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Metacritic's Best Wii Games of 2008

Posted by Darren Calvert

As 2008 is coming to a close it’s time to check out Metacritic’s best videogames of 2008. Here you can see a breakdown of the top 5 games for all systems as decided by the average score from all the professional reviews which were tracked.

The results from the Wii top 5 is quite interesting as 3 of the 5 games are WiiWare games! Not bad going we think:


It will come as no surprise that World of Goo and Tetris Party feature in this list given all the excitement about both games. What might surprise you is the inclusion of the mysterious MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade which proudly sits in the #3 spot.

If you are in North America we wouldn’t blame you for not even remembering what MaBoShi is as it hasn’t come out in your region yet. We are expecting it to be out in North America next Monday (29th Dec) or early in the new year under the revised title of MaBoShi’s Arcade so you can get your hands on it then.

Before we get too excited and claim that WiiWare is propping up the overall quality on the Wii it is worth noting that the dud of the list is the dastardly SPOGS Racing, although the overall 18/100 rating is also shared by Pong Toss!

What are your thoughts on these findings?

Source: Metacritic

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Shortay said:

Lol @ 'Dud of the Year'.
I should really download MaBoShi some time; it's got much better acclaim than I though it had.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

We should all bear in mind that these aren't the "best" games, but the "best reviewed" games, as Dazza and the Metacritic folks have indicated. The people who run Metacritic are very careful to indicate that they're merely a review aggregator. In fact, MaBoShi is a great example of one of the common pitfalls of this kind of site; part of the reason that MaBoShi is so high on the list is because its score is only based on five reviews (Brawl, by comparison, comes by its 93 honestly with 80 reviews).



Pablo17 said:

I do agree that you have to look at the number of reviews a game has received. I think it takes at least four to make an average but some games are just over that number, while others have a ton. Thanks.



ACK said:

Bah, I hate these rankings sites. They have no statistical basis whatsoever because all these games are reviewed on unique, individual scales. You can't get a legitimate average when each score is based on a different scale and then converted improperly to another, which is why these sites are useless when it comes to ranking games based on their average score.

Sorry, but I had to get that off my chest...



gameking23 said:

Yay for Brawl and World of Goo. And to think I almost downloaded the dud of the year b4 I found WiiWare World. Thanks WiiWare World for saving me from a big mistake.



shadows262 said:

Brawl should be overall “game of the year”!!
i love brawl and i put well over 200 hours into it...yes its that damn awesome.



David77 said:

I play games since 1984, and I can say Spogs is the worst ever. Some game are bad, but try to be good, and they fail. This one try to be bad and succed.



Wiiloveit said:

I understand what you're saying, ACK! They do give us a rough idea of how good a game is, though, but at least here they got three of the top five right (I mean, how did Tetris Party and MaBoShi become two of the top five Wii games of the year so far?)!
Tetris Party was also on a par (with a score of 87) with Zack & Wiki, which should surely be the deserved fifth place winner over the WiiWare puzzler.

If only NGamer gave MaBoShi four stars instead of five...



wesleyh said:

A sad year for the wii indeed. 3 wiiware games, 1 port, and one broken game.



AlexSays said:

A sad year for the wii indeed. 3 wiiware games, 1 port, and one broken game.

Huh? Those are the only games you purchased this year?
That's terrible.
You should try moving to a country that gets shipped more games.

Oh and you're confused.
Okami was the port and the broken game.
Brawl had it's faults but being broken was not one of them.



Ricardo91 said:

No surprises here, really, 'Cept for Maboshi. I was expecting De Blob or MK Wii. Definitely a slow year to Nintendo's tiny white console.

@Wesleyh. I wouldn't exactly call Brawl "broken" by any stretch of the imagination.

@Shadows. Me too! It's almost obscene how many hours I put into Brawl's online mode.



Adam said:

I don't think the game play of Brawl is broken, but the online service certainly is. Several calls with different NoA Techs and I still can't get the game online despite Mario Kart working perfectly and all my WiiWare and PS3 games as well. I understand it works for some, and I envy you all, but that game should have been delayed even more for a decent online service. It's not like the Wii had any other big titles for the competitive crowd this holiday, so it would have made sense.

