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Capcom To Release Mega Man 9 Soundtrack

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Love classic 8-bit video game music? Got 30 Washingtons sitting there doing nothing in your pocket? Well if so, you might want to surf over to the Capcom Store and preorder your official Mega Man 9 Soundtrack.

That's right, directly from Japan comes all of the catchy toe-tappers straight from Capcom's retro-filled Mega Man 9 WiiWare title for your listening pleasure at the bargain price of $29.95.


  • Retro-styled music and sound effects produced by Inti Creates
  • 10 page booklet including original character art, all in color!
  • Liner notes from the game's director, producer, sound production & design and the comic artists
  • 35 Tracks in all!

The Mega Man 9 Soundtrack is set to ship out on January 19th, so you'd better hurry up and preorder yours. These obviously won't last long given the mammoth success of all the other Mega Man 9 goodies Capcom has made available.

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Corbs said:

I went ahead and bought one. Who knows, it might be worth something someday.



CanisWolfred said:

No thanks, I didn't really like the sound track in Mega Man 9. Sure, there were some good songs, but certainly not enough to make me want to buy the sound track.



BJWanlund said:

Will this be on iTunes? I buy ALL my music via iTunes anyway (no more CDs for me), so I hope Capcom does this for us!




Ricardo91 said:

AWESOME! Nothing I'd love more than to jam out to the game-over music while I'm on the road!

But seriously, the music in MM9 was great and all, but not $29.95 great. I'll wait till they hit i-tunes.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I liked the soundtrack but I'm definitely not dropping $30 on a soundtrack when some WiiWare games give their soundtracks for free. $10 is a more reasonable price considering the game cost that much.



slambert215 said:

The music in this game is pretty darn good but I wouldn't pay $30 for it... I mean $20 or less is more reasonable.



Link79 said:

You can get the whole thing for free anyway. Ever heard of Youtube? 30 bucks is too much for a CD these days.



KDR_11k said:

The MM9 soundtrack is horrible and 30$ is way too much for it. Hell, you can get the whole game for a third of that price (doesn't that even include a sound check for convenient ripping?).



ness said:

Isn't it a little bit late? The absolutely awesome Mega Man 9 soundtrack was released in Japan in September, and i already have it since then, too. Thanks to Play-Asia =)



famicom said:

Sure you can but then it's not released in a physical package.
Things like printing costs money.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

35 tracks does not equal 30 dollars. Seriously, I imported the Galaxy soundtrack which had like 100 songs on it, with every track being fantastic for just 10 dollars more than this.

Well, Capcom isnt one to lose a quick buck......



Mayhem said:

In like Ness as well... for those who didn't get it originally perhaps.



deadly_by_design said:

I think they're coming from the angle of "We have a niche, retro demographic that paid $10-18 dollars for our 8-bit game & DLCs. I'm sure those nostalgic suckers'll drop $30 for the soundtrack."

Loved the game, but pass. Maybe $15 tops, honestly.



Wiiloveit said:

If only it was coming to Europe - Capcom don't even have a European store! Anyways: here's the cheapest one on ebay for anyone who wants it at £23.61 - some cheeky bugger is asking £49.90 + £11.82 P&P!!
I would have bought it myself, but I simply don't have the money - so free (legal, mind) soundtracks are the only way forward to me at the moment. Or maybe the Super Mario Galaxy OST from the Club Nintendo store (you hearin' me Nintendo? You stole my points and I need them back).
On the ebay search, I also found a variety of MEGAMAN lightbulbs, which is odd, to say the least.
One more thing: someone was also selling the press kit for almost £500. Any takers?



Tornado_Man said:

30$ No way I can just covert a video to a MP3 on youtube for free if i wanted it the sound track that bad ಠ_ಠ




What is your profile pic of Corbie? It almost looks like Kyuubi from Naruto..

@Tornado man: That also happens to be illegal. $30 isn't bad for 35 tracks. It costs $0.99 for songs on Itunes.



Mayhem said:

@WiiLoveIt - that's almost the highest price I've seen asked for it. I got mine for ever so slightly less than that heh...



Corbs said:

@ DEADCELL - My profile pic is of the witch hat that one of the characters from the Cave bullet hell shooter DeathSmiles wears.



Objection said:

Wow, CAPCOM. Thanks for rewarding your fans by...ripping them off on their next MM9 purchase.



