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Animales de la Muerte Officially NOT Coming To WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

The cat is finally out of the bag!

High Voltage’s Animales de la Muerte is officially NOT coming to WiiWare anymore. For those not in the know this game is a bloodthirsty comic shooter set in a zoo of all places. Check out the interview we did last year with High Voltage to find out lots more about this game.

The fact that it is no longer planned for WiiWare comes as no surprise to us. Our internal source at High Voltage had said just as much almost 3 months ago, but would not make an official statement. Apparently there was still a glimmer of hope that it would be a downloadable title as opposed to a full blown disc release (suicide for this type of game methinks!).

Nintendo World Report recently caught up with Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage Software in regards to The Conduit, but finally he came out and admitted that Animales would not squeeze into WiiWare’s tiny 40MB file size limit due to the ‘focus on comedy and its accompanying large quantity of audio’. The project is on hold for now, but perhaps one day you'll see on the shelves of your local videogame store?


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Ben__Harlan said:

Horrible news.... That mean that we will have to pay arround 60€/$ to have the game with a box and instruction booklet... Hope the game worth all the money...



Mik said:

Dayum. I was actually looking forward to this game since I heard about last year!



Atlantis1982 said:

>.> Well, at the very least this title should be budget price, and that they can go even more crazy with game features otherwise incapable to stuff all in a small WiiWare shell. This can be a good or bad thing depending on what they are going to do to it.

Unrelated talk that is part of the interview; why the heck Nintendo didn't want them to do LAN multiplayer for The Conduit? >.<



Corbs said:

Well at least the dirty secret is finally out. I was pretty disappointed when we found out this one wasn't going to be on WiiWare.



Doogle said:

Fiddlesticks! Oh well, this one probably wouldn't have seen a release in Europe anyway. There is no way I am paying €60 for it if it does however in disc form. What a joke!

I really think WiiWare should increase the file size limit a bit, maybe once we get a storage solution they will pull their finger out!



Bensei said:

And I thought it's because of the age limit. I can't see this game fit into below 16+



Wiiloveit said:

I think I'm about to cry...

Hey, maybe if they sort out a storage solution, Nintendo will be a bit more lenient on WiiWare limits? Maybe? Oh, wait - Doogle already said that. Well.... I'm saying it too. So there.



mojo25 said:


Oh well...if this does come on the shelves, I'd still rather get Monster Hunter 3 (if its coming to America, probably, I hope) or The Conduit.



Chunky_Droid said:

I figured as much, now it's going full retail I'm hoping they've got a bigger budget and freedom to make this game a true gem



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Meh. I dont care. I wasnt looking forward to this, but Im still sad because all you guys are going to miss out



AlexSays said:

We've known this for like three months.
Doesn't affect me though, because I never cared about it anyway.

But this will likely become vaporware. ie. A game we'll never see.



tatemon555 said:

What the frig????????????!!!!?!?!?!?!??!
I was so excited about this game, and then it's cancelled? Frig.
@-TR: You are so wrong. Have you even played the likes of Gyrostarr and Hot Rod Show?



AlexSays said:

No he's right.
High Voltage makes promises they can't keep.

They're a second-rate developer and will stay that way until they have a defining game.
If The Conduit is just good and not great, all hope is lost.



tatemon555 said:

@AlexSays: I guess so, but they still make good games. And if HVS doesn't keep promises, so they're overrated, then Nintendo and pretty much all game companies are overrated too.



Objection said:

Saw this coming but I hope that the game does see some release later. Perhaps on a disc, or perhaps when the supposed SD Storage Update comes out then larger WW games will be allowed.



AlexSays said:

No Nintendo doesn't make promises they can't keep. And they actually make amazing games. High Voltage makes the promises and never delivers.

Comparing High Voltage - one of thousands - to Nintendo - the best there's ever been - should be a crime.



AVahne said:

ARGH!!!WHY HIGH VOLTAGE WHY?! they better make The Conduit a whole lot better then



Bahamut_ZERO said:

HVS is consistant. None of their games so far are "WOW 9/10!!!" but none are "This sucks. 2/10" either. They are always constantly getting 7/10s, which if you remember is classified as "good."



AlexSays said:

Consistently average from a developer that promised greatness. They said they'd be the next best developer on the Wii and they have failed. With their 7's they're no better than Gameloft.

Then they released an unfinished game - HVS's words not mine - to cheat Wii owners out of money. Yet Wii owners still stick up for them.



LorD_SyN_DracuL said:

They should put it as a bonus in The Conduit. Hell, I'd be willing to pay 5-10 extra bucks for it to be included.



Nintendork said:

Did anyone not see this coming? We've known for months that if they could fit the game into 40mb, the charm would've been lost.



HOT-ROD said:

That sucks. This game looked pretty fun =/
Well if it goes to full disc retail, maybe they can add a TON of extra content, plus a cheaper price tag than other wii disc games. I would pay around $20 or $30 for this game if they add enough content, and it is actually good.



