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Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (5th Nov)

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It's Wednesday again which can only mean one thing. It's time to take a look at the most popular WiiWare titles available in the Wii Shop. If you're feeling adventurous you can even take a look for yourself by simply logging on to your Wii Shop channel, heading into the WiiWare section and then viewing "Popular Games". It's that simple! Trust us, if we can do it, anyone can.

We compile this list using the USA region Wii Shop channel, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be quite a bit different. Please feel free to post your region's findings below as always.

Keep in mind that the list below is a measure of actual sales made recently, not of the total time the game has been available for sale.

Here is the list for the 5th of November:

1 (1) - Tetris Party
2 (2) - World of Goo
3 (4) - My Aquarium
4 (3) - Mega Man 9
5 (12) - Strong Bad Episode 3 - Baddest of the Bands
6 (7) - The Incredible Maze
7 (5) - Bomberman Blast
8 (8) - Dr Mario Online Rx
9 (9) - Defend your Castle
10 (6) - Midnight Bowling
11 (11) - My Pokémon Ranch
12 (14) - TV Show King
13 (13) - Wild West Guns
14 (17) - Frat Party Games - Pong Toss
15 (16) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
16 (10) - Art Style: Cubello
17 (18) - Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner
18 (15) - Art Style: Orbient
19 (19) - LostWinds
20 (-) - Midnight Pool

N denotes a new entry

It seems that Tetris Party is still hanging on to the top spot, with World of Goo a tight second. It's difficult to deny that these two puzzlers are among the best titles available on the WiiWare service, so this should really come as no surprise to anyone following the weekly charts.

What is quite surprising is the fact that Hudson's new WiiWare release Alien Crush Returns hasn't even cracked the Top 20 yet. Perhaps they should have titled it Alien Crush Tetris instead. Home Sweet Home, the other new WiiWare release this week, was also unable to make the Top 20 this week.

The biggest climber this week was Strong Bad Episode 3 - Baddest of the Bands, which jumped a whopping 7 spots to #5, while the biggest dropper this week was Nintendo's Art Style: Cubello which fell 6 spots to #16. We also had our first Strong Bad casualty as Strong Bad Episode 2 - Strong Badia the Free finally dropped completely out of the Top 20 altogether.

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Djungelurban said:

No new releases last Wednesday but there's still a new entry (or technically re-entry).

Here's the Swedish top 20:
(2) 1 - Tetris Party
(1) 2 - Mega Man 9
(3) 3 - My Aquarium
(9) 4 - The Incredible Maze
(4) 5 - Bomberman Blast
(5) 6 - LostWinds
(7) 7 - Midnight Bowling
(6) 8 - Helix
(11) 9 - Wild Wild West
(8) 10 - Defend Your Castle
(12) 11 - TV Show King
(10) 12 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King
(13) 13 - My Pokémon Ranch
(16) 14 - Cocoto Fishing Master
(14) 15 - Midnight Pool
(15) 16 - Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
(18) 17 - Home Sweet Home
(-) 18 - Toki Tori
(19) 19 - Pirates: The Key Of Dreams
(17) 20 - SPOGS Racing

Things to note:
*Tetris Party passes Mega Man 9 for first place and it's the first time we've had a No 1 not named Mega Man 9 since I started covering it.
*In 4th we find climber of the week. For some reason that honor goes to The Incredible Maze which climbs 5 spots. For the life of me I can't see why people keep buying that crap. Gotta be the price tag.
*Not too much interesting movement in the charts this week so we'll go down all the way to 17th where we find that Home Sweet Home did not capitalize on the two extra days it got this week compared to last week. It's officially a bust. Moving on...
* 18th where completely unexpectedly Toki Tori has made a return to the charts. Guess it just goes to show that good games always come back. Guess that might explain why LostWinds are doing so well.
*This weeks biggest faller is SPOGS Racing. It falls 3 spots to 20th. Something that this community probably enjoys considering that there seems to be universal hatred for the game.
*There were only one game that left the charts this week and that was Strong Bad Ep 2. This means that this is the first time since the game launched and perhaps the only time for quite some time that a Strong Bad won't chart on the list, considering that Ep 3 most likely will premier this Friday. Still, momentum is starting to get critically low for this series.

