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Toribash Coming To WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

The developers of Toribash have just confirmed that they're currently developing a version of their extremely unique fighting game for Nintendo's WiiWare service via their official blog.

Toribash can best be characterized as a physics-based one-on-one fighting game that allows players to have unparalleled control over their figher's game play moves. Unlike many other fighting games out there, Toribash places a greater emphasis on strategy rather than quick reflexes.

Toribash gives players unprecedented freedom by providing them with total independent control over their fighter's bodies. With 20 points of articulation, and 4 options for each, there are more than a trillion different possible configurations at any time.

The result is a game where players are bound only by their imaginations, empowered to explore and create their own unique fighting styles to a degree completely unthinkable in any other game.


The Toribash WiiWare version has many new and exciting features, such as a cool particle effects system. This is used for impacts, gripping etc... Makes the game much more fun to watch, and everyone loves impact effects!

Toribash WiiWare will include multiplayer to fight against other Wii-ers. However, Wii people will not be able to play against the PC peoples. The Wii has no multiplayer queues, so no more waiting! Just complete Toribash fun. (searches for other players who are looking for fights).

You can take a look at a few of the static screenshots the developers have recently made available above as well as a gameplay video below. We'll have more information on Toribash as it becomes available as well as a full review once it hits the WiiWare service.

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Corbs said:

This is one strange game, I have to tell you. While I love a fighting game as much as the next guy, this is something completely different altogether.



MisterSmith said:

Between Cave Story, Super Meat Boy, Defend Your Castle and seems like WiiWare becoming the destination for the free indie games getting onto the consoles. I wonder how long until Desktop Tower Defense, the Knytt series, La-Mulana, or anything from devs like Cactus or Annie make it to the WiiWare.



CanisWolfred said:

Yeah, not really interested in this. I love fighters, but this is just...different. I'm definitely gonna have to try it before I give it a whirl.



Stratos said:

After looking at the website I am very curious at this game. If all the online functionality and other features are included I think I'd check it out.



Virus said:

I don't know how the hell this game works nor do I really want to figure it out at the moment. Just from watching the video, it doesn't look like the player is given much control at all, but that's just me assuming. Here's to hoping we get a more informative video in the future.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Normally, I'd be ecstatic about a fighting game finally coming to WiiWare, but the description and video make it sound too complicated. I'll read multiple reviews on this before I decide if it's worth taking a chance on. One problem with WiiWare is that you can't rent the games to try them out before you buy them.



wanderlustwarrior said:

i'm sorry, but can we please get one good, normal fighting game on a nintendo system? Bleach DS 2 isn't enough.



Kaeobais said:

I liked it, but could never get the hang of the whole thing. They should make it simpler now that it's gonna be on wiiware, so that anyone can play.



Gman80 said:

A lot has been said about how we’re a tactical fighting game..

I believe we’ve evolved some way from that. What started as sophisticated fighting strategy has become a way to utilise full-body motion control.

Here’s what we can do in Toribash today. Yes we have a steep learning curve but the results of mastering this are truly rewarding.

I’ll let these vids speak for themselves.




Killraven said:

this game LOOKS incredible, can't wait to play it, i'm downloading the pc version now



Chunky_Droid said:

I'll have to check out the PC version, it does sound like an incredibly in depth fighter, but will have to try it myself, I don't mind a steep learning curve personally as long as it's fun once I learn it!



Omega said:

I think this isn't bad, if you are interested in the beat em up genre and looking for something new. Nevertheless, this is not to my taste. And why are the dolls bleeding so much? Oh, I understand: This is a new developed red machine oil. All right.



Killraven said:

wow this thing is pretty complicated. seems cool, but it's not a normal fighter by any stretch, in fact i would be hesitant to call it a fighter.



Stratos said:

I am studying a real martial art and would love to try and emulate the different moves with this game. That's probably the biggest interest for me.



