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EU WiiWare Update: Lonpos

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Seemingly following up to last week's rather sub-par VC update, this week doesn't really bring many exciting games to WiiWare! There's just one lone new game available today - The first WiiWare update since WiiWare launched to only have one game.

That game is Lonpos, which has been available in Japan since WiiWare launched for them! Lonpos is yet another puzzle game - The objective is to rotate various shapes to place them all on a board. There's usually only one correct solution, so you'll usually have to carefully think stuff over or experiment quite a bit with some moves before finding the correct solution. The game costs a whole 800 Wii Points, and if that wasn't enough, there's downloadable content! We're not yet sure how much it costs in the European version, but in Japan, there were 9 DLC packs which cost 500 Wii Points each (4500 total!), making it the most expensive WiiWare game by far if you want everything!

Sadly that's it this week! We were hoping for the rather intriguing Snowboard Riot to be released this week (As it is planned for January), but it appears it will be coming out in two weeks instead.

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Starwolf_UK said:

No comments yet... why not be the first?
I would try but my ramblingfs take too long to type.


Wow. My jaw has dropped...for all the wrong reasons. One game...two weeks=0.5 a week...and America has a 100+ comment hissy fit (and rightly so) when they get an entire game a week...will this reach 200 comments? Hell no, we Euorpeans "have had it good" and "so deserve it" becuase the grass is greener on the other side!

As for Lonpos. Unless it has drastically changed from the Japanese release my verdict will have to be. Spend the 800 points on something else. Or buy the real Lonpos Thing is I thikn Lonpos looks kind of fun but i'm a bit skeptical about spending money on it...



Nintendork said:

Ouch well, at least we don't have it.




Kawaiipikachu said:

I had assume the europeons getting a C64 title .
VC-Reviews no new items = wtf .
Makes me wonder when Australia if even if Australia get the C64 .



Wesker said:

Maybe we'll look back and say - 'do you remember the week we only got lonpos' and we'll laugh and say 'arrr yeah those were the days'. Cos we'll be so happy with all our amazing WiiWare games that we won't care that just for one week it was total crap. But it ain't funny now



Ricardo91 said:

Europe only got one game? That's lousy (don't know that for sure right now) AND overpriced? Man, you guys got shafted.



PALgamer said:

NoE, "This is why we have fortnight updates, if not there would be weeks without any game".



Nickname said:

Meh, not another one...I'm really getting sick of waiting for Swords & Soldiers and another really interesting things for WiiWare



Corbs said:

Wow only one release for Europe. That's a bit disappointing. Maybe it will turn out to be a good game.



Killraven said:

Yeah this is really really poor. luckily for me ii'm jsut picking out the cream of the crop for xbox live arcade. but if it was me with jsut my wii i'd be rather depressed about it all. still not sure why we alternate weeks hey,



Shortay said:

Pretty disappointing update, I was hoping for more than one game at least. First (and very early) impressions of Lonpos: addictive, but very bland and overpriced.



Shiryu said:

Seriously... wheres my Gyrostarr, Nintendo Europe!?

Im also still also hoping to see Gradius Rebirth pop up somewhere in the west before the end of the year...



CanisWolfred said:

Wow, one games, and a pretty tame one at that...oh no wait, I was interested in this one...lucky b******.



blackknight77 said:


Looks exciting zzzzzzzzz..... Ha Just kidding it could be cool if its from Nintendo



Kaeobais said:

19. Pocketim: Love your avatar

Damn puzzle games ... the only real puzzle game I would like to see on this is a Wrecking Crew remake with different game modes, the ability to have more than 4 custom levels, 4 player support (at the same time, not taking turns), downloadable content (different characters, level packs, editing parts) and online. I love wrecking crew, but I have a few problems with it that nintendo could fix if they brought it to wiiware.



BiggerJ said:

BiggerJ reporting from Australia. According to the freely viewable Operations Guide in the Wii Shop Channel, the DLC packs cost 500 Wii Points each, same as in Japan. Also, it may interest you to know that Wii Points cards (2000 Wii Points each) cost 30 Australian dollars each here, so Lonpos and all its DLC packs cost A$79.50.



