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Wonder Boy in Monster Land Includes Special Options

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Here's some interesting news - According to those who have already downloaded Wonder Boy in Monster Land, it is possible to press the "-" button during gameplay to open up a special menu containing two options.

The first option is fairly simple. It allows you to swap the functions of the 1 and 2 buttons on the Wii remote. The second feature is rather interesting though, as it allows you to turn on an FM synthesizer - When the Master System was first released in Japan under the name Sega Mark III, one of the add-ons you could purchase was a synthesizer, which improved the audio quality of all games compatible with it.

If this sounds familiar to you, you're totally right - When the MSX was added to the Japanese Virtual Console, it included the exact same special options.

It's not really strange that this is the first game to support this feature. If you look at a Mark III enhancement compatible games list you'll see that none of the other currently available Master System games originally supported FM music. There will probably be more coming in the future though!

Still, it is quite nice to at least get this feature - No western release of the Master System ever included FM synthesizer music, so this will be a new thing to most people. Hopefully all future FM-compatible games will have the option too!

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Cthuloops said:

Sounds interesting. Does it just enhance sound quality or does it let you make some sounds with it?



Terra said:

If it improves the quality of the game, then i have no complaints. I'd be stunned to see anyone complaining or acting negatove about this, unless they have a genuinely good reason, which i can't seem to find.



Nintendork said:

I'm all for making things better for the game. Hope we get the same features for our MS games.



DDR_Paladin356 said:

Thats pretty cool. I know its the same for Phantasy Star as maybe if/when that games comes to VC, it'll have the same feature.

The FM enhancer I believe just enhances the sound quality of the game. It doesnt sound 8 bit. Sound effects are different and whatnot. So, it sounds pretty good overall.



KingMike said:

Nice to hear they've added what is for many, an extra feature to the game.
Unlike somebody else. cough*N64*cough

Shame it probably won't be in Phantasy Star, as I hear the FM music was deleted in all non-Japanese versions to fit the translated text.



Jolted85 said:

Back in the eighties to mid 90's most arcade games used an FM Synthesizer, even the Genesis had one, that's why when you compare the music to some SNES games to the Genny, the Genny sounds a bit different, some people say the Genny was "aging"; but that was due to Sega using a FM Synthesizer because at the time that was top of the line.

I like FM Synthesis though, makes the games unique



RadioShadow said:

"you'll see none of the other Master System games already on VC originally supported FM music."

You mean the MS games on the VC so far don't support FM music?

There also doesn't seem to be many interesting games that support the FM feature. I wish Sonic 1 had that feature.



Ricardo91 said:

A VC game actually gets slight tweaks from it's original release? That's great news! It'd be nice to see more VC games do this, but I doubt it'll happen.



Starwolf_UK said:

Its not exactly tweeks per say its just hitting a switch on an emulator. Hope more follows.

I support these kinds of options but the option I was really hoping for starts with 60 and ends with hertz. They can't use that "its not the orginal version" excuse when they are including the FM synethiser On/Off.

As for the "Mark III enhancement compatible games list" site the machine translation is priceless:
Genius foolish Bonn
Sword saintly transmission
Load of sawed
SHINOBI patience

Wait...Shinobi patience? you mean as in the card game...

It'd be nice to see more VC games do this, but I doubt it'll happen
That or its bad news. "Hey no player names for you in Tecmo Bowl" and "Guess what? Your passwords won't work for Kid Icarus"



supbilly said:

I found this feature by accident when I pressed the select button. It's pretty cool, but I'm so used to the original music it seemed kind of strange...



Objection said:

Nice to see someone put a little effort into making the best VC emulater/port that the can, especially utilizing the wiimote's buttons. Hope other companies consider this if applicable to their game.



Chunky_Droid said:

I'll say it again

EGEGNUgnuDZNUUNGSDBZGVDBDYGDBUYGDBGEYSE*#H*GDGGD I want this game! Bring it to the US already! I'm all over this extra content too



RGVEDA said:

Sorry to post the News here!

On the German Nintendo Channel there is now a Interview with Jon Hare. The Co Designer of Wizball. Could the VC Team post it here? Maybe someone could upload it to Youtube?



Betagam7 said:

As Starwolf says this is interesting in that it opens up the possibilities of Nintendo one day allowing a 60hz option for its PAL games.
Perhaps its worth contacting Nintendo for the umpteenth time reminding them that this is something we'd rather have.



wii-c-kid said:

28! Ooh. Nerd-tastic. Still not interested despite the street-cred I'd gain from claiming to have an emulator emulate FM synth. sound on (for the love of all that which is waffle shaped and stuck on the ceiling) the Sega Master System. Quite frankly the game is just another boring mish-mash of the other Wonderboy worlds and the first VC release was boring enough in itself.



Chunky_Droid said:

It would be interesting to see if they have FM music support in Phantasy Star upon its release, since it wasn't in the US/EU editions. And quite frankly I don't see how Wonderboy in Monster Land is boring or how its a mish-mash of the other Wonderboy worlds being its the 2nd game in the series? But that's just me and this ranks easy in my top 10 games of all time.

EDIT: YES! US Release!



JTC-Pingas said:

Maybe Sega can include special options for Sonic & Knuckles if it ever gets released. Like being able to lock on with Sonic 1, 2 ,or 3. Anythings possible.

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