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EA's Moore Perplexed by World of Goo Success

Posted by Damien McFerran

If you’re a keen fan of the excellent UK-based video game site Eurogamer then you’ll be aware that it recently posted its top 50 games of the past 12 months.

WiiWare gem World of Goo cropped up in a very respectable tenth position, which caused EA’s Peter Moore to scratch his chin in puzzlement and comment that he was ‘surprised’ to see it rank so highly when his own company’s FIFA 09 was nowhere to be seen.

This is despite the fact that he hasn’t actually played World of Goo.

Brit Moore is an industry veteran, having done time with Sega and Microsoft, so you could say he knows his onions, but this is a pretty sizeable clanger to drop. It’s made even sweeter by the fact that 2D Boy, the creators of World of Goo, are former EA employees. Ouch.

Top tip, Pete – make sure you’ve actually played a game before shooting your mouth off about how your own product is superior.

Source: Wii Fanboy

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Bahamut_ZERO said:

Peter Moore.......

Isn't he that guy who promised the world and more with Fable and didn't deliver (still great, just not "the ultimate RPG")? I thought we would all igrnoe that mouth of his by now

Besides, what's better, another sports title with 0X in its name or a unique, colorful, cheap, origional game?

thanks Moore for having the knowledge of what your bashing



Dazza said:

You must be thinking of Peter Molyneux! Maybe you have never heard of Peter Moore?



timp29 said:

Well, I've recently downloaded world of goo, and I must admit at first play I thought it was too simplistic. But, the kind of creepy gothic atmosphere of the game (almost tim burton inspired), along with the fantastic humour and the plot twists, have made this game almost impossible to put down.
But, its sad, I find Tetris Party more addictive.



tatemon555 said:

Wow. I've never played either game, but I personally think that World of Goo is way better. Bahamut ZERO, you are right. An imaginative, original game like Goo has got to be better than another FIFA game.



Terra said:

Peter Moore strikes again i see. Honestly, his argument is flawed in these respects.

A: He hasn't played World of Goo so he can't judge properly.
B: FIFA 09 is a completely different game to World of Goo
C: FIFA is an old series which seems to have be resting on it's laurels for many years, growing stale and only marginally improving each game while World of Goo is completely original and fresh.
D: He's incredibly biased in his judgement
E: He's a complete idiot who's credibility has been lost after many previous statements he's made before.
F: He really is a massive tool

I don't generally buy EA Sports games because of the fact EA practically just rehash them slightly each year.



AlexSays said:

What the?
He said it was a "surprise".
Since when is that an insult?
I know things are better when blown out of proportion but even this is a bit too much.

People aren't helping themselves by childishly insulting one of the smartest men in the industry for a NONEXISTENT reason.

Edit: The comments that COULD be found as unnecessary aren't even on this page.

On another related note, Moore should be upset.
FIFA 09 was one of the best sports games to come around in recent memory and not to be mentioned in a top 50 is absolutely crazy.



AlexSays said:

Yeah I had to find that one on my own, because I knew there was more to this story and the article is a bit short on links.

Like I've said, Good For Him!
It's nice to see executives worried about their game's quality and not just sales.

His words on World of Goo have been taken out of context. It's a downloadable game on a platform with heavy limitations. If I didn't know any better I wouldn't be a believer.

As for his game he is absolutely right.
FIFA deserved a top 50 spot, if not top 10.
I'd suggest many of those criticizing him haven't played the game he's praising so highly.

Matter of fact...
Did you see that?

Now we can all agree Moore has a right for defending his game, yes?



AlexSays said:

Didnt he have the GTA4 date tatooed on his arm?
Yes he did.
The Halo tattoo is real but people are unsure if the GTAIV tattoo was real or not.

And then it got delayed?
Yes it did.



