EA's Moore Perplexed by World of Goo Success

If you’re a keen fan of the excellent UK-based video game site Eurogamer then you’ll be aware that it recently posted its top 50 games of the past 12 months.

WiiWare gem World of Goo cropped up in a very respectable tenth position, which caused EA’s Peter Moore to scratch his chin in puzzlement and comment that he was ‘surprised’ to see it rank so highly when his own company’s FIFA 09 was nowhere to be seen.

This is despite the fact that he hasn’t actually played World of Goo.

Brit Moore is an industry veteran, having done time with Sega and Microsoft, so you could say he knows his onions, but this is a pretty sizeable clanger to drop. It’s made even sweeter by the fact that 2D Boy, the creators of World of Goo, are former EA employees. Ouch.

Top tip, Pete – make sure you’ve actually played a game before shooting your mouth off about how your own product is superior.

Source: Wii Fanboy