Stratos said:

Wasn't this the first WW game to announce DLC?
I was curious about it but since both my Wii and SD card are critically low on space, half of the stuff I would be interested in are now unappealing to me. I wish Nintendo would wise up and give us a real solution.
PS- for those hurting for more space check out this article on how to make a non-SDHC 4Gig card work with the Wii w/o hacking or modding.



BiggerJ said:

North99: PAL regions like Australia get VC and WiiWare releases on alternating weeks, and this was a WiiWare week.



North99 said:

Shows what I know. I would hate a release schedule like that. Thanks for filling me in BiggerJ.



Wesbert said:

Just one game? Pity. But it's odd, since there was no XBLA game this week either. Possibly it's because January is traditionally the month with most bills to pay, so they don't want to "overstretch" our budgets, specially after christmas. Perhaps a good time to browse the catalogue for anything I've missed...



Virus said:

If this happened to us, I'd be puking out a kidney or some other internal organ in anger, but since it happened to you guys....well, I can only dry heave.



KDR_11k said:

Ah yes, NoE shows its core incompetencies again.

Yeah this is really really poor. luckily for me ii'm jsut picking out the cream of the crop for xbox live arcade.

There's good stuff coming out on XBLA? The last releases I've seen were sparse and garbage (Interpol, rated ~1/5 by almost everyone, Puzzle Arcade, not exactly the kind of thing a 360 owner would want, Dash of Destruction, a free ad-game that's worth what you pay for it, ...). I haven't bought another points card since using up the first one, there's just nothing interesting on the service, mostly bad dual-analog shooters.



Yasume said:

Wow, last month we got like 3x 4WiiWare games in a row, and January starts with 2 WiiWare games, 2 VC games and 1 WiiWare game. That's terrible.



Omega said:

Oh, yes. Finally a new puzzle game. This is exactly what I have waited for. Now listen, developers, I have a few ideas for WiiWare:

01.) Tic-Tac-Toe (800 Points)
02.) Blackjack (750 Points)
03.) Analog clock (600 Points)
04.) Digital Clock (500 Points)
05.) A Text Adventure with 16:9 support (1500 Points)
06.) Typewriter with realistic sound (1000 Points)
07.) A hair-dryer simulator with WiiMotion+ support (3000 Points)
08.) A Horoscop creator (1000 Points)
09.) Slide Rule with 3D-Graphics (900 Points)
10.) A virtual bird-cage (600 Points without bird, 200 Points per each bird)

Hmm, wait, these are awesome ideas! Maybe I found my own games company. I'm thinking about an apropriate name for it right now. How about "Cheap Stuff Soft" or "Non-Sense Creations"? No? Okay, then I leave it be.



Ben__Harlan said:

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!! Only ONE GAME?????!!!!!!! There are plenty of games to be released in Europe and they only bring us ONE GAME?????!!!

Worst week ever.



slangman said:

1 Game? That’s no good. While I understand there won't be much games compared to last year due to January been a quiet month but we still have loads of catching up to do with America. And this game looks far too over priced for a WiiWare title.



ness said:

Wow, that's not a big update. I expected as usual at least two games. Mmh, hopefully Lonpos is leastwise a good game, but 9 DLC with 500 Wii Points each are really, really expensive.



Bass_X0 said:

I'm sure many companies feel the same as Riverman Jacob:

As far as a European release of MadStone: We're still very much planning to release the game in Europe. The fact is, it's very difficult for us to afford right now though. Normally, my brother and I develop games "for free" and then split the money we earn. Unfortunately, we don't have the skills to localize our game ourselves, so we'd have to hire an external company, which is quite expensive. The bottom line is, we'll release it once MadStone (or our other projects) makes enough money to pay for it!



EJD said:

The worst update we've ever had, just as bad as last week. I expected at least 2 games, I'll just have to learn to be patient with WiiWare. So many promising games that are still to be released. 2009 should be a great year for WiiWare, as long as they are more games released each week.

Lonpos is a pass for me, I think WiiWare has enough puzzle games.



Killraven said:

@KDR_11k : Well yeah i only got my 360 for christmas, so i have 3 years back catalog i can go through, i've only purchased bionic commando and N+ both of which are excellent games and worth every cent.



Terra said:

No thaks. Unless reviews are glowing (Which i doubt highly) i'll pass.

