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EU WiiWare Update: Art Style: Rotohex, Bang!, Pit Crew Panic!, and Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Nintendo has once again shown some serious love to European Wii owners today with the release of a whopping four WiiWare titles.

That's right; if you're a Euro Wii owner then you have Art Style: Rotohex, Bang!, Pit Crew Panic!, and Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3 to choose from. You lucky ducks!

We’ve already covered Art Style: Rotohex, Pit Crew Panic!, and Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque when they were released on the North American WiiWare service and we'll have a review of Bang! up soon for you to check out as well.

All in all this is a pretty solid group of WiiWare releases this week and games that should offer up something for just about everyone.

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KeeperBvK said:

At least for me, that is. I haven't played the first 3 episodes of Strong Bad and would rather do that on the PC (saving money), I already own Dialhex on the GBA and Pit Crew Panic seems a bit iffy to me. I also highly dislike catch up-only weeks.

I'll just keep up my hopes for a release of Gradius Rebirth in the near future.

Edit: Oh, wait a second. Bang!'s another game? I thought it was just part of the pal name for Pit Crew Panic. ^^



Rexy said:

Same situation as last fortnight - huttah for the SBCG4AP catch-up, and huttah for Art Style. Of course, obtaining any of these games would depend on one's preferences for any of these, but I say this is pretty dang good a week



Corbs said:

Rotohex has been my favorite of the Art Style games and is one any fan of the series should check out. And Pit Crew Panic! is uniquely fun as well if you're into something a little bit different.



Ben__Harlan said:

Well, for me this is a very good week because of three reasons

1: Pit Crew Panic! here cost 500 points, so we have ir cheaper than USA.
2: The second Art Style
3: We have Bang! first.



Shortay said:

Fantastic week. Strong Bad and PCP don't interest me, but I really must try out one of the Art Style games soon. I just need to decide which looks/sounds best...



Djungelurban said:

Well, despite my lack of enthusiam over this week, I would like to recommend Rotohex. So ok, I haven't exactly played this exact version, but the game it's based off, Dialhex, is actually a really good, creative and unique puzzler and I weren't so put off by puzzlers in general these days I would definitely pick it up.



Nintendork said:

You got to be kidding me! You Guys get all the good stuff!

EDIT: @next comment: I meant VC games too (Phantasy Star 4, Castlevainia 3, C64 games) as well as games like Maboshi.



KeeperBvK said:

Is Rotohex worth getting at all, if you already have Dialhex? Seems like it offers two new modes, right? Or is there something else? And how long will they keep you entertained?

Edit: @ Nintendork: Err, what? You've already got 3 of those 4 games and I actually doubt that Boing! is that great. We still have plenty of catch-up to do and you're getting 2 WW games almost every week, whereas we mostly get 2 or 3 over the course of 2 weeks. I'd say we're the ones having to be jealous.




lol..... Bang! seems interesting...

^ My link i s also festive Although I need to add snow....



Bass_X0 said:

Nothing for me this week but four games is good (although this is what just the Americans get spread over two weeks). I actually like catch-up weeks between America and Europe. I'd rather we have the same games than to have wildly different lists as seems to be happening with the Virtual Console (especially the NES and the SNES where Europe is lacking in several games but makes up for it by having the C64 as an exclusive). I don't expect much from Bang! though.



Cthuloops said:

yawn...where is the innovation in these games? I mean seriously, besides World of Goo and MAYBE Lost Winds, there has not been any other game to capture my attention except Mega Man 9(which is a sequel that follows a tried and true pattern, but a very good sequel nonetheless ). We need games that bring new elements to the table and escape the norm. World of Goo had amazing art and detail, but it still had the balls to do something different with the tired puzzle genre and it worked phenomenally well for 2D Boy. If all they will offer is generic puzzle games then WiiWare will not succeed. Platformers, shooters, fighters, racing, beat-'em-ups, and maybe even full-blown adventure titles(if Nintendo will sort out its stupid storage issue) are all genres that I would like to see come to WiiWare in the future. Look to the past for inspiration, but work in the present to inspire the future would be a great motto here.



gameking23 said:

Congrats to Europe. I was surprised that Rotohex came out b4 Orbient. Can not wait to see how Bang turns out tho I do not want it.



Objection said:

Nice catch-up. Is it true that PCP ( is only 500 there? That sucks! I would get it right away if it was over here! Otherwise, I'm waiting for Bang!'s review.



Corbs said:

That does make PCP a much more enticing prospect at only 500 Wii Points. People might bemore willing to take a chance on it for that price.



Kenji510 said:

Great update for you guys in EU and got 4 wiiware games, thats pretty good... Rotohex is a fun game and that other game Bang! looks pretty interesting to check and play too.



Virus said:

Awesome news to hear from over there. I would be jealous, but then again, you guys get the weird alternating WiiWare and VC weeks.



PALgamer said:

You got another fortnight NoE, don't mess it up...
( It's going to be great with both Orbient and WoG )
Congrats to Hudson for releasing Pit Crew Panic! close in both regions !!!
And you guys know that four games each fortnight is the same as two games weekly, right? No special treatment, if anything, we are starting to be treated like the US.



Alejandro_Talavera said:

Bang! is not THAT cheaper since Wii points are more expensive on most Europe (100 Wii Euro-Points = 1 Euro = aprox. 1.5 USD = 150 American Wii Points)



calculon said:

Meh. I agree with the quatity, but man that is one big bucket of tripe Nintendo gave us this week.

At least there's some good news: Seriously Bad has nearly come to an end.



KeeperBvK said:

@ Cheezy and darkmagi: WHat are you talking about?! You're getting two WW games plus at least one VC game every single week, which isn't worse than this 4 WW games update in two weeks, AT ALL. And most of the time we don't even got 4 WW games, which means you're the ones "being loved"...

