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ESRB Update: Super Punch-Out!! and Ogre Battle on Their Way to the US

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

There haven't really been too many great games released in the US recently - Aside from StarTropics II, Phantasy Star IV and possibly Kirby's Dream Land 3 it's been quite a bleak affair. Thankfully it seems like Nintendo are stepping up their game a little bit sometime soon, as two awesome games have been given the go-ahead by the ESRB.

Super Punch-Out!! is quite naturally the sequel to the original Punch-Out!! for NES. Visually the game looks a bit more like the arcade installments of the series - Your character (There is still some dispute over whether it's Little Mac or not) can be seen in the foreground, transparent, while the opponent is in front of him and fully visible. The rest of the game plays just like Punch-Out!! for NES - Study your opponent's moves, dodge his attacks and correctly time your own attacks. There are some minor additions and changes - You can now block up and down, and the uppercut move can be used as much as you want after successfully landing multiple hits in a row, until you take a hit yourself. Some purists still prefer the NES version, but Super Punch-Out!! is pretty much an improvement in every way.

The other newly rated game was already released in Japan some time ago, hinting at a possible release elsewhere - It's Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. This is another Square Enix game - It's not quite as popular as their other franchises, but it's definitely a very good strategy game. The original cartridge is also fairly rare, meaning this might be a good way to get the game if you just don't want to shell out the cash for the cartridge.

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blackknight77 said:

I never knew Super Punchout was even a real game until recently. You know what it looks awesome !!!



worrybomb said:

It's good to see Super Punch-Out!! rated for the Wii. It was probably known that SPO!! would come out during the VC's life cycle but it's good to see that it is pretty much official. I'm also excited to know Ogre Battle is coming stateside as well. Definitely 2 VC titles worthy of download when they get released. =)



Bass_X0 said:

Its about time. But I never did get into Super Punch Out though back in the day. But I did when I first played Punch Out on the VC. Does Super Punch Out play much differently to Punch Out? Ogre Battle is a good game but I'm no good at strategy games.

And still no Genesis Super Street Fighter II on the coming soon pages? Or does VC-Reviews not think it has been given proper confirmation or something? Not that I'll ever download it.



WarioFan63 said:

Wasnt he referred to as Little Mac in Fight Night Round 2?

Fight Night is canon to Punch-Out right?



dfalco said:

Punch out one great game it my fraviot boxing game every i must buy buy but there is still great snes games out there



Don said:

Sure, it's rated by ESRB. But it probably won't be released for at least a year just like Pilotwings, Earthbound, Duck Hunt, etc. which were all rated by ESRB as well



Bass_X0 said:

I don't think Duck Hunt will ever come out. I believe Nintendo have said that the Wii Remote is nothing like the NES Zapper in terms of design even though they do act the same way. And there are many games on the coming soon list that have been on for ages.



Corbs said:

That's great news considering how expensive the Ogre Battle SNES cart has become in the last few years. And Super Punch Out is still one I love to drag out and play.



Kultist said:

Can't wait for these two! Hope I'll be able still be able to get my record of 8 seconds for the second Bruiser twin in Super Punch Out!



Bass_X0 said:

#11: Why wouldn't they? It was released here so it should come sometime soon.



Bensei said:

I still hope to get fIght night round 2 which includes this. Is it any good?



lockelocke said:

Easily one of the most FUN games for SNES. Hopefully we won't have to wait FOREVER to play it.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@WarioFan63: I don't think the series are actually related, except that the Gamecube version of Round 2 had Super Punch Out on it for no particular reason (that I know of, anyway).

I wish I could expect these games to come out soon, but I'll try to be patient given how long Kirby's Dream Land 3 took to touch down after rating, not to mention the fact that Earthbound STILL isn't out.



Link79 said:

I bet they recently approved super punch out for release on VC to hype up the new Wii version. Maybe it will be added around the same time. Let's hope the new game delivers. I'd love to try out the Ogre battle series. I wonder if they might release the N64 ogre battle at some point. Anyone know which one is the best?



7th_lutz said:

I am happy that Super Punch-Out got esrb rated and I hope it gets release in North America by April.

