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USA VC Update: Forgotten Worlds and Space Invaders

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Hot on the heels of Mega Man 3, Capcom has released yet another of their classics on VC! It's accompanied by a popular, yet aged arcade game by Taito.

Forgotten Worlds is the Genesis port of Capcom's arcade shooter. You control a flying warrior in a robotic suit who, as is usually the case in shooters, has to take down an evil overlord and his underlings. A unique aspect of the game is that there is a little sphere floating around you which can also shoot - You can control this sphere at all times. This game also introduces the fictional currency Capcom now uses in most of their games, the Zenny!

Space Invaders was a classic arcade game. You might think Space Invaders: The Original Game for SNES is a reimagining of sorts - Unfortunately, it isn't at all! The game is basically a collection of different versions of the original Space Invaders. Don't be fooled into thinking it's a new game, it really isn't! We recommend waiting for the quite entertaining Space Invaders Get Even on WiiWare instead or just picking up Space Invaders Extreme on the PSP/DS.

On WiiWare this week, you can either grab Target Toss Pro Bags, or Strong Bad's latest escapade: Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective.

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User Comments (89)



slangman said:

An okish update but a bit "meh". I can imagine quite a uproar for the lack of Castlevaina III and PS4. But then again we don't have Super Turrican 2, Mario Golf or Mana.



deadbattery said:

At least the chain of single-game (read: FAIL) weeks has been broken.

I've always found Space Invaders pretty droning and repetitive. Why pay $8 for a compilation of it when you can easily find countless free versions on the Internet?



Phalyn said:

Not bad, still waiting for Castlevania 3.
But still, Space Invaders isnt bad



LinktotheFuture said:

I liked Space Invaders on the Atari 2600, but I don't know if it is worth the money and the blocks for a Super Nintendo version. Has anyone played it on the Super Nintendo?



blackknight77 said:

No Castlevania 3! Alucard is angry

Anyway glad to see another Genesis game. However, Trouble shooter by Vic Tokai was similar but better than Forgotten worlds. Space Invaders (original) is still not as good as Galaga and Galaga 90.

Still overall 2 arcade classics are not bad. How about getting Mercs out?



Feral_Spirits said:

Forgotten Worlds, hmm. Well, it beats nothing. Space Invaders has it's fans too I guess, so this week isn't a total bust.



Bass_X0 said:

Okay so we got two games... now I expect people would prefer a single game if that game was Phantasy Star IV. I'd rather have more catch-up weeks though.



sfog said:

"Has anyone played it on the Super Nintendo?"

Yes. It's a pretty much arcade-perfect port, along with an okay competitive vs mode. With that said, paying $8 today for what is essentially a 1978 game is a tough call.



LinktotheFuture said:

I know it is my own fault, but this update makes me sad. I was really hoping for Castlevania III and Pro Wrestling today. Maybe we'll get these games someday....



slangman said:

@ LinktotheFuture i hear Space Invaders was one of the smallest SNES titles in terms of memory (just 2Mb i think). Should be about the same as a NES title.



Kultist said:

Meh, nothing worth my interest here, I remember Forgotten Worlds but I doubt it aged well. As for Space Invaders, I think it came around more than was needed since 1978. Let the poor thing rest.
Anyways, two games are better than one... Now I hope we'll get Phantasy Star IV soon (and Ogre Battle too!)



blackknight77 said:

Pro wrestling is way overdue Link to the future. I think we will get it soon after it hits the Japan VC.



7th_lutz said:

I am own both cartridges and they are good games. This week is not for people that dislike shooters.

I love the 1978 arcade game and I own the Snes cartridge, but I can why someone wouldn't download the game for 800 Wii points.

Forgotton worlds on the sega genesis has a well known glitch. Your game ends if you plug in a 6 button controller and you press the start button.



Bass_X0 said:

i thought all genesis VC games using the classic controller acted as if a six button controller was being used. Space Invaders Get Even will be next week I'm sure.



Mike1 said:

More garbage. I wanted Castlevania 3! Well, on a brighter note, at least we got more than 1 game this week.



sfog said:

"How much was Space Invaders on SNES when it first came out? Does anyone remember?"

I think it was around $20 or $30 when it first came out in late 97.



The_Fox said:

Not anything amazing, but at least it's not another one game week. Forgotton Worlds is a decent game, although the controls seem odd.



Don said:

Come on! Where's Castlevania III? Where's Super Mario Picross? Europe had them for ages now!



