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WiiWare World - Best of 2008

Posted by Corbie Dillard

This year brought Wii owners the WiiWare service and with it some great and affordable downloadable game titles. While we've seen our fair share of awful titles on the service, we've also seen some outstanding releases, a few that approach even some of the better Wii retail releases.

As 2008 comes to a close, we at WiiWare World thought it might be time to take a look back at a handful of the best WiiWare titles released in 2008. Below you'll find five titles that we consider to be the best the service has to offer so far and games that are worth every single Wii Point they cost.

5. Art Style: Orbient (Nintendo)


The Art Style titles really came out of nowhere and with little to no fanfare, yet they've been extremely well-received on the WiiWare service. While it was tough for us to choose only one of the three Art Style releases so far, we felt Orbient was the most playable title and being the first release in the series, it was the biggest surprise for us personally. Combining a very basic graphical style with an extremely simple and intuitive control scheme, the game proves the old adage that sometimes less is more.
Art Style - Orbient review

4. Toki Tori (Two Tribes)


The original Toki Tori became a cult classic on the Game Boy Color system, so fans were quite happy to see Two Tribes bring out a new version of the game on the WiiWare service. The game's combination of platforming and puzzle action makes it a perfect fit for the service and the reasonable price tag adds even more appeal to the package. There might be a large number of puzzle titles available for the WiiWare service, but Toki Tori is easily one of the better ones.
Toki Tori review

3. LostWinds (Frontier)


Although LostWinds was one of the first titles made available on the WiiWare service, it remains one of the most popular and respected titles to date. We've even seen quite a few WiiWare developers point to the title as being their favorite. The game offers up beautiful visuals and a soothing, almost hypnotic musical score not to mention one of the best platforming experiences the WiiWare service has to offer. The game has been criticized for its overly short length, but we're hoping that Frontier remedies that small gripe with the sequel.
LostWinds review

2. Mega Man 9 (Capcom)


Capcom took Mega Man fans on a trip back to the 8-bit era with the release of their Mega Man 9 title on the WiiWare service. Not only did the game feature all of the classic Mega Man game play found in the NES releases, it also featured the 8-bit graphics and sound to go along with it. As if all of this retro gaming goodness wasn't enough, Capcom even saw to it that every bit of brutal difficulty found in the original releases was left intact for this new WiiWare release. In fact, we might even go so far as to say that this is the most difficult of all the Mega Man releases. Couple all of this with some interesting downloadable content and you have what is one of the most well-rounded and enjoyable WiiWare releases to date.
Mega Man 9 review

1. World of Goo (2D Boy)


This pick was pretty much a foregone conclusion and anyone that's seen the heaping helping of praise that World of Goo has garnered shouldn't be at all surprised that this was our #1 pick of 2008. World of Goo is not only the best WiiWare release so far, it's also one of the best Nintendo Wii game releases period. The game uses a very quirky art style and some rather catchy musical tracks to carry the mood of the game along, but it's the simple, yet unbelievably addictive game play, that keeps gamers coming back for more. World of Goo might be one of the most expensive WiiWare releases out there, but as anyone that's played the game will tell you, it's worth every single penny.
World of Goo review

Well you've read our Top 5 WiiWare titles of 2008. Now we'd like to hear what you have to say. And feel free to be as pithy and condescending as you'd like to be. We can take it.

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bboy2970 said:

WOG is number 1........ shocker! It deserves it though. Also, Yay, my 1st first post!



CanisWolfred said:


Howdy, it's always nice to see a new face around these parts.

As for these games, pretty much what I expected. Me, I only got Lost Winds and Mega Man 9, although I was planning on getting World of Goo and maybe Toki Tori.



Virus said:

I have two out of five, not bad...While I would say this year hasn't been bad in terms of WiiWare games, I hope next year's releases blow this year's out of the water.



Clayfrd said:

I've got 4/5; I don't have Lost Winds. Good list, predictable, but good. I'm glad MM9 is #2.



Scrent said:

This top 5 became much like of what I expected. Except for Art Style: Orbient that I thought it would be Bomberman Blast or Tetris Party in the list instead!



bboy2970 said:

@Mickeymac: Hello to you aswell! but I'm not all that new to WWW, just dont post too much. Anyway, I too was a little surprised to not see Tetris Party on the list, especially considering how well it sold.



gameking23 said:

I wonder where WWW got the idea for this article. WoG is a no brainer for number 1.



