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Eduardo the Samurai Toaster - First Look Video

Posted by Darren Calvert

Eduardo the Samurai Toaster is one of the most interesting WiiWare titles we've seen in a long time; at its core this is an incredibly fast and frenetic side-scrolling, run‘n’gun 2D shooter, featuring visuals drawn and scanned in from several different art mediums such as pen & ink, acrylic paint and charcoal.

After reading our recent interview with Semnat Studios if you are anything like us you will be itching to see more of this intriguing game. Worry not friends, for we can unveil the first video ever seen to the interwebs for you to feast your eyes upon:

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Please let us know your thoughts below as always. As soon as we know any news about the release date and price we'll be sure to let you know.

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Big_Sexy said:

Wow. This looks great. I didn't think it would.

Definitely keeping an eye on this. Although their faces don't seem to change at all, which kind of bothers me.



Golgo said:

The music and art are great (latter reminds me a bit of Kirby Canvas Curse). Looks like it plays pretty smooth too...promising!



worrybomb said:

Looks pretty good so far. It reminds me of Metal Slug and Alien Hominid.

I'll definitely pay more close attention to this game as the release date gets closer.



Wiiloveit said:

Cannot wait for this - it looks like a pretty good platformer-shooty-type, but will the ideas be put into practice well?



Ben__Harlan said:

Amazing video. Looks really a hard game...

Hope this game does well in USA to get a PEGI rating...



Semnat_Daniel said:

Sorry for the video quality! Youtube isn't kind to already-poor footage. Apparently it's impossible to capture 480p footage, so we had to take it in 480i.

zoipi - It's hard if you want it to be. There's an easy mode as well. I personally prefer it very tough, but of course I've been playing it for quite some time.



Semnat_Daniel said:

Supermarioman - Well I can assure that it's not a parody game. It's just a run 'n gun action game.



Ben__Harlan said:

@Semnat Daniel For me and everyone, is perfect that it's hard and has difficulty levels. That makes the game longer and more dinamic. Better than only one mode that you can beat with the eyes cosed.



anthonyb said:

And I thought "Super Meat Boy" was the strangest concept.

Looks very cool, I'll wait for the reviews.



Objection said:

supermarioman-I believe you had some kind of point there, but your typing confused me. COMMENT EDITTED TO AVOID SOUNDING LIKE SOMEONE ELSE ON HERE.
As for the video, nice and smooth, plus I'm digging the BGM tune.



Semnat_Daniel said:

Bahamut ZERO - It's comparable in length to other games in its genre. But since we're an unknown company we're going to try to go for a low price point so that more people give us a chance.



Neoh said:

Looks like it could be a really great party game! And I'm sure my friends will have a great time throwing each other around and killing things with toasters, looks like it could be a definite buy from me
Keep up the great work!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Semnat: YES! Another dev. with a WWW account! This is so awsome. This is like the 4th this week

Will there be leaderboards or someting? There at least has to be some sort of personal record (score, time, etc) to add replay value.



tatemon555 said:

Well well. This looks incredible. And is it just me, or is WiiWare getting better every day?



Pablo17 said:

This looks really good to me and unless it has a horrible review, I will be picking this up. I love the art style and I am glad there is a multiplayer option.



ness said:

The style is great, but it looks a little bit too easy. Will there be different difficulty level?

And hopefully the replay value is high enough with 13 levels.



Linkuini said:

Looks like there's pretty good variety in the level design. I like the graphics, but it is kinda silly to watch that toaster walk around with the same wide-eyed expression all the time.



Semnat_Daniel said:

ness - There will be a number of difficulty options. Don't worry, it can be very, very tough if you want it that way. Or very easy.

Bahamut ZERO - No leaderboards, sorry. We're relying on the game being fun for replay value. Drop-in multiplayer certainly takes care of the replay factor. But I'll let you guys be the judge!

LegendofPasta99 - Yeah, facial expressions is one thing we had to drop due to time. Too much work for something that nobody is going to be noticing when they're playing the game. It's only noticable when watching someone else play.



Cthuloops said:

@Semnat Daniel
You said that similar side scrolling games, like Metal Slug and Gunstar Heroes, have about the same amount of levels as this game. Are the levels about the same in length as well? I am asking on a time basis here, so like 5 mins. or about 15?



anthonyb said:

Personally I think the lack of facial expressions is quite humorous. The toasters look like children in a candy store; only here you're turned on to killing pop tarts.



Ren said:

Wow this looks great! I'm sold. even has 4 player and looks like it could be hard. This is what WW is for. congrats to you Semnat.
@supermarioman - why so much hate? An old format retreads itself for long periods because it works. Like the sitcom format or action film format. One mans disgrace is another mans homage. why not just enjoy what works? Also parody and humor are different things as well this game is just general humor not parody.



