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Toki Tori Blog Update: The Anatomy of a Toki Tori Level

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

It's time for another Toki Tori blog update! This time, you can see how exactly Two Tribes went about designing levels.

The blog post says that Two Tribes very carefully designed every level - Each one had to have its own unique feature or theme, without making the solution too obvious.

The post also reveals some interesting things from this and the previous Toki Tori - For example, Toki Tori on the GBC could not display more than two enemies on-screen at any time (Meaning no levels had more than two enemies), and, originally, due to an error in programming, certain enemies in Toki Tori for WiiWare moved faster when walking to the left than they did walking to the right.

If you want to find out the whole level design process, read the blog entry!

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themortalangel said:

Well that is rather intruiging. All this mention of my old Toki Tori game, is making me want to copy it back over off my SD and finish the game now.



Wiiloveit said:

Very interesting article there - and I now want a new game more than ever before! Come on, Two Tribes - make it happen!



Philip_J_Reed said:

Yeah, I am stuck in Toki Tori...I'll sit down with it again and give it a go, but man...that last castle level is a b$(%*.



Wiiloveit said:

I was this close to finishing it - only a few more levels left, but the water levels got a bit too complex for my brain. Thank goodness for that wild card thingamabob.



Objection said:

I'm still not done with TT because I suck at it. When I finish some of my PS2 games, I'll go look up a solution to the level I've been stuck on.



Chrono_Cross said:

Toki Tori has some of the best solutions to their puzzles I`ve ever seen before!
...yes, I play puzzle games.
Other than WoG, TT has some unique puzzles to it that makes it one of a kind on the WiiWare service.
(In my book)I give TT an 8.75.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm stuck in TT too. On bubble Barrage. But boy is the game awesome. One of the best WiiWare games and one of the best puzzle games I've ever played. I'd wholeheartedly welcome another iteration!!



Wiiloveit said:

(In my book)I give TT an 8.75.
Wow, that's... accurate. And yes, I agree: the puzzles are excellent, and make for the perfect "EUREKA" moments when you find out what to do.



ttplayer92 said:

Toki Tori sees like a interesting game but I always forget to get it everytime I have enough wii points for it. I liked the first Mario vs DK on the GBA, so would I like it? Both are puzzle platformers arent they?



Chrono_Cross said:

TT is a great title on the WiiWare sevice and should be enjoyed by as many people as possibly. 3 different control schemes, great graphics, and genius puzzles to solve. Playing with friends(taking turns on playing each level) is a blast too. So if you like puzzle games then this is perfect for you and only for $10 as Wiiloveit said you cant go wrong with TT.



Sean_Aaron said:

I got to the final underwater levels before chucking it in; when the Storage Solution comes I may fire it up again. I was pleased with myself for getting through many levels that seemed impossible at first. You really need to be in the right frame of mind for this game; it's not the kind of game I'm normally interested in and if it hadn't come out at the start of WiiWare I may not have bought it, but I'm not sorry I did...

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