CanisWolfred said:


Yeah, I'm with you on this one. I mean really, all he's saying is that it did better than he anticipated, if anything, it was a compliment. Heck, the only game he insulted in that rant was Bangai-O Spirits, and even then, it wasn't that big a deal. Sure, he was somewhat hurt that it got above Fifa '09, but more over, he was angry that it didn't get a mention at all(can't blame him, I mean really, Top 50, and it doesn't even get a mention? Ouch), especially considering that it was from a site he particularly liked, and most likely put a great deal of faith in.

And I might as well mention it: I, too, am greatly surprised that World of Goo is doing so well. After all, it's new IP, it's a downloadable title, and most importantly, it's a small-budget Indie title. Yet it's winning awards left and right, and ranking high in "Best of" charts across the Globe. I can only imagine how happy the people at 2D Boy are right now! Bravo, Boys, Bravo!



Corbs said:

I haven't liked EA since the Commodore 64 days were over. Those C64 titles were the only decent EA games I ever liked. Now it's just sports stuff for the most part. If I want to play sports I'll go outside and do so.



RADE said:

Wow, I guess you can say this game turns heads...It's a shockingly good game that's getting the glory it deserves!



CanisWolfred said:


Wipeout HD at #20? That IS awesome!

Edit: And Lost Oddessey at #29? Now that is really awesome! And Battlefield: BC, SSB Brawl, World of Goo, Valkerie Profile, Geo Wars 2, Professor Layton, Far Cry 2, and Portal, all in Prime positions, bravo! What the hell? What are Mario Kart Wii and Mirror's Edge doing up this high? Oh well, still a damn good list, that there is!



AlexSays said:

If I want to play sports I'll go outside and do so.

So if you like taking space ships and flying around the galaxy blowing up things, why don't you just go outside and do so?

...Oh never mind.

Oh well, still a damn good list, that there is!

Yeah I was impressed.
You never know how "Top XX" lists are going to go but that one was rather nice.



shadows262 said:

great list but i never really liked peter moore any more than i do EA.
i mean all they make are sports games(which isnt that bad i guess) which get boring since their very repetitive.
considering FIFA 07 is just like 08 and 09 but maybe improved a little...same goes for Maddens and NBA lives



AlexSays said:

@ Objection_Blaster -- Yes that was the point. lol

considering FIFA 07 is just like 08 and 09 but maybe slightly improved...same goes for Maddens and NBA lives

No you're wrong.
It's okay because you don't play those games but if you did you'd know you're wrong.



AlexSays said:

  • New Pick n' Roll controls
  • "Dynamic NBA", the rosters are updated regularly to correspond with what's happening in the NBA.
  • Player attributes are updated online. Dwayne Wade has a great week? His stats are going up!
  • New play-calling option. Press a button while dribbling and four options come up each representing a different player corresponding to the position of the player.
  • Improved team support. Simple controls have players set screens, open a lane, etc.
  • "Be a Pro" mode in which you take your player online for a little one-on-one.
  • 5 on 5 online. with ratings given based on your performance.

That's not including the assumed upgrades...

  • Graphics, presentation.
  • Improved AI, online

That's why some have even said...

"NBA Live 09 is a massive step forward for the franchise, and, in some ways, for sports games in general."

Click Me For Link

Hope that was helpful and you're welcome.



Ski_Deuce said:

I can understand Peter Moore's confusion. WiiWare games don't seem to get the kind of attention that many big name titles, like FIFA 09, do. People who keep track of the industry don't get the chance to play every game that comes out. World of Goo sold more on word of mouth, I think, than brand trust and marketing. There are tons of good and great games that fall by the wayside due to big name titles pushing their way into people's vision.



shadows262 said:

ya but most of those things you listed are improved just a little, as i said in my earlier comment

and anyway recieving “pretty much” the same game every year gets old



AlexSays said:

most of those things you listed are improved

What are you talking about?
All those are new.
Those are all BRAND new things.