But Brawl is more fun played in-person anyway, so I'll live!



thewiirocks said:

[T]he dud of the list is the dastardly SPOGS Racing, although the overall 18/100 rating is also shared by Pong Toss! What are your thoughts on these findings?

My thought is that Pong Toss beats all! Not that it's any good or anything, but it literally beats all in sales. For some strange and inexplicable reason.

Is it any wonder that the Wii gets a bad rap when a significant percentage of the Wii population downloads something like Pong Toss? For shame.



AlexSays said:

Is it any wonder that the Wii gets a bad rap when a significant percentage of the Wii population downloads something like Pong Toss?

That's a great thing though.
I hope every casual gamer out there purchases Pong Toss.

There's no sarcasm in this post.
If anyone wants me to explain I will.



mojo25 said:

Don't get me wrong, but Brawl is good. It also takes no skill...I almost got beat by some noob at a tourney. I still got 3rd though. Melee, now that was a great game. It was, and still is, awesome. A few days ago, I decided to switch back to that game due to it's uberness.

I agree with the placement of the other games of the year following brawl. I think that Okami should have been 3rd though because it is just simply the best 1 player adventure game I have every played in my whole life. My whole life, as in 12 years, so that means I'll probably run into other great 1 player games, but probably none that would meet the awesomeness of Okami. Unless there's a Okami sequel...that would be cool.



cyko said:

Okami should be in the #2 or 3 because it's an epic game that every gamers should have even if it's a port. In my opinion, Okami is even better than Brawl but I don't think everyone is agree with that. For Maboshi, I think he deserves a place in the top 10 but not the third best game of wii for 2008.

@AlexSays.I'm not sure I understand.



CanisWolfred said:

I'm goin' with mojo on this one, MoBishi's pretty sweet, but Okami is pure awesome. Although, I am impressed that 3 Wiiware games managed to get into the Top-5.


I agree with you - I'd say Okami is better than Brawl, too. While Brawl is a pretty good game, it's not much different from the rest of the series, and I got bored with it pretty quick. Okami was a fresh and envigorating experience, even if I had already played the PS2 version. Than again, I guess the fact that it's a port, even if it was a pretty good port of a solid game, was the reason why it got the place that it did.



AlexSays said:

@AlexSays.I'm not sure I understand.
I needed someone to say that so this rant is justified. lol

How do casual gamers become hardcore?
Oh a number ways, really.
What's one way you ask?
By purchasing a bad game.

Let's take Casual A for instance.
Mr. A buys Pong Toss and says "Ohs noes, this game sucks! If only there was a way I knew if a game was good or not before spending my money..."
Then a rock falls on Mr. A's head and somewhere in a third world country a light bulb goes off, and Mr. A says "I could look up a review!"

Bad games make people more cautious about spending their money.
If 10 people buy terrible games, a few of those 10 are more likely to check out a review or ask around before blowing their hard earned money.
What happens then?
They start reading up on games, seeing why ones are better than others. They slowly start devoting more time to their hobby.

After buying Pong Toss, someone out there said to themselves, "Self, what was I thinking?"
Then they hopped on the internet and read about how stupid they were for buying a game.
Then he saw how everyone hated kashewals and decided never to be one!

Bad games convert kashewals to ardkores.
They make people more cautious with their money, and invest more time in gaming.
Just another reason why I love bad games.



Starwolf_UK said:

MaBoShi was the real surprise. Guess I'm too used to games not out in Europe being on the list that when one not out in North America comes up...



SilentJ said:

I was finally over MaBoShi! It's been so long that I just put it out of my mind. Now I want it again! I've also really been wanting to try Okami. Super Smash was fun but I don't know about #1 of the year. I'm not sure Tetris Party should be on the list. I played it for like an hour and haven't played it since. World of Goo should probably have been #1.

As for Spogs, It really doesn't deserve such a prestigious award. I'd rather destroy my wii than play that piece of cr*p again. I don't even consider it a game. I wish I could sue D2C for putting me through such a horrible experience. I'm scarred for life and feel the pain each time I think back on that dark time of my life. I seriously have never hated anything game related as much as I hate Spogs. I wouldn't play it again if they paid me. I don't even know why I saved it onto my sd card. I'm going to delete it right now.



