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New Cave Story Screenshot And Progress Update

Posted by Darren Calvert

Things have been a bit quiet on the Cave Story development front for a while, so it’s good to find out that things are moving forward nicely in this blog post from Nicalis.

It seems that the guys at Nicalis are totally committed to making sure that this WiiWare port of the freeware classic is going to be of the finest quality. Who could argue at dropping some Wii points for this bad boy?

We also got treated to an all new screenshot from the WiiWare build:


Source: Nicalis Blog

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Omega said:

I don't know what this is going to be. But I think it's nice that the graphics are not looking like in an NES game. Although, somehow I think the sprites are very small.



Link79 said:

After all the Hype this game is getting it better be good. I still am not quite sure why it's so highly anticipated.



Drake said:

Here's the same general area in the original game to compare it to: Click

I'm definitely going to use the new graphics, I hope they release some more music samples soon to see how that has been improved.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I've never played the original either, but look at the video on the main page for the looks very fun. The music is fantastic too. I'm certainly optimistic about this one.

I've bought a few WiiWare games, but in my eyes, nothing has come close to the quality of World of Goo or Mega Man 9. This could well do it, though.



Chunky_Droid said:

I've still yet to check out the free version, but I'm glad to see some freeware games making their way to consoles. Nintendo's philosophy seems to be working for these small time guys



Pablo17 said:

This is the wiiware game I am looking forward to the most. Although I wish this was out, it sounds like they are really making sure this turns out to be good.



Cthuloops said:

Sounds awesome and I can't wait to try it out for myself! I wish more 3rd parties would do this good of a job with retail games.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Im looking forward to this because of all the great things I hear. Im not playing the freeware though, this way if I get this improved version I wont be doing the same game within months of each other (It would be like playing FFIVGBA then FFIVDS with only a month apart. It might be a great game, but playing it twice would lose the Wow factor).



Adam said:

I'll certainly get this just to play it again on big screen with the Wii remote instead of my keyboard and tiny laptop monitor, but my real hope for this port is that it inspires similar old-school games to be made for WiiWare!



CanisWolfred said:

Sweet, just what I wanted to hear! Definitely can't wait to download this bad boy! Until then, I'm still working my way through the PC version, which gets even more fantastic the more I get into it!


Thanks for the comparison. I like the new look, much more smooted out.

By the way, I don't remember seeing that area. I guess there will be some genuine surprises when I play through the Wiiware version!

Edit: Oh no wait, I just haven't gotten that far yet...



CanisWolfred said:


They said they were aiming for cheap. however, it's up to Nintendo, so don't be surprised if it's 1000 points or something like that, especially since it's including some online functionality (DLC).



indenmark said:

I'm only interested in it because you're interested in it.

Now when's it come out?




Wiiloveit said:

Looks pretty good, and even though I was unsure at first - I'll definitely be giving this a look-in, but first I think I'll give the original a spin...



MrPinguy said:

This is a great game, i played it several times.
if you have doubts about it, try the pc version, since it's free, you don't have anything to lose.



themortalangel said:

For a 2d game this is looking pretty clean and aesthetic. Considering this will be one of the few action adventure games wii ware will have. This could just be the game to maybe knock one of the top 3 off or down the charts.

I am curious though for those of you who have played the freeware game. How long of a game is this, like how long should this keep me busy before I beat it.



Pegasus said:

Looking forward to this one, especially since I have trouble playing the Mac build on my new Macbook: the OS locks up when trying to access either the map or item screen. =/



Objection said:

@AlexSays-Cave Story is a freeware game, yes, and its legal to download and play that version on your computer. If you're making a comment of "why pay for the WW version when you can play the free computer one?" well, that's up to each gamer. Better graphics, new areas and DLC help though.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Right, OB. And you get to support the developer as well. Do you want this developer to make more games? If so, support them.

You might not think of game design as an actual "job" but it is. And whatever your "job" is, I'm sure you'd quit very quickly if you weren't getting paid to do it.

Support the small talented developers like this one. And like 2dBoy. Make up your own mind on bPlus...




Twilight_Crow said:

I'm really looking forward to play this on my wii, I have a very slow computer and it takes like 10 minutes for it to be ready for anything, that's why I prefer to play games on my consoles.

@Chicken Brutus
You're right about supporting developers, specially Pixel, he made this great game for free just because he loves videogames, it is time that he gets paid for the wonderful job.



Link79 said:

I just watched a few videos of Cave story and now I understand why it's getting all the hype. I guess I wasn't very informed. I don't play alot of PC games so I didn't know about this one. Now that I realize what it is I am eagerly awaiting it. It has elements from two of my all time favorite series of games. Metroid and the more recent Castlevania games.
I might give the PC version a try.



Jockolantern said:

Everyone on VC-Review/WiiWare-World who hasn't played Cave Story on PC already just may need to have their Gamer Card revoked. ^_~ There's very good reason why we fans are anticipating this one so much... Because it's Cave Story. Awesome, epic Cave Story.

That new screenshot has me even more convinced that this is going to be an absolutely gorgeous update of Pixel's original title. The classic look is still there, it's just been polished up with some refined pixel artwork and glossier tiling.

Can't. Freakin'. Wait. I'll be hanged if I'm not one of the first handful of people to download this when it hits WiiWare later this year. Keep up the great work, Nicalis!



Jockolantern said:

@AlexSays: If gorgeously updated graphics/music and DLC aren't motivation enough at a price point of probably $10, then how about the incentive of supporting a fantastic game designer/programmer like Pixel, who took four years out of his life to make this game and never thought of being paid back at all, except by the accolades of his fans. I'd say those are more than enough reasons for me.



ness said:

Will the DLC be for free? I think we don't know, so i would wait to call it a good point.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I admit I haven't played the original yet (be nice, I hadn't even heard of it!), so what would you guys recommend? Should I play it now, or wait for the Wii version?

I'm afraid playing it now will make me less excited about playing it again on the Wii...



AlexSays said:

No it's not that.
I intend on buying the game and have no interest playing it on my PC.

But some of the people here that have posted have previously said developers shouldn't take free PC games and make us pay for them on WiiWare.
I'm just making sure I have all this straight, so I know who the credible and non-credible ones are.



Adam said:

@Brutus: I'd recommend anyone interested should play it on PC. It won't ruin it for you. You will want to play it again when it comes out on WiiWare. I've played it twice and might once more before it comes out on WW, when I'll get it and play it yet again.



Wii_is_MYcrack said:

I'm all for paying dues to great indie production teams
... I mean really when we rate these games we should keep in mind we usually pay less than 20 dollars a game. Not unreaaassonable hmm ?

Haven't tried this myself

I shall soon enough!

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