I have no plans of downloading Super Punch-out!!, but this game has a pretty good following.

I got Super Punch-out!! and it is a great games. I got it cheap for $6.00 at a flea market back in 2001.

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen is at a great price when it comes out on the vc.

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen was one of the last 2 Enix games published in America till 2000. Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen is a difficult game to find as a result.



blackknight77 said:

Don't forget Castlevania 3 and Musha are ESRB rated so that makes 4 big name titles for a possible 2009 release. Hopefully Smash Bros. and Life Force will be rated soon.



HeikeKagero said:

Super Punch-Out!!

THIS HAS TO COME NOW! One of my all time favorite games is finally coming. I hope it comes out soon



rat said:

I've been waiting for Super Punch Out!! ever since I downloaded the original Punch Out!! Usually I can't decide which one should I download, but SPO is a winner. Ogre Battle is not bad, I rented it once and played it for hours straight. It's sort of a strategy/rpg hybrid, you need to do many things on the map and fights are not original-final-fantasy boring — then again, all RPG fights are fun no matter what the graphics are, and having animation is like playing battlechess, but I digress.



touffeboy said:

No nintendo 64 game!

But it's a good news! Nintendo gave good titles!

Hum I have a question: It's possible to make an Top 20 of Virtual console all week (All the country)?



Betagam7 said:

Very positive news. Always fancied ogre battle back in the day but wasn't an importer then hopefully it'll show up in Hanabi and super punch out is a game I will probably download too (wasn't it free with a GC game?)
Too play devils advocate though games getting rated shouldn't get anyone too excited its no indication that they'll ever come out, see pilotwings, beetle adventure racing etc.



WolfLink22 said:

I'll believe this when i see it.Because come on Nintendo stepping up it's Game is kinda hard to believe after weeks of 1 VC Game a Week and complaints by not only me but other people too.I don't think Nintendo goes to websites and says they have a point we need to step the VC up a bit.It just does not happen like that.Nintendo runs things their own way and that's how it will most likely always be too.



CanisWolfred said:

Alright!...wait, I haven't even played the NES one yet, so it's definitely going to be a while until I get this...unless the NES version is on Animal Crossing.

As for Ogre Battle, no thanks. I like RTS's, but Ogre Battle just looks incredibly boring. However, I do know that a lot of people were looking forward to it, so for them, I am happy. Plus, it's nice to see another Enix game on it's way to the VC.



Pit_42 said:

I won't be getting either, but it's awesome to see that Nintendo is getting back up to speed on VC.



ness said:

Nice to read that =)

@ touffeboy (#24): "It's possible to make an Top 20 of Virtual console all week (All the country)?"

VC-Reviews did that some time ago, but I think it became too boring^^.



WarioFan63 said:

I don't think the series are actually related, except that the Gamecube version of Round 2 had Super Punch Out on it for no particular reason (that I know of, anyway).

It was more or less a silly joke asking about Punch-Out canon anyway.

Also you thought it was strange for Super Punch-Out to be in Fight Night? I think a very good chunk of it was because Little Mac was playable in Fight Night.



Terra said:

Is it me or is it Ironic that the day i buy Fight Night Round 2, Super Punch Out!! is announced for a VC release? Stranger things have happened to me though.

As for Ogre Battle, great to see it's finally heading to the Western VC. I'll pick it up at some point when it's released, although it could be awhile.



Starwolf_UK said:

Fight Night is canon to Punch-Out right?
If that is so than SSX and NBA (?) are part of the Mario Canon. Joking aside, yeah there was a time when Nintendo characters appeared in Gamecube versions of some EA titles. As far as Japan went they were the best selling verison of said titles but the rest of the world didn't care...

All I can say about these two is great another 2 games to add to the "why don't we have this?" list that comes along every monday.



Master_K said:

Super Punch-Out!! is the only SNES cartridge I still own. I'll definitely DL this since I don't have my SNES.



