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Eternity's Child Nominated for GANG Award

Posted by Damien McFerran

Eternity’s Child may have had its critics but that hasn’t prevented it from picking up a Game Audio Network Guild nomination for Best Soundtrack.

The music was crafted by the very talented Sean Beeson and is well worth a listen. You can check out samples - as well as read about how the soundtrack was created – by visiting Sean’s own site here.

However, despite such accolades, Mr Bernard is not a happy man. On his blog he has lashed out at Alten8, the publishers of the WiiWare version:

I must admit that I am not happy at all that it's still not out on Wiiware, I mean my publisher has had the code for over 6 months, and there is still no news, seriously this is taking the whole team for idiots.

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Virus said:

Hmmm, what a comment. Hope this one doesn't come back to haunt him. Oh well, good to hear the soundtrack is being recognized.



Mik said:

When will this game out?! We've all been waiting too long..



Chunky_Droid said:

Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet as I'm watching the Sopranos, but Luc, I know you have an account here. I want to check out your game man! Don't make things worse!



Omega said:

Perhaps the publisher has the code for 6 months because they are not satisfied with it. I mean, why should Alten8 publish a game that probably will not sell? I can imagine that they are still looking for a capable developer who re-writes the code so that the WiiWare version is more successful than the previous versions. I think it would be a waste if they combine the nice graphics and good music with a poor gameplay.



calculon said:

Danny Elfman has a lot to answer for, although these tracks (along with the similarly themed music of WoG) aren't quite there imho. The tracks on EC are nice, but a little too samey for my liking.

Still, I'm looking forward to the game coming to WiiWare all the same.



Wiiloveit said:

Nice to hear some good feedback for the game, and also nice to see a good ol' bit of Luc's rage. Either way, here's hoping that (as Omega said) Atlen8 have only been making the game better and better over the last six months.

Oh and who else thinks that the opening of "First Eternity's Child Track - Child of Eternity" is slightly reminiscent of Harry Potter?



naut said:

Why haven't I heard of this? Looks great! Heh, Luc better hope he still HAS a team after that one.



calculon said:

In all honesty the original game wasn't as bad as certain websites made it out to be. I can understand why Luc is pissed off with Altern8 - after all his game has been waiting in limbo for six months for what are only a few minor adjustments.

On the other hand, if they're reworking the whole game from scratch then that's just a big (bleep) you to Luc, in which case I can understand his anger over that too.



Wiiloveit said:

I tried the demo of EC on Steam, and must say that whilst it didn't seem that bad, it still felt like a flash game, and wasn't nearly as polished as it could have been. Either way - that's just the demo, right?



Adam said:

Wow, calling them idiots is probably not the smartest way to encourage them to put it out sooner. What a joke.



Damo said:

You have to remember that Luc has signed over the game to Alten8 and doesn't owe them anything now. He doesn't really have a reason to be civil with them, I would guess.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I can understand how frustrating that must be but continuing to act the way he's been acting lately is not good. That's all I have to say. I'll keep my mouth shut on the rest I wanted to say, which is clearly more than he's doing....



Adam said:

I would imagine a good reason to be civil would be so that they release his game. I think if I were in charge of releasing the game and he called me an idiot, I'd just not release it, or at the very least delay it a little more for the fun of it. The game has so much negative hype already that rushing it can do no good.
Also, sometimes it's nice to be civil for... you know... civility's sake......



Popyman said:

Oh, whew, I thought it was being nominated for being the worst game ever or something =P

I'm still looking foward to this and will buy it right away. I like Luc, he's not like all the other people making games.



themortalangel said:

@Nintendo-Naut Luc Recently started his own studio or something if I remember correctly. However, as much as I kinda agree with Luc's statement he does need to learn to shut his trap. However congrats are in order for the game's nomination.



LucBernard said:

Taking MY team for idiots not Alten8, I never said they were idiots :s

I'm not rude like that

The delay is kinda taking a long time, so most people that worked on EC are wondering what is going on, and I hear about it every week.



odd69 said:

im still excited about this game and will buy it even if they give it a 1. i just know for me,this game is going to be a great platformer.



HOT-ROD said:

@LucBernard: Well, I don't blame u for getting impatient man. I would say the same thing if I was in your shoes. Have they even given any reason to u as to why it is taking so long?



Objection said:

I was wondering if we were ever gonna hear if this damn thing was coming out. I say that meaning I want it to. Now, it seems we still have a ways to wait.



SupermarketZombies said:

He just felt insulted that HIS team were being insulted/suckered/hassled/etc. for having to wait so long for the game to get published without any feedback from Alten.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Good luck with it coming out soonish, Luc. I've actually never heard of this game before but the screen shots look killer.



Kafei2006 said:

For those wondering, is comment onn the subject concerning alten8 can't in anyway prevent the game from being released. Contracts were signed between the two, and alten8 seems to not respect what was negociated in the contract that's all. They must release it, and they don't. Mr Bernard has a good reason to complain here.

Courage Mr Bernard, et que justice vous soit rendue très vite !



Ricardo91 said:

@Nintendo-Naut. If you visited this forum since last summer, you'd be VERY familiar with this game and it's infamous Destructoid review. Nothing was really heard about it since though, since Luc was supposedly gonna drop out of the video game industry to work on graphic novels.

Great to see your game win an award, Luc! If the gameplay is half as good as the soundtrack, it'll be a must-buy!

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