Supermarioman said:

OK............OH COME ON!!!!! What the crap! Tetris and Maboshi are good but not that good, and Okami, where are the highly praised third party games, for the Wii that came out this year. Boom Blox, No More Heroes, oh even IGN put Guitar Hero: World Tour as a contender on their wii list, this list is horrible. The first 2 spots are great, but te rest are just lame. Not a high quality list. Look this list dosen't make much sense,Tetris is Tetris. So Tetris is good, but ruely Boom Blox or the M-Rated No More Heroes should beat it. As for the dud, SPOGS should be second, but this is the european list and you haven't gotten Pong To, I mean Beer Pong yet, so thats understood. I just really hate this list. But this is an opinion so yeah, its different. But my opinion is I don'ty liek it.



shadows262 said:

i totally agree with you. Mario Kart wii should`ve been up there or even Wario land shake it could`ve. As for wiiware Mega man 9 should`ve made it especially passed TP!
Horrifying! if i were to do it it`d look like this

1: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
2: World of Goo
3: Mario Kart Wii
4: No More Heroes
5: Mega Man 9
Runner-ups: Okami, Wario Land Shake it, GHWT, AC City Folk, and Boom Blox. i do better than them.



Boringman54 said:

WHAT!? I can easily understand SSBB, Okami (OK, just barely) and World of Goo but why Tetris and MaBoShi!? What about No More Heroes!?



CanisWolfred said:


No More Heroes actually didn't do very well review-wise, and it's not like it was flawless or anything. Besides, this is just the Best Reviewed games, no opinions had any part in this.


Meh, I just use these sites so I can read a bunch of different reviews, without having to visit any one of them regularly.



LAA said:

I think this is just fans and the anticipation that won this game to be no. 1. I just found this game boring after a whle, the only reason for me to play it anymore is just wi-fi, but only for lke 15mins! This game only sold a lot by the anticipation it spread and thats what I think, it just got boring.
Mario Kart Wii definately deserved 1st in my opinion, it also got boring after a while, but wi-fi and the competitions still makes the game fun, even now!
Also, yes, I dont think tetris and MaBoShi deserves to be on the list either, tetris party was just a waste of points and MaBoShi was even more a waste of points! and even though I never played No More Heroes before, even I think it even deserved to be on the list! Seriously, this list was made only by fans and people I cant even describe! The only games I think deserve to be on that list are world of goo and okami, thats it.




Reasons why brawl is number 1 -

1. Longest game ever. (ive gotten over 150 hours off of it) and about 100 hours off melee. lol
2. Supports wi-fi
3. Has a 1 player adventure mode
4. Has boss battles, target test, and multi man brawl
5.supports up to 16 players
6.Has over 30 pokegaymon, and around 35 items
7. 35 characters
8. 40 something stages
9. custom stages
10. its top rated game of the year

Where as world of goo is a measly 5 hours long with not very many options. If world of goo was a retail, 40 euros would be a rip off, and it would degrade the rating 1 per 10 euros.



Kaeobais said:

@VALERHU: Yes, but world of goo is also a very good game. It's also WiiWare, where as Brawl is retail. Meaning there is more space o put features into on Brawl, because WiiWare has a limit to how big your games are. Either way, brawl fu**ing rules. I hope there will be more Smash games, "brawl to end them all" is a very upsetting thought.



Virus said:

Bah, Brawl is a great game, but it feels wrong at #1. Perhaps it just doesn't compare to last year's best Wii game, but I still don't get the vibe from it that it's the best, or at least should be.

The funny thing about all this is how many people over at VC-Reviews say WiiWare is crap and then these charts show up.



Twilight_Crow said:

Brawl is good enough to be a #1, and there are no many contenders this year anyway, NMH is good but imo is not big enough and I hate MKWii for personal reasons. I consider WoG and Okami well thought artistic videogames that are actually fun so they deserve their places, still I haven't play TP and obviously MaBoShi so I can't say anything about them.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Okami is a top game?
(Now I want such...)
By the way, "Dud of the Year" should be Beer Toss, if you ask me. (Excuse me; I am just tired of that semi-alcoholic cheap-O game...)



