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Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (7th Jan)

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It's Wednesday again which can only mean one thing. It's time to take a look at the most popular WiiWare titles available in the Wii Shop. If you're feeling adventurous you can even take a look for yourself by simply logging on to your Wii Shop channel, heading into the WiiWare section and then viewing "Popular Games". It's that simple! Trust us, if we can do it, anyone can.

We compile this list using the USA region Wii Shop channel, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be quite a bit different. Please feel free to post your region's findings below as always.

Keep in mind that the list below is a measure of actual sales made recently, not of the total time the game has been available for sale.

Here is the list for the 7th of January:

1 (1) - World of Goo
2 (2) - Tetris Party
3 (3) - My Aquarium
4 (6) - Fun! Fun! Minigolf
5 (4) - Dr Mario Online Rx
6 (7) - Tiki Towers
7 (5) - Target Toss Pro: Bags
8 (N) - Cue Sports - Pool Revolution
9 (9) - My Pokémon Ranch
10 (11) - Brain Challenge
11 (8) - Defend your Castle
12 (12) - Midnight Bowling
13 (10) - Mega Man 9
14 (14) - Wild West Guns
15 (15) - TV Show King
16 (13) - Bomberman Blast
17 (17) - Frat Party Games - Pong Toss
18 (16) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
19 (19) - Sudoku Challenge
20 (18) - Space Invaders Get Even

N denotes a new entry

Well this is beginning to sound like a broken record, but the "big three" are still in command on the Top 20 and showing no signs of slowing down at this point. It's obviously going to take one impressive title to dethrone World of Goo from the top spot and we can't wait to see what game will be the one to do it!

The biggest climber this week is Hudson's CueSports - Pool Revolution, which jumped all the way from off the charts last week to #8 this week. We didn't see any dramatic drop with any one title this week, but we did have a three-way tie for biggest dropper this week with Defend Your Castle, Mega Man 9, and Bomberman Blast all falling a meager 3 spots on the chart.

Strong Bad Episode 5: 8-bit is Enough dropped completely off the charts, which marks the first time in a long time that we haven't had at least one Strong Bad release on the charts. With its current position, it doesn't look like Space Invaders Get Even is far behind it and will likely drop off the charts next week.

Tune in next week to see if Fun! Fun! Minigolf or Tiki Towers can possibly break into the top 3 and knock out one of the big boys. Should be interesting to watch.

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Wiiloveit said:

Once again, more of the same, although Mega Man 9 is beginning to gather momentum in it's "dropping" down the charts. Nice to see Fun! Fun! move up a couple of places as well.

UK Charts
1) World of Goo
2) My Bloody Aquarium
3) TV Show King (Still?!?)
4) CueSports - Snooker vs Billiards
5) Tetris Party
6) My Pokemon Ranch
7) Bomberman Blast
8) Brain Challenge
9) Defend your Castle
10) The Incredible Maze*
11) Sudoku Challenge!
12) NEW FUN! FUN! Minigolf
13) Wild West Guns
15) LostWinds
16) Art Style: ORBIENT
17) Pit Crew Panic!
19) Niki - Rock 'n' Ball (why so low?)
20) Art Style: CUBELLO

*Incredible-ness not a guarantee

A big surprise this week is the lack of Trogdor - despite the release of episode five of Strong Bad last Friday. I myself haven't bought it yet since I haven't got round to completing Dangeresque 4 - maybe everyone just happens to be in the same situation as me. Who knows?

Since I've posted first this week, that gives me time to prepare for Djungelurban... will the "Wall of Text" have returned this week?



Djungelurban said:

Took it's sweet time but my computer is now in working condition again. Everything will return to normal next week.