Kaeobais said:

@Supermarioman: They aren't making fun of it, where did you get that idea? And even if they are their obviously doing it because they like the games. You wouldn't create a game based on another series if you hated that series. If you really think this game looks bad because of the reasons you described then you must be pretty damn ignorant.



Ren said:

Looks like someone is determined to be all mad. Most of the games we all grew up loving (even back in the day, i grew up with 2600 and NES) were $45 + and still are. The kinds of things that can be downloaded for $15 and under, if they are fun and well designed, have really impressed me so far and weren't made on million dollar budgets. I also don't understand why humor and parody is somehow inherently bad in a video game.
I mean stuff like Contra isn't meant to be funny, but it just is because it's just a video game and the military themes are so serious and silly; Clearly it's one of this games inspirations. I don't think its a disservice to it or anyone to poke fun at it. Whats all this fretting about disgracing things? It's not the crown jewels. It's not offered as Competition to those old games that it imitates, it is made as an homage and continuation of the game traditions that we all loved as kids.
Whats the alternative? No humor, in ANY sidescrolling, ninja-themed, blaster-toting-jumping games EVER; We must only play those games in their true original form! Or ELSE we're spitting on the great legacy of all that came before!
Or maybe just play with the funny new stuff that changes with the times like the rest of us.



HOT-ROD said:

@Supermarioman: Lol dude, this game looks awesome. It has a unique and non repetitive graphic style. All the levels showed in the trailer looked cool and original. I understand if a shooter game is not your cup of tea, but it is totally NOT a parody game. The developer even said so, responding to your earlier post lol.
Honestly, if you are that skeptical, wait before you get upset over this "parody game" (clearly it isn't) and wait for the review =D



Philip_J_Reed said:

I'm sorry, but anyone who watches that video and thinks they're seeing a parody of R-Type and Donkey Kong Country has at least one screw seriously loose.



CanisWolfred said:


What? DK, Gradius, Super Smash Bros...Dude, you never heard of Contra? Metal Slug? Gunstar Heroes? It's a just a run 'n' gun with an interesting aesthetic, varied level design, and 4-player Co-op. Actually, it reminds me a lot of Alien Hominid, which I absolutely adore. Definitely a must get for me!



Sean_Aaron said:

Yo, I don't see a video link here! I was able to find it by bringing up adblocker's list of blockable items (no it wasn't being blocked).

This looks ace and I think Supermarioman is taking things a little too seriously. Taking the piss out of old games, if done well, is funny and nostalgic. Seeing the horrible pixellated mess Pole's Big Adventure became at one point reminded me of playing Ikari Warrors with a friend on his NES for an entire afternoon, only to have the game freeze up and do the exact same thing on the last stage -- at the time, not that funny (we played this game for hours and hours to get to the end); Pole's Adventure was.

This game looks awesome. The combination of hand-drawn art and animation looks terrif, but no high scores? Come on! I can live without online leaderboards, but at least give me some points, man!



Semnat_Daniel said:

Haha, wow. Making fun of old games? That would be a pretty big waste of four years, I can tell you that much. I can assure you, sir, there's no making fun of any game whatsoever going on here. No more than Uncharted is trying to make fun of Tomb Raider or Splinter Cell was making fun of Metal Gear, etc.

But I learned long ago that is is futile to try and dissuade such strong blind hatred, but hopefully people will give us a chance and judge the game more fairly for themselves once it comes out. Not everyone will like it, but a fair shake is all I ask for. And if you do end up hating it, criticism is always welcome and even helpful! All I can promise is that we've tried our best and that we really are proud of our game.



Sean_Aaron said:

Scores, Daniel! Will there be little numbers ticking up as we blast the baddies to oblivion?



Ricardo91 said:

@Supermarioman. Umm... This game doesn't look ANYTHING like Smash Bros. or DKC.

This game is definitely one of the Wiiware games I'm most looking forward to. Looks totally awesome!



Alienjesus said:

was i the only one who never realised this game was a run and gun game? i got the run bit but i thought the fighting was going to be sword based, giving it more of an astro boy feel rather than gunstar heroes.

still, looks good!



CanisWolfred said:

Yes, scores would be appreciated, especially since shooters (run 'n' guns included) are the only games where I pay attention to that stuff!

@the guy above me

Yeah, I thought it would be a sidescrolling action game like Shinobi(I'm still waiting for a Shinobi clone!), and I was really surprised that it turned out to be a run 'n' gun. Although that isn't a bad think, not in the least. I love run 'n' guns, especially ones with wacky aesthetics, and I will be eagerly anticipating this game.



