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Want Toki Tori Merchandise? Speak Up Now!

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Two Tribes is trying hard to get more people interested in their awesome WiiWare puzzler, Toki Tori. Last week they decided to start making blog posts about the game's development, but this week they're going one step further.

Apparently lots of people have already requested Toki Tori merchandise, but the costs to make these were quite high. Two Tribes isn't exactly that big of a company, so they never really considered making any merchandise, as they would not be able to afford it. Recently however, a new company called Shapeways emerged, offering cheap 3D printing.

Obviously Two Tribes tried this out right away, and got a very nice-looking beta build of what could be a Toki Tori action figure or plushie. Now the question is, of course - Is the demand for these high enough to actually make fully coloured models and sell them, or would Two Tribes be wasting their time? They want to know what you think, so if you'd like to have a Toki Tori figure sitting on your desk then head over to their site and speak your mind now.

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Omega said:

No! I like the Toki Tori game but I would never pay for such a needless junk. What are they thinking? That people have too much money or what?



Dazza said:

I'd love a little Toki Tori mascot for my desk. Great idea Tribes, make it so!



Objection said:

Most people like little toys, etc. of their fav games, but Toki Tori was not one of mine. It was good, but I didn't care for it like everyone else seemed to.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I did enjoy the game, but the odds of me buying a figurine are quite low. Maybe if I saw it cheap one day in a store...but I really doubt I'd make the special effort to order it full price off the internet.

Good game, Two Tribes, but I'd rather give you $10 for a new game than however many dollars for a toy.



AlexSays said:

Chicken Brutus has summed up 99% of everyone's thoughts ('cept Dazza he's weird).

Which is why this is a terrible idea unless it doesn't cost them too much money.



Starwolf_UK said:

3D printing hmm...that tends to end up with a product like sandpaper and fragile (so you want it put in a cabinet or jar if possible).



Stuffgamer1 said:

I like the plushie idea better. I'd buy one of those, if reasonably priced. But I agree that figurines aren't really worth the bother unless they're free (like my Homestar Runner figurines were when I bought a bunch of other stuff).



Kawaiipikachu said:

I wouldent mind I cute little Toki Tori figurin just like I got a cute little chocobo here kwer.
I would give two tribes my word& hopefully I have a little Toki Tori my own



ness said:

@ Omega: Can it be that you dislike every videogame merchandise which costs money?

@ News: Depends on how much money it would costs.



Omega said:

@Ness: No, not principle. If you present me with one of those figurines I probably put it in my display case, right next to the little teddy bear that someone has once given to me.



Wiiloveit said:

@AlexSays: Agreed, although I would looove a plushie. I mean, come on - wouldn't it be amazing?

Next on the list: a rubiks cube shaped like Enril (the pointer) from LostWinds, alongside stress balls of the little squidgey enemies from the same game.

@-TR: DO IT. NOW. You shall not regret it.



Objection said:

To everyone above: if you are interested in Toki Tori merchandise, saying it here isn't sufficient. Go to the link provided by the article!



Terra said:

The idea is nice but there isn't a big market for such a thing and those who would are more likely to buy the actual game. Still, it is a nice effort from Two Tribes.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Depends on the squishiness or fluffiness.

It needs to be either really fluffy or really squishy. Im very specific when it comes to manly things like plushies



Razoredge17 said:

I would totally buy Toki Tori merchandise. My desk would appreciate it... maybe next to my Mastersword mini replica?



Chunky_Droid said:

I dunno if I'd personally by it myself but if they just sold it at like newstands and stuff it's a cute enough chicken to sell on its own I would think.



Outrunner said:

No. I think it'd be a waste of their money. Although I did enjoy the game, I personally wouldn't buy this.



ness said:

@ Pavlos2094 (#26):

I think they would sell it through the internet and (hopefully) would ship it in the whole world.

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