Did you completely miss the link saying how the game is a MASSIVE step forward for the franchise?
And that's just NBA LIve.
Madden and FIFA both had even more new stuff.

recieving “pretty much” the same game every year gets old

It's not the same game!
That's coming from someone who actually plays them.
You don't play them so what do you know?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@AlexSays: You sure are defensive about your sports games, aren't you? Which is fine by me, and no insult meant, as I have to get defensive of some of my favorite games from time to time as well.

So please don't take this as an insult to you when I say that I don't give a crap what Peter Moore thinks, because he works for a questionable (at best) company, particularly dealing in the sports department. This is because the only video game sports I like are Mario (save for Sega Superstars Tennis on Xbox 360). I'm just not a sports fan period, so why should I care what a big-name sports game guy thinks?

And you have to admit, that "WTF" response is a bit over the top for an annual sports game. I don't care WHAT they do to upgrade the game, it's just not original enough to deserve a position on this kind of list. Then again (typing as I think), the same argument could be made about a new Zelda game...okay, maybe this kind of list is just plain stupid and exists for no other reason than to make people mad. Moore took it a bit too seriously, methinks.



shadows262 said:

“NBA Live 09 is a massive step forward for the franchise, and, in some ways, sport games in general”

the reviews werent so hot for the game on really any console (especially not the wii)
so i dont know were you heard this from but hey i dont really care

EDIT: updated roster aint “new”
and I do play EAs sports games and personally they suck and are barely new every year they come out which is a bad thing
but madsen from 08-09 was a major improvement which ill give them that...



AlexSays said:

I know you don't care because you're not interested in playing the games.
So you've criticized games you've never played.

You're certainly not helping yourself.
People don't take you seriously as it is, but come on...

As for the reviews, they were a lot better than the previous game.
There's a reason why avid sports-gamers have all talked about the gap closing between NBA Live and NBA2K.

Heck, the Wii reviews are even better and everyone knows a basketball game on the Wii is a lost cause.

What I find funny is you've only mentioned NBA Live, which received the weakest upgrades, and skip around Madden and FIFA which have been considered two of the best games, on any platform, in all of last year.

I do play EAs sports games and personally they suck and are barely new every year they come out which is a bad thing

So before you said you didn't play them but now you do?
Awesome, credibility gone!
I no longer feel the need to explain anything further to you, and don't expect me to take you seriously on this site.



shadows262 said:

the wii reviews were better this year than last?
Nintendo Power gave NBA live 09 a 4/10 and i dont think thats better than 08

As i said before ive played NBA 09 live, and Madden 09 same for last year versions and the year before that and theres really no difference between them which make them boring games
maybe not for you apparently but for me ya im long gone
id rather play sports and get excersise and be with my friends than sit on my butt playing a mediocre sports game online with some kid ive never met before



AlexSays said:

Nintendo Power gave NBA live 09 a 4/10 and i dont think thats better than 08

You're still COMPLETELY ignoring FIFA and Madden?
Both of which are great on the Wii.

I already said basketball games don't work on the Wii.
That's why people judge from the 360/PS3 versions.

I'm sorry I can't dumb this down enough for you to understand.

As i said before ive played NBA 09 live, and Madden 09

You never said that.
You said you DIDN'T play those games and then you quickly backpedaled.

If anyone on this site actually takes your posts seriously I'd very much like to know. lol

updated roster aint “new”
Yes actually they are.
The concept isn't new but the extent to which XBL and PSN carry it out are brand new.
Never before has extensive stat-tracking changed attributes on a consistent basis, and trades/ FA releases changed immediately.



AlexSays said:

@ Stuffgamer1

I just hate the false stereotype spread by people who never touch the games. Everyone says it's the same game every year, and those who actually buy/enjoy these games get tired of it.

How would people know if the game has changed without playing?
It's just crazy.

And I respect your view of Moore.
His "WTF" thing can certainly be taken as over-the-top. I still believe his overall tone has been taken out of context but unless we go straight to the source there is no definitive answer.