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

I'll be interested in Ogre Battle. I'm not a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics, but Ogre Battle and the 64 incarnation are suppose to be even better (and more balanced, better AI, etc). Which is what I thought were the downfalls of Final Fantasy Tactics. If the game wasn't plagued with the problems of Final Fantasy Tactics, then it should be great.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@WarioFan63: Well, I didn't really know that Little Mac was playable in Fight Night Round 2. I've never played it. I just heard that Super Punch Out!! was on the disc. I guess Starwolf_UK is right, though. Basically same reason for the appearances in the games he mentioned, along with Link in Soul Caliber 2.



Jolted85 said:

I'll definitely download Super Punch Out, I remember playing it as a kid, and I always wanted to play it again, I also hear Ogre Battle is a great game as well, but I'm more interested in Super Punch Out.



Link79 said:

The punch out games are still the best ever! No other boxing game can touch it.



J_K said:

Wow surprising to see these, but I think fair warning should go to anyone who is a fan of the old Punchout that this game in comparison is downright substandard and very cheapo. Unlike the original in the SNES game you get only 1 3min round to win. Every character you can't take the slower way of beating into submission, you have to use a very strict pattern to beat them and the 3min clock. And unlike the old Punchout, many adversaries will attack using special cheapshots like blindness(spit), flying kicks, balls, a wooden staff, and more.

But, if you're a fan of a game you have to follow a strict pattern on or surely fail, go for it, otherwise stick to the original as it is a bit longer and just more entertaining.



honkydory said:

it's not quite as one-sided as JK makes it seem, for the first 3/4s of the game you can get by without memorization, you just probably won't set any new records. for the final circuit, however, you need to put in some time and learn those patterns. i feel like super punch-out, though shorter, does have a bit more depth with the uppercut meter, than the nes version with its stars.
also, ogre battle is awesome. a little like shining force meets final fantasy.



Mike1 said:

@8. Bass X0
Yeah, but Operation Wolf came out and didn't that only use the NES Zapper? If so, then Duck Hunt still has chance.



Manicfatty said:

It's nice to see these show up, but I'm not going to get too excited. There are plenty of rated games that have not yet see the light of day and I have a feeling that Super Punch Out may release closer to the new Wii Punch Out. Ogre Battle is a FANTASTIC game for those who enjoy the genre. 2 noteworthy games to spread out over how long? Who knows. Nice to see them, but I'll reserve my judgement and enthusiasm for an actual release.

  • your friendly neighborhood Nintendo Cynic


Betagam7 said:

Those interested in Super Punch out would be best advised to check ebay first. Fight Night Round 2 (which includes the game) can be picked up for the same or less than it costs to purchase 1000 points. The advantages are a free GC boxing game, not having to take up space on your Wii's probably already burgeoning memory and for Pal gamers (need to clarify this) the possibility that SPO will run 60hz (as the conversions for Animal Crossing did).
Plus you don't have to wait for Nintendo to release the thing (hello Pilotwings)



Viral said:

Totally off subject, but JK (post number 45) has the funniest Mario picture ever. lol



Terra said:

"Operation Wolf came out and didn't that only use the NES Zapper? If so, then Duck Hunt still has chance."
They wouldn't release it without support for the Light Gun games, as Duck Hunt without the Zapper isn't Duck Hunt at all. Something like the Zapper is a must for games like that, otherwise it's pointless. Look at Operation Wolf and you'll see what i mean.

Nintendo surely have the sense not to release Duck Hunt without Light Gun/Wii Remote support. If they did, you could bet quite a few fans would be angry with them and it just wouldn't sell. To be honest though, people would only really buy the game for the Nostalgia Factor much more than the gameplay.



dfalco said:

i must get some more wii points i hope it comes out soon along with mario golf must have both now.




they should release duck hunt as a wiiware game with online suport i think that b awesome



Mike1 said:

@49. Mickeymac
We could just use the Wii Remote and point at the screen to shoot the ducks. Who cares if it isn't the same as the zapper, it's still Duck Hunt! I'd buy it in a heartbeat.



Jashin said:

Can't believe it!!
Ogre Battle!!!!!!!!
More RPG-Goodness!!
Hope we Europeans get it soon, too!!!!



