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Evasive Space - New Screens & Trailer

Posted by Corbie Dillard

We recently posted news of a new WiiWare title from YUKE'S Company of America called Evasive Space which featured a ton of new screenshots of the game in action.

While we don't have quite that many new screens to unload on you today, we have come across 30 new screen shots that show Levels 3 and 4 in action, as well as some new information on these two new levels and Booster Items found in the game.

Booster Items

Energy Cells: Armor for your ship
Constellation Stone: Progress requirement on various levels
Diode: Upgrade for various increases in ship functionality
Chronosphere: Add time to objective clock
Spacemen: Stranded spacemen need saving in various missions

Act 3: Ice World

Scene 1: BoboSmack’s Ice Cave of Delights – Timed run through a difficult maze
Scene 2: Dorian’s Belt – Use tethering to save stranded ships while avoiding black holes and space junk
Scene 3: Hoshi’s Corona – Collect energy cells while trying to stay alive!
Scene 4: Alarra Station – Activate door switches while avoiding magnets, radars/towers that affect your ship’s controls, and mines
Scene 5: BoboSmack’s Ice Cave of Delights Part 2 – Collect 20 energy cells in a timed run through the Ice Cave

Act 4: Plasma World

Scene 1: The Nimbus of Suh’godin – Tether and tow 10 stranded ships to repair stations while navigating a rotating map
Scene 2: The Swedarian Field – Navigate through giant asteroid crushers to pick up energy cells
Scene 3: The Yo’rel – Dive deep into the belly’s of a ship to find a Constellation Stone, then escape once found
Scene 4: Lucien’s Annulate – Locate and return spacemen to the safety of their ship
Scene 5: Dr. Dark Matter’s Super Dangerous Space Laboratory – Make your way to the center of the laboratory in your final mission…

You can check out the new screen shots starting here. Just click next to continue on through all 30 of the new screen shots of the game.

We've also just uploaded the new official Evasive Space video trailer for all to see that shows this unique WiiWare title in action.

We'll have more screenshots (if that's even possible) as well as information on Evasive Space as it becomes available. We'll also have a full review of the game up once it hits the WiiWare service.

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Ricardo91 said:

Looks like the old mobile phone game Snake. I love that game, and this looks like it's adding some interesting elements to the formula, so I'm keeping my eye on it.

EDIT: Hooray another first!



shadows262 said:

it looks fantastic!
graphics look marvelous and shiny and gameplay aint too bad either!!



gameking23 said:

This game looks great. Hopefuly it turns out great. The more I look at this game the more it reminds me of Geometry Wars.



Ferret75 said:

The graphics look very nice, and it looks like an old-style shooter (without the retro graphics).

Here's hoping it gets at least a 7/10.



Twilight_Crow said:

The visuals are beautiful, and it looks like fun, Iove games where you have to avoid crashing, I hope it turns out fine, still, the fact that there is an item call Diode makes me feel uneasy .



Objection said:

Looks pretty good. I am seriously considering it, depending on the price and longevity of the title.



Clayfrd said:

Actually the game looks really good. I can't really tell what the objective is, but the gameplay looks good, and from the way the player controls, I'm assuming the controls are functional as well.



Virus said:

Err...the control looks iffy to me...I'm not hoping for too much with this one.



megacody said:

Looks interesting, but who am I kidding? I'll probably blow all my points on CaveStory & DLC . I'm so excited!



calculon said:

I suggest you all download four videos from the IGN website and watch them consecutively. Yes it looks shiny (read: gaudy as hell with lots of duplicate assets) but it also looks slow, boring, repetitive and cheap in terms of game play.

And what the hell is that crap about "When darkness falls, a hero must rise?" Did they accidentally splice two trailers (one from a decent sounding game) together? What a crock.



ness said:

It looks great, and after the video i am really interested in this game =).




@ calculon That was actually my fault. the line from the twilight princess trailer was atually "when the light fades, will the hero rise again or will darkness reign?" I deleted the post. Sorry for any confusion.



