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Eternity’s Child – Still Alive, Coming in 2009

Posted by Damien McFerran

Luc Bernard’s Eternity’s Child is easily one of the most hyped WiiWare releases of all time and despite months of speculation and chatter, it’s still not available. Having heard about release dates ranging from ‘Christmas 2008’ to ‘sometime in 2009’ we decided to get the official word from publisher Alten8 – who also happen to be handling the coding duties, too.

We’ve been told that Eternity’s Child is DEFINTELY still being worked on. The horrendous delay is due to Alten8 having to totally re-code the game in order to avoid the same pitfalls that seemed to blight the PC release of the title, which happened months ago.

The upshot of this is that Wii owners could be given the definitive version of the game – the bad news is that all this work is naturally taking time, so if you’re still keen to play Eternity’s Child then we’d advise you take up a hobby to keep you occupied in the meantime. Like knitting, for example.

You can check out all of Alten8’s upcoming projects here.

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joshje said:

What problems were there with the PC release? Better to have it fixed than a buggy release, I'm sure everyone agrees.



slambert215 said:

Some website gave it a 1/10, citing bad controls bad gameplay and level design, and bad animation. If you click on the Eternity's Child Demo Now Available! story above, there is a link to the review



GEncore said:

I can't believe this horrible game has been hyped so much. Even if it ends up being decent, which I doubt, seeing how unless they pull a 180 it hardly has more depth than a flash game; people shouldn't support that hugglebunny Luc Bernard. .Just reading the infamous Destructoid article tells you everything you need to know.

The guy (the game developer, mind you) even told some people "you have no life, all you do is sit in your PC complaining" because some guy said his game sucked. If he can't handle criticism, he should GTFO the industry (which apparently he's doing... what a coincidence). I also remember this one comment where he said he took all the blame for his game sucking, and then a few comments later he blamed his programmer "Josh" for the jump mechanic not being responsive. He also said he felt bad because Eternity's Child was his baby - look, I'm a customer, I don't care. If your baby is anorexic and has AIDS I don't care if it's your baby, I won't support it.

Luc had a very good relationship with Destructoid, so he expected them to be horrible professionals and rate his game high just because they were friends, which obviously they didn't because the game blows. I'm sure if Corbie Dillard or whoever eventually reviews this game scores it low (Bernard also has a good relationship with WiiWare World, go figure), you'll see comments of Bernard being pissed and saying "Come on, I put a lot of effort into this" up the ass, and probably also blaming people for criticizing his game ("I don't like this game"; says a reader "Oh, you have no life if you go around badmouthing games on the internet", says Bernard. This happened on Destructoid, so why not on WiiWare World?)

I'm not saying you all should boycott Eternity's Child just to spite Bernard, but like I said, unless the game pulls a 180 it will SUCK, and will absolutely not be worth buying, even for the bargain price. As icing on the cake, Bernard can't handle criticism and reacts like a 12 year old hugglebunny when his horrible game ("his baby") gets knocked, which makes me hate this game even more.

If I get banned from this site for stating the truth, I don't care. Just wanted to shed some light on how Bernard truly is, and how immaturely he handled the whole "your friends scored your game 1/10 because it sucks".

Before you go on and flame me, please, I encourage you to read the Destructoid article, more specifically Luc Bernard's comments and see for yourself:



LucBernard said:

yes I am a terrible immature horrible person

I think Alten8 will add a subtitle, since they have redone the game mechanics and changed the controls in a good way. Basically controls now like a normal platformer.



GEncore said:

I don't even know you personally so I have no idea what you are. All I know is what I read at that Destructoid article. Your words: "if you read the review I did my part fine, I wish Joshua my programmer would of listened to me about how I wanted things done ". Seriously? Are you kidding me?

Face it, you handled the whole situation extremely immaturely, and to me you sounded like a baby who couldn't stand getting some criticism. If you expected your first effort to be met with nothing but positive reactions, then you're in for quite a few surprises in life.