This Friday we'll have new game again! Yay! Meaning next weeks charts will be more interesting. Apart from very likely releases Strong Bad Ep 3 and Alien Crush Returns we could get a few more surprises. For some reason, thing just don't look good for the Art style series quite yet, but maybe Groovin' Blocks or MadStone if they still think that releasing puzzle games are a good idea. Other then that there's more unlikely candidates like Gyrostarr. Or it's possible we'll get Space Invaders or Gradius before the US. Or maybe we'll get a release like Home Sweet Home again, kinda out of the blueish... Oh well, time will tell...



SilentJ said:

Hey, what gives? I can't edit my comment. That's weird. Anyway, Goo "needs" to reclaim # 1.
I like your new avatar, Corbie. Always in the holiday spirit I see.



Wiiloveit said:

Nice to see Strong Bad 3 getting higher. Strange absence from Alien Crush, though. I blame teh internets.



deadbattery said:

Pong Toss moved UP three spots? Guess Americans aren't getting any smarter. Other than that, it's mostly good.



Djungelurban said:

Shucks... Edit function seems to be broken. Anyway, kinda surprised about Alien Crush... I mean sure, I personally don't get its appeal (it's pretend pinball!) but it's a franchise game and even though that franchise might not be Mega Man or Tetris or similar, that should still be enough to bring in some sales... Atleast enough to break the top 20. Or maybe people in general just find the concept of virtual pinball as lackluster as I do.



Wiiloveit said:

Hmm... I can't edit my comment either. OH NOES!!!

In the meantime, here's the UK Charts on a different post.

2) My Aquarium
3) NEW The Incredible Maze
4) Bomberman Blast
5) TV Show King
6) Defend Your Castle
7) Midnight Pool
8) My Pokemon Ranch
9) Helix
10) Wild West Guns
11) Mega Man 9
12) Midnight Bowling
14) LostWinds
15) NEW Home Sweet Home
16) Cocoto Fishing Master
17) Strong Bad Episode One
18) Strong Bad Episode Two
19) <reserved for Strong Bad Episode Three>
20) Pop

The actual number nineteen? SPOGS



EJD said:

No Art Style: Rotohex in there either. I think The Incredible Maze and Pong Toss need to go. Look forward to seeing the UK chart.



Atlantis1982 said:

The sight of the Incredible Maze on the top 10, and no Alien Crush Returns is disturbing. You guys realize if that game ain't going to sell, we may not get a remake of the better Pinball Crush games: Devil's Crush.



Peznaze said:

Nice to see the "legs" on Defend Your Castle are still quite strong, indeed! Seems fairly consistent compared to the international charts, too.



Djungelurban said:

Good there UK, Mega Man 9 stalled... Phew... With last weeks gargantuan drop I was getting slightly worried there for a while.

And yes, No Rotohex is disappointing. It's my fave of the bit gen. games even though it's not really my genre of choice. But I think the reason is the problem that other titles like Madstone, Potpourrii and Plättchen has fallen victim to, just the shear over-saturation of puzzle titles. That it's now affecting a game like Rotohex really shows that releasing another right now is deeply stupid...



Crazynoodle said:

Well, most of the sales arent surprising. I knew the stupid maze was gonna be up high, b/c it is a good idea, but a crappy game. Peeps uneducated in the world of wiiware(craft, lol) decided it be cool to go, after realizing it a stinker. I thought alien crush would do good however. I dont know why peeps keep getin pokemon ranch.



Wiiloveit said:

If you're angry about MM9 at four, then I wouldn't look and the UK chart, shadows...



shadows262 said:

why 11th?
jeez talk about disapointing
i thought you people in the UK wanted it more than we did...hmmmm your right 4th is good



shadows262 said:

the top 5 wiiware games that should:
1: World of Goo
2: Mega Man 9
3: Tetris Party
4: Bomberman Blast
5: Lostwinds
btw wheres Alien Crush Returns at?