Chunky_Droid said:

@Bass: Not sure if anyone actually answered your original question, couldn't find an answer. Super Punch-Out!! plays similarly to the original, but with MUCH tighter control and a lot more satisfaction in beating your opponents face in. It's a very well crafted game.



CanisWolfred said:


But they won't include Wiimote support, unless they remake it for Wiiware. If they do release it for VC, I sure as hell won't be buying it.



Betagam7 said:

Isn't the shooting game on Wii Play pretty much Duck Hunt with different graphics?



Bass_X0 said:

47: Operation Wolf on the NES could be played with the regular controller as a standard option - it was even on the original NES version. It was a terrible game played like this but it was still playable.

With Duck Hunt, you couldn't control it with a D-Pad and the wii remote doesn't work the same way as a NES Zapper. The Wii remote needs a sensor bar to work, the NES Zapper doesn't and the technical way it registers whether you hit the target or not is completely different. Nintendo seems to just not release games that it would have to change a lot of the code in how it plays. Changing cosmetic detail like the licensed banners on Wave Race 64 or the Japanese text in Sin and Punishment is one thing. Changing the way a game plays is something completely different.

I do wonder though if it is possible to use one of those controller adapter things for the Wii which allows you to use the actual NES controller to play Operation Wolf on VC with the actual NES Zapper. I think it should be possible.



MrLopez said:

Punch Out is pretty sweet! Nintendo wants us to play all punch out games before the Wii version!



dfalco said:

puch out will but put in my top twenty snes of all time i love must nintendo games i must have every nintendo game on the snes and the n64 snes is my all time best game consals
20 axelay
19super metroid
18castelvania 4
16donkey kong cournty
15 mortal kombat
14kirby 5 in one
13donkey kong cournty 2
12 space invaders
11punch out
10 mario all stars
9 iliousion of gaia/time
8street fighter
7secert of mana
6super mario world
5mario kart
4 donald duck maluid malide
3super mario world 2
2a tight second and first place it will have to be chrono trigger
and number 1 must go to link to past.



dfalco said:

my top twenty n64
20 mortal kombat 4
19 mario party 2
18diddy kong racing
17pokemon stadium
15 yoshi story
14extream g
13pokemon snap
12 star wars epiosde racer
11 killer instice
10golden eye
9 jet force gimie
8 kirby 64
7 major mask
6 winback
5mario kart
4mario 64
3 banjo kazooie
2 smash brothers
1 ocarian of time



Kevin said:

Super Punch-Out!!'s coming? Sweet! I finally get to enjoy the game.



touffeboy said:

It's funny dfalco your top 20! But i will check for Ogre Battle, this game look fun! And for punch-out, everybody says this game rocks! I need space in my wii (Memory), i will buy others games later. But, a look this game seriously! Seriously, Nintendo really good start his new year!



Objection said:

Is this "Ogre Battle" what evolved into Ogre Tactics? Cuz, I'd love it if the N64 one came out, but if that's the same series, then it's fine.
Anyway, 2 good games on the way! Very nice.



Zukovius said:

Oh yeah and Super Punch Out is freakin sweet. There's also a new one comin out for the Wii.



Bass_X0 said:

I don't think much of the new Punch Out game. It looks very basic. The characters are lacking in detail and the boxing arena is very dark. Hopefully the game looks much better when its released, I'm sure it will. I want all of the SNES characters in it too.



niner said:

Another Square-Enix game bodes well for future releases. SE seems to be one of the only 3rd parties that is making real dough on their VC releases. Hopefully this means they'll release at least a few more of the SNES titles that they wouldn't ever rerelease on a console:

Bahamut Lagoon
Front Mission
Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2)
Treasure Hunter G
Actraiser 2
Illusion of Time
Soul Blazer
7th Saga
Brain Lord
Mystic Ark
Paladin's Quest
Star Ocean



Drake said:

Treasure Hunter G and Front Mission Gun Hazard are already out in Japan.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Bass: I doubt it'll stay like that. I agree that the ring looks very dark, but as it's only aesthetic Left Field are probably doing that section of the game last. Mario Strikers was a top notch game with plenty of detail so Punch-Out!! Wii should look fantastic upon its release.

