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SnakeByte Christmas Compo - Win Yourself Some Wii Goodies

Posted by Damien McFerran

Christmas, as we all know, is about giving. And those kind chaps at SnakeByte (we reviewed a couple of their products recently) are clearly in a festive mood as they’ve given us a goodie bag of Wii peripherals to give to one lucky person.

Up for grabs we have:

  • XS Starter Pack (White)
  • Remote XS Controller (Pink)
  • Retro Controller
  • Charging Cradle

All you have to do to win this collection of controller goodness is give us a humorous caption (just post it in the comments field below) for the following image:


The end date for the compo is 1st January 2009, at which point the VCR staff will lock themselves in a room and spend hours deliberating on which is the most amusing/least painfully terrible caption. Once a winner is declared we will get in touch and that lucky chap (or chap-ess) can start partying like it’s 1999. Or something.

Please note: This competition is open to UK and European residents ONLY. If you're from elsewhere please feel free to leave a caption, but you won't win anything so your wit will be wasted. Sorry about that.

The competition is now closed

The winner is Jazzman, which this entry:

"After 15 years of obscurity and Cheetos, Captain N decides it's finally time to make a comeback."

Thanks to everyone who took part!

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User Comments (148)



Starwolf_UK said:

This popped up under my RSS feed as:
SnakeByte Chris...dies
I should have screencaped it as I was "eh? why are VC-reviews reporting the death of SnakeByte Chris?"

Feel free to borrow the SnakeByte Chris nickname in your entries.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Hey, why am I not eligible for this? That sucks... Well, I'll waste my marginal wit anyway.

"Captain N's got nothing on me!"



Bass_X0 said:

This guy tried to sell his virginity on Ebay to a female gamer. However, the winning bidder was not female nor wanted his virginity; they just wanted his games, clothing and accessories.



Xenith said:

"This is the last time I'll try to repair my NES with glue.. Could someone call 911? Again..."



bacchus said:

Airport security let this man board the plane carrying two bazookas, while I had my nail clippers confiscated. That's racial profiling for you!



aut0matic said:

"Will you go to prom with me?"

"I'm here to try out for American Idol!"

"Grandmama says that I am teh coolest!"



AJL said:

"Hey you there!! Look at me now... Do you still have the guts to tell me my neck is wider than my head??!"



Walan said:

Plan to get laid:

1. Glue and hang Nintendo accessories from every part of my body.
2. ?



Mayhem said:

1) Uwe Boll casting session for the live Megaman film.

2) Now he's playing with power...! He'll also be playing with himself...

3) Hey darling... I got something six inches long here that needs blowing...



timp29 said:

"Does my head look fat in this?"

Good thing nintendo doesn't make underpants, or he would be wearing them on the outside.



Terra said:

I Have 2 i'd like to use for the competition

"How long was i in my Mother's Basement?"

"Ma Boys, Check out ma Retro Bling-Bling!"



KeeperBvK said:

1) Yeah, a SnakeByte did that to my neck.
2) The Wizard just called. He wants his style back.
3) Why did the nerd cross the street? Coz he was afraid of the girls wearing shorts in the background.
4) The name's Miyamoto, sucker.
5) Base, please come in. I've been spotted as a geek. Send in the ROBs.
6) Birdo has got some competition as Nintendo's number one mascot for the CSD.
7) Can I haz credibillitay?
8) Move over, man. I've got a badge holder!
9) What was that? Pony Slaystation? Never heard of it.
10) Off to the iPod ad casting.
11) Yeah, you better shizzle your bizzle, man. What? We're on?! I mean: Nintendo is the l33t!



03bgood said:

"He's the happiest gamer you've ever heard...wait, that's not James Rolfe!?"



bacchus said:

"I built a lab, secret in my loft
Superscopes are on hand to help me jack off
Pushing on my powerglove, in front of the screen
For many years, this had been my wet dream
Now I've reached it, I'm finally there
I am Robocop in my tinfoil underwear.
So alone, when people stop and stare
Like C3PO but with pubes and hair"

from the song Half-Man Half-Machine by the G.L.C.



timp29 said:

"The Surgeon-General advises that video games can be hazardous to your chances of getting laid."

Just out of curiosity, did you guys google up that image, or did you see this poor dork on the street and humiliate him further by immortalising him in a photo. Either way, well done (ps sorry if its one of you, but as I am not eligible for this competition.... LOL)



KeeperBvK said:

BTW: "This competition is open to UK and European residents ONLY."

Aren't the Brits European anymore?



Nintendork said:

"I just just love the power glove(and every other accessory), its so bad!"
Well, thats the best I've got



Terra said:

"I'm Gonna Shove Retro so far up your ass, you'll be making 8-bit sprites."

"I honestly don't know why i have no friends"

"Nintendo didn't pay me to do this. Honestly."

