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Bit.Trip Beat To Bring Classic Arcade Gameplay To WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

It was only a few days ago that we posted the sneak peek from this month’s Nintendo Power which revealed the first of Aksys Games’ retro styled series of games, Bit.Trip Beat which is coming to WiiWare.

Some people may have thought Capcom were crazy for choosing the 8-bit NES style for Mega Man 9, but Aksys Games appear to be going one step further with the Bit.Trip series of games, they look more akin to blocky pixel style of Atari 2600 games! Bit.Trip Beat certainly looks original, coupled with the addictive old skool arcade gameplay this could be one to watch out for.

Check out the press release and video clip below:

Torrance, CA (January 13, 2009) - Aksys Games, a publisher of interactive entertainment software, is pleased to unveil BIT.TRIP BEAT exclusively for WiiWare™! Developed by Gaijin Games, BIT.TRIP BEAT marks the first adventure of Commander Video. Using the Wii Remote™, players will test their twitch skills as they battle through a retro-esque universe, familiar to the old generation and yet reinvented for the new.


Everything comes from something. We were before we became. From life comes rhythm, and from rhythm comes life. We are beings of information. Everything is a conduit for learning. We communicate in bits and bytes. And we will return to something once we become nothing; after our BIT.TRIP is complete. “BIT.TRIP BEAT is a crazy mix of 80s aesthetics and modern game design,” states Michael Manzanares, Producer of Aksys Games. “It’s challenging, yet fair, and completely addicting.”

“The Gaijin Games team wanted to make a game that used the tools of today to inspire the fun of yesterday. Our goal was to make a game that was as simple in gameplay as the games of the early 80s and equally as fun–even though gamers’ tastes have changed over the years,” continues Alex Neuse, Designer of Gaijin Games. “And let’s face it, sometimes a really good videogame is just awesome. We hope you enjoy BIT.TRIP BEAT.”

Key Features:

· Bring Back That Loving Feeling: BIT.TRIP BEAT brings back the classic arcade-style gameplay where getting the high score matters!

· Pixel Blocks For The Win: Keeping the arcade-style gameplay isn’t enough, BIT.TRIP BEAT sports a unique retro-inspired art style that will stimulate your senses.

· Old School Tunes: Who said old-school 8-bit music was out? BIT.TRIP BEAT bumps the latest chiptune music to keep the action fresh!

· Friends Can Play Too!: Can’t beat a level? No problem, BIT.TRIP BEAT allows 2 to 4 player co-op mode! But don’t think that makes it any easier…

BIT.TRIP BEAT has not been rated by the ESRB. More information about Aksys Games and BIT.TRIP BEAT can be found at Nintendo trademarks used under license. WIiWare is avaialble through the Wii console.

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Terra said:

"sometimes a really good videogame is just awesome"
I thought a really good game was always awesome



Philip_J_Reed said:

I am getting excited about this. Like seriously excited. I can't wait for more info on this one.



RADE said:

Wow looks above descent! pretty good actually hopefully..



Pablo17 said:

I am actually very interested in this. If it is 500 points, I would buy it right away. More than that, I will wait for a review.



Objection said:

I came into the video rather negative, but about halfway in it started to seem to work. This could be good.



NikeXTC said:

It looks awesome! I hope for a low price tag, but I guess I'll get it anyway



Kokstra said:

Seems interesting. I wonder if they thought of this concept before or after the Art Style series?



Kaeobais said:


This game looks amazing! Definate buy! ... actually I'll wait for the review ... But still: HOLY @$$ CLOWNS!

I just hope there's D-Pad support ...




tatemon555 said:

Awesome. This will be a must buy, since it looks like one of the better WiiWare games to come.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Mr. Tony - "Yeah that kinda peaked my interest! I may check that one out"
According to Elizabeth (Persona 3: FES), the correct spelling is "piqued".

Anyways, the song that the game made was catchy, yet I suspect a low score from this.



Ben__Harlan said:

I love the graphic style of this game. Looks like an old Atari game. Hope this game is good and is more than "sounds good".



Wesker said:

This game looks freakin awesome, I'm totally hyped about it. Only thing is that it might be too trippy and you end up writhing around on the carpet like homer simpson Cross between pac-man and rez?



AL3X_M said:

This game looks very promising. The music sounds amazing! I always love 8-bit tracks, its like 00's electronic music played in video games from the 70's! I also hope along with slambert that this game is affordable. I have a feeling that it is going to overrate itself if it becomes more than 700 points.

P.S: They have the, full, 8-bit song from the trailer availible for download on their site!!