BrazCanMan said:

Some people have... 'questionable' taste. I mean c'mon. Incredible maze, midnight bowling, and my aquarium in the top 10? And why is pong toss still on the list? Plus, not seeing ACR on the list makes me wonder why so many are missing out on a great game... I guess people are waiting to see what DLC is available before they buy it.



Supermarioman said:

My top 5 Wiiware:
1.World of Goo
2.Mega Man 9
3.Tetris Party
4.Dr. Mario Online RX
5.FFCC: My life as a King (Due to the amazing Graphics)
The worst part of this list in how high the incredible maze is, not mine the current US one.



BrazCanMan said:

Pokemon ranch is high because a crazy amount of people who own nintendo systems are pokemon fans... and I guess they keep multiplying... or something. I don't know, it's a mystery to me too.



ness said:

Nice to see Toki Tori at least in the Top 20 of Sweden, sad to see it's just on place 18... =(



Nintendork said:

What's wrong with My Aquarium?
@ Corbie
Love the new getup for your avatar!



Ricardo91 said:

Seeing TIM @ #6 makes me ill, and I'm disappointed that ACR isn't on there. I hope it picks up in a few weeks, and doesn't become SSR part 2. ACR is actually worth 800 points.

And Tetris Party still reigns surpreme! Hazzah!



Virus said:

It seems Wednesdays are becoming too early to monitor the sales of new games. I don't imply we should move these updates to another day, but I think we need to wait a few more days until we worry about ACR. Hopefully it won't come to worrying...



Starwolf_UK said:

Strange absence from Alien Crush, though. I blame teh internets.
I blame teh Virus said basically.

I'm guessing it is sales over the past 7 days and with the Wii shop there doesn't seem to be this day 1 rush going for it.

That said can someone look at the US charts tomorrow and tell us if things have changed? I remember a couple of weeks back World up Goo shot up two places in one day and last week World of Goo was knocked down 1 place in the period of three hours...

Edit: Yay edits work? Just noticed the Haloween avtar Corbie at first glance I thought it was count bleck styled one...



Kevin said:

I'm surprised how well My Aquarium is holding up and above Mega Man 9 in the top 20? What's up with that?



PHANTOM93 said:

Well, I suppose that the top 20 list is about as good as it can realistically get. There's always going to be a few awful games that sell well, especially since so many Wii owners are casual gamers and usually don't read many reviews (if any) before they buy a game.

@ Corbie

Nice Thanksgiving avatar



Objection said:

Kinda boring week. Strongbad up;down and as often is the case, the new entries did not yet place. yawn



Starwolf_UK said:

I'm surprised how well My Aquarium is holding up and above Mega Man 9 in the top 20? What's up with that?
500 Wii Points vs 1000 Wii Points. Relaxation vs. Intense action. Can't die vs dying at every screen.

We usually pin it on the first one but the others work out too. The first one also explains why the Uncredible Maze charts well (the other reason with that game is it sounds like the Incredable Machine).



RadioShadow said:

Okay Nintendo, as Tetris Party is so popular and you have the licence for it, RELEASE TETRIS ATTACK for the SNES!

I wasn't keen on Tetris Party. Tetris rules but there were too many modes and the DS version had better music. But that's my opinion.



Ferret75 said:

Some people have... 'questionable' taste. I mean c'mon. Incredible maze, midnight bowling, and my aquarium in the top 10? And why is pong toss still on the list? Plus, not seeing ACR on the list makes me wonder why so many are missing out on a great game... I guess people are waiting to see what DLC is available before they buy it.

My Aquarium is awesome actually, and that's coming from a hardcore gamer.

Though I want to know how the hell Incredible Maze and Midnight Bowling are so high, and how pray tell did PONG TOSS go up?



MarkyVigoroth said:

Good news: My Pokémon Ranch stayed stll and Strong Bad 3 rose.
Bad news: So did Beer Toss.