SRPirate said:

WoG deserves number 1 spot, but tetris party or bobmerman blast should have been up there. They should have probably had a top 10, it would have made things more agreeable.



Corbs said:

Why would we want things "more agreeable" anyway? What fun would that be?

And we felt like, given the unique surprise of the Art Style releases, that we had to at least include one of them in the list. While we all have differing opinions on which Art Style title is the best in the series, we settled on the first release as a compromise.



CanisWolfred said:

Considering the praise Orbient got, I'm not surprised that it made it on the list. I'm not interested in it - would rather have one of the other Artstyle games - but still, I'm glad at least one ArtStyle game got mentioned.



AlexSays said:

VERY predictable list.
Almost as if you took the top five rated games, and replaced Final Fantasy with Art Style.
What'd Square Enix ever do to you?

Anyway, I have all those except Art Style games.
I like puzzle games but none of those look that great to me and I'm pretty tight with my money.



Sycoraxic98 said:

Nice, but predictable.

I have Orbient, Mega Man 9, and World of Goo. I PAID for Toki Tori and Lostwinds, but for some reason, there was always a glitch in the downloads for those games...



shadows262 said:

Great list guys!
But once you look at the list, more than half of the games are puzzlers which makes people think that the wiiware service doesnt really have much of a variety! sigh



Objection said:

I am surprised that FFCC:MLAAK didn't make the list, but all the ones listed are good. I have 3/5 and plan to pick up Orbient when i get more points for SMRPG (Sorry MM9, hard games don't agree with me)



Corbs said:

VERY predictable list.
Almost as if you took the top five rated games, and replaced Final Fantasy with Art Style.

It makes sense since we are the ones that rated them.



AlexSays said:

It makes sense since we are the ones that rated them.

Yeah but that's no fun.
Like one site gave Brawl a 9.5, No More Heroes a 9.0, and No More Heroes won Wii Game of the Year.
You're supposed to throw in a shocker so people will come in here and throw a tantrum.
That's much more exciting than everyone coming in here and saying, "Oh yeah, that makes sense."

Heck, throw MaBoShi or Tetris in there or somethin'.
My list would be as follows:

5.) Star Soldier R
4.) Mega Man 9
3.) FFCC: My Life As a King
2.) World of Goo
1.) Tetris Party

Now see that list would turn heads and you'd have people gathering their fighting utensils.
Oh, that is my actual list by the way, I can substantiate each game being in their position.



KDR_11k said:

Lost Winds is massively overrated IMO. Near zero challenge and the game ends too fast, many people even got confused by the directions and lack of a map. MM9 may have the gameplay of older titles but the level design is weaker.



calculon said:

I agree with you there KDR_11K and I also think FFCC: MLaaK is over-rated too.

My top 5 list would be:

5.) Mega Man 9
4.) Star Soldier R
3.) Toki Tori
2.) Tetris Party
1.) World of Goo

Despite the price tag, I spent many more hours playing Star Solider R.than Lost Winds which I played twice (once to completion and the second time for about 1/2 hour before becoming completely disinterested) My 6-10 listing would probably be:

10.) Brain Challenge
9.) Space Invaders Get Even
8.) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
7.) Actionloop Twist
6.) Bomberman Blast



Virus said:

SIGE would be such a greater contender for my favorite WiiWare game if it hadn't been split into four parts. Like I said on its page, even if the inital package included Get Even and the first mission pack, I would enjoy it more. Yeah, some say memory and money don't matter, but that's just not the case with me.



StarDust4Ever said:

@jpfan1989: Five Worst Wiiware of 2008:

= = = = = = =
#5: Major League Eating
#4: Midnight Bowling
#3: Allstar Hockey Shootout
#2: Pong Toss
#1: SPOGS Racing

[And to think I was stupid enough to download SPOGS without waiting for the review ]



Hilanderous said:

Personally, I found LostWinds boring; even with the short length. My first time through, I finished it in just over two hours and found all the idols and still thought it lasted too long.



Wiiloveit said:

Good list - although I'd probably swap LostWinds with Mega Man 9. Oh - and why the hell is ORBIENT there? I found it a bit disappointing , to be honest.

Now - hows about the READER WiiWare Top 5?

