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USA WiiWare Update: Maboshi's Arcade and Pool Revolution: Cue Sports

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The final WiiWare update of the year doesn't bring anything truly new to the table - Both new WiiWare games today have already been released in Europe. Still, who cares when both of them are good games?

The wait is finally over - After exactly 4 months, Maboshi's Arcade (Known in Europe as MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade) is finally released in the US! In this strange yet wonderful game, you can pick one of three unique games and try to set a high score. The catch is that two more games will be played next to yours by the AI or by other humans - And the games will actually affect each other! We thought it was highly enjoyable, so check it out! If you still need more convincing then you can check out our exclusive interview which was a two part series! It makes for a very interesting read. For just 800 Wii points you will get your monies worth with this game.

Today's other game will probably appeal to less people - Pool Revolution: Cue Sports, released about a month ago in Europe as Cue Sports: Snooker Vs. Billiards. It is, as the name implies, a pool simulator. Although we already have a billiards game on WiiWare in the form of Midnight Pool, this one might interest you more - It has Wi-Fi! We thought it was decent, but nothing to really get excited over. In Europe this costs 800 Wii points so you are really getting a bargain in North America for just 500 Wii points.

That's it for this year! On VC, later today you will be able to grab Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II, the sequel to StarTropics. It's an excellent little game, though it doesn't quite surpass the original.

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User Comments (77)



Jockolantern said:

Can't wait to give MaBoShi a whirl with my gaming buddies, as well as by myself via the downloadable DS game. Very cool addition to what appears to be a very unique and enjoyable little game. Look forward to downloading it soon.



Wiiloveit said:

Go you guys... now you can discover that MaBoShi isn't quite as good as you expected

Oh, and remember that you only got this 'cos you gave us World of Goo! See... you give a little, you get a little

One question: how the hell did you guys know MBS was going to be out today (someone said it)?



kitroplious said:

...and both games I really want to get came!
I'm 200 points short for both though.

@Wiiloveit - Our good friend Dazza said the game is supposed to come this week!



Dazza said:

Great news about MaBoShi, finally... I have known for a while it would come out today secretly. I have dropped a few hints to give you guys hope, but I was asked not to make an official statement as it wasn't 100%

It is interesting to see that Cue Sports is only 500 points in the USA. Quite the bargain if you like the sport.



Cheezy said:

Oh damn which one should I get? I have 4000 points, but I want World Of Goo, Tetris, the Art Style games, maybe Gyrostar, and Wild West Guns as well.



Terra said:

Nice to see that America finally get Maboshi, although i was enjoying the fact that out of my three WiiWare games, one of them was exclusive to Europe for a change. Damm. Also, i'm frustrated that you guys get Cue Sports... I mean Pool Revolution for 500 points when Europe get it for 800, Sure, we get Pit Crew Panic at 500 but i would prefer Cue Sports over Pit Crew Panic. Further comments on Zoda's Revenge are at VC-Reviews.



indenmark said:

@Terranigma: I'm frustrated about the price differential of Cue Sports/Pool Revolution, too.

What should we do about it?

At 500 points, I probably would've picked it up. But at 800, and especially after hearing about this, I'll just wait and buy WSC Real 08.

folds arms defiantly




Terra said:

Nothing we can do about it, except import a US Wii and i'm not going that far just to get 300 points off a WiiWare Game. It is frustrating but at least Pit Crew Panic is cheaper. Maybe they'll give us more price drops in the future on a better game, who knows.



bboy2970 said:

YES! finally we get maboshi!! And just in time for the end of the year, i thought they woldn't make it. Mabey this will be enough to pull me away from art style decode!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

An ok update, but where's that special New Years gift? WE didn't get an X-mas one so..........

Well, I wanted MaBoShi for a while so it aint all bad



DJGOYO said:

I hate maboshi and the billiards. This games are very bad. BAD

not buy this games, they seem good, but are boring.