Then again, due to the episodic nature of the Strong Bad games, the casualties of the 1st two is to be expected.

Now, if you excuse me, I am going to luagh at Alien Crush Tetris



Clayfrd said:

@Starwolf_UK - I should be able to check the US charts tomorrow. I might even post the VC charts since I'm such a nice guy .

On a side note, here is my ideal Top 5 (in terms of sales, not necessarily which I think is best)
1. Toki Tori
2. World of Goo
3. Art Style: Orbient
4. Alien Crush Returns
5. Mega Man 9
I think that Mega Man 9 is the best game of the bunch, but I think Toki Tori's Top 20 spot is long overdue, and I think that World of Goo, Orbient, and ACR fit into the spirit of WiiWare better. Again this list is in terms of ideal sales, and not necessarily which game is better. Toki Tori and WoG win the prize for the most WiiWare-like games. They are perfect fits, and they should do the best even though I think Mega Man 9 is a bit better than they are.



Nintendude92 said:

Alien Crush just needs a bit to get moving.

It's not as friendly looking compared to the other games they've put out. Even if it is just Pinball.

I don't have it yet for lack of pts Hudson is sending. But I'll get it for sure when I do.

Also, omgwtfbbq Amazing maze? Being 500 points and a Wiiware game must be gold.



Starwolf_UK said:

Okay Nintendo, as Tetris Party is so popular and you have the licence for it, RELEASE TETRIS ATTACK for the SNES!
Tetris Attack on the SNES is about as likely as Street Fighter 2 for the Commodore 64 (Pokemon Puzzle League is the superior version if you put aside Yoshi nostalga). Besides that last I checked Nintendo didn't own Tetris Online Inc or Hudson so they don't have the liscence.



wesleyh said:

Since there is so few information about games in the wii shop, people buy on what they think the game is about, or the idea of the game.

For example, had I not read the incredible maze review (or seen those hideous screenshots (big screenshots)), I would have probably downloaded it.

Same with all the other trash games.. Wiiware definitely needs at least an easier way to get info on a game, a video, etc.. from the wii shop channel. (Not from that other channel that no one even has any more).



Jockolantern said:

Why is 'My Aquarium' selling better than Mega Man 9... ever?! Why is it in the Top 10 at all?!




BrazCanMan said:

That's what I want to know. I mean, it's not much of a game. I downloaded it when it came out and I was unimpressed to say the least. It's fine for relaxing but that's it. Sure you unlock new fish once in a while, but there is (very) limited space in each of the aquariums to put them in. The music can get annoying (it would've been better if they used real instrumental samples and not a midi keyboard) but the graphics are good though, and it is cheap. I'm not saying it shouldn't be in the top 20, I just don't think it should be in the top 3, especially in front of mm9.
I almost forgot, my top 5:
1)World of Goo
2)Megaman 9
3)Lostwinds (when is the sequel coming out anyways? It's looooong overdue!)
4)Alien Crush Returns
5)Tetris Party (It's 5 because I have Tetris DS, and I think it's a bit better.)



Bass_X0 said:


Panel De Pon is more likely but there's a few menu screens of Japanese text that could be a problem. I wonder if Nintendo could edit the in-game title to something they can use like they have with the signs in Wave Race 64. "Yoshi's Puzzle League" anyone? We wish.



Ricardo91 said:

"I wonder if Nintendo could edit the in-game title or something they can use like they have with the signs in Waverace 64."

They might do that actually. If they can't use the Tetris name, they'll likely rename it Yoshi's Puzzle Attack, or something like that. They're much more likely to do that than translate PDP, as they haven't translated ANY import games so far, and aren't likely to start there. Personally, I'd find it's release to be completely redundant, since we already have PPL, which is superior in every way. The only reasons I can see people buying TA instead is if they're nostalgic for it, aren't willing to spend the extra 200 points on PPL, or hae a passionate hate for pokemon.

