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EU VC Update: Mario Golf and Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

This week, Europe finally gets another N64 game! Can you believe it's been almost 8 months since the last one? Accompanying it is what is likely to be the last Wonder Boy game on VC.

Mario Golf was strangely already released in the US and Japan months ago before finally appearing in Europe this week. This is the first Mario Golf game, and although it doesn't really have any fun Mario-esque gameplay elements, it is quite an enjoyable game. It's also one of the few Mario games to feature "real" human characters.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land is likely to be the last "unique" Wonder Boy game we'll see on the VC. Every game in the series is now available (Three of them are even available twice!), except for the last one - Monster World IV. Sadly that game was never released outside Japan, and it's quite text-heavy, meaning a western release is not likely (Japan has also had it on VC for over a year already!). Wonder Boy in Monster Land is the first Wonder Boy game to feature RPG elements - During your adventures you can stop by various shops to buy better armour and weapons. It's not as in-depth as later games in the series, but it is of course still a highly enjoyable (If sometimes rather hard) game.

That's the last European VC update this month! What wonders will February bring? Perhaps another Hanabi Festival?

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Ricardo91 said:

It's a miracle. Mario Golf is finally released in Europe...

Also, it's my first "first" in a VC update article! Yay me!



Bass_X0 said:

Now the Official Nintendo Magazine listing for Mario Golf its had for the last several months won't be wrong anymore. But I won't be downloading anything this week.



Rexy said:

About time Mario Golf showed up. That's all I really need to say



Jolted85 said:

I bet the US will get Wonder Boy either Monday or sometime in the near future...



wii-c-kid said:

Wow. An N64 golf game and another game in the truly over-rated Wonder-why-I'm-Bored series.

Thank god for the recession and the homebrew channel. 5 weeks with no sales to me Nintendo - keep it up and you'll blow 2008's slovenly collection of sequelitis out of the water by the end of the first quarter.



7th_lutz said:

I think it means Fantasy Zone 2 will be released next month or March.

Wonderboy in Monsterland is a good game, but I have to rank it 3rd out the 4 Wonderboy games I've played and own on cartridge. I didn't play monster Lair yet, and have no plans to.



Tragickingdom said:

I hope wonderboy is not our monday release, if we are getting one title, it needs to be a little better then that one.



Mendez said:

Finally a VC game I actually want! Shame I'm 100 points off and unemployed, won't be able to afford anymore points for a fair while...



Ark said:

Woot! I hope you guys enjoy this week. I know I want Wonder Boy in Monster Land, I never owned it but my uncle showed me and it seems to have aged well.



dfalco said:

mario golf it the best sport game for the n64 along with m t love both of them but we still need super turrican 2 and axelay for the snes



blackknight77 said:

The Wonderboy game looks kinda cool, but I am glad we can move on to other games now. I'm sure the US will get it pretty soon. Now bring on Smash Bros., Life Force, and Mercs



AlexSays said:

Thank god for the recession

See this is what brings down the national average IQ.



Objection said:

@AlexSays-If you're referring to how the average IQ is supposed to be 100 and the US average is 98, well, actually he's British. If you knew that (you probably did) there's a fun fact for ya!
As for the Euro update, it's a good catch-up. I was surprised at how long it took this article to show up though.



Betagam7 said:

Good update I suppose, but I've no real desire to play an old golf game on a system that gave me a new one for free.

Mendez have you tried the STARS shop on the nintendo website. for 400 stars you can get that elusive 100 points?

Pocketim, your statement about the N64 controller is baffling, what could be better than playing the game on the controller it was designed for?



Devastator said:

I got a N64 for Christmas, and I have been playing the hell out of Turok 2 and WCW vs NWO. I have never played Donkey Kong 64. Is it any good. I would like to see the first Dragon Warrior and Contra come out by this summer. That Dead Rising game looks like a good buy next month.



CanisWolfred said:


Donkey Kong 64 was alright. If you liked Banjo-Kazooie, you'll probably enjoy it.

Personally, I think the Wii version of Dead Rising looks horrible, way worse than the Xbox 360 version.



