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Fresh Details About Gravitronix

Posted by Darren Calvert

Cast your minds way back to the early days of WiiWare. A few developers spilled the beans about the games they were working on. One of those developers who were around at the very beginning were Medaverse with their innovative action/battle game Gravitronix. Heck we first posted about it back in October 2007!

Since then we’ve done an interview with the guys and they’ve even been on TV to talk about the game. After all this time you might be wondering why Gravitronix is still missing in action. After all we haven’t even seen a screenshot yet.

Worry not faithful readers, Medaverse have not forgotten you. The Medablog has been updated with exciting new details that should pique your attention until at least 2010. We have to admit this game does sound intriguing and for $5 it should be an absolute steal. Let’s hope the long wait is almost over.

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Wiiloveit said:

Now, we're going to be moving into our beta-testing phase as we attempt to hone Gravitronix into the best multiplayer battle game that it can be.
Cool... shouldn't be waiting long now. Good to hear about the different gameplay options and why it's been so long as well - and it's also good that they care about the stuff they give out, rather than releasing any old screens, and that they are fine tuning the game until it's perfik. Hopefully, this should be really good value. (Oh... and first)



Doogle said:

I hope all this fine tuning will be worth it. Imagine how depressing it would be if WiiWare World and IGN both gave it a crappy score and it didn't even make the weekly WiiWare top 20 like so many generic puzzlers we have seen. I doubt we'll ever see it in Europe anyway, why do I care?



Wiiloveit said:

@Doogle: are you ever going to change your avatar? Every time I read your comments I keep thinking your Ardal O'Hanlon



Doogle said:

@Wiiloveit - I suppose I could switch to Doogle from the Magic Roundabout, but I am far more comfortable in the skin of Father Doogle McGuire! We are not too disimilar in reality!



PiratePete said:

@ Doogle: When I read your posts, I read them in Father Doogle's voice. And it sounds pretty funny in my head. Oh, yes Ted...



Terra said:

"It does feel like it's never coming out. Heck, this was announced so long ago, i commented using the GameGod3008 profile before i changed to Terranigma (nearly a year ago now).

I Just have to wonder what's the current situation with it. The blog hasn't had any updates and there haven't been any press releases lately. Also, i wonder what that Paranoia game is. Maybe that has something to do with the long wait. I wonder if that will be a WiiWare game as well."

I posted that yesterday on the Gravitronix game page yesterday and now we get a new blog update. What a coincidence (or is it?). I think that the waiting for new info has been made up for with that post. I don't understand a small part of it though but when they refine the game and release screens, i'll probably understand better.

Still, i cannot wait for this game and it does sound like it will be truly amazing.



Terra said:

It's an action battle game, utilizing physics. Apparently, you battle using shapes as projectiles. That's the basic premise but there is more to the game.

Damm, they've deleted our comments about Anime and Timezones. Oh well.



Cthuloops said:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Our gorgeous comments about things that are totally unrelated with the subject!

Anyway, about the game. An action battle game that isn't a puzzler is fine by me! No matter how long it takes to make.



Terra said:

The memory will live on Beastman93.

Between us anyway. With the game, it sounds quite simple and could be a lot of fun for 500 points.



Cthuloops said:

So true. sniff

I bet the game will be out as a double release with Duke Nukem Forever. Then that way they can frustrate more gamers with it only being out on WiiWare. jk of course!



MarkyVigoroth said:

I read the old article yesterday, since I wanted to see the "Coming Soon" games.

Now I want that Dragon Rider Spell Caster + Bubble Bobble games. (Keke.. both have dragons... or one had dragons and another had dinosaurs...)



Objection said:

Well, from what very little they've said about the game, it could be interesting and with such a long development cycle, I hope it turns out well. I'm going to predict a release by Spring. Let's see if I'm right...



Twilight_Crow said:

Now that we get to know more about it, sounds interesting. I actually thought Gravitronix was going to disappear from the coming soon list anyday .



ETSM said:

That was a joke on Darren's part. Doesn't say anything about 2010 in the entry (some admission of screwing stuff up, tho).

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