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Posted by Anthony Dickens

Just in case we haven't mentioned the game enough, SEGA release another trailer, this time with all the naughty, gory, swearing bits intact - a true taste of things to come.

The latest trailer for The House of the Dead: OVERKILL is out. This time rookie agent G teams up with bad-ass cop Washington for some hardcore mutant mayhem. This trailer is UNCUT and contains all the nasty bits some people may find offensive and have removed.

Do not watch if you’re not interested in guns, gore, strippers, swearing, and over-the-top violence. Did I mention strippers?

Do be aware that this is the UK UNCUT version and contains a lot more blood, profanities, seductive dancing and ICE CREAM than other versions that will pop up on the net.

I'll get straight to the point, here's the trailer:

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Still excited? want more? Check out this EuroGamer interview while your at it:

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Thank you SEGA, Feb 13th can't come fast enough.


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