Objection said:

NMH was good enough to make No.5 or so IMO. Okami was probably the best and Brawl was good enough for top5. MKWii...i'm just done with that series...WOG deserves its place.



Ricardo91 said:

@Objection_Blaster. Never listen to Game Informer. They give horrible reviews to games, often criticising good games and giving praise to bad ones. I can't believe that Magazine won the Best Gaming Publication award at the VGAs.
Subscribing to that magazine was a BIG mistake. My disdain seems to grow a little with every issue. Thankfully, my subscription expires in one more month, so I can switch to EGM!

@VALERHU. Brawl supports 16 players? Where did you hear that from?



AlexSays said:

Reasons why brawl is number 1 -
I am in awe.
Some people make terrible lists and then some people make TERRIBLE lists. lol

So, a couple of your REALLY screwed up points...
Brawl doesn't support 16 players. It supports 4 at a time, with the option of switching people in and out.
A notepad and a pen and Melee supports 16 players too.
And how often do you have 16 people in the same room all wanting to play Brawl?

You're using the adventure mode as if it's a good thing?
Wow. You realize that's one of most heavily criticized parts of the game, right?
Which part did you like most? The repetitiveness?
There's a reason people completely ignored the Subspace Emissary.

It's the longest game because you've played it for 100 or so hours?
So I guess World of Goo is longer than Twilight Princess because I've played it more?
Oh and Madden must be the longest game ever made since I've put in 300 or so hours.

You're also using WiFi to support the game?
I find Brawl's online with random people is best used to conduct lag research.
WiFi was one of the biggest disappointments to accompany Brawl's release and using it as a positive thing is just laughable.

Your list is an absolute joke and supports those (such as me) who believe Brawl is NOT the Wii's top game this year.
Heck, Brawl wasn't deserving of Game of The Month.



Objection said:

@Alex-While I don't dislike Brawl like you somewhat seem to, all of your points on why it's not the No.1 of 2008 are incredibly valid. Super laggy wifi, subspace being somewhat chore-like, etc. is why I played it for 2 months straight...and then nearly completely stopped. I myself think WOG is a little overrated but thats because I am stuck in it and so got less enjoyment from it than Okami and NMH, both of which I didn't get stuck in and beat. I like that we're having differing opinions here, though. As for Madden, well, I never could get into that series,but I'm glad you got your money's worth out of it...300 hrs...()




Alex, thats 4-5 out of all of the newish things.

Plus your points failed. Try again.



AlexSays said:

Plus your points failed. Try again.

What a perfectly logical response.
I see things so clearly now!

For future reference though...
If you want to be taken seriously on this site you have to actually back up your claims.

On a completely unrelated note my girlfriend is Italian.
So for all I know you two could be related!

While I don't dislike Brawl like you somewhat seem to, all of your points on why it's not the No.1 of 2008 are incredibly valid.

I don't dislike Brawl either. And I've even played it quite a bit recently.
It's just a shame Brawl has so many blind, ignorant followers.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Wiiloveit post #9: Zack & Wiki was released last year, barring it from consideration on this list.

@Virus: So people on VC-Reviews don't share the opinions of all those people who reviewed these games and were averaged to make this Metacritic list. Is that surprising or wrong? I like Tetris Party, but there's no WAY I'd give it a higher score than Wario Land: Shake It! (that game not being on this list is criminal, though I understand that it's because the individual reviews were idiots and this list is just stating averaged facts). Plus, when I say that WiiWare is crap, I'm referring to the majority of games on the service. So when it's good (which is rare) it's very good. But when it's bad (far more common), it gets in the way of VC releases.

Regarding Brawl, I think it's a great game. I do think it's better than Melee, for my purposes, anyway. I thought I'd throw in a tidbit: Melee supports TWICE as many players without needing to write stuff down as Brawl does. In Tournament Mode, Melee goes up to 64, while Brawl only does 32. Not an issue, really, since even 32 is highly unlikely, but still...

I haven't played Brawl OR Melee in a while, but that's due to lack of people to play with and time in which to finish Subspace Emissary (which I would like to resume for the story and unlockables, at least). I LOVE Brawl's stage creation tools (you can get REALLY diabolical with them), and some of the new characters rank among my favorites now (including Wario, Olimar, and Snake).



slambert215 said:

Brawl is a good game, but some parts really needed more polish like what people brought up.