(my english is very bad. Sorry)



OorWullie said:

i really dont know why maboshi is getting so much really isnt very good,especially for the play for ages to get a half decent score and one mistake(which is really easy to make)and thats it,youve got to start all over again(which is really no fun).N America beware!!!!



PALgamer said:

It's a joy to see happy faces in this time of year. Have fun with MaBoShi and the cheap pool game, while we play Bang and Niki Rock and Ball.



Draygone said:

@18. wiiwii
Isn't that how all puzzle games work, though? There's no "continues" in Tetris.

So, why the name change for these games?

(Funny thing, WiiWorld. your spell-checker didn't like "isn" in isn't and it didn't like Tetris. )



Twilight_Crow said:

I wanted Niki ... ... wait you said MaBoShi, YAY that's not that bad at all, I though it will never come, still not a very special update for the holidays.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I wanted Niki this week

I guess this is a sign to spend my 900 points on DoReMi (I was savin them for NOA giving us an uber-game as an update).



OorWullie said:

@20. draygone
Fair point but this isnt like normal puzzle games.repeating through the early skill levels really is have no skill levels to choose from the start so you just have to do all the easy parts again and trust me its at your peril.



deadly_by_design said:

Cue Sports: The 4-player factor, low price point, and fact that it's less sleazy than Midnight Pool makes it a decent buy for me. If I'm playing it with my niece & nephew, I'd rather not have it w/ women looking kinda trampy. (and since WiiPlay's 9-ball is only 2 player...)



mattnd2007 said:

I'll pass on these two, not really my kind of games. Still an awesome update if you do like these types. I know Maboshi got good reviews on here, but i just don't really like puzzle games. I plan to dl Startropics II sometime in the future.



Virus said:

I might just get MaBoShi, but even if I don't, this seems like a pretty good week for everyone else.



Wiiloveit said:

@DJGOYO: Está bien - mi español no es demasiado buena, tampoco. Oh - and the games you stated really aren't that bad at all.
@Cheezy: Hows about World of Goo, Tetris Party, MaBoShi and Gyrostarr / Pool Revolution CS?
@PALgamer: Wait... this Bang?
@Twilight Crow: First use of a crying smiley I've seen on here - well done! So WWW.... any others hiding up your sleeves?



calculon said:

@PalGamer (19) - Because it'd take both Bang! and Niki: Rock and Ball combined to equal anything like the entertainment value of either MaBoShi or Cue Sports. Niki in particular is completely unspectacular repetitive tat.



Stuffgamer1 said:

This has been the best Shop Channel update for NA in months, imo. Zoda's Revenge for me (and a few others, though reactions seem to trend low over at VC-Reviews), Maboshi for everybody who had to wait so long, and Cue Sports for whoever wants it. I'm actually not mad at Nintendo this week ...!

So it is in a very NON-complainy way that I ask: Does anybody know when we might expect Cave Story? It looks great (better than most WiiWare I've seen, imo), and I hope it comes soon.



Corbs said:

These two games have already been reviewed. There's nothing to wait for.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Twilight Crow
Yeah.... how did you get a crying smiley? First one I've seen on WWW.

Corbie the Awsome means that the reviews are up NOW. They were both already released in Europe, so the reviews have been up for a while.



Cheezy said:

I downloaded Maboshi and it's not that good. It's a little boring. I dunno... plus so far, apparently, the US doesn't have download service, which sucks



PALgamer said:

Come on Europeans, those two games I mentioned before are our last exclusives, we have to hype them up to make the Americans want them.

Glorious Bang! how many wonderful afternoons you have given me [...] [...]

PS: Its an apostrophe, not a comma



siavm said:

What was with those crazy long posts? This is a good update though. I might get both of them.



Ricardo91 said:

@Corbie. THANK YOU. It's about time someone taught that D-bag a lesson.
I don't think he was trying to be funny either. Just to get attention.

@PAL gamer. Sorry. I'm always getting apostrophes and commas confused.

EDIT: A lot



PALgamer said:

Don't worry Mr. Cheez, I mix up my lefts and rights !!!