Chrono_Cross said:

Alexsays wrote:
“They said they`d be the next best developer on the Wii”

Are you sure they didn't say WiiWare?
HVS has yet to make a Wii game yet. The Conduit is coming out and looks very promising. If anyone reads Nintendo Power and reads all their coverage on The Conduit NP is saying it might just dethrone Metroid Prime 3.

Whatever The Conduit brings us happiness, sadness, or disappointment thats what we can come to expect in years to come from HVS.
I think HVS`s game would be making way better games if the lack of Wii memory didnt factor in.



AlexSays said:

WiiWare is on the Wii, chief.
They haven't delivered on the console, at all.

They're a mediocre developer and should be treated as such until they prove otherwise.



Wii_is_MYcrack said:

Looks fun, at least..

But might not be able to bring myself to buy this off the shelves..
Still too many gems I don't have on my list to grab up on



Twilight_Crow said:

This game never called my attention, still, is a shame, as I recall a lot of people ask for it in their comments too many times; sorry but I agree with AlexSays, this game will never see the light.



Objection said:

AlexSaid (lol): "They haven't delivered on the console, at all.
High Voltage makes the promises and never delivers.
They're a mediocre developer
Consistently average from a developer that promised greatness."
You seem to refer to WW scores' when calling them average or mediocre, but that would 5/10s on WW's scales and they get 7/10s. That would be "good" and to most, "good" delivers. As for promising greatness, every dev does that; I don't see you tearing them a new one. Then again, there's probably not enough time for that.



Kaeobais said:

That sucks. If they release it on disc they better add a load of new features because I won't buy it if it's the same thing we've been looking at for 50 dollars.



KDR_11k said:

Yeah, over here average is 5/10 while the average game scores a 7 so the average WiiWare game is clearly above avera- mind goes tilt



touffeboy said:

But if Animales de la muertes cost 60 $, High Voltage just have to add a lot of news stages, weapons, monsters and bonus.....



accc said:

"They should put it as a bonus in The Conduit."
That's a pretty good idea! Doubt it'll happen though.



Adam said:

@35 From conclusion of Gyrostarr (7/10):
"the gameplay can get repetitive after a short time"
"If you ... felt disappointed with the lack of substance in Star Soldier R, you will probably feel the same about Gyrostarr"
Lack of substance? Repetitive? This is the description of an average game to me.

From conclusion of Family Table Tennis (5/10):
"Even at 500 Wii points it’s hard to recommend Family Table Tennis"
As well as constantly saying that Wii Sports tennis, a game everyone with a Wii owns, is better, that seems like a description of a subpar game.

If you can read, you have no need to tout these silly numbers as evidence of a game's worth when the numbers are so vague and useless while the reviews so well detailed. My only experience with HVS so far is Gyrostarr, and it is pretty much the definition of an average game. No variety, not particularly interesting, but fun in small doses if you have nothing better to do.



Cthuloops said:

I would conclude with the same answer as Adam, considering HVS. The Conduit does look good and seems to control fine, but the level design doesn't look particularly interesting. I just wish there was more color to it and today's FPSs and 3rd-person shooters (TPS). They only seem content on the colors brown, gray, black, and dull greens.



Adam said:

Yea, the love for dull colors that these developers have is beyond me, too. Conduit looks more colorful than most FPSs, although that doesn't say much. If it has good controls and good multi-player, I think that will be enough for it do well, if the ridiculous hype alone isn't enough. It's odd that they've been so open about the game and haven't said almost anything about the multi-player game yet, which is what I would assume most care about in this kind of game.



Objection said:

@Adam post#44- PSST! Family Table Tennis (which did receive an average grade) was made by Aksys Games. Funny that you asked if I could read...



EdEN said:

Why not release it as episodic content? Strong Bad did it and it worked out great.

Heck, you could even go the Space Invaders Get Even route and do a "Starter Pack" and make the rest available by way of DLC... specially now that Nintendo's SD card solution, whatever it is, will be available in a month or so.

Anyway, let's hope the game comes out this year.



Jockolantern said:

Look at the bright side. Hopefully High Voltage takes this opportunity to bulk up the meat of the game and give us a disc release with all sorts of added content they never could have achieved even if they had been able to squeeze it onto WiiWare.



calculon said:

I personally don't care whether this game comes out. I still rate it as vapour-ware at best.

Frankly I'm getting fed up of people using scores as test-beds as to how a game should be rated. I personally don't rate anything but a handful of games on WiiWare as being worthy of a score over 6/10 but that's my personal opinion. Certainly I don't think that games like Niki: Rock and Ball and Pop Them Drop Them deserve the score they got simply because I haven't gone back to them after the first 1/2 to 1 hours worth of play. So whilst IGN are renowned for their 'crappy reviews' I can't say that any of the reviews on this site provide any more of a quantifiable justification for choosing otherwise.

Honestly, WiiWare is simply too limited both in terms of physical size, through put, marketing support and (finally) in terms of the imagination that goes into most of the games on the service.

I abandoned the VC in favor of WiiWare because I got fed up of downloading sequels but quickly realised there's very little reason to purchase WiiWare either, and I just can't see that changing. Simply put: Nintendo's approach to DLC gaming sucks.

