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Bplus Gets The Ball Rolling With Niki – Rock 'n' Ball

Posted by Damien McFerran

Bplus might not have had the most auspicious start to WiiWare publishing, but you have to give this tiny independent developer credit for sticking at it. Today the studio has announced its second WiiWare title, called Niki – Rock 'n' Ball.

Here's the glorious details, straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak:

Niki – Rock 'n' Ball is a new interpretation of the unforgettable Arcade classics, where the only goal is to vanquish all opponents to reach the next stage, with a completely innovative and unique gaming mechanism and beautiful 2.5D graphics.

Roll along with Niki Ball through fantastic worlds, find all the ZeLeLi pearls and liberate your village from cuddly as well as evil monsters before it is too late!

Timing is everything! Jump in the nick of time to avoid landing amidst barbs and hop about across the stages, thanks to the realistic gaming physics. Snap on the ZeLeLi amulet, transform yourself into Niki Rock and force even the most obstinate monster to its knees!

Explore all the stages and win valuable medals dribbling through them alone or along with a friend.

Play Niki – Rock 'n' Ball with all the familiar controls in the Retro style or experience the novel controls in the Wii™ style!

Key Facts:

  • Genre: Jump 'n' Roll
  • Players: 1 or 2 Player cooperative
  • Control Styles: Wii Remote™ only - Retro or motion controlled
  • Presentation: 2D gameplay, 3D graphics and animations, 60 fps
  • Video Modes: 480p, 16:9 widescreen

It all sounds very promising, but having been badly burned by the arm-straining disappointment that was Plattchen, we’re reserving judgment until we see a bit more information. Still, Bplus clearly has some talented people, so if they can keep the idea simple and fun this time around, then this might turn out to be quite special.

You can check out the details on Bplus’ site.

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User Comments (39)



Corbs said:

It looks really cool. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.



Bass_X0 said:

more shovelware? certainly looks like it is a quickly and cheaply produced game.



siavm said:

I don't know if this one will be good or not. But hopefully it is good.



Auntman said:

Hopefully this one's better than Plättchen. Seeing small developers games not being sold makes me sad



bwaybuddy26 said:

You've gotta give Bplus for at least making their games with love. Both of their games are really fun to look at and have a certain enthusiastic quality. Hopefully the game mechanics will be VASTLY improved from Twist-n-paint...



Robster said:

I'm one of the few people who actually liked Plättchen but this looks truly horrible. Playing this must be a whole lot of fun to make up for the headache inducing visuals...



KDR_11k said:

Wait, a blob? Physics? "Rock" mode? It's GISH!

I sure hope they don't do too much pointless innovation this time, as Einstein said "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction.".



calculon said:

I'd like to leave a positive comment. I really would. I wish Bplus the best of luck with this one though.



Wiiloveit said:

I might have tried Plattchen if it was a bit cheaper and it was a little less complicated. Once there's a WiiWare drought (or when Europe starts to get games such as Pit Crew Panic and VIP Casino), I'll try to check it out though.



Crazynoodle said:

Ummmm...... Im not sure whats going on in the pics, i hope it does well, but im waiting for MaBoShi



Objection said:

Maybe they can turn their reputationa round with this one..but I'm not that impressed...



Starwolf_UK said:

I hope BPlus have learned from their two main mistakes with Quizzlestick (that is my pet name for Plattchen); Too expensive and too confusing.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Judging from the video, it still looks like the control scheme involves a lot of wrist movement. Probably not as strenuous as Plattchen but I haven't tried either game so I can't really say for sure.



Virus said:

Control looks hideous in the trailer, but it might fly. I wish BPlus the best of luck, but from my initial views, this doesn't look like their lucky hit.



Draygone said:

Woo, glad to hear BPlus hasn't given up. And hey, this looks interesting. Looking at the video, it reminds me of Super Buster Bros.. (Reread: I didn't say Mario)

And not to worry about the controls, as the article does mention that regular (non-Wiimote swinging) controls are possible.



Stratos said:

I can't make too much sense of the screen shots but if it is a platformer then I am interested.

Also, I don't know if anyone has noticed but Paint-n-Twist dropped to 1000 points in US a while back.



KDR_11k said:

Hm, the game looks a bit uncontrollable, it seems as if the player is being thrown around by the physics more than he controls himself.



WarioFan63 said:

Also, I don't know if anyone has noticed but Paint-n-Twist dropped to 1000 points in US a while back.

Thats what it was when it was initially released here.
Unless thats what you meant. Sorry.



Ricardo91 said:

I wonder if they'll send Wiiboy or another BPlus goon to hype up THIS one to the breaking point.



Starwolf_UK said:

Judging from the video, it still looks like the control scheme involves a lot of wrist movement.
It does have "retro controls" so I'm guessing that is the D-pad as an alternate.



PeGe said:

It would be so much fun if it failed as miserably as Plättchen did. Maybe Bernd will rethink his ideas and start working on real games, then.



Killraven said:

from the video, it doens't like like creatures are much of a threat. to the point where i wonder why they are there at all.



Twilight_Crow said:

Well, for what I saw in the trailer, this one looks like fun to me, I'll be keeping an eye on this one; I like Plattchen too so I guess Bplus games simply appeal to me.



gameking23 said:

I hope that this game is better than Plattchen. It does look like it could actually be fun. (fingers crossed)



ShadowPower said:

Wow, way to be optimistic people >.>

It has Retro Controls which is probably using a D-Pad
I'm probably gonna get it regardless of the review, so if it's good I can gloat XD



XCWarrior said:

Looks somewhat promising. Be interesting to hear the review. Looks retroy good, so that's a plus.

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