His/EA's actual game though is quite good. Of course if you're not a sports fan, you won't be as enthused, but it did a lot for the genre.
In fact, I'd say FIFA 09 did a lot more for the sports genre than a game like Gears did for it's respective genre. A game like that should certainly be praised, even if by the minority.



Objection said:

"since i dont play any of those games " "As i said before ive played NBA 09 live, and Madden 09"
Sorry, shadows262 (if that IS your real name!) but like the good Mr. AlexSays, I have an <OBJECTION!!>



CanisWolfred said:


...Wow...just...WOW! I gotta get NBA '09 game. Now. Seriously, that just sounds too good to pass up, especially since I haven't played a basketball game since NBA Jam on the Sega Genesis - I'd say I'm about due for another one, doncha think?

Anywho, I gotta say, the sports games seem very interesting this year. While part of that may be that this is the first year since '04 that I've actually paid attention to them...but still, they look like games I would actually want....



Pablo17 said:

Well, I really like FIFA 09 and World of Goo. I have to think he is saying that he is surprised how well WoG did based on how it was sold. (Wiiware).

Then again...I could be wrong.



AlexSays said:

@ Mickeymac

Make sure it's either the 360 or PS3 version! Hopefully you own one of those two consoles.
EA is doing their best but a great basketball game on the Wii is going to be near-impossible.
So far they've come up short with both attempts.
Madden 09 and FIFA 09 are excellent games though, on any platform.

@ Pablo17

No you're right.
Most people have been surprised about it's sales.
But for some reason when Moore shows his surprise, people want to jump all over him.



Jose said:

First Ea makes non sports games and EA sports makes sports games so please include what you are talking about. But I think people are taking his word to seriously. Fifa 09 was good and so was World of goo. Everyone agrees that other people have opinions so Peter Moore has his. You can agree or disagree but you can't say he is wrong or right. That means people can say your opinion is wrong which is impossible since it is yours.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@AlexSays #34: Actually, I have coworkers who agree with that stereotype, and they DO play those games. They also upsell NBA 2K9 over Live '09, which may mean more to you than to me...

Moore's statement may be out of context here on WiiWareWorld, but Dazza was kind enough to give us the link that clearly showed what a total bleep he's being. Reading along the list EXPECTING his game to be on it (a dumb thing to EXPECT regardless of game quality, imo) and pointing out with smug satisfaction how well other EA games are doing is just plain arrogant.

I'm going to be honest here: I have a particular disdain for EA Sports because I had to work through all the Madden madness this summer, being SURROUNDED by people going on and on about it, while I don't give a flying fart about it (I did actually try it on Wii and enjoyed it to a point, but overall just don't like football). I also hate the way that the previous years' editions tend to pile up in our used game supply as almost NOBODY wants to buy a Madden game several years old (with rare exceptions like kids who wouldn't know the difference or something). I'm just a jaded Gamestop employee who feels that Moore is making his life harder, I guess.



Mayhem said:

@Objection Blaster - that was the Eurogamer reader top 50 list. Peter Moore is complaining about FIFA09 being missing from Eurogamer's STAFF top 50 list of 2008... but you may have known that anyhows.



Wesker said:

@Corbie I thought EA were in their prime for the megadrive era. It was games like Road Rash, Desert Strike, EA Hockey and Madden 92 that made the Mega Drive a real boy's favourite over Nintendo's girly SNES.

However, since then EA has been on the slide and even though I've bought games like SSX Blur, Medal of Honour and Tiger Woods for the Wii, I've been dissappionted with all of them and eventually traded them in.

So now I don't buy any EA titles.



blackknight77 said:

Yeah I though EA was in their prime in the 16-bit era as well. The last game I bought from EA was Burnout Revenge(which is awesome).