Nathan said:

I recently got a hold of an Xbox 360 and the first game I played was Banjo-Kazooie after downloading it. My brother used to have it back when it was first released and I didn't get much of a go at it, but yeah, it's a great game to play, even today.



slambert215 said:

Good week for Europe! Shame Nintendo isn't supporting N64 VC games as much.

I got the demo for Banjo-Kazooie for my 360 today and I really like it! If I only had enough points to get it though. I shouldn't have wasted them on the Combustible Map Pack for Gears 2. $10 is steep for 3 maps.

BTW Dead Rising for Wii looks GREAT. I'll have to pick it up along with madworld



marktheshark said:

It's about time you guys get another N64 game. I' am hoping that Ninty eventually will fix the Memory & Expansion Pak problem.

@11, Wii-c-kid

Just for saying that. The chances of Eikou no St. Andrews (St. Andrews Old Course) & Waialae Country Club coming to the VC have increased by 100%!



Sharecrow said:

that's awesome folks. Congratulations...

I love golf and I love Mario...I really need to try that game.



Kaeobais said:

I want to seeLegend of Toki: Going Ape Spit on the VC. Such a great game. That and Ghostbusters ... and Haunting starring Polterguy.



Virus said:

Good to see a relatively nice week for you guys. I look forward to the US getting this Wonder Boy game. I need a good MS game to clear the nasty taste of my last one...



Manicfatty said:

@ Devastator - DK64 blows and is the most useless 'collect-o-rama' out there. Stick with Banjo. And make sure you get yourself a copy of Diddy Kong Racing! Great game... even the 'adventure' mode. Multi-player is of course the best way to play, but having a solid single-player mode helps. And of course Golden Eye, since I don't see that on your list of games. Need I mention Mario? Hope that's a no-brainer!

Dead Rising doesn't LOOK all that good yet, but they could surprise us before the release. The tweaks in the gameplay intrigue me though. I might just have to rent it.



WarioFan63 said:

I have to throw in that DK64 was FANTASTIC. I was so absolutely obsessed with the game when it came out. I mustve achieved 101% at least 3 times over the years.

But Im a sucker for collect-everything games and I pretty much have fun with just about any video game so take that for what you will.



Devastator said:

@Manicfatty: My friend, who recently passed away, gave me his copy of Golden Eye with everything unlocked on it already. I think I will checkout Banjo-Kazooie, and pick up a copy of Perfect Dark as well.



Twilight_Crow said:

After the last EU VC update, I believe this one is an improvement, I enjoyed MG a lot and the Wonderboy series are not that bad, actually I'd like to see WBinMW on NA soon.



slangman said:

Nothing for me this week but I am happy we finally get Mario Golf 64. Although I think it's stupid to wait 3 months extra months just for another N64 game that came out in other regions ages ago. I guess we will get Smash Bros in July then lol.



Splutter said:

I loved Wonderboy when I was a kid, it could well tempt me to turn my wii back on, my wii is fast becomning a 100% retro machine for me, at least until Madworld comes out



Betagam7 said:

Musha would have been a crap 50hz borderfest anyway and Axelay is available quite easily via the region swap trick.

@Devestator (26)

If you like the WCW game the good news is that its one of the earliest of a series of excellent wrestling titles on N64 that use the same engine. Try also WCW/NWO revenge or World tour (depending which one you have now), WWF: Wrestlemania 2000 or WWF: No Mercy (make sure to get a cart that doesnt have the glitch though) and the Japanese only Virtual Pro Wrestling.
The second Def Jam game: Fight for New York also uses a modified version of the engine to create a fight club style experience and is well worth picking up for the gamecube.



ness said:

@ Pocketim (#23): "I just want to have Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo Kazooie, but that's not going to happen due to RARE and Microsoft..."

If you also mean DK64: There is no problem to release it, except maybe the expansion pack think. (DK64 is for me one of the best 3D Jump'n'Runs of all time =) ).

@ Betagam7 (#46): "Axelay is available quite easily via the region swap trick."