Jay1 said:

I'm hoping we'll see the Master System version of Super Space Invaders, a truly brilliant game. Unfortunately, the original is too long in the tooth, even for old farts like myself.



Bass_X0 said:

Come on!? The U.S. still has five more SNES games than we do and many more NES games. Let us have our own exclusives to brag about like the U.S. does.



LinktotheFuture said:

Let's remember that Space Invaders is $8, and see if Super Mario All Stars (if it ever comes out) is only $8. I have a feeling they will raise the price for All Stars, but since they didn't lower the price for Space Invaders, they better not.



Bass_X0 said:

They have never lowered the cost of a game for any system on VC. And they have never raised the price for no reason for any game either. Imports get raised 100 points. Licensed games get raised 100 points. Translated games get raised 100 points. The only thing close to a pointless raise was Ninja Gaiden 1 in Europe since we're only paying for the name - the game was released here originally under a different name. Super Mario All*Stars will come out when the NES games are no longer selling or maybe Nintendo will sell it at 800 points to those who have already downloaded the four individual NES games already (and make it sound like they're doing us a favor by doing so). Anyway, don't expect it for a long while.



The_Fox said:

@post 29:
Does anyone actually brag about games that have only come out in their region? If so, they badly need to get a life.



Rapadash6 said:

Nice to see we're back to two games but why couldn't one of them be Castlevania III, Nintendo? It's not that big of a deal really but I've been itching to whip some baddies.



slangman said:

At least you guys have SoM and Mario Golf. Us europeans have been waiting ages for those games to come out.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@BananaJane: That would require a true consensus on what games are good and bad. It's really a quite impossible decision to make, and if Nintendo tried, they'd just manage to piss everybody off THAT way, too.

As for the release, I'm seriously happy enough to get two VC games (and two WiiWare as well, four games!) that I really don't care that I don't want either of them. At least Dangeresque 3 came out as promised.



ness said:

Nothing for me this time.

But the 4th Episode of "Strong Bad" is, according to WiiWare-World, better than the three games before, so maybe this will be my first touch with the "Strong Bad" universe^^.



Adamant said:

@LinktotheFuture: Graphics aside, the 2600 version of Space Invaders was much better than the arcade version, with tons of added modes and functions. The SNES version is the pure arcade game only with all kinds of graphic variations to properly emulate your own particular nostalgic cabinet version.
It was released at the end of the SNES' lifetime, and was obviously aimed directly at the nostalgia crowd rather than the average gamer. $20-30 for what was the absolutely truest port of the game to yet be seen wasn't really that bad a price at the time, when the game hadn't seen a release for ages.

8$ today, well...
You can find it cheaper on compilation disks, but that's the case with a ton of VC games, including the very-much-hailed Mega Man 3 we got last week. It's up to you if you think it's worth the asking price or not, but believe me, there's definitly a market for it, and releasing this for 8$ rather than the Famicom version for 6$ was a good move - 2$ isn't much, and the improvements are most definitly there.



LinktotheFuture said:

I know this is a Super Nintendo game, but do you need the classic controller, or can you play with just the Wiimote?



Bass_X0 said:

super nintendo games don't work on the Wiimote even if the game itself doesn't use all the super nintendo's buttons.



Sonic_tails1 said:

@ Linktothefuture, All SNES games require a Classic controller (or Gamecube controller) to play.

As for "bad" game's being cheaper then good game's, well if they did that then people would complain that good game's are priced too high. plus as someone mentioned it depend's on the individual's tastes of what's good and what's bad.



d_vader said:

So what's better. This week with two mediocre games or last week with 1 awesome Mega Man 3 game!



The_Fox said:

@post 50
That depends. Just having two games gives you more of a choice. If you disliked Mega Man 3, you were screwed last week. However, none of this weeks games were that hot, but I have no doubt they have there fans. Now, personally I think Space Invaders would have fit in perfectly being released alongside MM3 so you could have a great game to soften Space Invaders blandness.



Supermarioman said:

A week I'll pass on, boring, Space Invaders don't diserve this, I'll would rather plop $20 on Space Invaders Extreme, just give me freking Castlevania 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry, but I guess until e urope gets Mario Golf of Secret of Mana were screwed. Sigh...



timp29 said:

Bugger. There are still son many excellent games out in just one region only. I think Nintendo has a new strategy. Building suspense on their releases hoping the consumers make an impulse purchase as soon as a mediocre game comes out instead of the SoM or Castlevania III classic they were waiting on.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@timp29: I thought that was always their strategy...