I don't really see what the problem is with the Tetris name in the first place. They released Tetris DS in 2006, so they must still own rights to Tetris, right?



Wiiloveit said:

LostWinds and FFCC don't need really high positions: they've been out for ages and so almost everyone that wants them will have them by now. I do still agree that MM9 should still be doing better than it currently is.

Also: this weeks chart has suspiciously more comments than usual. *Enters paranoia mode



RadioShadow said:

@Mr. Cheez: They did translate Sin and Punishment for the Nintendo 64. The only one they have done mind.

But like you said, Nintendo could change the rom to use the name 'Yoshi Attack' or 'Puzzle League' (what the series in the West was known as after Tetris Attack).



Wiiloveit said:

@RadioShadow: I have to say that Puzzle League is one of my favourite puzzle titles EVER (just behind Tetris, but edging above Picross and Bejeweled) - so nobody - BUT NOBODY - is going to steal it's name for where it doesn't belong. Y'understand me?!?!?



Starwolf_UK said:

The thing is N64 games are easier to translate and make texture edits. Though Nintendo won't admit it, the emulators use the current emulator projects on the PC as a point of referance. This includes the replacing textures thing with external files as evidenced with the Ocarina of Time VC title having the mirror shield textures (they changed it remmeber so it isn't the cresent moon) and a few others outside of the ROM.

Wave race probably does the same and the fan translation of Sin and Punishment used the texture trick so with all this it is a no brainer that Nintendo did the same.

With a SNES game no such thing exists so you have to open up the ROM and edit it. Nintendo do edit the the ROMs on the VC But it is only minor things like; corrupting the password system in Kid Icarus (my guess is they didn't want people using cheat passwords and beating it in no time), removing the player names in Tecmo Bowl (understandable), chaning the Yo-Yo in Star Tropics (it is a Star...yeah ) and making special effects more transparent in Super Mario RPG (some kind of anti seisure paranoia I if the message on start up was'nt enough ).

Translations particularly of later SNES games mean dealing with compressed text, compressed graphics and sometimes ASM to change text display routines and limits.

Panel de Pon is a bit of a problem. Tetris Attack is actually a minor improvement*. You can set the AI to control a player (try getting it beat the vs. mode for a fun message) but I don't like the slightly brighter panels. Editing Tetris Attack means having to track down every referance and eliminate it and all you'll get from it is the nostalga sales going down the pan and every reviewer panning the game becuase Pokemon Puzzle League is better.

*-This happens with games at times. Localisation can bring about improvements be it glitch fixes or new features.



Objection said:

@Radioshadow-They didn't really translate Sin and Punishment. The audio was already in English. In my opinion, just doing the menu and tutorial is not really translating, which is why it irked me that they charged 1200 points instead of 1000. (It was still worth it)



Clayfrd said:

@StarWolf_UK- I checked the list today, and the only changes are as follows:
16 (17) - Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner
17 (16) - Art Style: Cubello
18 (18) - Art Style: Orbient
19 (19) - LostWinds
20 (-) - Art Style: Rotohex

The rest of the list is the same as yesterday.



Starwolf_UK said:

Ah well, interesting Rotohex sneaked itself in...wait Thursday, thats the day after this very sites review of the game (a day for the review to take impact). Even more interesting...



SmaMan said:

I think the problem with Alien Crush Returns isn't the "Returns." Instead, I think it is the "Crush" part of it. My theory is that most casual gamers who have no knowledge of the series would think that it is a game about having a crush on aliens. (at least my friend thought it was...and he's actually a hardcore gamer!) Well I dunno. I just want more people to buy this game so I can have more challengers in versus mode. Of the two games I've played, it's only been against one other person!

Sigh...let's just hope this does better in Europe...



Wiiloveit said:

Alien Crush hasn't entered the UK charts yet, even the Brain Challenge is now at 19 and Space Invaders at 15 (most likely due to the price)



Djungelurban said:

Just checked and all three new games has already entered the Swedish chart. And in related news, Mega Man 9 has overtaken Tetris Party for 1st again. That's impressive.

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