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All New Screenshots From Icarian: Kindred Spirits

Posted by Darren Calvert

Our new found friends at Over The Top Games have sent us some exclusive screenshots from their upcoming game Icarian: Kindred Spirits to share with you. The first two screenshots were published by the Spanish press last week, but the last 3 are brand new.

In the screenshots you can see some examples of gameplay you'll find on Icarian. You can see a new enemy, the "Satyr" and gain an idea of the kind of physics in the game. You can move rocks and other stuff around.

Don’t forget to check out our interview with Over The Top from earlier in the month to find out more about this stunning game.


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Kawaiipikachu said:

Looks beautiful.
Wii ware needs more good titles so we can have plenty of quality titles to choose from.



themortalangel said:

EPIC!! Now who can tell me a suspected releae date? Seriously this is one of those games I am dying for...and they're aren't many of those.



Omega said:

It actually looks quite nice. Seems that Ikarian combines traditional platform gaming elements with 3D graphics. After we have seen LostWinds, this is nothing fundamentally new, but I still find it very interesting. I do not think it is a load of carp.



themortalangel said:

@ Omega HAHA yes no Halibut here.

@ Alex I'm going with either its Greg the bunny, or the evil demon rabbit from Donnie Darko.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I really hope this game is nice and long. I am already afraid of people saying, "This was a good game, but it ended way too soon."

If there's enough gameplay to really keep me busy, I'll be a happy man.



Mayhem said:

Looking interesting and cool... still reminds me of the cover to Ico though heh...



Wiiloveit said:

HAHA yes no Halibut here.
Don't start that again...

This game looks really decent, and whilst it doesn't look as Kid Icarus as everyone originally hoped, it still looks like it could be a really good game. Really looking forward to this one now.



Kaeobais said:

Is it just me or does this look ..... cell shaded? Not, like, Wind Waker cell shaded, but GTA4 cs at least.

Anyways, looks rather good. Can't wait to see how this tuurns out!



MuljoStpho said:

Evil rabbit? Keeping in mind the theme (taking place in or inspired by Greek myths) I was thinking it looked kind of goat-like. It could be a satyr... or a more goat-like / less human interpretation of a satyr, at least.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"It could be a satyr"

From the article you're commenting on:
"You can see a new enemy, the Satyr."



Cthuloops said:

Must buy for me. Cannot wait for this game. Wonder how the soundtrack will sound? Hopefully it will have chanting (see Halo or Metroid Prime openings). It just sounds very heavenly or god-like.




It dosen'y look anything like a rabbit... anyway this game is looking VERY nice. Lets hope gameplay can match up!



Twilight_Crow said:

It looks like a goat to me.
This game looks nice, it all depends on the gameplay know, if they get it right I'm buying it.



Razoredge17 said:

I thought it was called the satyr?

I am truly excited for this game, graphically one of the best wiiware games so far, now we await the verdict on gameplay.



AlexSays said:

This isn't up for debate.

It's an evil rabbit and those who say otherwise are wrong.

End of discussion.



HOT-ROD said:

It reminds me of LostWinds kinda. It looks amazing, I just hope the gameplay is good.
Gameplay is what makes a game good, not graphics... But it is SO BEAUTIFUL



Wiiloveit said:

It's supposed to be an evil satyr!
Bet you're feeling kinda dumb now, eh, Pegasus?

Oh, and my regards go to AlexSays for finally getting something WRONG.



CanisWolfred said:

Oh wow, so it's a Lost Winds clone. Now I REALLY don't care about it.

And Alex, it's a Billy Goat, rabbits don't have horns.



themortalangel said:

It could be the evil rabbit from hell....things from hell have horns lol. Serioiusly though and a second look I'm going with satyr.



farore311 said:

Well I agree with some who mentioned it before: this game does share a lot of similarities with nintendo's Kid Icarus. But let's be serious, with the time it takes for nintendo to update their classic franchises (and I mean A potent one, not like marios spin-offs etc.), it was time that a third party publisher release something inspired by nintendo's work. The game looks good and might be a future purchase for me. Grats at you at Over the top.

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