soon hopefully!

And it's ironic that Winter Games just came out as I got this cheap Winter Games thing for the Wii that my mother-in-law bought the other day saying we'd like it...strange.



wii-c-kid said:

Any week with a C64 title suck imo. Flame bait I know but I just hate the idea let alone most of the games that have been released so far.

Outside of Secret of Mana and Super Mario RPG I haven't bought anything on VC for months now. It's a shame because I used to love the service. I can only hope next week's WiiWare update doesn't include Snowboard Riot or anything from HVS.



Bass_X0 said:

#16: Typical VC-R efficiency that i have come to expect from this site. I imagine you have several reviews done already for games yet to be confirmed officially.

Or did you already know about Winter Games before but had just not yet put up a page for it?



RadioShadow said:

"I really could not care less about C64 coming to VC..."

I don't mind it coming but having just 1 Commodore release per week is torture considering I didn't care about the C64 when I was using the UK Wii Shop Channel.



Sean_Aaron said:

Not interested in either of these. I'd really like to see Karateka or Conan for C64 or any of the Lucasfilm Games releases, though I expect licensing issues would make the latter difficult.

I got Super Darius 2 for the Japanese Wii last night, which is very cool, so I'm content.



Pj1 said:

@ The Fox and Adamant

Thanks for your help.

I'll properly down load this game now...



Rapadash6 said:

I was kind of hoping Nintendo would let North America catch up to Europe on C64 releases before putting anymore additional titles on the service. Also the fact that you guys only got two games today pretty much indicates that Nintendo of America will NOT release C64 games with other releases as I hoped, but individually, so we're looking at 19 wasted Mondays for those not interested in this system. All the while Japan is just getting fatter and fatter, while everyone else has to suffice on a single game a week. Not. Fair.



slangman said:

This week is a big improvement over the last VC update we got, even if MERCS is the only game for me this week. Winter Games sounds alright but i don't like sports that much. I am actually suprised it took this long to arrive if you look at the title (since we are in winter). Maybe thats how the review got up quick.

BTW does anoybody know if the patch for Last Ninja 3 and Mayhem arrived yet on the shop channel?



Roo said:

I was never too keen on Winter Games - though the 'Games' series was usually decent enough. Not going to bother with either I'm afraid.



Clayfrd said:

My classic gaming goodness will be covered for a while with the new Genesis/MD Collection unless Nintendo really releases something great soon. Street Fighter IV will also help me bide my time while the VC releases 1 game per week. That's not a problem entirely, but we haven't exactly been getting AAA titles every week.



Yossarian said:

The transition is now complete. I now prefer PC to console. Thankyou Nintendo.
The main reason I bought a Wii was for the VC. I was looking forward to building up a 'legitimate' collection of classics but it just seems that this can't happen. The pathetic dribble of late makes me think that whoever is in charge has some sort of prostate problem (or STD). Who really needs to have multiple different versions of Sonic (has anyone actually bothered with the Master System versions - and why?)? Not to mention all the other rubbish.
Oh yeah, and why are us Aussies denied of the right to download c64 from our own region? Should we really have to change regions in order to get some c64 stuff?
So much potential wasted...



Sean_Aaron said:

@ Rapadash6: I totally agree with the Japanese being spoiled prior to this week. The last two weeks with multiple WiiWare and VC releases on the same day whilst we get a couple of games either one or the other? Not really cool, unless they just don't have stuff ready in sufficient volume to treat us the same...



Adamant said:

@Yossarian: The Master System Sonic games are completely different from the Mega Drive games. It's like complaining about Nintendo releasing SMB3 on the VC because SMW is already out.



CanisWolfred said:

Plus, the Master System Sonics have been selling very well. So yes, a lot of people have bothered with them.



Sharecrow said:

@Yossarian - There are an awful lot of good games in the vc library now. Not telling you how to feel, but I'm just sayin'

I really enjoyed the Sonic 1 on the SMS. Haven't played 2 or Chaos yet, but I will...



Captain_Konami said:

I'm sorry, but just one classic console VC game for a two week period is just plain preposterous. And obnoxious. I mean personally, I'd jump Winter Games in a heartbeat (had a cool line of sight trick for top times on the ol bobsledding), but thats a computer game. When Nintendo can't even manage to keep up a paltry one console game per week rate(2 games per fortnight), that's just a really pathetic flavor of sad.

EU folks have my significant sympathy. The trend is going the wrong way. I almost feel guilty that we're getting the C64 stuff pretty soon in NA, as the extreme oppositeness of treatment really frustrates me. I just can't believe Nintendo can't manage a more even keel than they have (across time and regions).

I have no words at all for what a week like this does to the Aussie VCers. Yeah they can hack-lite their way to C64 goodess, but it's far from convenient. And they quite literally get only one game of any sort for the next half of a month, under the standard setup Nintendo has designated for them.

Bah. I hope MERCS at least brings a bit of fun to ya'll. It seems like a pretty decent for its genre.

I hope we get some of that Winter Games love soon, as I really got a kick out of the Biathalon (the scenery of cross country was cool an the shooting was fun) and the Freestyle (hotdog) skiing. Oh and that downhill "Alpine" gate skiing was a nice challenge too. It's a fun game, even more so with some friends who'll keep you honest in the speed skating (don't know if the game would be the same without my old atari joystick though..... ).



Yossarian said:

OK fair enough - people do like to play the master system sonics. I am glad they have that option. I just wish that we didn't have to wait so long between getting the games released. There are still an incredible amount of games that I am waiting for. Some that haven't even been mentioned on this site. I know that the VC library is getting better, but it is taking an incredibly long time getting that way - way too long. So long in fact that I am (and I am sure that others are) beginning to lose interest.



Adamant said:

Really, now, Nintendo has been releasing nearly nothing but great games on the VC lately. If your tastes are so narrow you don't find anything you like in those, you should either consider broadening them a bit, or accept the fact that you like so few games you're probably not going to get something from that list all that often.

If you only like the works of one director, you're probably not going to find much treasure in a movie bargain bin.

(and yes, while it's true America has been luckier than Europe with their selection so far this year, each European VC release day has had at least one good game)



Yossarian said:

Adamant, I am still not convinced. How could the regularity of one VC game in a fortnight (in Australia's case) satisfy someone of broad tastes?



Jay1 said:

"As Commodore released Summer Games II instead of the first, we don't think there will be any more."

There's always The Games, Summer Edition and The Games, Winter Edition, both also by Epyx.



Bass_X0 said:

Do you think we'll get more games now because of America getting four games in the past two weeks?



timp29 said:

Considering the price of an xbox 360 and street fighter IV being just out, it has to be tempting to many to drop the wii. While xbox bricks and has a smattering of games worth playing on their online service... those games are probably more in number than games people havent tried yet on the wii. Its got to be tempting.

Anyway, lack of games doesn't bother me. I'm too busy to play my wii most of the time. I haven't played it for over a week. Really, all that interests me at the moment would be a hanabi festival, tetris party paying out my wii points so i can check out onslaught, and some of the upcoming releases like mad world and conduit and sin and punishment 2.

Perhaps nintendo thinks some of these great titles means they can sneak out the VC rubbish now.



Bass_X0 said:

Got an X-Box 360 a week ago and I'm quite enjoying it. But then I am a big Street Fighter fan so I had to get it. On the Nintendo side of things, I do have to wonder what coming here on VC though - most of the games that have been released in America that have not yet been released here we have to wait for a Hanabi Festival to see. I hope its good.

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