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Mercs Coming Soon, With a Different Name!

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Capcom occassionally makes a blog post about their upcoming VC games - They've done it again today for Mercs. The game was already rated by various rating boards ages ago (And released in Japan not so long ago), so it's nice to finally see it released on VC in the US and Europe.

What's interesting is that the blog post also says they have renamed the game. As you might be aware, Mercs is actually part of the Commando series. In Japan the games are simply called Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 1/2/3, but outside of Japan, the naming is a bit strange - The games are called Commando, Mercs and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3.

Capcom doesn't seem to want to drop the Mercs name, so instead of simply renaming it to Commando 2, they've opted for a different approach - The game will be released as Wolf of the Battlefield: Mercs.Obviously, this means that if Commando is released on VC it'll most likely be similarly renamed. We have changed the game's title on the site to reflect this, of course.

Source: Capcom Unity

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EJD said:

Interesting bit of news, hasn't this been done with other VC releases before?



Dazza said:

I don't care if they rename Strider, Mr laser sword's big adventure! Capcom need to concentrate at getting it on to the VC next



Bass_X0 said:

Better than "Eduardo the Samurai Toaster"? If a name change is required then its cool. Now if only Nintendo would hurry up and change Tetris Attack's name for us.




well we all kno wat game it is so just come out with it already ppl like myself r waitin



Jon1 said:

Great game. Remember this fondly from the megadrive days.



Betagam7 said:

Isn't the renaming because they don't own the trademark for the name "Mercs" anymore. that's what the article (with its erroneous link to EA's product page) seems to be getting at.
Well hopefully if they're finding the time to change the code of the game they can take the time to optimise the game for PAL...oh wait, its a megadrive game.



Viral said:

I don't think it has to do with legal issues with EA. I think some games need to come out with newer names, like, Superman 64 should be called "Superman 64 : This Game Sucks Edition" and the game Final Fantasy I should be renamed "Final Fantasy : Not really the final one since there's more to come!"



blackknight77 said:

@ Dazza LOL
Anyway I hope Mercs comes out soon its a fun game. Its like playing an 80's Arnold or Sly Stallone flick.

I see why they are renaming it. I remember playing this in the arcade and had no idea it was part of the Commando series until the Capcom Classics collection came out.



Chunky_Droid said:

Now Capcom need to release "Handicapped Duck's Quest for Riches" for NES and Nintendo needs to release "Yoshi's Puzzle League" for SNES. Konami should also release "Green Costumed Ninjas II: The Arcade Game"



timp29 said:

Wow, maybe we will see 5 game weeks again. As soon as they start re-releasing the games already released... but under different names.
Castlevania -> Whip boy in zombie land
Secret of Mana -> Battle of the retarded team-mates who get you stuck on the screen

But definitely a BIG PLEASE out to whoever is involved in rondo 'o blood !!!! Rename it and have that 'Whip it! Whip it good!' song as the sound track if you have to!



Objection said:

@niner-It's not GoldenEar, it's Silver Audio Muscle (S.A.M.)!
Anyway, love CAPCOM and like to hear about new VC from them. Haven't played this before but I might give it a shot.



Bass_X0 said:

Here's something I posted elsewhere:

A thought on how companies could get their licensed games to be downloaded.

Lets take one of Capcom's Disney games for an example. NES Darkwing Duck.

If Capcom can't get the Disney license then they can't put it onto Virtual Console, right? But how about they recode the game slightly to remove all traces of the Disney license and replace them with a brand new character? The title, the cut-scenes, the sprites... all replaced with something else. But the game would play identical to the original game but they could give the option of playing an improved version - new weapons, longer levels... maybe a few Megaman 9 style challenges.

Ah... but it would no longer be a Virtual Console game but would now be a WiiWare game. And I am sure the amount of time and effort that goes into a standard 500 point WiiWare game would be more work than editing a license out of an existing game and selling it for 500 points.

If Capcom or anyone are sitting on a goldmine and the only thing stopping them is the license that they no longer have the rights to, I think editing out the license and selling it as a WiiWare game is the way to go.

And lets face it, we'd rather play a known good NES game with new characters than yet another shovelware WiiWare game wouldn't we?



niner said:

Amen to that, Bass. VC and WiiWare have so much potential for pleasing the retro gamer. It's fulfilling a lot of its promise right now, but there's still a lot more that could be done. Remaking licensed games would be a great way of doing this, as you so eloquently argued in your post.

I'd also like to see more Mega Man 9-esque releases. That is, a new model with all the old parts. The GBA and DS have been great for this. As a very short list, we got a couple of new Super Metroids, a New Super Mario Brothers, and a true sequel to Contra 3. For example, I'd love to see Capcom make a NEW Bionic Commando (not a remake).



Adamant said:

Yeah, I believe they're simply renaming it so people will understand which series it's part of.

Likewise, I can see Square Enix releasing the "Dragon Warrior" games under their current Dragon Quest title, and the Final Fantasy games with their correct numbers if these where ever to make it to the VC.

This was assumed to be the reason why Shadow Warriors was released on the European VC as it's American counterpart "Ninja Gaiden" - that's what the recent Xbox games are called, and they want people to know it's the same series.



CanisWolfred said:


...While that does make sense, that's not the reason. It's because of EA's Mercenaries series, commonly referred to as Mercs(2).



RadioShadow said:

So if titles of games can be changed...

Yoshi Attack! Coming to the VC near you!

But that won't happen. - goes and plays Panel De Pon instead*



Starwolf_UK said:

Yay, somebody told Capcom what a tile editor was. Now if only they could figure out how to use it on a certain NES game with Hitler as the final boss



Chunky_Droid said:

@BassX0: As much as I'd like to see that happen, there's only a couple of things that may be in their way.
1 - Despite being next to no effort, putting a rom up wouldn't take ANY effort at all, and I'd see an edited ROM costing upwards of 800 points.
2 - Disney may well own the actual game content of Capcom's NES games, so Capcom would literally have to strip EVERYTHING (including backgrounds etc), so that could stop Capcom (and other companies) even bothering to begin with.
3 - Say Capcom released Darkwing Duck (with absolutely ZERO Darkwing content). They couldn't advertise it as being an ex-Darkwing Duck game as Disney could be all over it like a rash, unless they made a deal with Disney, which would cost them money anyway, so they may aswell make the deal to release the game.

I really want Disney Interactive to get on board to release VC games myself as I think it's up to them to talk with Capcom/Nintendo to release these games. Unfortunately a really good Mickey Mouse game on the SNES will never see release as it was made by Sony Interactive

I didn't want to sound negative about this Bass as it's a really good idea as long as it can be done properly. Personally I'd turn the two DuckTales games into Roll (from Megaman) games.



Shinnok said:

Mercs feels like Total Carnage to me, neither of which I can say I'm a huge fan of.

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