I'm having an Avatar crisis. I did Marth from the DS Game as i couldn't think of much else. All i have currently is the image of when The Leader's head explodes in BCR (although i don't thunk that would be allowed), Mike from Startropics and the main character in Segagaga. It will probably change more quicker than usual but not yet.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

800 Points? That's a sign things are gonna be good for NA too! I've been waiting for this for quite some time. I'll definitely pick it up.



Starwolf_UK said:

Only one game and only in english
Wait, so its possible to releases game in English only (or did NoE break their own rules)? Shame that doesn't get past the PEGI and NoE problems of releasing a game in Europe but it is a start...



RoyOfTheRovers said:

As many have said, worst week ever.

Still, I have 2,000 Wii Points that I got as a Christmas present that I am yet to invest so maybe I can catch up on some goodness that I missed out on in the past. I'm thinking Bomberman Blast & Lostwinds if I go for WiiWare, or maybe Super Mario RPG/Punch-Out/MegaMan 2 if I feel like going retro.

Any suggestions on what is the better combo?



RGVEDA said:

@ Starwolf

There are many Wiiware game which are only in english. For example the Strong Bad Games weren´t translated in German and i can imagine in no other language, too.



calculon said:

@RoyOfTheRovers: Bomberman Blast is a great game and well worth the points, LostWinds is good but you might feel short-changed like the rest of us.

Super Mario RPG is over-rated imho - buy Secret of Mana or Breath of Fire II is you're really after a good RPG. Avoid Phantasy Star II at all costs, PS IV's is an ok if uninspired romp. Paper Mario is a much better game than Super Mario RPG imo - hell even Y's is better..

Mega Man 2 is awesome and definitely the best game to get you into the series if you haven't played MM games before. Punch Out is also good but I'd recommend waiting for Super Punchout which should be out sooner rather than later.

As for Lonpos ... I'll pass. I'd rather spend £35+ to get a proper full game (which includes effort) rather than on another junk puzzler.



RoyOfTheRovers said:

Thanks Calculon, good advice.

I don't want to wander off topic too much but having never played an RPG in my life (and therefore not knowing if I will like them) is Paper Mario a good place to start or is it a bit kiddy and I will be better served with something like SoM?



Objection said:

"The worst update we've ever had, just as bad as last week." I sense a contradiction.



Cthuloops said:

You did Marth!?
Seriously though go with Marth.

Anyway this game looks like it would make me POed very quickly. Bet it comes out Monday here in NA.



EJD said:

@Objection_Blaster: I sense I made a mistake, I somewhat rushed that comment. Ok how's this: This week has been the worst WiiWare week and last week was the worst VC week. I assumed people would have known what I meant. Maybe I should stop commenting...



Wiiloveit said:

As much as I try to avoid swearing online - I can't help but shout out about how pissed off I am with Nintendo now - I mean, the last update only had two games - that's three games over four weeks, compared to around 8 in the US over the same period (methinks). And the only game they release is Lonpos - WHY do they do that when there's plenty of PEGI rated titles just waiting to be released - I wanted Snowboard Riot and Pop Up Pirate today (srsly) but it appears that instead, Nintendo has chosen to be a c*** and hate us again. WHY?!? There's just going to be a bigger and bigger build up of WiiWare titles soon, and devs are already feeling the pinch from the credit crunch - so why couldn't Nintendo have just given us a couple more games - what harm would it have done?
Ah well... looks like I might as well download Pit Crew Panic and Boulder Dash this weekend then.



mattnd2007 said:

Sorry dudes you really got screwed this week. Games like this shouldn't even come out, they are unnecessary. there are way more than enough puzzle games on wiiware already, and this doesn't even sound like it is one of the good ones.



Kaeobais said:

Does anyone agree with my idea of a new Wrecking Crew? No? What about a new Ice Climbers? NO!? BAH, I don't have to take this! Screw you guys, I'm going ho .... wait .... er, somewhere away from the computer ....



Terra said:

I may just get a different Marth Photo. I need more avatar ideas. I'm open to suggestions. My next one is probably going to be Zoda or the main character in Segagaga. I think i may finally stop changing my Avatar weekly soon.