I tried it, but then there were so much warnings (for example that i loose all Wii points) which keep me away from doing it.

@ News: Great update =).



EJD said:

A good update this week, I may get Mario Golf but I haven't got round to getting a Classic Controller or GameCube Controller. I hope this means Mario Tennis will be released as well.



Chunky_Droid said:

EVERYONE needs to at least try Wonder Boy, it's a truly awesome game I don't care how you go about it!



Jay1 said:

Does LCD TV lag make Mario Golf's swing meter a bit hit and miss?



supbilly said:

What a great couple of releases! I have been longing to play Wonder Boy In Monster Land ever since I got rid of the Master System. Truly that was one of my most favourite games on that system. I just wish they'd release Captain Silver soon.

And finally an N64 game. I would have preferred Pilot Wings or Majora's Mask... but beggar's can't be choosers.



Starwolf_UK said:

Dammit, still no Axelay for us in Euroland... T_T
Or Zanac Why did I mention Zanac? Same genre plus Compile gets me a bit worried for MUSHA. Yeah yeah 50Hz trash etc but its the thought that counts plus the cartridge is hellishly expensive.



Bass_X0 said:

And finally an N64 game. I would have preferred Pilot Wings or Majora's Mask...

No, we were due Mario Golf sometime soon. The next N64 game we get should be Super Smash Bros.



jesao said:

I'd trade the next 100 releases for Unirally. Or Top Gear Rally.

Rally games - awesome.

Sorry. Its a decent week this week. I guess I should praise Nintendo when they do well, rather than complain when they fail to meet expectations.



wii-c-kid said:

@jesao - I second you on the choice of rally games.

I'd like to see any N64 racer that doesn't suck. Beetle Adventure Racing, Ridge Racer 64, San Francisco Rush/2084 (or whatever the sequel was) Hell, if Diddy Kong racing came out I'd never buy another racer ever - retro or current. I got DKR on DS but, like Mario Kart, it's just not the same on that tiny screen.



Drake said:

@ Starwolf_UK: MUSHA will come, it's OFLC rated. I have no idea why Zanac isn't coming though.



Rapadash6 said:

Not a bad update, and FINALLY you guys have Mario Golf. Before I was thinking North America would get Super Smash Bros. on Monday but now I'm betting we'll get Wonder Boy instead.



Terra said:

I have the N64 Cartridge for Mario Golf, so i wasn't too worried about that. However, it's great that it's finally released on the VC in Europe, after all this time. As for Wonder Boy, i'm not too interested in the series, so i'll pass. For those who enjoy these sorts of games, like me generally i'd say this is quite a good week.



Manicfatty said:

@ Devastator - Sorry to hear of your loss. Definitely save your money for Banjo and Perfect Dark. Both are good times!



feng said:

Happy enough with this update its great to see mario golf finally arrive, I'll download this for sure even though I got the rom a few weeks back out of frustration of having to wait so long.
Good call for captain silver that was a great game, Is the console version as hard as the arcade one? that was rock hard!



The_Fox said:

@post 30: As to how DK64 was boring, it was 10 hours of gameplay stretched to at least 30 hours with an ungodly amount of item collection. I literally felt a piece of myself die trying to hunt down the milliionith trinket.



Drake said:

I agree with what most say about Donkey Kong 64, that game was just one giant collect-a-thon, and sadly not the good kind. Terribly boring, really frustrating at times and the music doesn't fit at all considering the game was originally supposed to be a "3D Donkey Kong Country". Anybody eagerly awaiting its VC release is going to be severely disappointed.



Kevin said:

Yeah and the thing where you gotta get high scores on both arcade games in order to access the final part of the game is crazy!



EJD said:

@Drake: It's not that bad, the multiplayer was great fun. I still have the original game and I've never managed to beat the third jack in the box boss. Each Kong's different abilities made it decent for me and Chunky's pineapple gun was the best.



WolfLink22 said:

Europe has a good VC Week this week.I hope USA continues to have a good VC Week next week.



Terra said:

I can understand why some people hate DK64 but i personally loved it. I still go back to it every now and then. I didn't mind the item collec ting but i guess that's just me.



