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And The Winner Is...?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Much like Santa, Nintendo Life loves giving things away, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It's come to our attention that we've been kind of lazy with our competitions, we've emailed winners but never published them on the website itself, in the vein of doing things "betta'" in 2009 we'll be publishing the winners, because we want to.

Sonic Unleashed Goodies!

Most recently was our Sonic Unleashed Goodies! competition, with some great Sonic Unleashed related merchandise supplied by our good friends at SEGA. And The Winners Were...

  • alexlnumber1
  • Azzy
  • bennasher
  • ZeD
  • -TR

Snakebyte Retro Controller Giveaway!

Before that we had the Snakebyte Retro Controller Giveaway! competition, offering some hardware for all those retro games kindly donated by Snakebyte, And The Winners Were...

  • Wendyb47
  • Terranigma
  • Prosody
  • hero-of-time

Sonic Chronicles Goodies!

Even further back in time we had the Sonic Chronicles Goodies! competition that had some great Sonic Chronicles goodies, mucho thanks to SEGA again for supplying the prizes. And The Winners Were...

  • AgedStudent
  • greyskittles
  • emmajane29
  • trumpy
  • caygijan
  • ohno
  • hids
  • shropslass
  • flamingice
  • nonblonde

Phew! If you've won a prize and not had an email from us, it's probably your silly spam folder, let's face it, most emails titled "you've won a competition" might be considered spam! Contact us and we'll try and sort it out.

We'll have lots more competitions this year, a very special one coming up from SouthPeak games, you could Win a DS Lite & a copy of Big Bang Mini, shine get!

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lickulmiss said:

no sorry the ds is miiinnnneeee as the kids r not happy wiv me using theirs lol maybe the time after

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