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World of Goo Makes PC World's Holiday Best List

Posted by Corbie Dillard

2D Boy's World of Goo continues to acquire accolades from video game and technology media sites around the net, but most recently the game had its name mentioned among such video game heavyweights as Gears of War 2, Guitar Hero World Tour, and LittleBigPlanet in PC World's recent "Video Games: The 12 Best Holiday Bets" special.

World of Goo was the only WiiWare title to garner a mention, but the mere fact that an independent title like World of Goo would make a list of this caliber further shows just how big a hit the game has become in the short time since its release.

Here's a snippet of the article taken directly from the article.


The Scoop: "World of Goo." Genre: Puzzle; by: 2D Boy; from: 2D Boy; for: Linux, Mac OS X, WiiWare, Windows; rating: Everyone.

Info: Two guys (really, just two guys) cobbled together a game in which you build bridges, towers and all sorts of wild latticelike contraptions to shuttle bubbling balls of goo from one side of a level to another.

Sometimes the best things come in messy, mucky packages. "World of Goo" is such a game, divided into five chapters with levels that strut pulsing, bobbing graphics and music that's "Beetlejuice" meets "Last of the Mohicans." You start each level with a wobbly structural nub teeming with tiny balls of goo and an exit-point pipe at the other side that you have to build over (or up, or down) to. Pluck dangling goo balls and reposition them to fashion joint extensions that gradually take the form of wobbly Tinker Toy trellises. Repeat until you've reached the pipe at the other end, which sucks up whatever goo bits are left over.

As you advance, the game throws new ideas at you: Windmills that threaten your trellises, daring escapes from gurgling stomachs, sleeping goos that have to be woken, enormous goos you have to fit into tiny pipes, explosive and reusable goos, even some goos that are stickier than others.

What's it all about? Building as efficiently as possible. The less goo used for struts, the more goo balls the pipe can hoover up. The more goo in the pipe, the taller your "World of Goo Corporation" tower grows, a tower that if you're playing competitively, is visible to anyone else playing the game.

SOURCE: MSN Tech & Gadgets

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AlexSays said:

These developers (all two of them) better never make a game ever again because anything else will be a disappointment.



Corbs said:

I would hate to have to create the game that will follow World of Goo. As you said, a very lofty bar has been set.



ness said:

"These developers (all two of them) better never make a game ever again because anything else will be a disappointment."

If every developer had followed this advice in the past we would have missed some of the best games of all time .



Aardvark_Soup said:

I still can't wait untill World of Goo gets released in Europe. Too bad we didn't get it today and we'll probably have to wait until next month...



Objection said:

I both envy and don't envy 2D Boy for making such a great game! I wish them the best in their future endeavors.



shadows262 said:

World of Goo is such a great game and I hope a sequel is in the works.
I love that game no doubt.



Cthuloops said:
same here man.

Also I hope these guys do future projects and stuff, but I kind of don't want them to do so at the same time. Well, whatever happens, happens. World of Goo is getting the attention it deserves.



blockhead said:

world of goo is the bomb im going to gift it to all the people on my wii console address book if they dont have it



StarDust4Ever said:

I have spent a total of $35 on World of Goo - I downloaded it on Wiiware [1500pts] and then later downloaded it again from [$20 for both the Mac and PC versions], and I have it installed on both of my computers (OSX Tiger Minimac and WinXP laptop).

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