J_K said:

YAY! Mario Golf, and the good version too. The sequel on GC just was somewhat buggy with the wind and things, GBA was just awful too compared to the GBC game. Very happy to see this one pop up you lucky euros and brits.



supbilly said:

@feng - yep, I found Captain Silver extremely difficult on the SMS. It might be easier now we're all older and wiser, but I remember my first couple of plays I couldn't get past the pirate ship (second level).



Objection said:

Speaking of N64 games (the system the majority of my VC titles are) I don't want SSB (which I have on my N64, but might get on VC if it dies) or LOZ:MM (never cared for it.) However, there are a lot of good and great games on N64 that aren't on VC, so I'll support any 64 title released on VC in the hopes that more follow. I might even get Mario Golf 64. Well, no, I won't. I can pick up the GCN one for just a few bucks more.



toonsim2 said:

Its about time we got Mario Golf. I felt dissapointed when it came out in the US and thinking europe would get it, I got all excited. Instead we got Mayhem in Monsterland. I'm not saying its a bad game but i would have preferred Mario Golf. better late than never i suppose.



Wiiloveit said:

There's just one thing that's making me unsure about whether or not to buy Mario Golf, and that is this: is it possible to have multiplayer games where you share around the classic controller rather than have one each? (Like in Wii Sports and Fun! Fun! Minigolf)



Wesker said:

Don't hesitate about this game, its awesome buy it!

Probably the only game that I've ever played from dusk till dawn simply because I had to complete the game, and I enjoyed every minute of it!



Betagam7 said:

@Ness 47 "I tried it, but then there were so much warnings (for example that i loose all Wii points) which keep me away from doing it."

Correct, however you will only lose whatever Wii points you have left over, Nintnedo is just warning you of this to cover its own back. The best time to do it then will be when you want to buy more than one game. Basically as long as you've spent all you Wii points in the Australian region there's nothing you can lose when you go back to europeean region.
Me I took the hit and bought 1000 points, purchased Axelay and let the remaining 200 points disappear into the ether.
For me Axelay was worth 1000 points.
There's absolutely nothing to be scared of as long as you are sensible and don't have like 5000 points left over when you switch back.



Starwolf_UK said:

hey, that section was no trouble. Jetpac was great fun.
Jetpac was fun...Donkey Kong on the other hand wasn't. Hey 1CC the game. Just to make life simple we'll make it so every time you want to try the game the pulling lever cut scene, the DK arcade title screen then DK arcade opening cutscene. Its about 50 seconds from the level cutscene starting to you being able to control the game.

About 50 attempts with the (pointless) above accounting for about 40% of the time spent made me give up. 75m can go to hell (the fact it returns in SSBB tore me up).

As for DK64 I collectied ABSOLUTELY everything except two golden bananas (some lanky ice race and DK arcade1CC) and the Nintendo coin. What do I get? Nothing. I spent 40 hours on the game and didn't even get to fight the final boss let alone see the ending. I wonder if its why i'm not big on 3D platformers, it was the first one I played since N64 magazine hyped it to hyperbole levels. Maybe me and that genre got off on the wrong foot

Another thing about the game. It's not even good for speedruns as it auto-saves every time you collect something and there is no copy file option. Speedruns typically play risky stratagies that need lots of attempts to get right and DK64 basically gives you 1 attempt or start over



CanisWolfred said:

I actually liked Donkey Kong 64 back in the day. At the time, I was I was enthralled by all the different things that you had to collect, all the exotic worlds that you had to explore, and all the different Kongs with all their interesting weapons and powers. However, I will say that I enjoyed the multiplayer deathmatch more than the Main Game. Still, I enjoyed it more than Banjo Tooie, which at the time I thought was "okay, but not particularly exciting".

Of course, I probably won't like it these days, since I can't stand collect-a-thons these days, especially after playing Banjo & Kazooie on the Xbox. Unless of course games like Jak & Daxter, Daxter, and Rayman 2 (which I consider to be some of the best platformers ever made) are considered collect-a-thons, in which case I simply don't like collect-a-thons that are incredibly excessive.



ness said:

I don't understand why Donkey Kong 64 shouldn't be a (at least) a good game. Just because you can/must collect some stuff?