I'd go for a New Wrecking Crew and Ice Climbers. To be honest though, i'd be just as happy if Nintendo released Wrecking Crew 98 over here. We'll probably not as much but still.



Wiiloveit said:

Games like this shouldn't even come out
...on their own. To say that it shouldn't be out at all is a travesty - are you saying we shouldn't have ANY games this week?



Ricardo91 said:

@Shadx. I want to see WC '98 first before I start thinking about a new WC. A new Ice Climbers (with better controls) would be kinda cool though.

@Wiiloveit. I think he's saying that he'd rather see anything other than this.



Terra said:

Maybe the game would have worked better if was released at retail budget price with all the DLC.



timp29 said:

Wow, busted down to one game. Its like being a kid and having your toys taken off you

At least we still get one game a week I guess. Look on the (very slim) bright side! Maybe, there is a chance, we might get three VC games next week



mattnd2007 said:

You guys should all boycott lonpos to show nintendo you will not buy crappy games just because they are the only option if you want a new game. I'd laugh my ass off if the game sold like 5 downloads or something



Kaeobais said:

@61. Ricardo91: Yeah, but are there any MAJOR differences between the original Wrecking Crew and Wrecking Crew 98? Also, with the ice climbers thing, it's mostly because when you jump you usually fall right through the edge of the platform you were trying to land on, which really put me off the game.

@mattnd2007: This game doesn't look crappy, it's just another puzzle game, which annoys alot of people.



Bensei said:

I guess that's because all the developers wanted to release their games before Christmas...

@Shadx: Wrecking Crew '98 is more puzzle-like.



shadows262 said:

Its not really Nintendo's fault that theres so many puzzlers on WiiWare its the developer's fault since they think that it's the easiest game genre to develop(obviously).
If more games like Lostwinds, Star Soldier R, MM9, and well you know those other games on WiiWare that arent puzzle games would make those developers think to go into a different direction.
Which would be for the best for WiiWare's sake in 2009 and if this keeps up it could be a very puzzling year.
(haha i made a joke lol)



Wiiloveit said:

@Terranigma: Hmm... not so WOW avatar this week, eh? First a disappointing WiiWare game and now this (sorry - I'm not in too much of a good mood). Here's hoping you got something ace-r for next Friday.



Terra said:

It'll change. I just need ideas. If i can't think of more, i may revert back to my previous avatar for good. I was even thinking of doing a greatest hits Avatar collection

EDIT: It's changed. For now, it will be a Chaos Emerald. Better than the Marth photo but still. I got rid of all my previous ideas with some new ones, starting with Final Fantasy for next week. The Zoda pic i had was a bad idea altogether.



Kaeobais said:

@70. Terranigma: I'd say don't change it (mostly because I love sonic), but it's your choice

@67. Bensei: Ok. Does the 2 player mode play in real time or do you have to take turns?



Wiiloveit said:

Holy, ship: I just worked out why this is the only new game: puzzle games are having declining sales on WiiWare, and so Ninty worked out that the only way to make any money off one is if they release it on it's own (what with this being a Nintendo published game and all).




Terra said:

Had no Idea Nintendo were publishing this. Wonder why it took so long to get here. Does anyone know how much Lonpos DLC packs are?

This one's definitely staying until Friday. I love Sonic too. Just finished The Dark Brotherhood last week and it's much better than i thought it would be after seeing the reviews, particularly the battle system

Not just yet Ricardo91 although i may stop in a month but where's the fun after that?. I do have an idea for a more permanent avatar when i want to stop but i won't be using it yet. I will say that some people might remember it from previous times (Gamegod3008 maybe?). Also, what's your new avatar? And what is that smiley supposed to be, Angry? If so, Why?


Out on Friday, Terranigma's greatest hits Avatar collection. Featuring most of my previous avatars. Order now for £0.00. It's a Bargain



Wiiloveit said:

@Terranigma: I Googled the album and got nothing. Would you like to give us a phone number or web address to order the collection? I can't wait. I'd also like one of Corbie's.
Also, it says on the Ninty website that Nintendo published it. And, incidentally, it's WWW profile.
Also, I'll be changing my profile picture... soon. Maybe.



Terra said:

Soon i can. I've created a website on which i plan to use for odd things. I'll post them on that.