I also agree that HVS are overrated. Most of their WiiWare games are half-baked ideas with their 'ooh-pretty' (read vomit inducing) graphics engine wrapped around them. Put into perspective: They haven't proven a damned thing to warrant the sort of support many people are throwing at them and I'm glad to announce that The Conduit is going to be just another soulless FPS. Which should be fine by todays standards.



Adam said:

@ Objection Blaster (47) I was explaining how 5/10 does not necessarily mean average. It was pretty easy to follow. HVS doesn't have any 5/10 games yet, so there was no example for them. But it's okay. At least you got to say PSST and think you were funny for a second, haha.

Also, I didn't "ask" if you could read. I stated politely and not sarcastically that we can all read, so the number should not be the important factor when deciding if you think a game is good or average.



Nobarai said:

Damn it, I was really looking forward to this game. This announcement was a real kick to the nads for anyway that likes fun.



SteveW said:

This would be a great bonus to include on the Conduit disc! they did something similar with Nintendo's Pac-Man for Gamecube.



Bulan said:

Guys calm down, this could be a budget title for 30$/€. Nobody would pay more for this game.



Adam said:

It's possible, but they had a hard enough time finding a publisher for The Conduit. I don't know that this game will be easy to sell.



Ricardo91 said:

@BlueFlameBat. Well, we got Toribash coming, if that makes you feel any better...

Man, this sucks, though I knew it was coming. I wouldn't mind buying the game on a disk, just so long as it has double the content and costs $20.

Admittedly though, I'm not getting my hopes too high for this game. I'm starting to agree with many people here that HVS is overrated, and none of their games are that special.



CanisWolfred said:

I am honestly not surprised by this. It had been rumored for a while, and I had figured that the memory limit would get in the way somehow the first day I laid eyes on it.

Oh well, I was never really all that interested in it anyways, so no big loss for me.



Egg_miester said:

hopefully that means we will have a nice size game with many fun i just hope we get it before the end of the year



Objection said:

@Adam-Ooh, somebody doesn't like when their own words get turned on them! In all seriousness, I'm not sure what you mean by it not being average, since it got a 5/10 which equals average. And even if you don't want to go strictly by the numbers, I'm not sure why you chose to list a non-HVS game. If you could reiterate your point for me, I'm still curious to read it.



Adam said:

My own words turned on me? Misunderstanding someone's point, especially such a simple one, isn't something to be proud of, especially when I wasn't trying to be rude or pushy. No need to be so sarcastic, especially when you're not good at. (Just kidding!)

I listed a non-HVS game because there are no HVS games rated 5/10. If there were one, I certainly would have used it for the sake of consistency, but the point wasn't that HVS makes 5/10 games. You were saying that 5/10 is average, not 7/10, so I was trying to show that it is very easy to interpret the text of a review of a 7/10 game (Gyrostarr, in my example) as being average, and a 5/10 game (Family Table Tennis was the first to come to mind) as being below average.

Yes, the score chart says 5 = average, but the reviews don't always back this up. If you look at the actual review, which is much more detailed and meaningful than a silly number, Gyrostarr (which is described in the review as being repetitive and lacking substance) sounds like an average game despite being 7/10 (and from my play with it, I'd agree), and Table Tennis (which is specifically not recommended and poorly compared against Wii Tennis, which is free) seems to be described as a below average game despite being 5/10. Given what the reviews say, can you really object to someone deciding that a 7/10 game is average?

Personally, I think a 1-10 scale is too much, and basically asks for this kind of confusion and inaccuracy, but I don't care because the reviews here are great, so who needs a number?



Alienjesus said:

i must say that i would consider 70% or 7/10 to be fundamentally average, and most every game ive played with that score has gotten old fast. i always thought of the scale like this:

10- wow
4-very bad

ive never seen a game get closer than zero than 1 so my scale doesnt go that far.



Adam said:

I think all those ratings below bad are unnecessary, whether average is 7 or 5. Most gamers don't need to know to what degree a game is bad to know they don't want to play it. That's why I like the four-star system at VC-R, if you need ratings at all.



Objection said:

@Adam-Alright, calm down. I wasn't trying to be agressive. Thanks for clarifying what you meant. I genuinely wanted to know and your first posts were confusing. Now that I understand what you're saying, I get where you were going with the misleading text thing.
As for #s being overrated, yes! It should be based on the + and - points mentioned as well as one's own preferences.



Adam said:

I said I was just kidding. I even added a smiley for your benefit. I couldn't be calmer. Everything will be okay. We will get through this, you and I.



Objection said:

Yay, we'll get through it! At least it's already going better than with me and AlexSays!



IAmNotWill said:

Damnit... I really wanted this. They should make it into seprate parts like what they did with Strong Bad (like EdEN stated.) But if they do put it on disc, I won't be paying $50 bucks unless they double or triple the content. This game could have made HVS go from "overated" to pros, atleast until The Conduit.



HappyHappy said:

Sigh... Once again thanks to the Wii's small memory space a great game is unplayable on the Wii.

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