Frankly I am perplexed at the success of Pong Toss, Bag Toss, Rag Toss and maze games that show up every week in the top 20.



ness said:

Also after reading the comments, i still don't know what's wrong about Peter Moore's statement (he just say he was ‘surprised’ to see so high). Or why it deserves a whole news.



Cthuloops said:

Well AlexSays which game should I get for the Wii, FIFA '09, PES '08, or PES '09?
I'm not too keen on sports games, but which one would be the best?



Adam said:

I'm glad this conversation reminded me about FIFA 09. I'd heard it's supposed to be a huge improvement. I'm currently downloading every EA 09 demo on the PS3. Are any of these games supposed to be better on Wii? I know I read the NBA one isn't. It's a shame Wii doesn't have a demo service, but that's another conversation altogether.

I haven't been interested in sports games since SNES because I think they have just gotten more and more complicated and not necessarily better. And as for the age old comment, just go outside, at a certain age you can't exactly find 21 other players to kick a ball around on the spot. Sports games have their purpose.



Pablo17 said:

@Adam...A lot of people thought that TIger Woods 09 was better on the Wii. Tiger Woods 09 is really good and uses the Wiimote really well.

As for Fifa 09, I own the Wii version and it is excellent. Although I own other systems, I have not tried it on anything other than the Wii, so maybe someone else can comment on that.



Jon2 said:

This shows only one thing. People that doesn't have a clue about games shouldn't have anything to do with them, period!
I don't care if he's been working 100 years in the industry. He only works there because he got a job there in the beginning and he's to lazy to switch over to another industry. He doesn't care about games, he cares about money. This is why the gaming industry is so full of carp games and crap people.



ness said:

He just says: "World of Goo? I'm sure it's fun, and the reviewers certainly loved it, but surprised to see up so high."

He says nothing bad about the game, so what?
Apparently many just read more than he actually said.



-TR said:

My brother's exactly the same. He's totaly against it, but hasn't played it



Wiiloveit said:

WoG is one of those games where it looks decent in video / description / screens, but plays a LOT better than you think - which is the main reason Pete here is a spanner.

Oh - and it's nice to see that they [Eurogamer] didn't immediately put GTA IV in the top position, and even included Geometry Wars at number six. Oh - and nice to see LBP at the top - even though the reviews I read wouldn't place it quite that highly.



Seth said:

I don't really understand what was wrong with his comment. It actually is a surprise that WoG rated top 10. Two and Half guys went independant, put a game out as downloadable only (bargain title!) with very little marketing or budget and yet they blow away 90% of the competition?

Yeah, that's something that happens every day. It is a surprise, and they should be proud of themselves.

But more on topic to the actual comments - I personally didn't even bother to look at the cover art on the FIFA box for more than a split second. Just the EA Sports branding on a game gives it a -1 star in my mind. I had to google it to be reminded of what that game was. FIFA 09 isn't even a blip on the radar.



AlexSays said:

Well AlexSays which game should I get for the Wii, FIFA '09, PES '08, or PES '09?

FIFA 09 for sure.
Better in almost every department and has the licensing for all the players, teams, etc.

You could wait to see how PES 09 does but that's two months away and it won't be anything more than what FIFA 09 has to offer.
Besides, there's quite a few people that think the PES series is becoming quite stale.



Bensei said:

There's one important point Mr. Moore didn't consider: Fifa 09=like the 11th Update of the Fifa series (okay, I heard this time it's even better than PES, but I don't care about soccer).
World of Goo=All new concept, and only at a part of Fifa's price



rat said:

"World of Goo? I'm sure it's fun, and the reviewers certainly loved it, but surprised to see up so high."

But the killer quote from the actual article: "one of the best sports games of recent times not even in the Top 50?". Moore obviously was talking about Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, the Wii version.

We can all rant about our favourite game not being on the list, but what can we do anyway? It's not like we work at EA or something... someone should quit ranting and start working...



Wiiloveit said:

I don't care about soccer
If only there were more Brits that agreed with me - I feel so lonely.