I can do an Avatar collection for most users if they wish, i'd just need them to send me the images to post on the site. I'd like Corbie's collection as well.

Let me think. Aside from my current avatar, I've had Marth, Fulgore (Killer Instinct Robot), Juste Belmont, Kiryu (Mechagodzilla 3), L, The Mysterians and the two Ark photos. As Gamegod3008, the only one i can remember is AiAi in Sega Superstar Tennis. That's quite a few Avatars and there'll be more to come before i settle down on the more permanent avatar i'm saving



Objection said:

@Terranigma-I've had this avatar since I joined. But I plan to finally change it in May when a certain game comes out in Japan. Cookie to whoever guesses correctly.



StarDust4Ever said:

8 + 5 x 9 = ripoff
Even with all the extra content they could have released this for the bargain bin for like €20 or something, maybe €30 tops...



Ricardo91 said:

@Terranigma. It was kind of an angry face, but it more annoyed that angry. Annoyed about the avatar changing every 2 days.

And my new avy is a Subrosian from Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Love that game!



Terra said:

Never played Oracle of Seasons. Anything from Zelda is generally good (Excluding Tingle and the CDi Games)

As for the Avatar changes, It's every week. That was a one-off with Marth and the Chaos Emerald. Why does it annoy you?



Wiiloveit said:

Cookie to whoever guesses correctly.
I do the cookie-handing-out round here. Hows about you give 'em a biscuit instead?

@Terranigma: I was kidding, actually. Either way, that'd still be nice. Here's the ones I can remember: Pikmin; Toku (LostWinds); Elite Beat Agents; Hello Kitty (damn Corbie); Christmas Hello Kitty; This one (Ajira Airways).
I've had about twice all those, though - I've just got a bad memory.



Terra said:

I know you were kidding. The website is actually happening. Not a serious one but it will be made. Also, what the hell is Ajira Airways?



Wiiloveit said:

@Terranigma: Those in North America will find out in the next few days, as will UK-ers this Sunday. There's still a cookie if you can work it out before then
@Ricardo: Good memory; I knew Corbie change it to another one I disliked at some point (which was when I complained and I ended up with Hello Kitty). I've also just remembered that I once had a Sin & Punishment logo, and I believe that I may have also had the Hanabi logo during some point, or I may just be thinking about my YouTube profile.



Terra said:

Damm, i wanted that cookie. At least i got the question right but still. Curse you Wiiloveit!!

Also, Can you supply me with the images directly Wiiloveit?



Wiiloveit said:

@Terranigma: As soon as I get a spare minute, I'll try and locate them on the old computer (I just got a new lappy on Friday, you see). Also, you could still get a cookie... what's MY avatar? It's not that hard to work out...



Terra said:

Originally, i thought it said Vira. Now i look closer....

I'm still LOST on this one. Ajira Airways.

Curse you J.J. Abrams, this reminds me a lot of Cloverfield. I had no idea you were a Lost fan Wiiloveit. A big one it seems. Never got into it myself. I'd probably have worked it out sooner if i was.



Wiiloveit said:

@Terranigma: Well, you win the cookie! I'll get in touch (cough - what's your YT account - I don't use Faceybook or whatever)
Yes, I'm a lost fan - I have all the DVD's and can't wait for the new series to start this week (even though I've got to wait until it appears on iTunes since I don't get Sky1). I really do like the show, but you'd only have worked out the reference if you'd seen the recent trailers and paused when you see a subliminal flash on the screen - nothing has been heard of it in the actual show (the airline that crashed in the first episode was of Oceanic Airlines). No doubt you ended up Googling Ajira for the answer, but nevertheless, you win!



Terra said:


I've said before that I'm a Godzilla fan. Don't have much on my profile, just some Music Videos i made on Windows Movie Maker and Paint, because I'm no good with editing videos. If i was, you'd be seeing a Superhero video of Everybody's Changing on there right now.



Terra said:

So i see. I've accepted you. As you may find out, my videos are not too impressive but i always figured that it's about the song, not a flashy vid, although it could help boost viewers.

Out of curiosity, is there a topic in the forum for people with accounts? I'd like to add some more friends from here and other forums i'm in. I've got several Godzilla fans on Youtube as friends and some Doctor Who fans as friends as well.

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