SSE: Really repetive. (sorry about spelling) The environments get recycled over and over, it is overly long and
The last level, the maze thing, SUCKS. Who wants to play that kind of level?

Wifi: Really needs fixing. The lag makes it unplayable. For example, you press jump and literally 1.5 seconds later your guy jumps. And Nintendo hasn't gotten off their * to fix it. Lame.

Plus the fact it just gets old after a while. I used to play it all the time, but now I just pull it out when friends are over.

Btw I know this is off topic but where is our Elite Beat Agents sequel?!?!?!?!



Virus said:

Ah, Stuffgamer1, somehow I knew you would get me for that comment!

To begin, thanks for being polite and logical with you reply. It seems these comments boards, on this site and on others, are steadily becoming more offensive.

Anyway, while I won't argue the credibility of Metacritic, I will argue the majority of WiiWare isn't crap. According to this site, 40 out of 56 games released on WiiWare in America (Tiki Towers excluded) warrant a review of 6 or higher. If we only focus on 7 or higher ratings, 31 games meet the qualifications. I know you may be using a hyperbole, but technically, according to this site, the majority of WiiWare games are not crap. Personally, I do not have the time or money to say the majority of WiiWare games are not crap, but for the most part, I think this site's reviewers are credible enough to be believed.

And to end on an agreeable note, Olimar on Brawl is awesome. Still, it was a pity they didn't give Ganondorf a sword to actually fight with...



shadows262 said:

your pretty stupid!
Comparing the replay value of WoG to brawl is horrible. I beat WoG in 5 hours and it got BORING! but still a great game btw.

Only reason he said that he played it over 150 hours is because of all the content that is enabled to be unlocked. Vault, Home Run Contest, Boss Battles, Classic, etc.

Only reason you played WoG more than Twilight Princess is because you hate it! Its a master piece of a game and I cant believe you dislike it...shame on you.

You say subspace emissary is repetitive and boring haha lol
and football is just so much fun and theres no repetiveness at all there and yet you have the guts to say you played over 300 hours of it.
You probably played 20 hours of brawl and decided to judge it. If football to you ain`t repetitive and the adventure mode in brawl is, theres something wrong with you! And you also need to go see a doctor.

Oh haha and btw your the “blind, ignorant follower”!!!



Kenji510 said:

I wonder if we will get MaBoShI next week on the 29th, since we never got it yet and im still waiting for that game to come out here in US as well.. hopefully we do since the 29th will be the last monday of Dec and 2008 will end soon and 2009 will be around the corner.



KDR_11k said:

Interesting. GameRankings uses 20 reviews as the threshold for inclusion in any lists but seeing MaBoShi take a 90% average is still interesting, I didn't know it fared that well with critics. It's also kinda funny that most of the complaints against MaBoShi came from North America where the game hasn't been released...



Wiiloveit said:

@shadows262: Mega Man 9 wasn't that good. Sure, it was fun, but it honestly wasn't one of the best games of the year.

Reasons why Brawl is the top rated game on Metacritic:
Because lots of publications rated it highly, geniuses.



Objection said:

@Wiiloveit- Reasons why Brawl is the top rated game on Metacritic: Because lots of publications rated it highly, geniuses. Exactly. Thank you.
@shadows262- @alexsays your pretty stupid! I'm sorry, but when someone fails that early in their response, its hard to go on...



AlexSays said:

Comparing the replay value of WoG to brawl is horrible. I beat WoG in 5 hours and it got BORING!
I never used the term replay value. This is where your reading comprehension gives a slight disadvantage.
He said Brawl was the longest game because he's played it a really long time. In that case, Tetris is the longest game ever invented because people have been known to play that for hundreds of hours.

football is just so much fun and theres no repetiveness at all
You're absolutely right.
Each football game something new happens.
How many times do you see two games end with the exact same score?

Only reason he said that he played it over 150 hours is because of all the content that is enabled to be unlocked.
And he didn't say that.
You're assuming you know what he meant.
Even if that were the case, MLB Power Pros is not a longer game than Okami because it has unlockables.
It has more replay value, but it's not longer.

