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Wayforward Launches Official LIT Web Site

Posted by Corbie Dillard

The official LIT website is now live for all to check out. You might even find a link to a certain interview that one utterly amazing WiiWare website recently conducted. There are also quite a few screenshots of LIT in action as well as some really cool conceptual artwork from the game's developers.

You can also check out the brand new LIT gameplay trailer below for a bit more insight into the game and how it's played.

We'll have more information on LIT as well as a full review of the game once it's released on the WiiWare service.

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shadows262 said:

idk this game looks okay
the graphics arent the best but it is a wiiware game



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

LOL @ people exclaiming "first!", whether they're actually first or not!

I'm watching this game and keeping my eyes on IGN and metacritic for when the reviews start coming in. Could be an interesting title/genre for WiiWare.



PALgamer said:

I really wanted this game before, not sure now... It's kinda wacky and childish rather than a thrilling, scary walk through the dark school corridors at night!



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Wow, I think this game is shaping up to look pretty good. At the very least, it IS is nice change of pace from all the bright and shiny puzzlers.



Objection said:

Like PALgamer, I'm a little disappointed by parts of the trailer. It has nothing to do with gameplay, I just think the atmosphere would have been better suited with at least a T rating, and, I don't know, a lack of stupid dodgeballs.



CanisWolfred said:

This looks like it's shaping up all right. I never expected this to be all that scary anyways, so I'm not disappointed. Actually, this game kind of looks like Metal Gear Solid in reverse - instead of avoiding the spotlights, you're trying your hardest to stay in them.



Objection said:

@shadows-Thats what we're talking about. It's not. We thought it would be more so. And Left 4 Dead is not really relevant. It's not scary or intense, just another FPS. A good one, yes.



mojo25 said:

Kind of..uh...creepy D:
I don't think I am going to get this game. Doesn't look interesting for my taste.



Objection said:

Hope not, Obscure was not good. No matter the rating or atmophere, the light gameplay could still be good. (or horrible) We'll just have to see.



shadows262 said:

LIT not so good.
I see what you mean when you say Left 4 Dead aint that scary or intense but once you think about it when you first play it its so new and “AWESOME” and I love how everytime you play it everything is different and I`ve never seen a Zombie slaying FPS do that before



PALgamer said:

LIT defines itself as a 3D horror action puzzler.
The setting is right, schools at night are quite eery, so quiet and lifeless.



WeeGee said:

Wow, looking at the trailer, it should have probably got a T, but whatever, it's still ultimately awesome!



Ferret75 said:

Personally, I think the graphics could be improved some.
But the gameplay looks pretty cool.

Kinda interesting though, a horror game only rated E10+. XD



Ferret75 said:

I kinda wish they made the game a little scarier though.
Wasn't it supposed to be rated T originally? =



Ziondood said:

Finally the game ive been waiting for ever since wiiware launched =DDD
I cant wait for the review =]
Ima get the game anyways though =p



bwaybuddy26 said:

This game is my most anticipated WiiWare game. The trailer is really good and so is the music. I have a feeling LIT is going to become a showcase game for WiiWare in the future. Between LIT, Swords & Soldiers, and Cave Story, WiiWare has a very promising 2009.



that_dan_guy said:

@ Wiiloveit

In The Night Garden is freaky stuff. My 7 month old goes into a trance when it comes on, and I have to admit it is hard to not watch it when it is on, it kinda sucks you in, it's like tripping without first taking any drugs.

Back on topic, this game looks interesting, not my usual kind of game but I like the concept and may check it out if it reviews well.



Omega said:

Wow! This looks really interesting. I think this is exact the kind of game WiiWare needs after all that annoying puzzle games. WiiWare seems to evolve. It reminds me of several games from the survival horror genre but of course with simplified graphics to fit into the specifications of WiiWare. I like that.



AVahne said:

looks pretty good,but if you want a horror game for wii,just get Fatal Frame 4



Kaeobais said:

@Mickeymac: I know, that is some scary shi*.

Game looks pretty damn fun. It may not be "Terrifying" but looks VERY fun. Will it live up to the hype though? With how many mediocre games are coming out, I'm not positive. Thank god for WiiWare World, we'll always get our reviews.



World_1-1 said:

The game looks really great. The puzzles look really unique and the game looks kind of spooky overall. Can't wait for it.

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