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Hudson Launches Official Snowboard Riot Website

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Hudson has just launched the official site for their upcoming WiiWare title Snowboard Riot. The game takes place on a volcanic island that is covered in snow almost all year round and pits up to four snow boarders against each other in race after thrilling race.

The game will offer up wi-fi online battles as well as Wii Balance Board support for that authentic snowboarding feel. The game also features Oakley outfits and equipment, not to mention a theme song performed by 80kidz.

Snowboard Riot is supposed to hit the North American and European WiiWare services sometime in January and is expected to retail for 1000 Wii Points.

There's loads of information about the game itself on the official site and you can also check out the official Snowboard Riot game play trailer below to see the game in action.

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We'll have more information on Snowboard Riot as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game when it hits the WiiWare service.

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RGVEDA said:

Looks nice. At this tiny screen The worldwide online Mode is great. Like in Mario Kart. Oh, and the in Mario Kart, too Hope it will be good! The Control, the Graphics and the Gameplayfun.



shadows262 said:

This looks better than Shaun Whites Snowboarding
which was pretty good
but I have a feeling this is gunna be better and online battles-oh yeah!



blockhead said:

this is going to be better than shawn white because of one play



Supermarioman said:

This looks really good, bettr than Shaun White's game and cheaper too!! But one question has Hudson realy abandoned the VC, I'm dying to know!!!



AVahne said:

holy crap looks really good!watch the trailer on the actually website,the high quality looks really good.before i didn't think the game would be any good but now after watching the trailer i have a feeling that it'll be an awesome game for wiiware



Chunky_Droid said:

Wow that actually looks pretty good for a game less than 40 megs! Hoping it controls well, online play is a bonus, thank you Hudson!



Wiiloveit said:

Can't wait - but how they've compiled the controls, graphics, different courses and multiplayer/online modes is a mystery.

Let's just wait and see how many different courses are available (here's lookin' at you, 1080)



DJGOYO said:

This game is in 40 MB? O_O

Looks good, very good. But I not have wii fit T_T



MDVigo said:

Yeah Goyo, spanglish roolz lol
Nice stuff in Wii this year, probbly this brand new games has more quality than a half of the physic games for Wii



DJGOYO said:

MDVigo, my english is bad, very bad XDDDDD But I´m god.

I will download this game. Looks fun



Wiiladesuso said:

MDVigo and DJGOYO! Nice to see you!
What are you doing here? XD
Yeah, the game looks fun. See you later !



Cthuloops said:

Plenty of Spaniards here for some reason.
MDVigo, my english is bad, very bad XDDDDD But I´m god.
Did you mean good?

Also this game looks pretty cool actually. I might buy it...maybe.



RGVEDA said:

"SPAIN INVADERS" (The new Game from the developers of "Space Invaders"!)

Buy it now. In a Store near you



Wiiloveit said:

Spain Invaders? Hmm. Who's idea was that? I much preferred Spade Invaders.

Ok, I admit it - that was awful.



Yasume said:

Looks good, but I'm going to wait for a review before I put this on my wishlist.



Twilight_Crow said:

I had a very bad experience with the 1080º series, and decided to leave snowboard games forever (how dramatic ), anyway I'm sure this can't be fully enjoyed without the Balance Board.

They came from Spain... I think .



Nickname said:

I'm really looking forward to this games seems like a lot of fun...unfortunately I don't have the balance board, but perhaps i would have it...



Wiiloveit said:

I'm not too bothered about the balance board - it just seems like a bit of a gimmick. I'm sure that if I had one, I'd see it differently though.



Terra said:

I expected that this would sell at 1000 points, so i'm not too surprised there. It is looking to be an excellent game so I'll watch out for it when released. Some really good graphics there. I just hope the gameplay is as good. I played Shaun White Snowboarding but found the controls difficult with the B-Board so i'm hoping Snowboard Riot does a better job.

Unlike some other people who commented on it, I actually quite liked the 1080 series. I bought the Gamecube one a few months back, after growing up with an N64 which had that game in my library and i liked it. I'm personally hoping it's similar but i guess everyone has their own personal tastes.

Oh, and also, i like the new avatar Wiiloveit. Quite interesting. I decided to change mine again a little early this time round. Juste Belmont takes charge this week. I decided to just change my avatar each friday but that's not too important.



ness said:

Sure it looks good, but i don't agree with the comments that this looks better than Shaun Whites Snowboarding.

@ 40MB: Maybe there are just not many routes.



indenmark said:

Viva la 2009 . . . the year of the balance board! If y'ain't got one yet, best to ask Martin Luther King Claus for one . . . or Easter Claus, for you non-yankolas.




Wiiloveit said:

Oh, and also, i like the new avatar Wiiloveit. Quite interesting.
If you can guess what it's regarding before the 21st of January (yes, that's a clue) then I'll give you a cookie.
And the only reason I changed it was because someone questioned my gender/sexuality after seeing my Hello Kitty one - and if you recall, when Corbie put the thing there, I said I'd keep it until someone wondered whether I really am male. So suck on that, Corbie! (Oops - probably shouldn't have said that last bit. Just - don't change the avatar for another three weeks(ish), and I'll be happy, ok Corbs?



PiratePete said:

I must say, this does look fantastic. After rooting aroung the site, I gather that the controls are Wii-mote and nunchuck. Thanfully, there is no nunchuck twisting like in SSX Blur. I really didn't like that game!

There are lots of modes as well. Time trial, online, looks great at the moment! More modes than Blur had! I liked the music in that game though...



touffeboy said:

the game looks like really cool! With the support of the Wii Balance board and the Wifi Connection!



famicom said:

The Internet is a wide open space...mostly, it's no surprise that more people finds this spot. I say, welcome fellow humans! (in this case, you dudes from Spain)

Either way, this could be fun.



danik said:

keeps looking better so might consider getting it, mainly for online play but i do already have shaun white so but 1000 points it might be worth it.



Terra said:

That's exactly what i've thought about this game so far. I'm hoping it's just as good as either of the two.


When i stop changing my Avatar on a weekly basis (Maybe in a month?) i'll probably stick to this, although i did like The Mysterians Avatar. I have three other avatars in the waiting, probably for use on some forums i go on every now and then. I'll save the gaming ones for here though. Next up is a Killer Instinct Avatar. Death Note can wait (or be used elsewhere)



Wiiloveit said:

@My avatar: try thinking of it as having a white background - for some reason, images with a translucent background go black here



jorenmartijn said:

I might actually pick this up! It looks really nice for a WiiWare game!
I think this and Fun!Fun!Minigolf will be the games I want in the first months.



Nobarai said:

This looks like a decent game, but I'm not much of a fan of snowboarding games. I'll wait for a review.

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