Oh haha and btw your the “blind, ignorant follower”!!!
Of logic?
Oh you got me there!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Virus: Yes, I'm somewhat predictable. I try to make that predictability include my relative politeness. Really, I think people on these sites are getting ruder because they're all sore about Nintendo treating them like crap (in their eyes, at least), and they take it out on each other.

I advise you (and everyone) to not fall into the trap of assuming that a game that got high review scores is not crap. It may not be crap to the people who reviewed it, but that doesn't mean that users will agree. Whether it's logical or not, many VC fans are automatically knocking a point or two off of the score of a WiiWare game just because it isn't a VC game. I'm not one of them, but I know it happens.

If a game in a genre you don't care for gets a high review score, you'll still think it's crap, right? Many VC fans are tired of so many puzzle games on WiiWare, which will influence their opinion of the service as a whole. Then there's the random stuff that comes out week after week that might be decent, but isn't something most users of sites like these are going to care for. Even when you do jump for a game in a genre with a good score, it can still bite you in the butt. I wish I'd never bought Madstone, for example. That got a 7, but I don't think it deserved one, even though the concept sounded pretty good. The game just didn't do it for me.

In general, there's not too much overlap in genres between VC and WiiWare. They carry different KINDS of games, so fans of the kinds of games that show up on VC are often going to be upset with the kinds of games that release on WiiWare. And then you have those who just want to relive their favorite games and not even try new stuff, or give new developers a chance. Add in those who'll get a multi-system game elsewhere (which I did with Mega Man 9 and Brain Challenge), and WiiWare starts to look pretty bad to a lot of people.

Games I like on WiiWare to date: Dr. Mario and Tetris Party are both pretty good, though the latter is better imo (always liked Tetris better). SBCG4AP is good, so that's five games. I like Toki Tori, though it got WAY too hard and I haven't gone back to it in a while because of that.

And that's all I've played. I've been meaning to try My Life as a King. I'd be more likely to try World of Goo if there was a demo. Other than that, nothing currently available interests me.

Well, THAT turned into an essay. Not a very well edited one, either.
Hope it helped explain some stuff, anyway.



shadows262 said:

“Replay Value” is otherwise known as going back and playing the game more and more. And the reason he said its a really long game is because all the things you have/can do to beat the game. I`ve played brawl for over 200 hours and still have not beaten it...yet!

Football is very repetitive and its not really fun. You run, kick, throw, catch, and score. And its always the same thing repeating. Oh im sorry someone might break a bone once in bad.

No your not a “blind, ignorant follower of logic”. Your just blind and ignorant!



AlexSays said:

@ Objection_Blaster - It just goes to show how much time free time I have. lol

But there's no point, as like I told Gabbo, some things just aren't worth winning.
Heck, Gabbo went to great lengths to explain things carefully and Shadow still doesn't understand his original point.



chiefeagle02 said:

As much work and as hyped as Brawl was, it doesn't surprise me to see it up at number 1 for 2008. World of Goo was the diamond in the rough and deserves its spot in the top 5. What surprised me the most was Okami and Maboshi (the latter explained by its lack of presence here in North America, so I can neither agree nor disagree with its standing, however its high score across the pond gives hope that it may be just as great here). Depending on the game, ports can be great (Resident Evil 4, another title from Capcom, was awesome for the Wii and one of the top games for 2007). I've played the PS2 version of Okami and it wasn't bad. Not as good as people clamored it to be, but I still enjoyed my time playing it (the Zelda killer...trying to be Zelda). I would have expected Mario Kart in the top, but Metacritic is not mine to say.

PS: Okay, we get it Pong Toss sucks!! Why drag it out and kick it in balls it doesn't have over and over again (having neither been acknowledged as in the top 5 or the dud of Metacritic)? Yeah, it scored low and yeah, people are buying it, but come on man! Have some journalistic integrity and let sleeping dogs lie.



shadows262 said:

I didnt really appreciate alexsays saying that about brawl. Alex cant back up what he claims and it sorta makes me laugh

gabbo didnt go to great lengths for anything. He only told me 2 wii games that have the same graphics as the GCN versions.