LucBernard said:


I know I handled it badly, but now I laugh about it I got over it and you should too. And this has managed to get my head sorted out and work on things in secret, and yes I did not get along with Joshua that is why we have both gone our seperate ways.



Wiiloveit said:

@Luc: ooh... does that mean you're still working in gaming? That robot game "announced" ages ago sounded pretty good.

RE: The Article
Take up knitting? KNITTING?!? Nah, thanks. I'll stick with my... erm... oh crap. I give up - nothing that isn't gaming can beat knitting. Except maybe Censored
Oh - and the game doesn't sound too bad, either - especially since it's being completely reworked to avoid buggyness.



longtimegamer said:

I followed the link to the reviews on destructoids site and read the reviews, many of the comments as well and unless they deleted some of Benards comments, I didn't see anything that he said that warrented the type of abuse he was getting. Also I'd have to say that the first reviewer wasn't as tactful as he could have been when he reviewed this game. Even if he thought a game is bad or badly put together this could have been said in a nicer way and it would still be truthful.

I also have to say that alot of those people making comments on that site were very mean and unprofessionel (though some seemed nice). If you follow that link you'll see what I mean.



longtimegamer said:

@Bernard - I'm sorry that you were treated that way. Even IF you did say something that you probably regret now, it was probably in reaction to how you were treated. It sucks, but it seems that with some people that once they get on the internet they let manners and civility fly out the window.

By the way please don't let GEncores comments discourage you from coming to and comment on this site. Hopefully you you'll be treated better by most people here. While no ones perfect, I'd like to think we're pretty good people in general.



Stratos said:

I'm still hopeful for the game. Nice to hear some news about it.

Hey, Luc! Why no updates to your blog?



GEncore said:

Oh, no I wasn't discouraged from commenting here. I just wanted to share how I feel about the game. That's what the comments section is for.

Also if the WiiWare version ends up being good (I think this site tends to overrate games, I trust IGN more) I'll be the first one to say I was wrong.



Killraven said:

Hey Luc, it takes a man to own up and admit his failings.
Even if Eternity's Child ends up sucking, at least you had the experiance, and if learnt from your next game will be better.

I personally would rather you be passionate about your games, which you seem to be, and release something you thought was different to the table, rather than releasing another puzzle game or reharsh of something else. I Hope you continue to post here regardless of what happens. i believe you could provide some nice insight into different games and their production.

@GEncore: Don't tear the guy to shreads over one website. Luc has always been a trooper here. I'm sure there are moments in your life that if we knew about em we would call you a jerk too, but then you hadn't ever tried to release an over-hyped game. Just saying, everyone makes mistakes.

@everyone, this game will unlikely be platformer king, but still it's one of the few platformers to attempt release on the wiiware.



blackknight77 said:

I agree with Longtimegamer. I checked out the Destruction site and thought the reviewer was out of line. Wii Ware world always does respectful reviews whether a game scores high or low. They don't get all "AVGN " on games and developers.

I am still hopeful to see this game and lets leave out the "anorexic AIDS baby" comments please



GEncore said:

"I know I handled it badly, but now I laugh about it I got over it and you should too. And this has managed to get my head sorted out and work on things in secret, and yes I did not get along with Joshua that is why we have both gone our seperate ways."

Wow, okay. I'm all for an attitude like this. It's the first time I've seen you comment something like this, though, so that's good.



GEncore said:

"Hey Luc, it takes a man to own up and admit his failings."

EXACTLY. Which is why I was so pissed when Bernard originally, instead of, you know, admitting his failings, got angry at the reviewer and even some of the readers. Also why I used the word "immature".

"By the way please don't take GEncores comments discurrage you from coming to and comment on this site"

Oh, please don't. Don't make the same mistake you did with Destructoid. I'm just a regular guy commenting on a page.