If you decide against a reader top five, here's mine anyway (note, these are different to what I mentioned you should change above, since these are the ones I enjoyed most personally):
1) World of Goo
2) LostWinds
3) Toki Tori
4) PLATTCHEN twist 'n' paint (ya, rly)
5) Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People



Rexy said:

Swap Art Style for SBCG4AP and that's MY list (I've no illwill towards Art Style at all, just found it a better title IMO).
What a good year for Wiiware in comparison to VC



DJGOYO said:

1º World of goo
2º Megaman
3º Lost winds
4º Toki tori
But..... 5º ART SYLE???¿?¿? Oh my god. I prefer... bomberman,gyrostarr, defend your castle...



ness said:

Absolute great list, and i have all of them =).

My (Top 6) list would be nearly the same:

6.: LostWinds
4.: Art Style - Orbient / MaBoShi
3.: Toki Tori
1. Mega Man 9 / World of Goo



kitroplious said:

Here is my Top 5 WiiWare Games of 2008:
5. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
4. LostWinds
3. Space Invaders Get Even
2. Mega Man 9
1. World of Goo



Nickname said:

Whew I definetely though Bomberman, Tetris or even Defend your castle make it into the list, well the chosen one's ara pretty good too.

PD: I forgot Space Invaders Get Even...



Kevin said:

Mega Man 9 should of been #1. I'm not dissin World of Goo. Mega Man just kept my interest longer.



chiefeagle02 said:

My top 5 would be:

5. Pop
4. Lost Winds
3. Mega Man 9
2. Tetris Party
1. World of Goo

Your list is still pretty good though.



Wiiloveit said:

@Kevin: Mega Man 9 was good, but not that good. It was a great replica of classic titles, but as a new game, I didn't like it as much as loads of you guys seemed to - I still like it, though.



EJD said:

Good list even though it was predictable. Personally I think the Mega Man games are overrated. I haven't played enough WiiWare games for a top 10 but the ones I have I'd rank like this:

1) World of Goo
2) Tetris Party
3) Bomberman Blast
4) Midnight Pool
5) Pop

I would be interested to see a top 5 worst games, I'm sure most of us would agree with the rankings.



blackknight77 said:

I am really glad that Orbient made the list. People should really check that game out. For me personally , I would have Mega Man 9 as the number 1 game, but that's because I am a fan of the series. I really hope we get more games like this top 5 in 2009. Unfortunatly I don't feel that optimistic I have a feeling Wii Ware will be swamped with cash-in puzzle, poker, and sudoku games I sure hope I am proved wrong.

Honorable mention to Star Soldier R- who despite not being a complete game is still really fun to play and to try to break scores



Wiiloveit said:

Personally I think the Mega Man games are overrated. I haven't played enough WiiWare games for a top 10 but the ones I have I'd rank like this:

My top 5 list would be:
5.) Mega Man 9

Mega Man 9 was good, but not that good.

And these are three of the four MM9 comments from the UK - Mega Man's not very popular over here if you didn't know.

Oh, and how was your list decided upon, Corbie/WWW?



Starwolf_UK said:

Guess this goes to show that FFCC:MLAAK hasn't stood the test of time...

My top 5 would certainly include Cubello though mainly from a technical standpoint. The smallest WiiWare title yet it doesn't feel compromised in any category (its got the lot; voice acting, decent music...). Developers, more of it and less 300 block titans



MarkyVigoroth said:

I already told about my Epiphany plans in the Best of 2008 list at VC-Reviews, so I will instead tell you my plans, if I ever acquire 6,000 WP (disability benefits/pity money)...

In no real order:
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars (All 3 of us, my brothers and me, want this! I already played the ROM, yet I am SO buying this, even if only to say "sorry" to Nintendo! )
Harvest Moon (I am not that interested in Harvest Moon, but my brother likes Harvest Moon, so I am buying this for him "for no real reason.")
Dragon Spirit (The game is not rated as well, and I am not a fan of shooters, yet dragons compete with coquís and Jesus Christ lizards for the spot of "My favourite animal".)
Pokémon Puzzle League (I simply want to collect every true Pokémon game in existance.)
Wworld of Goo (I hear nothing but praise of this, and that gameplay video someone put piqued my interest. Plus, I also like that frog-thing in the official World of Goo screenshots.)
Super Mario World (I liked that game back when my brother had this for the GameBoy Advance, but, since he lost the game, I am downloading this. Before someone raises concern, I already have the semi-required Classic Controller.)
Rockman 3 (The video piqued my interest, and I read that this is the best Rockman game, so...)