BTW, how many smilies are there? EDIT: Cool

(Test area) :@ :? :& :B X( :x >( %| :> ;> B) 8) 8( :J :# :& &) d) ;/ +) :C :}
I can't do the nerdy one O_o lol



diegoesgriam said:

I downloaded Maboshi, I'm a puzzle fan and is a really good game, it's very fun and addictive,minimalist but highly complex.
I love the retro DS Downloadable version, i'm playing now on it.
But I think I will never score a million points.
I don't understand why people get bored with it..



Ferret75 said:

Go you guys... now you can discover that MaBoShi isn't quite as good as you expected

How ironic, since I got the game and love it. =D



CanisWolfred said:

Well, I'm happy for everybody who was looking forward to this. Me, well, I wasn't looking forward to anything in particular anyways, and this doesn't really catch my fancy. So, nothing for me, but at least I wasn't disappointed.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

MaBoShi isn't for everyone but being the big puzzle fan that I am, I really enjoy it. My sib loves it too. And yes, it is highly addictive despite it being simplistic in nature.

And the addition of DS Download was a VERY nice touch.

We must've played it for more than an hour, for sure. Stick is addicting in itself. xD

This was well worth the price of admission.



Kenji510 said:

Woooooooo! its finally here and we got it now... gonna go download and buy MaBoShI and Cue Sports right away... this was a great update for us in the NA... cant wait to try out these games now... one of my favorite type of games!!



Twilight_Crow said:

Wow, I just got home ready to finally download MaBoShi, and discovered that I created an smiley revolution , hey how do you do the face? I couldn't get it right.




Kaeobais said:

Meh, nothing of interest for me. I got Super Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros Brawl and Blast Works to hold me over. Not to mention Super Metroid and Bomberman Blast. Thats right, I finally made a dicision.

Anyone got any info on any upcoming wiiware or VC titles?



Nickname said:

Nothing interesting for me...I will have to wait for Swords&Soldiers and some other ones...



Bahamut_ZERO said:

These comments turned into "Revenge of the Smileys"

@Corbie: Well, the eternal mystery is solved. But what emotion is that one with the frog eyes supposed to be?

@Cheezy: Wait..... the DL service isn't for NA? KnucklesSOnic08 said it works. Who's right



Wiiloveit said:

Yay - I started a useful conversation for once!
@Corbie: from your list, how do you get three seven and eleven?
@Tony: I'm an in-between-y
@Calculon: I'll let the Niki comment slide since you're always so angry anyway, but I'm still intrigued to know why you hate it so much.



slambert215 said:

I think its about time we get Niki now.

What should my new avatar be? I'm thinking of something Gears of War 2, a.k.a my new favorite game! If you haven't picked it up do so now. And MaBoShi too.



Hyperfludd said:

At that price, that pool game is VERY tempting..

I wish we got that price for Pit Crew Panic as well though..

I wish Nintendo actually bothered to run some sales for the games every once in a while like XBLA and PSN...maybe next year?



EJD said:

The US have caught up with EU, now we just need to get the US games. Gyrostarr and one or two others would be nice.



Wiiloveit said:

@Cheezy: Once you've played each game once (and got past the tutorial thing), an icon will appear towards the top of the screen when you start playing - you'll know it when you see it.



indenmark said:

This is a question that's a bit out of left field, but does anybody know if the cue that comes with WCS Real 08 can be used effectively with Pool Revolution: Cue Sports (or Midnight Pool, for that matter)?





darkmagi_82 said:

Downloaded Maboshi, and it is quite good. I was reluctant to believe the reviews at first, as some of the people that had played it said that it wasn't worth it. Eventually I gave in and discovered a very simple, but exceedingly complex game that is just what I was looking for this holiday season. It has very addictive gameplay, and if you play it with a few buddies who don't mind its simplicity, that addictiveness is multiplied tenfold. Maboshi is a glittering diamond disguised as a stone.

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