LucBernard said:

well like I said before Eternity's Child is a average game, why I got mad like I said several times before is because no matter what every other reviewer knew the game was not a 1/10, anyway last time I hope I will have to talk about this, I don't think I need to explain anything really

But Alten8 have been spending months making a good control scheme and also redesigning levels, so the both products will only share the name and graphics.



longtimegamer said:

@GEncore-You can state the truth without being mean and insulting.

It's very easy to to be mean and say the first thing that comes to your mind when talking to people online. In MY opinion it takes more maturity to try to be responsible about the comments you make to or about someone before you say them and try to be civil in your comments(don't let your emotions control you, control them). I think this takes more strength of character and is the more dignified way to handle things than just letting your emotions fly uncontrolled.

The fact is alot of people were acting VERY immaturly and irresponsibly at that site.

EDITED- Not everyone at the site was being this way from what I could tell, though it did seem like an awful lot. I applaude the ones who didn't try to attack him this way. ☆Especially the ones who tried to make the others aware of how badly they were acting.☆
Hopefully you take this as constructive critism. I tried to think about what I wrote before I put it down. I also edited myself to (hopefully) not make you feel attacked too. I want this to achieve something good.



GEncore said:

@longtimegamer - No, don't worry I didn't feel attacked or anything like that by your comments. Obviously when I typed that wall of text I was expecting comments like yours. And I don't take comments on the internet personal, you don't even know me; you're just commenting on the same page I am. And yes there were immature people on that site, but there were also comprehensive people, and more importantly, I thought the review was fair (at least the review, don't know about the score).

I understand you mean one has to think things through before speaking, but honestly I did. Obviously Luc Bernard could be an awesome guy in real life, but I can't judge him for that; instead only for his comments I read on various websites (this was before I read the much more respectful comments he made on this very article, though).

But obviously I care more about the game than the developer, and my point is they really need to get to work if they want the WiiWare version to be good.



vherub said:

I played the demo off steam and was disappointed with the controls, it was frustrating to play with a keyboard, especially feeling floaty and imprecise. That said, I am still looking forward to this game when it releases on the wii and with a good control scheme it could be a blast.

Also, gencore, it sounds like you are taking a perverse glee in rooting for this game to fail. If you want to bash the developer, I don't know if this is the proper place for that. And if you want to bash the game, well the wii version isn't out yet to bash.



GEncore said:

The Wii version isn't out, but after the PC version, it's guilty until proven innocent.



longtimegamer said:

@GEncore- I wasn't trying to imply that they were all acting that way, just that it seemed alot were.
☆By the way, I added something to that comment to clarify this.☆

Thanks for being civil with me (and nice.) Unfortunatly didn't edit a part that I thought was insulting until awhile after I posted it. Sorry. I'll try to get better at that.

I understand what he said ticked you off. When someone does that, it's tempting to go off on them. I know I've felt that way AND have acted on that feeling before. It's not always easy to be calm,
I think it's better though, not to give in to that sort of thing though. If you don't like how someone acts, maybe you can find a constructive why of trying to change it. If that doesn't work then just ignore it, I guess.

(Edit @GEncore-At least you thought about it.)



CanisWolfred said:

At this point I don't even care anymore, but if it's still $5 I'll get it. After all, I need something to compliment World of Goo.



GEncore said:

Why wouldn't I be civil with you? I was basing my "attitude" toward Bernard on his previous comments on Destructoid, you it's the first time I've met you.

What you say is true and extremely helpful in real life (believe me, I know), but here on the Internet, I think it only goes so far. I mean, after all, if someone takes what I say too seriously, that's their fault, because like I said I'm just voicing opinions on games and in this case developer.



longtimegamer said:

@GEncore- You right, no reason you should. Sorry.

I appreciate it though.

By the way, I just looked at what seems to be a reply on #20
"don't make the same mistake that you did on distructoid"?

Huh? What do you mean exactly?



Nero said:

Hey Luc. I'm one of the guys that actually enjoyed the PC version of this game and made a few levels and was wondering will there actually be updates to the story and such for that version? I would really like to see more levels and stuff for it. I hope many of the suggestions on the steam forums etc has been taken into considerations for the Wii version to make it better for people.