But Nintendo's also very good at acting like the internet doesn't exist, and we have no easy way to know what was released across the Atlantic. Either that, or they just seriously don't care.



Objection said:

the games recently have been so solidly...okay...(not bad nor good) that I haven't gone here in weeks. anyway, this decent wiiware, another pass on VC...IMHO



Starwolf_UK said:

I suppose these games had to come out sometime...they've been banging round the "potential" crypt for what seems like months...

I hereby dub this week, better on compilation discs

At least Space invaders is arcade perfect...unleikt he Donkey Kong game (missing 1 stage) and Forgotton Worlds (missing 2 stages but in terms of stage numbers its well over twice as many)

Licensed games get raised 100 points.
Well that TMNT game is the only one so far and since we've not seen any more TMNT games it may be 100 points was too little royalty but anything further than that and it becomes a bit mad. Typical, the only TMNT game out and its the worst one



Virus said:

Well, at least those people who didn't like the one-release deals are somewhat happy. Personally, I'm surprised we got four games this week. I do wonder which number of games brings in the larger profit...perhaps Nintendo is releasing several games because they know they aren't too popular?



Evermore said:

I just want to play Majora's Mask one more time in Virtual Console. But maybe this is asking too much for Nintendo at current time.



GodsUncle said:

The complaining has got to stop once and for all. Why do people think that just because Europe gets a good game America owes it to us in the next coming weeks, and vice versa? Certainly you can stick it out and be happy when the games you want to get come out, and not complain every passing week that they don't, chea?



Jolted85 said:

Average week for me, I can play Space Invaders on Taito Legends 2 for my PS2, I might get Forgotten Worlds, I've always been interested in playing it, but never got a chance to do it...



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Starwolf_UK: You know what's funny? TMNT on Xbox Live Arcade only cost 400 Microsoft points (equal to $5 American, while the VC version cost $6). Even funnier, the Arcade version is actually the arcade version instead of the NES port. Much better deal, IMO.

@GodsUncle: No, we can't stick it out and be happy. Not for very long, anyway. My personal limit is 2-3 weeks of leeway for Nintendo after an awesome game is released. But mankind is naturally jealous, and we do have some kind of right to be mad that Nintendo can't be bothered to just make the same release schedule for both regions (there's really no good reason for the variance, you know). I think it's stupid that we get releases on different days of the week in the first place!



Clayfrd said:

There have been worse weeks. If Nintendo released all of their good games week after week, they would be run dry by now. Besides, I, and I doubt I'm alone in this, have plenty of VC games I still need to beat from weeks past like Earthworm Jim (even SMRPG!). No huge complaint for me.



Adamant said:

@Stuffgamer1: TMNT for the NES is not a port of the arcade game. The arcade port for the NES is called "TMNT2: The Arcade Game". The VC TMNT game and the XBLA TMNT game are two completely different beasts (they're not even the same genre).



WarioFan63 said:

Im just happy enough that the list grows week after week, I dont care what comes out or how many, as long as something is added to the library, its cool with me.



Clayfrd said:

@WarioFan63- I try to remind myself of that whenever I think a VC week sucks. Whenever life sucks I just think of Captain Olimar's life . Nerdy perspective putters FTW!



GodsUncle said:

Stuffgamer1: Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe are two different forces, there isnt one man deciding "lol dis gooes on Monday, and throw a little bit o' them on Friday, rip Europe off this week lol this is so fun".



Quimby said:

I just don't see why Nintendo (or probably Taito) choose to release the SNES invaders... Surely the NES version would suffice and probably sell much better due to the more acceptable price. It was the bomb on the Atari, good on the NES, but unnecessary on the SNES.
Added: And Saturday Night Slam Masters please Capcom. (Mega-Drive version with the alternate colour schemes and death-match mode... Too bad it doesnt have the royal rumble mode though )



Bass_X0 said:

still better than a solo Forgotten Worlds this week and then a solo Space Invaders next week. sure they are both poor games but maybe next week will be good.



slangman said:

@LinktotheFuture good idea, although only about 5 or 6 games on the disc are of intreast to me. Not really a huge fan of compilations for this reason. Might buy it myself though since i see a couple of copies on ebay going cheap.



LinktotheFuture said:

@slangman-- I like game compliations when they are good of course. The Capcom Classics 1 and 2 are very good, and I have the Atari Anthology, Activision Collection, and Namco Museum which bring back fond memories of my Atari 2600. I am not sure how good the Taito Legends collections are, but they have gotten good reviews on Amazon, and since they are so cheap I can get my moneys worth from them.