Hexrapper said:

What you said doesn't hold any water since you haven't played the games shadows. You say you don't think they've improved but they have, and that's not a matter of opinion, they have factually improved. End of story.

I'm very surprised WWW would post an article like this. I've lurked here for a very long time and this is just a huge let down from people I really respect. What do you have against Moore that you have to colour what he said to be hateful? That's some real maturity on your guys' parts.



Thatoneguy said:

i read your arguement with shadows262 and your kinda of an idiot because shadows262 said a couple times that he had played those games but you refuse to believe him which is sorta ignorant and anyway its his opinion on the games EA makes.
if he thinks they`re not too improved from the previous installments then let it be.



Clayfrd said:

@Thatoneguy - Actually no, shadows said first that he doesn't "play any of those [sports] games..." Only to return and claim that he does indeed play EA Sports games, making him a liar and therefore removing what little credit he may have previously had. Of course, anyone that is willing to represent themselves with any reference to Shadow the Hedgehog has no credibility . Either way, the artist formerly known as x.SuperMario.x Wins! Flawless Victory! Fatality! Calling him an idiot was also completely inappropriate.



AlexSays said:

@ Thatoneguy - Nice alternate account.

@ Stuffgamer1 - Well choosing 2k9 over NBA Live 09 just means they have good taste. lol
2K has always been the better series but Live has significantly closed the gap.

As for changing sports games adequately, what would your friends like changed?
They're realistic sports sims, they're SUPPOSED to be the same game every year. Which is why some people appreciate the little things EA and 2K do besides the normal upgrades.

See with other genres you can do all sorts of different things. Platformers, shooters, RPGs, they can all be entirely different from another game in the same genre. They can change everything, story, characters, setting, etc.

What can you change in a sports sim?
You can't change the core gameplay at all.
The only thing you can do is tweak the controls, provide new options/modes, and improve on what you've already done.
Most of the time little things take it from being just more than a little upgrade.

Madden 09 was a HUGE step up from Madden 08 on the Wii.
A 5-on-5 mode was a Wii-exclusive, and it was a fun little mode to play if you didn't feel like playing a whole game.
The controls actually WORKED. lol
That may seem like an obvious thing but believe me when I say, in Madden 08 you flicked your wrist one way and hoped for the best. lol
The online was vastly improved. Only been kicked out of a handful of games this year, kicked out of about a hundred last year.

EA basically looks at their game each year and says "What should we improve and what's something new we can add".
If they just wanted to ship the same game as before, they wouldn't bother trying new things. (Dynamic NBA, Be a Pro, 5-on-5)
If you're expecting another football sim when Madden gets released, you won't be disappointed.
I don't know how much people want EA to change games based on reality. The only thing they can do is fix whatever was wrong with the last one. Them adding new stuff is just icing on the cake.

Heck, look at the sales.
If EA really did just release the SAME games don't you think people would learn by now?
Because sales haven't dropped one bit, and if Nintendo released Galaxy each year for the next five years, I'm not sure it could say the same.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@AlexSays: Okay, it was unclear to me whether you were defending EA Sports above all else. If you prefer NBA 2K over Live, that gives me a good point of reference.

I'm not sure what's supposed to be changed, really. Like I said, I'm not afraid to admit that I don't play those kinds of games. They're simply too realistic for me. Sure, Madden '09 All Play did a LOT to make the game accessible, but I knew NOTHING about football going in, and it didn't seem too eager to actually teach me much of anything. If Nintendo would hurry up and make Mario Football, they'd probably make it so I could play and understand it much better.

What I think my coworkers REALLY mean about small changes is that the upgrades from year to year may be somewhat worth noticing, but not necessarily enough for all the hype over the new years' edition. My store is ALREADY pushing Madden 2010 reserves, and it makes me SICK!