Jockolantern said:

There's a reason it costs $30: Capcom isn't translating the liner notes for a brand new American release of the soundtrack. It's a direct import of the already-existing MM9 Japanese soundtrack. Thus, the high price point. I've paid far more than $30 for some Japanese video game soundtracks, including one-discers. It's not uncommon, people.



tantrumario said:

If they released this back when the game got released. I would've bought it. Now, probably now.



ness said:

@ Wiiloveit (#39): "Yeah, but have you see the price of their Okami soundtrack?"

It costs 51.90$, and it is worth every dollar. (Note that the O.S.T. consists of 5 CDs.)

@ tantrumario (#42):

They released the soundtrack even before the game, as i said in September (in Japan, easy to get through Play-Asia.)



Stuffgamer1 said:

Yeah, right! I paid $20 for a brand-new two disc Kingdom Hearts 2 Soundtrack at Power Gamer (a local Maryland game geek chain with about three or four stores). Can't get it THAT cheap on Amazon!

I'd like to know why these jerks don't actually just release soundtracks in America. I've downloaded a TON of game music from Galbadia Hotel (currently in dire need of funding, and I can't give a link because I can't get to the actual site past their "PLEASE DONATE" page right now) that I WOULD have been happy to buy on CD if the option had existed in a reasonable degree (most of it was OLD Japan-only soundtracks that go for $100 USED due to rarity, so...). I love game music and would buy lots if it was widely available.



ness said:

@ Stuffgamer1: "I love game music and would buy lots if it was widely available."

Then go to, it has tons of soundtracks available =).



Wiiloveit said:

Note that the [Okami] O.S.T. consists of 5 CDs.
I'm now writing an official complaint to Nintendo for releasing a two disc Mario Galaxy soundtrack - whether that's all they had to put on CD or not.



Objection said:

SPeaking of all the CDs above, I also got a Kingdom Hearts (1) OST with 2 Discs and 75-ish tracks for $20-$25. So this kinda thing still screams rip-off. With 5 discs, I'm now considering getting the Okami OST sometime



ness said:

@ Objection_Blaster (#47): "With 5 discs, I'm now consdiering getting the Okami OST sometime"

Really, you wouldn't regret it, the Okami soundtrack is absolutely awesome.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@ness #45: So it does, and yet very VERY little at a reasonable price. See, to me, "widely available" means released in America properly, not insane-import-fee website sales. Besides which the selection still seemed pretty lackluster to me, certainly as compared to the variety I can get on free downloads online. Problem is, most of the stuff I'd like isn't available.

Give you an idea what I like with a list of gaming music currently on my PSP (note that some are game rips and were never CD's at all):
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 Great stuff through and through. Love the variety, but the Japanese singers in the Atlantica songs in 2 bug the crap out of me...
StarTropics See? I think I probably love that game TOO much...
Super Metroid Love the style.
Earthbound That's some CRAZY music in parts, but very well done.
Chrono Trigger The true pinnacle of game music, imo.
Disgaea Custom Soundtrack Pre-order bonus for Disgaea 3. Also contains much CRAZY music (with Japanese lyrics that were MEANT to be in Japanese!).
Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man A Powerglove CD. Anybody who reads this and doesn't know who they are, FIND OUT! It's AMAZING stuff!

I think that's it. I've also been trying to get Super Mario RPG, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Animal Crossing (love that K.K. music!) on there, but Galbadia's having too much difficulty running to get it done. I want more 16-bit (and Animal Crossing) music!



ness said:

The soundtracks of Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger ($21.90) and Disgae (Custom Soundtrack) ($9.90) are available, and they aren't that expensive.

And sadly Animal Crossing doesn't have an own O.S.T. CD =(.
(I love the music, too^^).



Stuffgamer1 said:

@ness: I saw the Chrono Trigger soundtrack on the site, but it only has about have the music on it! So I'll stick with the download of the original soundtrack I already have. And of course the Disgaea Custom Soundtrack would be cheap, because anybody who sells it got it free! Well, maybe that logic doesn't follow, makes sense to me.

I also have the Katamari Damacy soundtrack on my PSP, but I didn't even know I could still get that new for an ALMOST reasonable price when I downloaded it. I MIGHT buy that if I ever have money again, just so I can rip it at a higher bit rate (the one thing I hate about downloads and their stupid 128 standards). But come on...$32 plus shipping for a CD? Yeah, right.

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