Ricardo91 said:

Hey look, we got 2 games this week, and both of them suck! Hooray!

@Stuffgamer. "I think it's stupid that we get releases on different days of the week in the first place!"

But if everyone got the same games on the same day, what would be the fun in that?

@GodsUncle. All I want right now is Castlevania III and Devil World, two great games that Europe has had for 4 weeks now. If Nintendo gives us at least CVIII, I'd gladly shut my piehole until Christmas. I don't think 2 games is asking for much.

@Clayfrd, #67. I'm with you on that. I managed to finish most of my VC games a while back, but I still have to catch up on Secret of Mana and SMRPG, among others. And then there's the dozens of games that came out recently that I haven't gotten the chance to get, since my Wiis been offline for weeks. Like I said, I just want CVIII and DW, and I'll be content.

At least they're finally shoving those games that have been ESRB rated for ages out the door.



LinktotheFuture said:

Let's hope they keep releasing the ESRB rated games. I am really hoping for Pro Wrestling, and I would like to give Pilotwings a try, I still have never played it.



CanisWolfred said:

Well, at least it's two games this week, and while I'm not interested in either of these games, at least I won't have to worry about them showing up some other week.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Adamant: Oh. I don't claim to know all THAT much about TMNT, because I've never much cared about it. Your correction is duly noted.

@GodsUncle: I never meant to make it sound like that, either. Still, your idea that they are two totally separate entities isn't (or at LEAST shouldn't be) entirely accurate, either. They're still part of Nintendo, and it really seems like there SHOULD be some head branch that everybody takes orders from. Same to you, Mr. Cheez, actually. While I'd PREFER we all got the same games, I don't see that as being very likely. I still don't understand the variance in days of the week. That just seems arbitrary to me. If somebody knows a logical reason for this, I'd love to hear it.



WarioFan63 said:

I try to remind myself of that whenever I think a VC week sucks.
I believe the keyword here is week you know? I think were lucky to be recieving games week after week.

But the PS1 and Xbox Originals services on the PS3 and 360 seem to have pretty sluggish schedules. Though I suppose it takes some time trying to put up the last generation Xbox games up for download and the same may be true for PS1 games but itd be nice if there was some sort of schedule. Unless theres a hidden pattern to those that I havent noticed.

Because if you dont like the newest classic game they put up who knows how long you have to wait for it to update again?



Clayfrd said:

@WarioFan63 - Exactly. At least if we have a bad week we know we get at least one more game the next week without fail. I think some of us here tend to take the weekly updates for granted (maybe not the Europeans, but definitely the Americans).



Stuffgamer1 said:

@WarioFan63: I didn't think the pattern was so hidden, for Xbox, at least. It's generally one release a month, sometimes with one game, sometimes two (depending on their opinion of the game's quality and/or popularity). I thought the same of PSN for a bit, but I think it may have been longer than that this time. Either that, or the most recent release was just THAT forgettable. But you're right, at least one game a week is amazing compared to that. I COULD go on to complain that Japan gets multiple PS1 games on PSN frequently (not sure if it's monthly or weekly, but they have dozens to choose from now), but I like to TRY to hold my region comparisons to just between North America and Europe. Japan's releases are just TOO weird sometimes...



classicmike said:

Better release today, got two games so it isn't that bad. Doubt if i'll pick either of these up, though.



LinktotheFuture said:

I found Taito Legends 2 for 10 bucks at Circuit City. I noticed that the box says you can play Super Spaced Invaders '91, but it is not listed in the game menu. Does anyone know if and how you can unlock it?



GodsUncle said:

Mr Cheezums: "All I want right now is Castlevania III and Devil World, two great games that Europe has had for 4 weeks now. If Nintendo gives us at least CVIII, I'd gladly shut my piehole until Christmas. I don't think 2 games is asking for much."

A bunch of other people are asking for games too, you cant expect your specific demands to be met. Why set a deadline in your head of when the game should come out? You got your whole life ahead of you, itll hit when it hits, be patient I dunno break out the yoyo and walk the dog around or something, he likes long walks after the beautiful morning sunset.

I like eggs.



Bass_X0 said:

Castlevania III is likely to be soon. Devil World is not since it would be an import game but America does have random import weeks with seemingly no pattern. I've been wanting Secret of Mana since it came out in America every VC week we get but still nothing. Its getting easier to accept the wait the longer we have to wait. The first two times were really disappointing that we didn't get it. I hope it comes out this week, I really do.

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