By the way, I bought Bio Miracle Bokkutte Upa with the Wii Points Card I got. My only disatisfaction was my not being able to pass World 2-1, but I am fine with this.



bwaybuddy26 said:

My top ten --
10) SBCG4AP Series
9) Mega Man 9
8) Gyrostarr
7) LostWinds
6) Tetris Party
5) Dr. Mario Online Rx
4) Defend Your Castle
3) Art Style: Orbient
2) Toki Tori
1) World of Goo



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Very predictable list But still, it's a good list. I personally aren't a huge puzzle fan, so mine would be:

5) Lostwinds
4) Defend Your Castle
3) Star Solider R
2) Mega Man 9
1) World of Goo



Big_A2 said:

Hey! The only two Wii Ware games I own are also the top two on this list. Wierd huh?



Olimar_91 said:

I own all of them. My list would be:

5- LostWinds
4- Dr. Mario
3- Mega Man 9
2- Toki Tori
1- World of Goo



Wiiloveit said:

@Starwolf_UK: I wouldn't really call it voice acting...
@Big A2: Not weird, no - it just shows how bad you are at choosing great games.

Oh, and this is my 750th WWW comment! Yay for me, and happy new year everyone!



blackknight77 said:

I don't think 3 or 4 comments means that all of the UK dislikes
Mega Man 9. The reason its rated so highly is to awesome retro look, catchy music, cool bosses, and excellent level design thats ranked up there with Mega Man 2 and 3. And then on top of that you can throw in some cool DLC as well



Stuffgamer1 said:

Come on...where's all the SBCG4AP love? I think only two people even mentioned it, and only one put it in his top five. LAME! I would list the series as one unit to be fair, but it should also be right up there on the list, imo. Not sure if I can MAKE a top five list without splitting them up, as I may not have played enough games yet (definitely am one who prefers VC to WiiWare overall). That is to serve the disclaimer that I won't put a game I haven't played on this list, regardless of implied quality.

1. SBCG4AP I'm a fan of both the genre and, so this is a no-brainer to me.
2. Toki Tori While I still haven't managed to beat it, it really is very good. THIS is the kind of puzzle game I like!
3. Tetris Party One of the two best Tetris games ever made, imo (the other being Tetris DS, of course). Even though Nintendo doesn't own the license anymore, they still manage to get the best versions...
4. Dr. Mario Online RX It's Dr. Mario. Duh. I would've MUCH rather had Dr. Mario 64 on VC due to its Wario Land 3 connections, but this'll have to do.
5. Defend Your Castle Good fun, at least until you hit the upper 30's in level and your arm falls off trying desperately to keep up...

There's only one other WiiWare game I've played on WiiWare, that being MadStone. What a waste of money THAT was...

I have played Mega Man 9, though on Xbox Live Arcade. Frankly, I believe that they made the game TOO DANG HARD, which is why it can't make any "best of" list from me, ever. I've beaten all 8 Mega Man games before this, but can't even beat (or get to) a single level boss in Mega Man 9. Like I recently said on VC-Reviews, I'm more of a top-down camera kinda guy, and can deal with severe difficulty much better in that format.

@Tony: Don't EVEN go calling that Mega Man 9 DLC a good thing! It was total BS and should've been in the game. It's at LEAST as bad as Space Invaders Get Even as far as overpriced DLC goes (though the content is less necessary, I'll admit), but it gets accepted just because it's Mega Man. NOT COOL!



Wiiloveit said:

@Tony: It's a fairly well know fact that we're not exactly Mega Man fanboys, and I was using those quotes as examples.
@Stuffgamer1: The DLC should have been in the game, but not all of it - since there's a fair bit of money to be made by Capcom there. Or, they could double the price. Which would you prefer?
I just wish the endless stage was a bit cheaper.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@BigA2: Hey BigA2! Since when were you a member here (I recognize him from another forum)? Same avatar too

EDIT: I changed my avatar to Geno. I hope you guys here like it



Crazynoodle said:

Argh, to many coments to read all of them, so i will just speak. Wog is awesome and deserves to be up there. Toki tori, is a very fn puzzle game, that to me gets very hard, but still fun, so it also deserves a spot. It was the first game i got, yet i still havent beaten it. I think the list is overall pretty acurate, cant wait till what 2009 brings, if there is about 52 weeks in a year, that makes 104 new wiiware titles if it continues at this rate. I hopw more tens and nines follow in the future, and less junky titles. I wonder what will be he next WoG juggernaut



Adam said:

1) Mega Man 9
2) Mega Man 9 Endless
3) Mega Man 9 Hero Mode
4) Mega Man 9 Proto Man
5) Mega Man 9 Special Stage

Tetris Party and Dr. Mario get honorable mentions. Lost Winds was really fun once but way too short and not very fun to replay. None of the other WiiWare games appeal to me, so here's hoping for a better 2009!



worrybomb said:

I agree with the list. You can't go wrong with any of those 5 WiiWare games.