"My Mother thought she'd be proud of me."

"What year am i in? I forget."

"Armed and ready. Conventions, here i come"

"Soon to be 50 year old virgin"



hamispink said:

"I have come from the future, tell everyone that the wii will soon take over the world"



timp29 said:


I stand corrected. Imagine if you brought a girl home, dropped your tweeds, and she was confronted with video game undies. Mission failure.



Tragickingdom said:

Nes games on ebay...$30

Nes Controller on ebay...$10

Power Glove on ebay...$20

Letting people on VC-Reviews make fun of a picture of me until I am famous..........Priceless!!!



Tragickingdom said:

This Picture was taken in compton:

"I noticed that you're gangster.....I'm pretty gangster myself"

He was later found dead in a dumpster...LMAO



Virus said:

"He may not have made it as a Transformer, but to his credit, he could still roll out..."

And now excuse me while I puke up my insides due to the cheesiness.



Jens said:

"Sega? Are you kidd'n me?"
"Haha! I just won the Reggie's Christmas Tree Look-A-Like contest!"
"Whenever you need me... Just ring!"
"Wanna push one of my buttons, huh?"
"Hey, Miyamoto! Who's...! your...! daddy!?"
"Time to play the game!"
"Boys just wanna have fun!"



Kaeobais said:

I spent 3 minutes thinking of something witty to say, then I read it was for UK and European residents only ... obviously I was upset.

SnakeByte Chris: Defender of the Earth! ... Ok, Hyrule, but it's LIKE earth ...



S_GE said:

Cell Phone Call: Hey mom looks like she's a no show...
Mom: Oh fudge! Ronny forget about that jAzabell You'll always be mommy's special boy.
Ronny: Thanks mom, can you make me some ricecrispy treats later?



Jazzman said:

Here's my two!

1. "We are the NES. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated!"

2. "The National Eczema Society Convention staff just didn't have the heart to tell him."

(Note: This is a real, UK based organisation. Google it )



Jazzman said:

3. After 15 years of obscurity and Cheetos, Captain N decides it's finally time to make a comeback.



slangman said:

"A Nintendo fanboy arms himself himself from Sony fans."

Ugh terrible The old NOM would be great at this (Sigh) .



Chunky_Droid said:

After an overclocking experiment on a NES went tragically wrong, putting Chris Snakebyte in a coma and killing his family. He awakens to find himself fused with his Nintendo accessories. He has reawakened, nerd by day, nerd by night (except fighting crime). He is.... Rumble Pak!



XCWarrior said:

Oh I got a few:

1) "Tonight on 'Where are they now?' we take a look at the sad, down-spiraling life of Captain N."

2) Reggie Films-Aime showcased the newest Nintendo console today, the Fullbody Attachment True Technology Yii system, or FATTY for short.

3) "I play video games because I'm fat, but I'm phat because I play video games."

4) Now that you've seen Mario decked out, next we'll show you Sonic in all his forms AT THE SAME TIME.

5) Person off-camera asked, "Why do you got that weird look on your face?"
N-man, crying replied, "Last night my buddy inserted my joystick in the wrong spot..."



King_Elemento said:

"I land the Top Gun plane every time."
"I even bought a Famicom Disk System."
"I don't actually work FOR Nintendo... Yet."



Bensei said:

"Just in case if Ganondorf returns to this world, Mother Brain gets another update or Bowser lays hands on my girlfriend again."

Seriously, all the time I'm outta house I put all possible games and handhelds with me, just in case I have a sudden desire to play Four Swords with my brother



ouenben said:

"Later that day after spending all his birthday money his parents gave him a Playstation"

"This Nintendo addiction is much better than my WoW addiction! And cooler!"

Sega: We do what Nintendon't! Has anyone seen 2 menacer guns lying around?

"This image was taken the day before the second largest videogames crash"

"You don't wanna know where he had to plug in that Gamecube Broadband adaptor"

"Little did he know he was getting a Playstation one for christmas"

"Here is the single reason why the Sony and Nintendo partnership was terminated"

"Gamer: Y'know maybe casual gamers aren't that bad!"

"Poor fella. Caught Nintenditis. It spread so quickly... not even Dr. Mario could save him now"

"Classified prototype image of the Wii 2's user interface."

Cammy Dunaway: aged 16



classicmike said:

"Instead of his friends glueing feathers on him, they had better plans...."
"One step for nerd, one giant step of nerdkind."
"Hey, ladies, how about these guns?"
(I know i can;t win the prizes, but i thought it was fun 2 do anyway.)



Will said:

"Oh sorry, I didnt have time to get to the gym, so I thought I'd sculpt my guns here on the street. I think it's really starting to pay off."



ouenben said:

Two more:
"A few NES Games £5 each
Two Super scope £10 each

Having all this cool Retro stuff only for none of it to work with Virtual console.... Priceless!!!"

