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Art Style Continues on DSiWare

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Exciting times for fans of the Art Style series - Nintendo of Japan has just revealed that two more games will be headed to DSiWare. They will be launched alongside the DSiWare service in Japan this Wednesday! Both games don't seem to be based on any of the bit Generations titles for GBA, and are completely new.

In Art Style: Aquario you are presented with three large vertical stacks of blocks, plus two or four small blocks to the side of them - You must find a section in the stacks where you can slide these extra blocks in, pushing out blocks on the other side. This seems to continue until all empty spaces are filled, after which you move on to the next stage.

Art Style: Decode seems to be for math lovers - You're presented with a bunch of numbers (To which more are added continuously). Your objective, it seems, is to select a few of these numbers to combine and form a specific larger number. Be fast though, because if the screen fills up it's game over!

Strangely enough these will be the first Art Style titles available in Japan - They haven't gotten any of the three WiiWare titles yet. Both of the games will be 500 Nintendo Points - They'll be available on Wednesday, but they'll face some tough competition, including a new Dr. Mario and WarioWare game. Who will come out on top?

Source: Nintendo of Japan

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Kamuki said:

Never saw the appeal in the art style games. Not getting a DSi anyway.



RADE said:

I was a little skeptical about the Art Style games... are they really that good? If so, which one is the best?



Wiiloveit said:

I saw both of these on the DSiWare launch video, but only Aquario has even slightly interested me. I certainly think Orbient would work better on a handheld than WiiWare (providing they tighten the controls a bit), so I wouldn't mind giving that a go on my DSi.
If I could choose from some WiiWare games to play on my DSi, Strong Bad wouldn't go amiss, whilst Bomberman Blast, Fun! Fun! Minigolf, LostWinds, My Aquarium, Niki Rock 'n' Ball, PLATTCHEN twist 'n' paint (though a bit simpler the second time round), Pop and Toki Tori would all work quite well as well - although games such as World of Goo probably wouldn't fit well on the smaller screen



RGVEDA said:

I hope they bring not only new but also old games on the DSi Ware, like the Virtual Console, with Game Boy games



Kaeobais said:

Neato. I'm not getting a DSi (I already got a limeted edition Zelda DS bragging continues for a few more minutes I dont really feel like spending my money on a system I already have ... but with better internet, DSi Ware, some other crap, and a camera. I'll save up for a 360.



jordanr said:

As much as I would like a DSi, it doesn't offer enough new features for me to upgrade my Lite.



shadows262 said:

im gunna sell my DS lite for a DSi because well DSiware will be up and if they have Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games to download off the Virtual Handheld (or whatever their gunna call their version of the VC),then I can finally download Metroid Fusion



Ricardo91 said:

Sweet! New Art Styles! These are likely gonna be the only (if any) games I download from DSiware. If I get a DSi of course.

@RADE. Yes, they are very good games, and they're cheap too. I especially recommend ORBIENT.



Wesbert said:

Decode looks interesting. Judging from the pics, you have the ability to flip numbers to move them around, so 2 becomes 5, 9 becomes 6 and such (making 1 and 8 very mobile). Could be deeper than it initially seems.



ness said:

The whole Art Style series is awesome, and i will definitively buy these two games and the WarioWare game at the start of DSiWare here in Europe =).

@ RADE: They are not good, they are great!^^



Wiiloveit said:

DSiWare is the only real reason I'm getting a DSi, since the full priced DS offerings hardly interest me any more. Once I've bought a new laptop, I'm going to trade in my DSlite with Guitar Hero On Tour and Decades (farewell, hand cramps), and use whatever money I have left to put towards the rest of the cost. Does anyone know of any pricing details yet? I reckon the lite will go down ten or twenty quid (ie £80, £90) , especailly since some retailers are already selling it for £90 or £95, and I bet that if a price drop happens, the DSi will probably be £120 or £130.

Oh, and here's a quick pointer: once the DSi comes out, the DSlite value will most likely fall, meaning that if you're going to get a new model, trade in your lite at least a couple of weeks before the new one is released, and get some credit put on a gift card until the day arrives.



slambert215 said:

AQUARIO seems good, DECODE not so much. I'll wait for reviews.

And yeah, I'm totally getting a DSi. I'm like the kind of person who always wants and gets the new piece of tech



PALgamer said:

I'm going to wait and see what the new handheld offers in: new gameplay, DSi games extras, DSiWare (only Dr. Mario interest me, so far, and not that much), before jumping in.



Linkuini said:

I am seriously starting to want the DSi. I mean, I still have the original DS.



Rashoodeus said:

Since dsiware is region locked ill wait for the US version.

Btw artstyle games are fantastic. Try the wiiware ones, you won't be disappointed.



bboy2970 said:

wow! I just downloaded art style decode, its SO tough! its super addicting though.



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

I didn't seem to interested in two of the other Art Style games, but the Cubello game really caught my eye. And upon downloading it, its addicting beyond beleif. One of the best puzzle games I have played.

I can't say these two games sound interesting to me either, but I suppose it might be a good thing that every game they make is trying to appeal to a new group and player, and not just to the same audiance/person. If you continue to make games that just appeal to the same person/group, it just means you are making similar games. And that's constantly been the problem with the Puzzle genre for years.

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