Honorable mentions (for me, at least) are: Bomberman Blast, Dr. Mario Online Rx, Groovin' Blocks, Maboshi's Arcade, Tetris Party

Two questions: 1) Will we see other "Best of" lists from other staff/editors of or is this the official list? 2) Will there be a "Worst of" list?



CanisWolfred said:

Guess it's my turn:

World of Goo is #1, obviously.

Mega Man 9 is #2 because while I found it enjoyable, I felt the stage designs could've been better.

Star Soldier R is #3 because it proved to me that you don't have to be a full game in order to be fun. Up until I actually played a full Soldier game.

Defend Your Castle is #4, since it managed to provide hours of entertain, yet was simply too simple for me to invest any more than 15 minutes during each playthrough.

Lastly, Lost Winds staggers in at #5, because while it was amazing when I first played it, it was simply too damn short, and had absolutely for me to go back to it.



cyrus_zuo said:

1- WoG
2 - Lost Winds
3 - Bomberman Blast
4 - Tetris Party
5 - SBGfAP: Homestar Ruiner
6 - Art Style: Orbient
7 - Wild West Guns
8 - Space Invaders Get Even
9 - FFCC: MLaK
10 - Big Kahuna Party



Adam said:

Top 5 Anticipated 2009 Titles
1) Swords and Soldiers
2) Bubble Bobble Wii
3) Cave Story
4) Gradius Rebirth
5) Rainbow Island Tower

Hoping for a Puzzle League game, too, so I don't have to get the Pokemon version on VC. It seems like an obvious choice, but haven't heard of any announcement yet.



ness said:

@ Stuffgamer1: "I've beaten all 8 Mega Man games before this, but can't even beat (or get to) a single level boss in Mega Man 9."

What? Not even on the standard difficulty level? Maybe you get a little bit old^^.
I thought it is one of the easier classic Mega Man games.

Wow, and i beat the game on the hardest difficulty level. Am i that good?^^



Kokstra said:

I personally would have picked Rotohex as the most playable because its so easy to pick up and play for a short amount of time. But I haven't tried Orbient yet though.



Yasume said:

I haven't played all games, but Toki Tori and Mega Man 9 deserve those spots definitely. LostWinds doesn't belong there.

My personal Top 5 is:

1. Mega Man 9
2. Toki Tori
3. Cocoto Fishing Master
4. Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner
5. LostWinds

Bomberman Blast and My Aquarium are No. 6 and 7.

I also own 3 WiiWare games that I haven't played yet:

Alien Crush Returns
Art Style: Cubello
World of Goo

I'm also planning to buy quite some WiiWare games next year, so my Top 5 will most likely be totally different at the end of 2009.



Objection said:

I'm going to avoid posting my own list because it wouldn't be that unique. I think this article proves that despite some off weeks, Wiiware in 2008 was of an overall high quality.



mattnd2007 said:

Honestly I only own Mega Man 9 and I love it. I really should get world of goo, but I am a cheapskate. Plus puzzle games aren't my favorite type of game either. Is it awesome even if you don't like puzzle games all that much?



shadows262 said:

I'd have to say my Top 5 favorite Games of '08 are:
5: Defend Your Castle
4: Toki Tori
3: Lostwinds
2: WoG
1: MM9

Art styles are great in all but not that great.
As for WoG being behind MM9 is because im sorta sick of praising WoG and anyway i had more fun with MM9 and btw i beat it like 5 times!



slambert215 said:

Big shock there for number 1!

I tried MM9 on Xbox Live Arcade, I didn't like it that much, its really freakin' hard.

P.S. How do you like my new avatar? Gears 2 FTW!!!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Can somebody help me on my avatar problem? It won't change on WWW, but it does on VC-R.

EDIT: Never mind, its up



Ricardo91 said:

Hey guys! How do you like my new name?

Anyway, I only have 5 Wiiware games, so making my top 5 shouldn't be too hard :

1. Mega Man 9. Easily the best game I've gotten so far. It's extremely hard, but the achievements, Endless Mode, ect. add a lot of replay value, and the music is awesome, as to be expected from Mega Man.
2. Art Style: ORBIENT. Best 2 button game ever.
3. Toki Tori. Unique, brilliant puzzler. Glad Two Tribes had the sense to revive this game!
4. Doctor Mario: Online Rx. Nice version of Nintendo's classic puzzle game, even though I suck at it.
5. Defend Your Castle. This is a really fun game in short bursts, and it can be fun with other people, but it can get boring in prolonged play sessions.