Turns out it's a movie poster!
Nintendork the Movie!
"Coming soon to a ULTRA cinema near you!
Prepared for the most SUPER movie you've ever seen?
Take your frienDS! If they argue just tell them seeing the movie is NESessary!!"

The WIIzard! (The Wizard II)
"The sequal to The Wizard. You'll love it more coz It's TWO bad!



cheeseman said:

Just because I'm from USA doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to win this contest! IT'S NOT FAIR!! @!*%$



Paper_StarFox said:

found: the cyborg that has been terminating all the good Virtual Console games lately. Christmas has been saved! (let us all hope so)



Captain_Konami said:

@cheeseman: I dunno cheeseman, ............. somehow I'm just not feeling it. That just doesn't seem to work as a caption. I mean, isn't a bit ethnocentric to assume he's American? If anything I'd say he was Japanese.

Oh, and two more:

"No. I'm not actually a Nintendo Game Tester. But I did fall asleep on an Ebay page last night.

"I r teh leet Sega gamer of ALL TIME. ...SEGA!! ....... ...... ....... ...This is where SegaCon is at, isn't it??"



Wiiman94 said:

I am Dorkalot from the planet Nintendo
I Come in Pieces (Assembly may be required)



Jazzman said:

4. "...and Jack Thompson knew his time was up."

5. "Derek had spent his life preparing for this day. The day the 8-bit sprites commenced the invasion of Earth."



Eltigro said:

With the bandoleer of NES carts, I was thinking about a certain bandoleer wearing Star Wars character and came up with...


My second thought was, "It's no surprise he's not wearing a wedding ring."



Adamant said:

Fortunately for Nintendo Man, Dr. Wily realized light guns wouldn't be particularly effective against super fighting robots while his level was still in the design phase.



KevNash said:

"First you get the accessories"
"Then you get the high scores"
"Then you get the women"



Airola said:

1. ...and this was the day he lived through without failing.

2. The only person in the world who can say out loud, without having to fear for his life, that the Chuck Norris facts are highly exaggerated.

3. That Zelda box is actually covering his private parts.

4. "Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes"
(Ephesians 6:10-11)



Ricardo91 said:

It sucks that I'm not eligible for this, but I can keep making quotes for fun:

"Wait until the Sony guy gets a load of this!"

"C'mon, I dare ya. Say the Virtual Boy sucked one more time."

"I also have R.O.B. glued to my butt."



TopHatPangolin said:

Dean Quiggleshnibb, age 37, died after taking part in a street fight with a Sony fanboy. After Dean attempted to strangle him with a Power Glove, the Sony fanboy impaled Dean to death with a pump.
The pump came with a truck.



revrock said:

" I am almost as big a dork as the non- UK and European residents that think they can win this caption contest"



Terra said:

"I Love Ebay"

"What are you Looking at?"

"No more early morning drinking"

"Since when am i too young to have a mid-life crisis?"

"Jingle NES, Jingle NES, Jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to "play" with my power glove all the day, hey."

"On the 12th day of christmas, my true geeks gave to me;
12 NES Games
11 Retro Downloads
10 Mega Man games
9 Nintendo Shirts
8 Black Cases
7 Mario Plushies
6 Geeky Gamers
5 Sega Games (In background "WTF!?")
4 Power Gloves
3 Super Scopes
2 Zelda Games
And a Zapper in a Pear Tree."



Fo0_PLUS said:

"Achievement Unlocked
1 G - Sony Convention Ruckus - Pre-Autopsy Footage of Crime Suspect
Fail remarkably at blending in with the Sony goons in a hostile environment and thus paying the price for your inexplicable unawareness."



AlexSays said:

"I kissed a girl and I liked it ... oh wait, no I haven't "

If this doesn't win I'm leaving this site forever.
(Not really cause that would be terrible lol)



BDPatVCR said:

@133 Woohoo my second endorsement, things are looking good

(well i think so, unless "Not really cause that would be terrible lol" refers to him leaving the site and not me winning )



Terra said:

"Do these accessories make me look fat? What? I Don't need them to look fat? Oh"

"For losing friends quickly, I'm Super Effective"

"I Swear you could shoot ducks with these things"

"Kids, look at this guy. This is a man who epically failed at life. Let's all point and laugh"



Kobe said:

"Houston I think we have a problem. I can't liftoff by all those goodies hanging all over my body!"



waitaseck said:

1) "Wait until you see my trusty sidekick,ROB!"
2) "I have the NES Advantage!"
3) "You should see my Powerpad skills!"



Terra said:

Where it says the end date is 1st January, does that mean it's now closed and you guys have started the judging or does it mean the final day you can enter is today? I always get confused with this stuff



Damo said:

The competition is now closed

The winner will be declared on Monday, 5th Jan. Thanks for all your amusing (and some not-so-amusing!) entries.

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