Here's the Swedish top 20:
(1) 1 - World Of Goo
(-) 2 - Fun! Fun! Minigolf
(3) 3 - My Aquarium
(2) 4 - Mega Man 9
(4) 5 - Tetris Party
(6) 6 - LostWinds
(5) 7 - Wild West Guns
(7) 8 - Defend Your Castle
(8) 9 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King
(9) 10 - Cue Sports: Snooker vs Billiards
(12) 11 - Bomberman Blast
(14) 12 - TV Show King
(17) 13 - SPOGS Racing
(19) 14 - The Incredible Maze
(20) 15 - My Pokémon Ranch
(13) 16 - Midnight Bowling
(10) 17 - Art Style: Orbient
(15) 18 - Brain Challenge
(11) 19 - Sudoku Challenge!
(16) 20 - Niki - Rock & Ball

Swedes sure love their Minigolf...



Wiiloveit said:

Ah, it appears that the wall of text has been omitted again. <sarcasm>Ah well...</sarcasm>
*oh - and hope you get your compooter sorted soon, DJ!

No Maboshi?
Now you mention it, that is odd. You complain about not getting it for so long, and then you don't even care any more! I see that you still bought CueSports - WHY NOT MBS?



Dazza said:

Cue Sports is doing quite nicely for the 500 point price tag.

I am shocked to see that Maboshi's Arcade hasn't shown up after over a week. There are 7 reviews of it on Metacritic and all are rated 8 or above! Madness!

I don't think changing it's name so late in the day has helped really!



Corbs said:

I doubt Maboshi will show up on the charts. Just not going to appeal to the US crowd, at least in large enough numbers to pop up on the charts.



Wiiloveit said:

Whoa - what's with the new avatar, Corbs?

Cue Sports is doing quite nicely for the 500 point price tag.
But why is it doing better in the UK at 800 points? Weeird... (tries to do bug eyed smiley to accompany the word "weird" but realises he's forgotten how to do it - so just imagine it's there instead of this sentence)



shadows262 said:

MM9 is at 13?
wow i cant believe it and the worse part is My Pokemon Ranch is ahead of it! ...just great

you guys know a good game when you see one. I`ve downloaded it and its really fun!
and its great to see Lostwinds so high over in the UK



Wiiloveit said:

@wiiloveit: you guys know a good game when you see one.
I'll take the credit for the UK, then. Well, not the rubbish games in the charts, just the good ones. Blame the rubbish games on Gordon Brown - he seems to get blamed for everything at the moment, so why not?



shadows262 said:

some people like those rubbish games because their simple and easy, i mean come on just look at the US charts
and anyway atleast your charts dont have Pong Toss...ugh!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Augh, again with the same Top 3.......

@Corbie: What's with the avatar? Everyone recognizes your Grim Reaper one. Looks evil though, so it fits the "Corbie's Avatar Trend"



Corbs said:

@ WarioFan63 - I did that just for you!

As for the avatar, it's the witch hat from the witch character in the Cave shooter DeathSmiles. The hat has a name, but I can't think of it right off the top of my head. (Get it, off the top of my head)



Clayfrd said:

@Corbie- You need another Rare avatar... now. Oh, a witch hat you say? I doubt Rare has come up with any notable witches... especially not any that have appeared in any recent games. I've been doing a lot of manual labor lately (you might call it grunt work), though so maybe my mind is clouded with fatigue. Yep... I had to heave this massive boulder that landed on some poor fool... The victim was still alive, but was in a skeletal form. I hear the victim is currently little more than a skull, brain, and eyes being sustained by a highly advanced robotic suit.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Beer Toss and My Pokémon Ranch are still high. What I find odd is that people KEEP downloading both. There are only a finite ammount of Pokémon players, and how can Beer Toss be that... popular?

Expect My Pokémon Ranch to be in 1st place in the end of March... or later...

P.S. Now that we are talking about avatars, mine is of the Hierophant Arcana in Persona 3/FES/4. I put that since I think that Arcana matches me...



WarioFan63 said:

Oh Corbie, you really are some kinda angel!

Im guessing this is going to end up being the WoG Icon for 09?



Ben__Harlan said:

10) The Incredible Maze*


My Pokemon Ranch sells more than the Art Style series???!!!!