Objection said:

"According to Elizabeth (Persona 3: FES), the correct spelling is "piqued"." Correct sir, plus you win bonus points for playing such a great game (P3 at least, I gotta borrow FES from a friend ASAP)



Kaeobais said:

18. MarkyVigoroth: Is that because WiiWare has a tendency to suck?

I pray to the GameGenie that this game is good, I just love the concept, and if it sucks ...



Ren said:

Cool, I'm all about it. be nice if it was cheap, and if the music is as tied to gameplay as the trailer lets on.
hmm, am I sensing a trickle of people already coming here from the 1up boards to fling annoying comments around?



Chunky_Droid said:

Wow, looks like a lot of stuff happening at once, but yet excites me!

Makes me want a Mooninites game though



KDR_11k said:

Now while they do use plenty of retro grpahics and such I don't think any retro game actually featured the rhythm elements that abstract games love so much these days.



Omega said:

Oh, my God. This looks really good. Assuming that it was created in a competition "Who writes the best game program?" for elementary school students. But as a game where people have to pay money for it? No! - Apologies for my negative thoughts, but I rather wait for some real games.

And please, no more "Pixel blocks for the win" nonsense. This is so cheap. I think WiiWare is in urgent need of some good AND modern-looking games for long lasting success. There are more than enough classics on the Virtual Console. Moreover I would not buy a game with pong-like graphics not even on the Virtual Console and not even for 50 Wii Points.



KDR_11k said:

Abstract graphics are much easier to make than realistic graphics and thus save craptons of money that can be spent on making more games or just making more matrial for the one game (a certain budget only buys so many levels when they cost a lot to make). I would know, I made most of Kernel Panic.



Twilight_Crow said:

I liked what I saw, I simply love musical games and my old Atari 2600, if they get the gameplay right I'll buy it ASAP.



xesbeth said:

This game reminds me Space invaders extreme, the shoot part is replaced by a pong concept.

Probably a future must have.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Objection Blaster-san: "plus you win bonus points for playing such a great game"
Do I also get bonus points for not only playing Persona 4, but also making a story based on the game?

shadx-san: "Is that because WiiWare has a tendency to suck?"
I bet so. We have been seeing too many failures, some from well-meaning companies.
(But still, if we are to trust AlexSays-san on buying bad WiiWare games in order to appreciate good games, then at least buy that hockey game, since that game is cheaper, less vulgar, and has a lower rating that Pong Toss.
I just wanted that out of my stomach.)



ness said:

A nice video, hopefully the gameplay is at least as good as the whole concept sounds =).



indenmark said:

@AL3X_M: Thanks for the heads up about the mp3 . . . the music is awesome! I'm thinking about buying it just for the tunes.




PiratePete said:

Looks a bit like an Atari 2600 version of upcoming DS game Rythem Heaven or the GBA prequels in Japan. So yeah, it looks pretty good. And sounds good too!



Terra said:

Looks like my previous opinion is slowly changing. This could be worth a look. I'll wait for reviews as usual though.



Wiiloveit said:

Hopefully it'll be as surprisingly addictive as fellow rhythm actions title Elite Beat Agents was, whilst not getting too confusing with the different beat movements etc.



Cthuloops said:

Sorry! I'm just a nut when it comes to any type of music/rhythm game.



Objection said:

"Do I also get bonus points for not only playing Persona 4, but also making a story based on the game?" Geez, you're greedy! But, yes, you do. I'm about to buy that game, as soon as I finish the ones I'm playing.
@Article-Now that I think about it, I agree with Omega. MM9 started something that could be horrible. "Let's make our game look like something from 10, 20, 30 years ago to save money! It's Retro~!"



Kaeobais said:

@31. chunky_droid: If that was a Aqua Teen Hunger Force reference, then you've just become awesome in my book ......... of awesome ... people ...

@38. MarkyVigoroth: Why do you keep saying san at the end of each name? Not that I have a problem with it, I'm just curious.



PALgamer said:

The game seems to be using the wiimote's IR. This could be good, but not getting my hopes up since we wont see it in PAL.



Objection said:

@Shadx Well, if you were asking "what purpose does -san have" its a Japanese honorific. If you were asking "Why are you using Japanese honorifics?" Well, I don't know that.



Ricardo91 said:

I wasn't too excited about this game before, but after seeing that video, I must say this looks amazing! Pseudo-Atari graphics FTW! But I'll only buy it if it's cheap. 700 tops.



naut said:

Hoho! Music and pong at the same time! Looks like a must buy! Especially if it's 500 points.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Shadx, I like calling people "Mr." or "Ms." in the Internet (I just like being polite/formal). I just use "-san," a gender-neutral honorific, if I do not know someone's gender.

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