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Big Bang Mini Demo available on the Nintendo Channel

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Just in case you couldn't wait another two weeks, SouthPeak games have throw up a demo of their latest game, Big Bang Mini, onto the Nintendo Channel.

SouthPeak Games is pleased to announce that a demo of Arkedo Studio’s Big Bang Mini for Nintendo DS™ is now available as a free download via the Nintendo Channel on Wii™. The explosive demo gives players a first taste of the unique shoot-‘em-up before it launches in Europe.

The demo of Big Bang Mini includes a selection of levels from three of the game’s worlds, including Hong Kong, Aurora and Luxor. These are just a handful of the full version’s nine uniquely themed locations, which see players travelling all over the globe blasting waves of enemies using spectacular firework displays. Featuring 90 challenging levels of play, tough boss battles and seven different modes, Big Bang Mini is the perfect game for Nintendo DS owners looking for their next action fix.

Take a look, you might like it.

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Wiiloveit said:

Nice one, haven't used the DS download service in ages - more please, Nintendo!

ADDED: Okay, just checked out the Nintendo channel - there's a bunch of other new stuff on there as well - trailers for Pop Em Drop Em Same Game, Lonpos (which actually looks worse now that I've seen the trailer), NEW PLAY CONTROL! Pikmin and Tetris Party Tournament 2, amongst a downlodable preview of 100 Book Collection and another celebrity interview with Adam and Mark (is that right? Apparently they're celebrities, but either way they're very funny - "what is Bowser? Like, and oversized toad, crocodile thingy?" "Nah, Ricky Gervais!" - watch the Mario Kart one if you've got the channel, it's pretty funny indeed)



James said:

Adam and Joe! They're legends
I've just given this a go, and it was awesome! Really liked the use of both screens and the graphical styling, although the second "world" is clearly inspired by Rez - check out the pyramids!

For me, it's probably the best shooter I've played on DS. Yes, I do own Bangai-O Spirits!

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