Jockolantern said:

From the IGN videos, I am left quite impressed and am looking forward to how this game shapes out next month. Looks like it uses the Wii IR controls quite intuitively and challenges reflexes very well. And with Asteroids-like ship control, what's not to like about the controls as they appear on the surface? IGN seemed to be quite pleased with what they experienced, thus I'm certainly just as enthused to see this game turn out well for High Voltage. I have incredible hopes for The Conduit as well.



calculon said:

I agree on Cave Story. IGN said Evasive Space was "fun but not mind-blowing" and then gave a grunt of - "it's fun" which didn't really sound very enthusiastic.

From what I've seen of the videos and those comments I'm not holding out much hope. Most of the game play elements seem pointless, from the mind-numbing levels of collection not seen since Banjo Kazooie/Tooie to the gun turrets that really don't seem to do much other than fire cheap shots at you from off-screen as you approach. The lazer fire doesn't even really seem to have much of a negative effect - I'd have preferred at least for the laser fire to knock the ship about or at least cause a considerable reduction in the ship's shield/health meter.

As it stands, the only real threat is the time-limit to complete each objective in which case I think the game will get very boring very quickly.

I'm anticipating a rating of maybe 6/10 (or 7/10 for the more generous minded) which isn't bad in itself, it just doesn't drag the game out of the quagmire of average games already on the service.



jordanr said:

Maybe us Europeans will get the chance to buy this one with YUKE'S publishing it instead of HVS.



thewiirocks said:

@calculon - After Gyrostarr (what a waste of good money), I have a similar level of apprehension about this game. I imagine it will end up, like Gyrostarr, appealing to the average game player, but not those looking for more creative gameplay.



Wiiloveit said:

@Calculon: Is there anything you do like?

I saw this trailer yesterday and think it looks ace so far. Here's hoping that since this HVS game has an alternate publisher, it'll get a European release!



BulbasaurusRex said:

If it were an actual shooter, I'd be interested, but all of these puzzle-like missions without being able to attack anything ruin this for me.



shadows262 said:

HVS are making 3 upcoming games for wiiware(Hot rod show, Evasive Space, and Animales de la Muerte!) and aside from their upcoming wii game “The Conduit” their really starting to shape up as a video game company!
i think your just jealous that you`ve never played a HVS game before just because they forget bout you europeans. You dont have to make the game look bad just because of that, seriously!
btw you think they`ll do this to you guys over there with their upcoming wii game “The Conduit”?



AlexSays said:

Looks like we'll have to wait even longer before playing a GOOD game made by High Voltage.



calculon said:

@Shadows262 - Not at all. There's been plenty of games appear in the past 20-odd years that I've never played but would have liked to.

@Wiilovei - Yes, there are several WiiWare titles that I like but no more than I can count on one hand. The same goes for future releases - Animales, Hod Rod Show and World of Goo are of definite interest but the the most part I find what WiiWare offers is all to often depressingly familiar.

To give you an idea of what I've bought: Space Invaders Get Even, Brain Challenge, Alien Crush Returns, Mega Man 9, Bomberman Blast, Mashobi, My Aquarium, Strong Bad Ep. 1, Pop, Cotoco Fishing Master, Actionloop Twist, Star Soldier R, Dr Mario & Germ Buster, Final Fantasy CC: My Life as a King, Lost Winds, Toki Tori, Cue Sports: Snooker & Pool, Tetris Party, Art Style: Cubello

I might come across as overly critical of the WiiWare service but that's just because I'm of the mind that some of the indie developers represent part of the masses who complain about the state of Wii gaming in general. If that's the case, surely these guys should be more like Luc Bernard and Two Tribes and work on games that make people take notice of the service - i.e. games that make a difference rather than odd random efforts or blatant cash-ins that make the service feel cheap and single-minded.

For me it's not a matter of quantity but quality and variety that matter. My only concern is that a lot of what's come to WiiWare so far has just been an excuse to try and make a quick buck or simply to retrieve revenue from a project that just wouldn't sell in retail. Perhaps this will change by the service gets into its second year, but somehow I think what's been is largely what's to come.



gameking23 said:

Hey where is the top twenty post?

EDIT: Wow as soon as I posted this the top 20 came out. Maybe I should have asked earlier?



calculon said:

@shadows262 - Yes, I have put up my online codes for nearly all the online games I've got (I'll be putting up Cue Sports & Dr Mario soon) on my VC Forums profile page (look for wii-c-kid)

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