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DK Games Announces Equilibrio for WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

Watch out kids, there’s a new WiiWare game in town! Equilibrio seems to be a simple, but fun game involving a ball rolling around a giant maze full of obstacles at break neck speed. With a low price point promised, 4 player and balance board support this is sure to be a winner we think.

It’s interesting that we are starting to see more and more WiiWare games also coming out on the iPhone, could this be a trend we will see more of in 2009 we wonder?

Watch out for our exclusive interview with DK Games about Equilibrio tomorrow. It will be sure to answer any questions you might have. For now you can enjoy the trailer and the press release below:

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DK Games Announces Equilibrio for WiiWare™

Gripping, Gyrating Ball Puzzler That Tests the Old Grey Matter played with either the Wii™ Remote™ or Wii Balance Board™ Available Soon

PARIS, FRANCE – December 18, 2008 – DK Games an independent premier video game developer, announced today the upcoming release of Equilibrio a new mesmerizing and gripping, gyrating ball puzzle solving and manipulation game for those that like something a little different. Equilibrio will be released on WiiWare™, Nintendo´s new downloadable game service for the Wii console, first in Europe, then later in the Americas.

Set in a colorful world the challenge may look simple but Equilibrio tests not only your reflexes but the old gray matter and is in perfect synergy with Wii. The basic concept of getting your ball to the exit pod to finish the level is turned upside down, literally, as you use your Wii Remote™ or Wii Balance Board™ to rotate the play area varying degrees in either direction. Players carefully, skillfully move the spinning ball through corridors, along ledges to complete levels that are fraught with dangers. Move the ball too fast and it can shatter, leaving you to pick up the pieces and restart the level. Go too slow and the ‘equilibrio’ of the ball will not be powerful enough to spring to the desired spot!

In Equilibrio, with every positive there is a negative - fast or slow, high or low, frantic or calm, left or right, up or down - the decisions you make could mean the difference between finishing a level or beginning again! Featuring over 64 levels of mayhem, new elements are constantly introduced to bamboozle your ‘equilibrio’ as players need complete calm to finish each stage. To progress players need to either obey the laws of Newton or contradict them, as they manipulate and manoeuvre the ball. Lethal traps and objects litter your path from deadly spikes to acid pools, but in equal numbers helpful objects like cannons and trampolines will launch the ball into your desired position. To complete the mischievousness, balls are made up of different materials, such as stone, rubber, glass, steel and paper that add to the unique flavor of Equilibrio. With it initiative controls and madcap ideas - casual and even die hard gamers will take instantly to this fiendish creation!


  • 4 Game Modes: Conquest, Random Level, Challenge and Multiplay
  • Simple and intuitive game
  • Can be played with the Wii Remote or Wii Balance Board
  • Up to 4 players can play simultaneously
  • High score table
  • 25 rewards with unlockable prizes
  • Difficulty settings that is automatically adapted
  • Low price point

To visit the official Equilibrio web site please visit:

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Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Looks OK. The video makes it look like part LocoRoco, part N+...? As soon as I saw the title I said "better have balance board support." At a low price point it could be a good little time-waster.



Objection said:

If its "at a low price point", then it may be a nice little diversion but I wonder how challenging it is...the multiplayer looks nice!



NikeXTC said:

It looks nice! If it has a good level design and will reach very high speed, it could turn out a great game. "Low price" makes it even more interesting =D



EJD said:

This game will be a definite purchase for me, especially with a low price and multiplayer. I couldn't help thinking of The Incredbile Maze though when reading the game description. I hope this comes out soon.



mojo25 said: it would be quite funny if the price turned out to be 700 points, but it is probably going to be 500 points. Either way, if it turns out to be good, then I might just buy it.



No_No_No_Wrong_Way said:

I like how the fourth player in multiplayer wasn't actually doing anything. It looks like it could be fun. It just depends on how low the price is.



shadows262 said:

looks interesting
if i would give it a price tag i`d make it 600 wii points
but ya good game to keep an eye on



CanisWolfred said:

Another Puzzler?! Why I oughta...actually, this doesn't look that bad, maybe even good.

Edit: Okay, now that I watched the video, it looks very good! I'll be looking forward to it. And Jogart's description makes me want it even more, since I love Loco Roco, and I love N+!



Kristof said:

Hi guys, I'm Christophe the author of the game (yes I like WiiWare World). Thanks for your comments.

I proposed 500 points for the game, but I'm not the one that decide the final price. Guess it will be very low.



Ben__Harlan said:

@Kristof A 500 points is always teh best price XD It sucks that you dont decide de final price... 700 points is also a good price.



Kristof said:

> "I like how the fourth player in multiplayer wasn't actually doing anything."

True, I did had hard time capturing the 4 players mode while playing alone !!



gameking23 said:

@Kristof do you have any idea when we should expect this game?
Well that explains the lack of a fourth player. I so can not wait to try out this game.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Low price point, huh. I must have missed that! And I was ALREADY bent on giving it a go. Now theres no question in my mind.

I noticed the 4th player wasnt doing anything too! XD Lol.

@Kristof: Do you plan on incorporating online leaderboards. I think that would be great if you did.



Virus said:

This actually looks really enjoyable. The only thing is this better have really tight control considering how fast the gameplay seems.



Kaeobais said:

Looks awesome. I'm a fan of fast games (racing games especially. burnout ) so this game looks perfect for me. The 4 players and low price are just bonuses.I was a bit concerned when I read that it was a "Puzzle game " but I must say I am very impressed. Lets just hope it doesn't let us down ... and is actually "Break neck speeds" and that isn't a lie like with Gyrostarr THE ONLY FAST LEVELS WERE THE BONUS ROUNDS >(



Clayfrd said:

Fun. It looks quite good. At this point, it's up to the controls to determine the worth of the game. If they suck, so too will the game.



Kristof said:

@gameking23: The game is currently in Nintendo hand for last validation round. So we can expect end of december or early january.

@KnucklesSonic8: There is no online features in that game. as his is my first WiiWare try. I'll think about it for next games.

I took time to develop, test and tune the game so I think you're going to like the controls. You'll be able to read more details about that point in the interview WiiWare-World is going to publish.



indenmark said:

The gameplay seems downright manic. I wonder if there is skill involved, or can I just do the hippie-hippie shake and ring the bell and get the coconut?

No, really: this game looks very interesting. If the balance board control is implemented well, I'm definitely going to buy it.

I think more WiiWare titles should focus on balance board control. I love Table Tilt on WiiFit. Why can't someone make a game that's just, oh, 100 levels of that? I'd buy that in a second.

And at full bananas, too!




Linkuini said:

Am I the only one that was reminded of "The Incredible Maze" when I watched the video? Hmmm. Guide a ball through a maze with the wiimote or balance board. I'm not too optimistic.



gameking23 said:

I was reminded of TIM when I saw this game. This game looks alot more promising then TIM. Another bonus with this game is that it is in 2D.



Twilight_Crow said:

It looks nice, but maybe a little too frantic for me, still, if the price is right I may give it a go, after all I'm one of the few who actually enjoys TIM.

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