@Slambert. I don't know. I still see Peter Griffin.



jangonov said:

2008 was a good year for wiiware. Then again, it is the first year so lets hope it gets better as well, next year.



SilentJ said:

I remember not wanting to have anything to do with FFCC:MLAAK but my brother really wanted it. It ended up being one of my favorite wiiware games. The list was pretty good but I would replace Orbient with either FFCC or Cubello.



slambert215 said:

One last thing to say: Where is the Bomberman Blast love? That game is the bomb (no pun intended). The 8 player local battles are so much fun. At least the readers seem to like it



Chunky_Droid said:

Well as I expected

Only WiiWare games I actually own is Tiki Towers (freebie) and Megaman 9 though



Twilight_Crow said:

Nice top five, mine would be almost the same, I'd put Defend Your Castle instead of Orbient.




Wiiloveit said:

@Ricardo91: I recognised your pic as well. Meh - I suppose now I won't get confused every time Cheezy posts a comment.

My top 5 anticipated games for 2009:
LostWinds 2
Animales de la Muerte
Snowboard Riot
Evasive Space

although I was tempted to say Mart Race, Pop Up Pirate, Texas Hold 'Em Tournament, Rolling Boobs and Battle Poker...



Mike1 said:

Well, since I only downloaded 2 WiiWare games in 2008 (Mega Man 9 and Dr. Mario), I couldn't make a Top 5 list even if I tried. I'd rather have more VC games each week and less WiiWare shovelware games.



CanisWolfred said:

So now we're doing Wish lists now? Okay, all I'm looking forward to are:

3. Swords & Soldiers, because I enjoy RTS', and this one looks quite enjoyable.

2. Gradius Rebirth, because I love the Gradius games, and since I can't find Gradius V no matter how hard I look, this one will have to do.

1. Cave Story, since it's awesome.

Nothing else gets me all that excited, except maybe Niki, LIT, and Equilibro.



gameking23 said:

My top 5 for 09 are the following

5. Evasive Space

4. Niki

3. Gradius

2 Equilibro

1. Cave Story



SRPirate said:

My personal top 5 is:
1.World of Goo
2.Bomberman Blast
3.Tetris Party
5. Art Style Cubello



BulaJacket said:

My WiiWare Top 5:

1) Bomberman Blast
2) Tetris Party
3) World of Goo
4) Dr Mario
5) MegaMan 9

Hon Mentions: My Aquarium , Toki Tori
Lost Winds is overrated.
Alien Crush Returns I enjoy, but probably not a Top 5 game.

Anticipated games (my instant buys):
Swords & Soldiers
Bubble Bobble Wii

Also agree there should be a reader top 5.
(Average the responses on here? 5pts for 1st; 1pt for 5th)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

cyrus_zuo: You developed BKP and you put it in 10th place? How humble of you! That's great to see.

My top 5 would be tough to decide.... But LostWinds would not be on it, I can tell you that. It's a tad overrated.

Also, I'm not surprised B-Blast didn't make it into Top 5.
I AM surprised Tetris Party didn't make it in though...

That being said, I can name the following WiiWare games I'd have a battle with to determine which one would reign supreme (for a Top 5 list):

Toki Tori
WoG (Naturally...)
Tetris Party
Dr. Mario

Deciding the #1 title for me would be tough. But Toki Tori is definitely in the Top 3!!



lockelocke said:

1. Mega Man 9
I can't wait for Gradius Rebirth, and I'm really hoping for more retro installments of classic franchises
2. World Of Goo
3. Star Soldier R
Definitely my most played WiiWare download
4. Lost Winds
5. Alien Crush Returns

Haven't messed around with the Art Styles, but I'm thinking about Orbient as my next download.



Wiiloveit said:

@cyrus_zuo: like KS8 said, well done for not randomly promoting your game and instead letting your honesty shine through - you should be proud.

Oh - and I followed the trend and changed my avatar. Anyone who knows what it is before the 21st of January (that's a clue) can have a cookie.



MrPoo6321 said:

I played all of those except for Toki Tori.... I still haven't beat Mega Man 9 or Art Style: Orbient though. World of Goo kicks ass and so does LostWinds.