@ness: What gets ME about this whole thing with Peter Moore isn't what he said about World of Goo, but rather this quote from his blog:



AlexSays said:

I'd buy Mario Football.
Can you imagine playing on one of the planets from Galaxy?

Unfortunately I don't think Nintendo will ever make an American football game.
The idea would have to fly with Nintendo of Japan and I hear they aren't really football enthusiasts.



kentatm said:

the fact of the matter is that FIFA and NBA Live are not even the best games that emulate their sports and Madden was no longer top dog and thats why EA bought exclusive rights with the NFL, NCAA and Arena.

As FIFA is NOT the best soccer/football game out he can stop his crying and catch up with Pro Evo and THEN maybe he will get his game otn he list.

Also, I DO play all of EA's sports games every year and they are too basically roster updates. They have even begun TAKING OUT features as of late.



AlexSays said:

They have even begun TAKING OUT features as of late.

I'm hoping there's not another alternate account...



CanisWolfred said:


That was a joke, WTF= Where The hell is Fifa. I thought it was pretty clever, to be honest with you.



ness said:

@ Stuffgamer1: As Mickeymac sais, it was a joke.

But beside the fact that this concerns Fifa, i still don't know the sense of this news and the bashing (in the news, too).



Stuffgamer1 said:

I noticed the bold letters, but couldn't figure out how to emulate it in a post here for some reason. That ALMOST seemed like a joke, but even so, it appeared to me to be more like ironic, angry humor, and in bad taste to boot!

As for seeing the "sense" in all of this, you can't. There is none. We just do it because we're a bunch of cretins with nothing better to do than bash a guy who appears to set himself up for it (note that this statement is self-inclusive).



Quimby said:

@Alexsays - You guys crack me up. Im sure you are both right.
Reading through your list of improvements I couldnt really see anything in there that I would even care about, let alone understand.
You are obviously a massive sports nut and love to emulate your favourite teams as closely as possible to what you just watched on tv. But to your average gamer, the ability to play teams that are updated every 20 seconds to take into account injuries, trades, restructuring, and ego conflicts just isnt very important. When I play a sports game, chances are I know very little about each individual player in my virtual team so I couldnt give a flying toss if player A is sleeping with player Bs wife and player C is a little bi-curious, I just want to play some sport. The only real objection I have is that EA does the yearly update thing with any game that had any kind of success. its a bit rediculous when they advertise WBL Lawn Bowling Championship 2015 goes on sale 10/3/09 with new feature that corrects the hair colour of Mavis Beatty as she dies it a different colour each week.



Hexrapper said:

"and Madden was no longer top dog and thats why EA bought exclusive rights with the NFL"

They bought the exclusive rights because the NFL were selling them off. EA were the guys who paid top dollar.I've seen EA get slammed for that a lot of times but people seem to be uninformed about what the deal actually was with that.



Boringman54 said:

I looked at their Top 50 and my mouth went wide open right away. How could SSBB only be at #50!? And MGS 4 was only at #30. Something is wrong with them.



Clayfrd said:

@Alexsays (66) - As much as shadows has been unnecessarily annoying, I must say that I doubt that's an alternate account of his/hers. The sentences of kentatm are fairly well constructed, and too coherent for the likes of shadows262.

@Boringman54- Indeed. I haven't read it, but that seems pretty ridiculous right there. Was Banjo even on it?



Wiiloveit said:

The sentences of kentatm are fairly well constructed, and too coherent for the likes of shadows262

How could SSBB only be at #50!?
Agreed: It is a bit of a poor top 50, and if WoG is in the top ten, there's absolutely no reason for SSBB to be at fifty. I'm not saying WoG is naff, I'm just saying that SSBB is as good as, if not better than, 2D Boy's game.



lockelocke said:

Totally a poor Top 50. Guitar Hero World Tour better than Rockband 2? Please. And LITTLE BIG PLANET at number 1!? It's a great game, and hella fun, but, pleeeeease

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