I just hope we get the option of classic controller and Wii Board/Remote combo. Both would be incredible fun assuming Left Field take advantage of it.



Viral said:

I agree Droid. Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party made decent use of the board, but I still prefer the game without the board.



ShivanDrgn said:

Ogre Battle is great! I played this one and the N64 one to death. I hope that it comes out soon!



slangman said:

Finally Super Punch-Out!!. I was actually thinking about when it would appear or get rated. Won't get too excited till it comes out though.



Chunky_Droid said:

I got a feeling we're gonna get either a Genesis game or a Master System title today, I don't know why I just have a feeling.



squeath2001 said:

goldeneye goldeneye goldeneye goldeneye goldeneye goldeneye goldeneye goldeney goldeneye goldeneye goldeneye goldeneye goldeneye goldeneye goldeneye goldeneye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Rapadash6 said:

I'm betting Super Punch-Out!! won't hit the service until sometime close to the release of the new Wii game. I think Ogre Battle will be out by the end of the month, however.



DrJonAngus said:

I love Ogre Battle and Super Punch Out. Because I was so stupid and didn't buy Super Punch Out when EB games sold older game, I emultated it and loved it. I also emulated Ogre Battle and it was awesome. Looking forward to the awesome SNES titles because SNES and Genesis as well are my favorite systems. I wish Dreamcast games would come out for the Virtual Console, but that is a far cry with the memory issue and probably some licensing issues along the lines.



CanisWolfred said:


Good point, for the most it's just the license itself that's causing the problem. Although, I'm pretty sure that it would have to go through Rare at some point, since they probably still have the license to the game itself.



Chunky_Droid said:

I wasn't sure Mickeymac, I know that EA released Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, so I assumed they were the ones with the last rights to Goldeneye.

I mean, if Nintendo can release the Donkey Kong Country games with Rareware's logo in it (which I believe is only possible because they aren't called Rareware anymore and do not use the logo anymore), they shouldn't HAVE to go through Rare to release Goldeneye. But I'm not a lawyer and obviously being part of the common man, more than likely don't know the full story.



dfalco said:

i see that the have taken 5 games of the vc list
beetel adventuring racing
aerofighter assault



Terra said:

Those games may have been on their for ages but unless the rating was taken down (which i'm not aware of if it's the case) then i'm not sure what the reason is to that. Can anyone give a reason for this?

I'd of thought that they would have at least something to do with things, being (Obviously) the original Dev. If they weren't bought out by Microsoft, it could all be just that little bit simpler.



Chunky_Droid said:

Being the original developer didn't seem to affect the Donkey Kong Country games, which is why I thought it would purely be just a license issue and not a developer issue. But I know M$ would kick and scream if Nintendo managed to release it



Terra said:

Yeah but Nintendo own the Donkey Kong IP, so that's different to Goldeneye as Nintendo don't own the James Bond IP



Chunky_Droid said:

Yeah that's why i figured Nintendo would have to deal with Activision and MGM, and not Rare or Microsoft. As far as I can tell Rare/Microsoft have absolutely no chance of releasing their own version.



The_Fox said:

Regarding the Rare/Goldeneye discussion: When Rare made the Donkey Kong Country games, Nintendo no doubt made it perfectly clear in the contracts that they owned all rights to the games, and that after a set period of time Rare would lose all royalties associated with the sales of the games. However, Goldeneye is a different beast. Rare (well, Microsoft really) probably can't release the game themselves but they can stop it from being released in other ways, such as the V.C, as they own the rights to the game but not the Bond liscense.



Objection said:

Goldeneye discussion: I don't know if it'd be worth doing, but if they did the following, it wouldn't be the first time a game was altered to be re-released after a license expires: take out all 007 references and replace with new names, etc. and release it as Silver Optical Muscle or something. Stupid? Kinda, but if it got onto VC then...



CanisWolfred said:


That would simply be too much work for a VC game( besides, then it would be Perfect Dark). However, throw in motion controls, and they could make it a Wiiware game.

Still, I wouldn't buy it, since I hated the missions in GoldenEye. However, I do hope that they do that for Turok, since it turns out that it's a licensed game for a long-forgotten comicbook series.

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