Betagam7 said:

I loved every moment of Lostwinds and thought that even despite the shortness of the game it was worth it. Might give it a second playthrough soon to get all the hidden items.
World of Goo appeals to me but it has the same problem as many Wiiware games, its huge block size. Would have snapped up a retail release but this will sadly have to go on the backburner while I free up some space by finishing some other vc games.
Meanwhile I'm intriqued by Orbient, it looks like a very interesting concept and for only 600 points might be a purchase soon.



EdEN said:

I would have gone top 10 and included Cubello, My Life as a King (worth the 1500 points of the game and another 1800 points in DLC), Helix, Stong Bad Episodes and Space Invaders Get Even (true, 2000 points for it all but still $10 cheaper than it would have been as a retail title.

Also enjoyed Star Soldier R and Rotohex a lot.



Kamuki said:

My list

5. Final Fantasy MLAAK
4. Strong bad Episode 5
3. World of Goo
2. Lost Winds
1. Megaman 9



uncle_smuck said:

World Of Goo was without doubt the best game on wii this year. Apart from SSBB which wasn't really my cup of tea and No more hero's, the wii has seriously underpreformed this year. World of Goo is an absolute triumph. And quite possibly has one of the best musical score's ever in videogame history. Do better next year NIntendo!



Kaeobais said:

I've only played 3 wiiware games so I can't make a list. I agree with World of goo though, I played the PC demo and loved it. Fine, I'll order those 4 games in order of which I prefer:
3.Defend Your Castle
2.Bomberman Blast
1.World of Goo

THe only problem I have with world of goo is I don't think it will have as good of accuracy as it does on pc. Does it?



Wiiloveit said:

@Uncle Smuck: the wii has seriously underpreformed this year LostWinds, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles MLAAK, De Blob, Zack & Wiki, Geometry Wars Galaxies, Guitar Hero World Tour, Okami, Wario Land The Shake Dimension, Animal Crossing City Folk and Mario Kart Wii all beg to differ. And get your tenses right - "this year" is 2009. You should have said "last year".



Terra said:

Here's another WiiWare Awards list if i would give to IMO

Top 5 WiiWare Games
1: Tetris Party
2: Lostwinds
3: Mega Man 9
4: MaBoShi
5: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life As A King

Best Original WiiWare Game
1: Lostwinds
2: World of Goo

Best Game Based on Existing Series
1: Tetris Party
2: Mega Man 9

Best New Series
Art Style

Biggest Disappointments of the Year
1: Star Soldier R
2: Plättchen Twist and Paint
3: Midnight Bowling

Best Graphics/Graphical Style
1: Mega Man 9
2: Alien Crush Returns
3: Pit Crew Panic!
4: Fun! Fun! Minigolf
5: Lostwinds

Honorable Mentions
Bomberman Blast, Dr Mario & Germ Buster, Helix, Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People, Wild West Guns.

Dishonorable Mentions
SPOGS Racing, Pong Toss, Hockey Allstar Shootout, The Incredible Maze,

Overrated Game of the Year

Best Puzzle Game Of The Year
1: Tetris Party
2: World Of Goo
3: Art Style: Orbient
4: MaBoShi
5: Actionloop Twist
6: Dr Mario & Germ Buster
7: Bomberman Blast
8: Art Style: Cubello

Upcoming Games I’m Anticipating
1: Snowboard Riot
2: Icarian: Kindred Spirits
3: Eduardo The Samurai Toaster
4: Lostwinds 2
5: Gradius Rebirth



Wiiloveit said:

@Terranigma: Plattchen wasn't a disappointment. Give the game a chance - and once you give it time, it's pretty good. And I agree with you on Pop being overrated.
Oh - and glad to see that someone else thought the graphics in ACR were good, although you really should puyt FFM higher in that list, especially since it's under TV Show King.



Terra said:

Putting FFM under TV Show King was a typing mistake. Thinking about it now, i've removed that from the list and replaced it with Lostwinds.

As for Plattchen, i have played that game after my friend bought it and gave it a good try but i didn't like it. I found it a disappointment after having high hopes for it originally. Never Mind. Because there's an overload of them on WiiWare, I'm going to add a "Best Puzzle Game of the Year" category soon and maybe some others.



Wiiloveit said:

I see. If I had the time (read: could be bothered), then I'm sure I'd do the same. Maybe I will... although I most likely won't.

Or... maybe I will.