Bahamut_ZERO said:

@MarkyVigoroth: Pokemon has a huge fanbase. It's become a household name, like Mario and Spongebob (if your American, not sure about Europe). Its a gaming franchise everyone knows. it's got more fans than Halo (granted, most of them are below 12 years old but still). It's not like Mega Man 9. I can see My Pokemon Ranch constantly selling very well of its name alone. I don't fault My Pokemon Ranch. Beer Pong, that Hockey Game, and others are much worse. If you except a PKMN Gam eits terrible, but for what it does, it does nice. If it had normal graphics and some Mini-games thrown in to extend the amount of cotent,I would be defending PKMN Ranch. Alas, I hate it a lot too, just not as much as most people. For me, it's a 5.5-6/10.

@Corbie: Wow Corbie, I guess you can't be a non-evil avatar after all. Can you put on an Smiley Face one for tommarow, it would be so wierd to see you with a happy avatar



Twilight_Crow said:

Yeah MaBoShi should be up there; and what does it take to make Pong Toss go once and for all?, WoG 2, My Bird Cage and Tetris Party 2?

btw Nice new avatar Corbie.



StarDust4Ever said:

I find it odd that a cult hit like Dr Mario which is in the top five on the US charts is completely absent from the UK charts at all.

#5 in the US is a good spot, LOL!

PS - Yay World of Goo!



Kaeobais said:

These charts are getting boring, they just aren't changing enough. I just wanna see something steal the glory from WoG, not because WoG is a bad game (which it isn't) but because it's ruling ... and every great ruler must be overthrown.



Draygone said:

What needs to happen is Nintendo needs to announce their own first-party title.

And @24. Twilight Crow
Wow, I had forgotten sequels even existed for a while there. I wonder what the first WiiWare game to recieve a sequel will be. Eh, probably will be Lost Winds 2.



y2josh said:

Maybe they could make a Luigi's Mansion 2 for wiiware and use the wiimote for it. Not a very big game anyways... just a thought. loved that game and the brother of Mario



Bass_X0 said:

I'd like to see "Mario Kart WiiWare". Each download would give you a single Retro Cup once a month each would have four courses and would play indentical to Mario Kart Wii. This would be a kind of expansion pack. I'm thinking of six installments.



Starwolf_UK said:

and anyway atleast your charts dont have Pong Toss...ugh!
That is only because it isn't out

MaBoShi didn't exactly do great in the charts here in the UK but at least it appeared I guess the internet hype train of about 5 people evaporated in the months it took...



Wiiloveit said:

@Zaphod Beeblebrox: Nice name.
@BassX0: That would work really well, but it would still take up too much memory. Maybe if they released a free starter pack with all the basic programming, controls and doodah with 200 point tracks, that could work (even if it is a little elaborate).
How about a WiiWare DK remake? Or a DK game in the style of the DS game where (I think) you span round and used L/R to grab with your hands?



jpfan1989 said:

As boring as it is Pokemon Ranch does have its usefulness if you are a big time Pokemon player such as my faience and myself. By serving as a slightly entertaining form of Pokemon storage system. better to pay $10 for a PKMN storage download then a $50 PKMN storage disc (referring to Pokemon Box GCN)



Wiiloveit said:

@jpfan: Good argument there, although it is still pretty likely that many consumers have bought it without the knowledge you possess, thinking it's a completely new, fun standalone game.



Kaeobais said:

@Wiiloveit: Totally. A friend of mine bought it and enjoyed it for awhile ... then he started getting bored ... I never even thought about buying it as I'm not a big fan of Pokemon (I hate it's battle style)



Wiiloveit said:

I never even thought about buying it as I'm not a big fan of Pokemon (I hate it's battle style)
I also find the battling a bit tedious, and I hate the random nature of things sometimes. I suppose it's not exactly an awful system, it's just not for me, but then - I detest RPG's - although I must say what I played of Super Mario RPG could've been worse, even though it was a bit easy.



Kaeobais said:

I don't really "detest" RPGs I just don't like turn based combat very much. I love Secret of Mana which is one of the few real-time RPGs.



Wiiloveit said:

@jpfan1989: You need to e-mail that idea to Nintendo - it's GENIUS! I would love to see that happen, though not exactly the same as Smash Bros - and not quite a generic Beat 'Em up either. You might be onto something there...

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