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Google Earth + Wii Balance Board = Surfing The World

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Some people do the craziest things, check out what this MacHead Santa-look-a-like has come up with now!

This year for Macworld I decided to create a program that allows people to "surf" any region on the Earth's surface using a Nintendo Wii Balance Board and the Google Earth API. To do this, I used the Google Earth Browser Plug-in with a Javascript API. The Wii Balance Board transmits the your movements to the Earth Surfer application using Bluetooth and allows you to maneuver a virtual milktruck by shifting your balance as if you were on a surfboard.

While it's fun to use Earth Surfer, I really wrote it to inspire others to write their own programs. It's all open source using the Apache License, so you can use the code in your own programs, even commercial ones.

Enough of the jibber-jabber, let's see this thing in action:

Oh my, Nintendo should seriously release some official drivers and SDK for this stuff, they could sell mountains more units just for applications like these, Nintendo to become a new player in hardware instead of games? Who knows.

Whatever next, only in America.


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Wiiloveit said:

If this came out, with Wii pointer controls / Pilotwings-y motion controls as well of course, this would be EXCELLENT. Any chance of a channel download for us, Ninty?



James said:

But he was wearing shoes! Don't treat a poor Balance Board like that, Santa...

I'm sure in future there'll be lots of WiiWare and Channel downloads using the board, as more and more people find out that Wii Fit isn't actually helping in getting them fit!

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