Semnat_Daniel said:

We don't have a score system. It just didn't feel like it added anything to the game, and merely cluttered the screen. We made a decision early on in development to take out anything from the game that didn't enhance the experience. I know that score systems and experience points and so on can be cheap and effective tools for a designer and can tap into that element of ocd that we experience when we play games, but when you strip those elements away what's left? The fundamental gameplay has to stand on its own without the aid of what I personally believe are often crutches (there are of course exceptions!). And we wanted people to want to play the game because it was just plain fun to pick up the controller and enjoy their time with our title.

But maybe I'm wrong. If this becomes something that people feel very strongly about after playing it, and if enough people would like to see a sequel, we could consider adding in such a feature to a future Eduardo. We use our best judgment, but fan reaction will certainly inform our future decisions.



Supermarioman said:

Forget it, ok. I'm sorry I ranted on the game. Maybe it will be good, can I sya one little thing this reminds me of the Video Game Crash of 83, everybody tried to make a quick buck making crap with only a few good games causing Video Games to be a failure. I'm afraid that is happening to WiiWare, everybodys trying to make a game and most turn out to be average or horrid. With only a few gems left on WiiWare with bad games making people unattracted to the service. Lets hope my thoughts don't come true.



Semnat_Daniel said:

That would be a bad thing indeed! And I agree that shovelware is harmful to the industry. But we're definitely not making shovelware, that I can assure you. Maybe you won't like the game but we've tried very, very hard to make a game that we can be proud of.



Ricardo91 said:

@Alienjesus (awesome name by the way). No you aren't. I originally thought it was a side scrolling shoot-em-up like Gradius, so I was pretty suprised to see it's actually a run-n'-gun. Though judging by the video, there's gonna be a few shmup levels thrown in.



Ren said:

The reason most of us are here is because we understand and appreciate that the WW service is such a tiny chunk of the market that nothing on it will make or break the industry but it's an awesome opportunity for small developers to actually get their material out to a huge audience.
There are some limitations in terms of size and budget that make it all very interesting to see whats coming out here. yeah some of it is trash but when trash developers get to have a shot on a big platform like Nintendo and they fail, they'll learn fast or disappear.
I would be equally upset if this was all the wii (or any system) had to offer, but it is just a tiny component made for these kind of experiments, it won't/ couldn't affect the entire market if it tried. If you're coming here looking for the next Mario Galaxy you're in the wrong place. It's just not that kind of venue.
When tiny devos with a tiny budget can make games like World of Goo and release it here to a wide audience it furthers the creativity and hope of the other little guys, the larger industry, and the DL/ limited file size format all across the board. Remember what came after that Crash? the NES and the system of "licensed" NES games for quality control. Still works today, and the market is so huge that it's cool for them to carefully let indie developers back in to get theirs.



CanisWolfred said:


Okay, but first, could you at least explain why you compared it to games like Donkey Kong and Super Smash Bros, and why you thought it was a parody game in the first place. You never did clarify those things.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I guess I can live without scores; I agree the main thing is that the game be fun! And I think there's more than a few gems on WiiWare or I wouldn't have bought over a dozen titles on the service.

I think it's great that Nintendo has been so helpful with indie devs on their service -- it's great to see new stuff from people doing the work in their spare time get a wider audience.



StarDust4Ever said:

Post #30: "There will be a number of difficulty options. Don't worry, it can be very, very tough if you want it that way. Or very easy."

@Semnat Daniel: I am glad you said this. One problem that I have with the shoot-em-up/run-n-gun genres is that many of the games are super hard to me; sometimes I need time to react to things, and games that make me die in twenty seconds are a turn off. With adventure and platforming games (Mario, etc), that is a different story, as I'm very good with timing jumps and spatial judgment; I just need a half-second or so to prepare for it first, which is why I die so quickly when a barrage of enemies suddenly strike out of nowhere. Despite the fact I love the idea of just blasting stuff out of sight, with a lot of old-school shoot-em-up/run-n-gun games, I would get so frustrated that I would resort to using a cheat cartridge just so I could pass the first level. Star Parodier is one of the few Turbo-Grafx SHMUP games (besides NES Galaga) that I was really able to enjoy for the Virtual Console. The fact that you've taken the time to include options to custom-tailor the game experience gives me hope that I may be able to enjoy it.

PS- The toasters idea is so original. Only a true indie developer would come up with something so unique for a game mascot.



megatron said:

this looks interesting. i definitely like the art style. i'm not so much into the run and gun genre, but it might be something i can use to finally get my boyfriend into wiiware.




I just don't know. This game just hasnt won me over yet. I mean a toaster? a samuri (Spelled wrong i know) toaster? Call me sceptacul but, i dont think this game will be all that good.

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