Philip_J_Reed said:

The screen shots look awful, but the video is pretty damned impressive. Let's hope it actually plays that well.



mojo25 said:

This looks awesome. I've played a game like this in 2D form and I was so addicted. Now that it's 3D, this is a must download for me



Cthuloops said:

So basically this game is like a sort of make-your-own-fighting game. Looks really cool and what not and the video was certainly impressive. I'll keep an eye on this one to be sure.



JohnshiBRPG said:

The video shows the blood and gore, but it may not be part of the final product, or it could be an option.



ness said:

@ wanderlustwarrior (#9): "i'm sorry, but can we please get one good, normal fighting game on a nintendo system?"

You mean Tatsunoko vs. Capcom?

@ News: Cool, i like games with unique gameplay =).



wanderlustwarrior said:

@ness: but, i'm in America, and you're in Germany. neither one of us SHOULD be able to play that game (I don't mod my wii). otherwise i'd jump at the chance to play as Joe again.
...but this is an arguement for another day (or forum).

I've looked into videos posted elsewhere (youtube) on an older version of this game, and it looks good. Creative and brutal, but creating every move could get tedious, especially in multi-player play. do we know if there are any preset moves to work off of?



slambert215 said:

This game looks sweet. I like the make-your-own moves the best. For make your own moves, I think there should be like a replay funcion like in MaBoShi, so if you're playing around and you make this KILLER move, you can send it to your friends or upload it for all to see (a la BlastWorks)

Wow, there's blood and gore in it? We could have WiiWare's first M rated game.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Wery interesting! The fighting genre needs fresh takes like this, and if it´s avaliable on Wii I don´t mind! Hopefully it´s fun to play as well. I´ll check out the PC version to start with.



siavm said:

I played this on the pc and it is really good. It is fun because you can really control what your character does. And the moves you can pull off are amazing. Can't wait to see particle effects system comes into play. Instant buy for me.



Kaeobais said:

I'll probably end up buying this anyway. There better be wi-fi seeing as the original had online.

I think I'll play it right now and try to get a little better before I even think about this.



Wiiloveit said:

Nice use of customization here - let's hope that the rest of the game doesn't fail on us - with the controls and replay-ability being two aspects that could make or break this game's quality.



Pegasus said:

It's not much of a game really, and creating moves can be quite the challenge. I've previously downloaded the "game" on my Mac, and I tried to get into it, but, ultimately, I don't have the patience for the pain-staking minute changes one has to make for every fraction of a second.

Don't expect to be able to pull off anything you see in the trailer anytime soon.



Killraven said:

the game could use some pre record moves, meaning if you think you've got an awesome move you can preset the move so it's one click, as it is now, the game requires alot out of you every turn, and it's more than i can really handle considering the small time window you've got to have your turn in.

overall i like the pc version, but it could be better, and hopefully that what they plan to do on the wii. I also don't really under how this will work on the wii, it's hard enough with a mouse.



Killraven said:

eww! that flash game, is a very very poor representation.
if you want to see what the real game is like it's only 8 meg. give it a whirl



ness said:

@ Objection_Blaster (#39):

Capcom said there is a chance for a release outside of Japan, so let us hope^^.



Ricardo91 said:

I usually hate fighting games, due to the whole reflex factor, but this game sounds pretty interesting. The emphasis on strategy would be great for the reflexively-impaired like me. Thoguh I'm a bit turned off by the plain-white backgrounds.



Gman80 said:

The game really is about working out how natural body physics work, then you reflect then you react to environment settings such as force and gravity.

It gets intense especially in grapple style fights, where you have to read your opponents moves and attempted throws and manipulate your tori to counter and. So fights become more technical vs more action oriented. shows a realistic throw you can achieve in multiplayer.

Here's a good example of a fight replay that used body physics well to execute a realistic kick.



Wiiloveit said:

Thanks for the link, Mojo! Here's hoping that the controls work better in the 3D version.

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