For me it is an absolutely great and awesome 3D-Jump'n'Run, because it has such wonderful worlds, great bosses, beautiful graphics, some very nice melodies, 5 different characters, ... .
What do you want more?



shadows262 said:

Yeah I agree with you!
DK64 maybe wasn`t the best game on the N64 but it wasn`t the worst. And actually I loved it a lot.
Multiplayer was probably the most fun I had with it. Beating my friends back then still feels oh so good to this day!



Nathan said:

I've gotta admit, DK64 was pretty cool for quite a while. However, it did get annoying after having to switch through so many characters just to collect their specific bananas, etc.



CanisWolfred said:

"What more could you want?"(okay, that was a loose translation of what he said)

Structure? Better level design? Good controls? Fun? I'll agree with you on all point, but still, I wasn't particularly ecstatic about it. It certainly needed some polish. Still, I'd say that it is one of the few 3D platformers from the N64 era that I consider any good, right alongside Chameleon Twist and Super Mario 64. Still, it's miles behind Rayman 2, and any PS2-era 3D platformer.



Chunky_Droid said:

I'd instantly buy DK64, I managed to collect EVERYTHING with a worn N64 controller. Plus for a lot of people, it would be easier to get to the final boss this time around as Nintendo would probably strip Donkey Kong NES and Jetpac (legal issues) off of the game anyway, meaning you won't need those coins to make it to the end.



supbilly said:

I had DK64, and was quite merrily playing through it, but in the end, the endless collecting and to-ing and fro-ing made me give up on it. If it came to the VC, I doubt I would get it. I'm more looking forward to Super Mario Kart than anything else right now, but that probably won't make an appearance until 2034 at this rate!



Mike1 said:

DK64 was a pretty good game, but the 2 Banjo games were much better.



ness said:

@ Mickeymac (#88): ""What more could you want?" "Structure? Better level design? Good controls? Fun?""

Okay, for me this was all present.



Pj1 said:

I've down loaded Monster Boy 2 it's OK but does it have traits from Zelda? you collect coins and then exchange them for poison? I'm not really into Golf so sadly I gave Mario golf a miss (Will I regret that in a few years time??) I'm hoping that we get Mario tennis for the N64 in time for the new play series coming out (Game-cube titles coming out with Wii control games, Pikmin, Mario Power tennis etc) Also I'm waiting for Super Smash Bros and Majora's Mask (If they sort out the problems) Pilot wings, SMB-all Stars and Mario Kart. We're getting on terms with America as we're slowly getting their previous up dates, America get their weekly fix tomorrow and we've got to wait until 6 February. With this credit crisis going and most games in shops are being priced down, I wonder if Nintendo could lower the points system for the games? to make them a little more affordable? I'm not saying the games are expensive but it's hard times at the moment and if the shops can charge around £25.00 for a Wii game then I think the big N could do this?...............



Viral said:

Can anyone honestly tell me why I should get Mario Golf 64 when I have the Gamecube version of Mario Golf?



timp29 said:

so january for EU consisted of

Mario Golf
Wonder Boy in Monster Land
Enduro Racer
Donkey Kong 3

I think North America flogged Europe in the games released in January competition
However, looking back at the end of 2008, you can't fault the quality of the Europe releases from like Haloween onwards.



feng said:

I wouldn't really agree with you there while the N64 version and gamecube version are quite similar there is a different feel to the N64 version. It feels more like an everybody's/Hotshots golf game from the past and is certainly a lot harder than the cube version.
I have the cube version and have just downloaded the N64 one and I am very happy with both, having said that I love golf games and always liked the everybody's golf series so I was delighted to see the N64 version played like that, the graphics may be better with the cube version which you would expect to be fair but I find the course layout in the 64 version far superior.
Definately worth a download even if you have the origanal and like golf games in my opinion and a bargain for 1000 points.

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