Ricardo91 said:

Bleh. I gave up on this game and shifted my attention to WoG some time ago, but I'll still DL this if the WW version turns out half-decent. After all, it's only 5 bucks.



Virus said:

Great to hear about this game again. While I have heard it may not garner the best reviews, I hope the absolute best for this game since it seems it was completed with the greatest amount of devotion one could give to it. I may not buy it myself, but if it gets a few respectable reviews, five dollars would be no great pain to my wallet.



GEncore said:

@longtimegamer - ""don't make the same mistake that you did on distructoid"?

Huh? What do you mean exactly?"

I mean don't let the comments of some guy on the Internet get to you.



longtimegamer said:

GEncore- Oh...sounded like you were talking to me. Okey dokey.
OOOOOOH! I get it now. You WERE talking to him.
I just reread that post again.

Edited: Good point Stratos. Be nice if everyone kept that in mind when dealing with one another.



Stratos said:

"What you say is true and extremely helpful in real life (believe me, I know), but here on the Internet, I think it only goes so far. I mean, after all, if someone takes what I say too seriously, that's their fault, because like I said I'm just voicing opinions on games and in this case developer."
Don't take that as an excuse to behave differently on the internet. There are people on the other end of your computer who feel pain and emotion just as they would in real life. Things said in the digital realm can still cause a great deal of pain, especially if online communities are a persons only outlet for socializing.



Draygone said:

#16 "I think this site tends to overrate games, I trust IGN more"

points to the Boingz review
expects a response along the lines of either "exception to the rule" or "IGN was still right"

Anyway, nice to hear these guys are taking what the learned from the PC release and improving on it for the WiiWare release. And especially glad they haven't given up on it, 'cause right now this has the makings of a cancelled game.



breaderer said:

im sorry, but I lost my respect for Luc after he got 2 bad reviews and then SUDDENLY he's out of game making for good!



WarioFan63 said:

Out of gaming? Thats what you think! Luc Bernard is secretly every WiiWare developer!



GEncore said:

@Stratos - Yeah you're right, but again, this Comments section is to express our feelings on the game. If I feel the game blows, I'll say it. If the developer is reading this and feels hurt because I stated my opinion, then too bad. I won't say this game is awesome just to make him feel good.

@Draygone - Uh, that's just one review, it's not gonna automatically change my point of view on the websites, nor will your opinion. Haven't played Boingz though, so I can't say who was right there. Except for Daemon Hatfield, I just trust IGN's reviews more than WWW's. Doesn't mean I don't like this website's reviews, I wouldn't have registered if that was the case.



Seth said:

Personally I have trouble trusting IGN reviews, especially when it comes to WiiWare. For one, they have major ad revenue. How do you trust 'em, knowing that they are being paid off from the get-go?

That aside, the ranking system is a global scale rather than contextual. A game that fits in the size and price requirements of a WiiWare title is ranked on the same scale as Gears of War or Halo. When everything gets -2 points for using a Wii Remote, -2 points for not being in HD, -1 for being a puzzle game, -1 for only having 6 hours of content.... well... the reviews are no longer reflective of how good the game is compared to other games with the same restrictions.

In any case - no matter where the review comes from, as a consumer (or developer) you have to take the reviews with a grain of salt.



SevenForce said:

I do hope this game turns out ok as from all the screens I’ve seen of it, it looks really good. Those graphics look very cute and being a 2D platformer one of gamings most treasured genres they are fun and provide hours of entertainment and we could certainly use more of them.

I think the Wii could be a good home for the game if they take their time with it.



Draygone said:

Me: "expects a response along the lines of [...] 'exception to the rule'"
GEncore: "Uh, that's just one review"

I win!



Stratos said:

@ Seth
IGN keeps the finances separate from the reviewing. Most of the time the editors don't even know what ads are being placed on the site. They just post articles and reviews.

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