@ Corbie: An answer would have been nice.



Robster said:

Meh, where's ' Groovin blocks'? Would like that over this 'Bang!' thing, which just looks like a fancy Bejeweled. Yeah I know 'be thankful for what you've got' , 'never look a horse....' euhh never mind



Wiiloveit said:

Got Bang and SB4, and I may get Rotohex in future. So far though, Bang is pretty disappointing and I wouldn't really recommend it. WoG for next time, then!



ness said:

I agree with KeeperBvK, i don't understand some members who complain about the thing that Europe gets 4 games. You get 2 games in one week, so it's just the same.

@ EU Update: Wohoo @ Rotohex, i've downloaded it in the morning =).
@ KeeperBvK: The "Sprint Mode" is new, and very hard =(.^^



calculon said:

The next big step for NIntendo would be to release four good WiiWare games in a week rather than three 'meh' games and a seriously bad one.



Ren said:

yeah, I just came home from a trip in europe, and the games are NOT cheaper, by any stretch, the dollar is just worthless is all so they're trying to keep the prices close to fair. In fact 500 points is probably a little more when you factor in the exchange rate. But I get the point, it probably feels cheap in those intervals.



Starwolf_UK said:

Is Rotohex worth getting at all, if you already have Dialhex?
Better graphics and music. I can't comment on sprint mode as I keep losing on the last colour of standard mode Also I don't remember the item pieces having the change colour effect in the GBA version.

A random observation. Part of the online Rotohex manual was in German. The header to the last page (About Saving) was Speil speichern. How did that happen?

the dollar is just worthless
The eurozone (Pound, Euro etc...) is being hammered on the exchange markets due to being in recession. The gap is nothing like it was during the past year or so.



RGVEDA said:

Maybe there is a german Manual Version. The German WiiWare Shop says, that the Game is in English. Maybe they translated at least the Manual. And it could be, that they mixed a little from the German translation in the English Manual accidentaly.



EJD said:

I may take a look at Rotohex and possibly Pit Crew Panic as it's only 500 points but otherwise nothing interesting for me this week. Can't wait for Orbient though.



ness said:

@ Starwolf_UK "Also I don't remember the item pieces having the change colour effect in the GBA version."

The items in Dialhex can also change the color of some pieces and can create "the hole", so this is not new.



Terra said:

Wow, great week. I'm holding out for the PC Disc release on Strong Bad, so no thanks yet. Good to see another Art Style game and i wasn't expecting Bang!, which i'm cautiously optimistic for. I Didn't expect to see Pit Crew Panic at 500 Points. I was hesistant to get it but now i will. To Think, Japan got Cue Sports for 500, we get Pit Crew Panic for 500, I reckon Snowboard Riot would be next to get a region exclusive price cut in the US, although it does look like the sort of game that would be sold for 1000 points, which i'd be happy to pay. Then again, maybe they'll get it for Pop Them Drop Them SameGame. One game i think certainly needs to be reduced is Star Soldier R. Maybe we will get price drops in the Wii Shop at some point. I can always hope.



Wiiloveit said:

The next big step for NIntendo would be to release four good WiiWare games in a week rather than three 'meh' games and a seriously bad one.
Which games are you referring to as being "meh" and "seriously bad"? I can't seem to categorise them like you have.

When it comes to price drops, I would like to see:
Star Soldier R / Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam - 500/600 points
Plattchen Twist & Paint - 1000 points
Critter Round Up - 500 points
Pirates: The Key Of Dreams - 700 points
Pong Toss / SPOGS / VIP Casino Blackjack - 5 points
Home Sweet Home - 700 points
Mega Man 9 - 800 points
Potpourrii / Protothea - 700 points
Actionloop Twist - 800 points
Wild West Guns - 800 points
BANG / Art Style - 500 points each
MaBoShi - 600/700 points

I don't ask for much



Bass_X0 said:

You know, its just not possible for Europe to come close to catching up to America in terms of games. We'll always be behind them. America gets two games every week, Europe gets three or four games every two weeks. Even if America gets our currently exclusive games for the next two weeks, they still have a big lead on us and I doubt NoA will put up less than two WiiWare games a week nor will NoE will put up more than four games every two weeks.



Terra said:

They did put up 5 VC games at one point, although whether they'd do the same for WiiWare is another story. The large number of releases is spoiling me again. I hope they don't suddenly drop the number of games released like before all of a sudden.

Edit: I'm trying out various new avatars to see what people think goes best. First off, The Mysterians. In the end though, i may go back to Ark but let's be a bit more interesting



Wiiloveit said:

@Bass X0: It's also partially due to certain developers choosing not to release games over here, due to translations and whatnot.
@Terranigma: Erm... freaky. I should probably change my avatar soon, after Corbie gave me this delightful Kitty.



Terra said:

Good to know. It won't be permanent, i was thinking maybe a Godzilla Monster for the next one or a Castlevania pic or even Daimajin



WarioFan63 said:

Oh Im sure we'll be dropping to single WiiWare releases every now and again pretty soon.



Objection said:

As for the dollar, etc. losing its value...the only thing that's gone up in exhcnage rate value (that I've seen on on my exchange rate gadget) ius the Japanese yen. Before the recent crisis, it was 113 yen to 1 dollar. Now it is only 93.



Mopsical said:

Awesome update, glad we're catching up on the Strong Bad games now.

And the next one has the potential to be awesomer if we get World of Goo and Art Style: Orbient.



Wiiloveit said:

@WarioFan63: There are quite a few games "confirmed" for this month, so I wouldn't bet on that just yet.
@Mopsical: at the moment, those two games should definitely be released then, with the possibility of other games such as Tiki Towers and Strong Bad Episode 5 (depending on US release).

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