Best (visual) Presentation in a WiiWare game
1) Fun! Fun! Minigolf
2) LostWinds
3) World of Goo
4) PLATTCHEN twist 'n' paint
5) Alien Crush Returns

Honourable Mention
Toki Tori
(Can't comment on FFCCMLAAK - I don't has it)

Best (audio) Presentation in a WiiWare game
1) LostWinds
2) Fun! Fun! Minigolf
3) PLATTCHEN twist 'n' paint
4) Toki Tori
5) Pop

Honourable Mention
World of Goo
(Another) Honourable Mention*
Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People

Best Controls in a WiiWare game
1) LostWinds
2) World of Goo
3) Fun! Fun! Minigolf
4) Actionloop Twist
5) Niki Rock 'n' Ball

Honourable Mention

Best Family-Friendly WiiWare game
1) Fun! Fun! Minigolf
2) TV Show King
3) Actionloop Twist
4) Pop
5) MaBoShi The Three Shape Arcade

Honourable Mention
Home Sweet Home

Best Puzzle Game
1) World of Goo
2) Toki Tori
3) PLATTCHEN twist 'n' paint
4) Tetris Party
5) Dr Mario & Germ Buster (RX)
Honorable Mention
MaBoShi The Three Shape Arcade

Best Budget Game (700 Wii Points and under)
1) Art Style Cubello
2) Niki Rock 'n' Ball
3) Pop
Honorable Mention
Defend Your Castle

Best Online Game
1) Tetris Party
2) Dr Mario & Germ Buster (RX)
3) Alien Crush Returns
4) Bomberman Blast
5) Pop

Honourable Mention
Pricing aside... Mega Man 9
Oh - and if Bomberman Blast wasn't so broken and laggy online, that would've been number one. For shame.

Best WiiWare Developer
1) Hudson
2) Nintendo
3) Bplus
4) Gameloft
5) Square Enix

  • Note
    Only dev's with more than one WiiWare game have been chosen for this category - and SE is mainly at the bottom because I haven't played either of their games

Best (Competitive) Offline Multiplayer
1) Bomberman Blast
2) TV Show King
3) Fun! Fun! Minigolf
4) Actionloop Twist
5) Tetris Party
Honourable Mention
PLATTCHEN twist 'n' paint

Best Co-op Mode/Features
1) PLATTCHEN twist 'n' paint
2) MaBoShi The Three Shape Arcade
3) Actionloop Twist
4) Niki Rock 'n' Ball
5) Pop
Honourable Mention
World of Goo

Best New Gaming Series
1) World of Goo
2) Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People
3) LostWinds
Honourable Mention
Art Style

  • Note
    I put World of Goo at the top spot for New Gaming Series. Hopefully, this will add to the peer pressure that 2D Boy is already undergoing

Best Continuation of a Gaming Series
1) Tetris Party
2) Bomberman Blast
3) Mega Man 9
4) Toki Tori
5) Alien Crush Returns
Honourable Mention
Dr Mario & Germ Buster (RX)

Most Underrated WiiWare Games (in terms of both sales and criticism)
1) PLATTCHEN twist 'n' paint (Sales / Criticism)
2) Toki Tori (Sales)
3) Actionloop Twist (Sales)
4) TV Show King (Criticism)
5) Home Sweet Home (Sales / Criticism)
Honourable Mention
Alien Crush Returns (Sales / Criticism)

Most Overrated WiiWare Games (in terms of criticism)
1) MaBoShi The Three Shape Arcade
2) Mega Man 9
3) Pop

Most Overrated WiiWare Games (in terms of sales)
1) My Bloody Aquarium
2) The Incredible Maze
3) My Pokemon Ranch

Best/Most Innovation
1) MaBoShi The Three Shape Arcade
2) World of Goo
3) LostWinds
4) PLATTCHEN twist 'n' paint
5) Toki Tori
Honourable Mention
Art Style Orbient

Most Anticipated Games of 2009
1) LostWinds 2
2) Animales De La Muerte
3) Icarian: Kindred Spirits
4) Bubble Bobble Wii
5) Snowboard Riot
6) Cave Story
7) Liight
8) Evasive Space
9) Eternity's Child
10) LIT
Honourable Mention
Eduardo the Samurai Toaster

And that should do it.
Sorry if I outshined you, Terranigma!



Terra said:

Holy Sh%t. That's Just not fair to me. How long did you work on that for!?



Wiiloveit said:

A whole funking day. Nah, just kidding...
Aboooout... half an hour? Maybe forty minutes. I added it to my own blog as well because I was quite proud of it.

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