Objection said:

@Shadows-I'm just gonna say this so this topic can die. What Gaboo was trying to tell you was that SOME Wii games have horrible graphics, worse than Gamecube graphics. He wasn't trying to say the Gamecube is more powerful than the Wii; of course it's not! He listed 2 games as examples and he can probably list more but you're missing the whole point so it's not worth doing. As for the Brawl debate between you and Alexsays, neither of you is going to convince the other. You say "You run, kick, throw, catch, and score. And its always the same thing repeating. " Well, Alex could say the same thing about Brawl if he wanted to. "You hit, jump, use items, shoot, and score. And its always the same thing repeating." Though he probably wouldn't use your grammar. Anyway, its all opinion and it seems that you can't leave well enough alone when it comes to topics where you misread what others say and go off on a biased tangent for God knows how many posts. Now let's please consider this conversation closed. EDIT: I missed getting a CD in Brawl to type this.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@AlexSays #57: I didn't know that existed. Not sure how much good it'll do, though. How big a difference do the PC vs. Wii controls make? Doesn't mean I won't give it a try given a chance, and thanks for the link, at least.

@Bensei: That just SCREAMS bad idea with so little memory on the Wii as it is.



AlexSays said:

@ Stuffgamer1- The controls are nearly the same. I've played both and each control method works flawlessly so you can't go wrong either way.
I actually like playing on my Wii more so I can recline on my couch and relax.



Virus said:

I somewhat see your perspective; I just don't quite agree with it. Two things mainly bother me. One, while you are entirely correct that a glowing review doesn't mean a game is necessarily good, the opposite is true also (as seen with Plattchen, some people hate it, others absolutely love it). Strangely, this is why many of the games on the VC do so well; they may not do well critically, but nostalgia drives their sales.

And two, while I understand some people may simply dislike WiiWare for its genres of games, this seems like unfair bias to me. Sure, they can say they dislike the games, but to call them crap seems unwarranted. With that perspective, I could say all VC games suck (which they certainly don't) because they aren't updated like the games on other download services. Again, I see your position; it just doesn't sit well with me.

Oh well..I'll agree to disagree if you are willing to also. Heck, this is your guys' Christmas; don't spoil it arguing.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Virus: I just have ONE little obsessive correction: PS1 games on PSN and Xbox Originals aren't updated in any way before release for download, either. Many people refuse to buy Xbox Originals for this very reason.

But as you say, it's Christmas. Arguing is bad form today. With that in mind, I wish people would treat every day like Christmas...



CBattles6 said:

How about some love for de Blob? It just won about 3 or 4 of IGN's year-end Wii awards (including best platformer, over Mega Man 9). It's a beautiful game that takes a hardcore gamer to master, and it's got enough achievements to keep you playing for hours (try a 70-minute level about three times just to get everything).

I'm not knocking Brawl; it's a good game if you like games you're already good at. But after awhile, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was playing the N64 version with a new coat of paint. Fun game, lots of great characters, great visuals and music, but it's just more of the same if you play it long enough.

Metacritic proves what I've been saying for awhile. de Blob is the Zach and Wiki of '08. Best game nobody's playing.



AlexSays said:

Actually THQ is quite happy with De Blob's sales.
I just got my copy over Christmas, but it's already outsold Zack and Wiki.

So I'm not quite sure how you can say nobody's playing it.



Objection said:

@Alexsays- I think the nobody is supposed to refer to the wide gap in sales between it and SSSB, MKwii, Wii (Play, Music) AC, etc. that have gotten all the attention. Doesn't mean it hasn't sold well...I mean to get it soon...



CanisWolfred said:

I was plannibg on getting de Blob for Christmas, until I found out we were getting a 360, and some of the more expensive games on my list had to be cut. I've put it on my birthday list, so hopefully I get it in March.



World_1-1 said:

World of Goo and Brawl totally deserve those spots, though I would've switched their places.



Virus said:

I'm loving de Blob, but so far it's definitely not deserving of best game...especially with its controls...



shadows262 said:

@alexsays & Virus
de blob aint half bad(I rented it btw). its really funny at times and the graphics are goofy and clourful-in a good way ofcourse!

@world 1-1
I have to strongly disagree with you

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