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New DSiWare Details Revealed

Posted by Corbie Dillard

New details about Nintendo's upcoming DSiWare service have recently come to light. The service will kick off in Japan in December 2008.

There are already quite a few game packages that will be available for download including 6 Art Style DSiWare titles priced at 500 Wii Points each, as well as several Wario Ware micro game packages priced at 200 Wii Points each.

You'll even be able to use the new DSi camera to snap pics of you or your friends and put them into the game where you can build your own micro games using custom graphics and sounds. You can then load the games you create into the actual Wario Ware game and play them on your TV.

We also want to announce that WiiWare World will be launching a brand new site to cover the DSiWare service. We'll be launching the new site right alongside the US or European launch of the DSi system and DSiWare service early next year.

We'll have more information on the DSi system and DSiWare service as it becomes available. Until then you can check out the few actual screenshots of the DSiWare content below.



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EJD said:

Looks interesting but I won't be getting one. I'll buy tonnes of Wii Points until the next Ninty home console is out.



AlexSays said:

Don't care.
I'm perfectly content with my DS Lite.

Looks like DSiWare World will have to go on without me.



Yasume said:

Aight, 6 new Art Styles! I'm definitely going to buy that handheld.



WeeGee said:

Nice. Can't wait till the DSi comes to the US, I'll definitely buy it!



megacody said:

Is that Pyro from Wario Ware? Let's hope Mother 3 will be for DSiWare. I've imported and can't read Japanese, and the emulators can't capture that gaming feeling in the battle system.



Clayfrd said:

I can't wait. I heard about that WarioWare thing the other day. Sounds like a good way to kick off the DSiWare service.



BulbasaurusRex said:

If it had a GBA slot, I might consider getting a DSi. Nintendo made a big mistake in getting rid of the GBA slot.



Link79 said:

I'd still like to know if original Gameboy games will become available for download someday. The DS Ware will be nice but we want some well known classics too. Here's hoping.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Gee getting more & more tempting for me to waste money on a DSi instead of using it on a true blue DS succesor .



slambert215 said:

DSi looks cool but I just got a DS lite in April and I love Guitar Hero On Tour so I don't know if I'll buy it.



Starwolf_UK said:

I'm perfectly content with my DS Lite.

Looks like DSiWare World will have to go on without me.
Same, buying another piece of hardware with a umbrella of useless features is something I can't matter how much fun the Art Style games are...oh and the Paper Plane game of Wario Ware...

Is that Pyro from Wario Ware? Let's hope Mother 3 will be for DSiWare.
Given they are charging you 200 DSi points just for the Paper Plane game of Wario Ware I don't want to know how much Mother 3 could cost...and like NOA would translate it and even if they did it wouldn't better than the recently released fan translation.



FroguinZX said:

Noooo! No AlexSays on DSi World! Where else will we get our truthful, yet blunt comments? WHERE!?



WeeGee said:

I think by Summer of next year I'll be okay with surrendering Guitar Hero DS. Maybe there could be an extra peripheral for Gameboy Games to be played, is it possible?



Pegasus said:

Pfft. Right. No, it's not even anywhere close to 'next-gen.' It's just a slight update of the DS. That's all.

So far it certainly doesn't look like it'll be worth forking out cash for. I'll wait with Jogurt.



Cheezy said:

I don't care for the DSi. It's 180 frigging bucks!!! Not there, the only good thing about it is the shop stuff, like VC on it and DSi ware. If they didn't take away the GBA slot, maybe, but no.



Stratos said:

@ shadows262
LOL, thats like Nintendo's Console strategy: Re-releases a slightly souped up GameCube and give it motion controls. Except the DSi doesn't have a killer gameplay hook.
DSiWare is as close to a selling hook for me as it gets but I am going to not get one until Nintendo anounces good classics for the service.
I also like having the GBA port on there as well. Wish that they had upped the tech specs a bit at least. I don't care that DS Lite is tanking in Japan, Im not ready for a new DS and neither is the rest of the USA judging from the sales charts of DS Lite (always in #1 or 2 spot).



Ricardo91 said:

"I don't care that the DS Lite is tanking in Japan."

Wait, what? I thought that thing was selling so well down there that stores couldn't keep them on the shelves, and that customers would beat eachother up just to get a hold of one.

Anyway, I think that DSiWare is a bit redundant (though these games look like intersting ways to kill a few minutes), but I am very excited for that Virtual Handheld thing. I want to see some info on that on VC Reviews!
I'm POed though about the GBA slot being removed, and none of the other features look very interesting, so I don't think I'll buy a DSi. I still feel the sting from getting that GB Micro. Though I have a feeling my inner Nintendo fanboyism will drive me to eventually invest regardless.



breaderer said:

I would think about getting one if it had classic vc gameboy games and a GBA slot.



Objection said:

I may or may not get a DSi, since my DS is a long-term borrow from my friend since mine decided to have a PS2 land on it. (Freak accident) However, I'm not really impressed with the DSi lineup and I think it's kind of redundent to have 3 sites covering Nintendo-based downloads. I hardly even go to VC-R anymore since WWW's launch. I think that the three sites (though I don't know what you'd call them) should be merged.



Crazynoodle said:

I want the DSi to actually be different. Better graphix, and games only for DSi, then it be worked the buy. It should make a change like xbox to 360, something like that, not the same thing, b/c i dont want to buy the same thing 2 times. I have the original DS and content. I like the prospect of DS ware, it be cool.
thanks for the pick up, i was so ready for #1, the other coments hadnt loaded yet, but i to slow, 1 minute to slow



AlexSays said:

I think that the three sites should be merged.
I don't like that idea.
I don't like it at all.
During a week when a lot of stuff is happening, we'd see news articles fall to the bottom of the page after a couple days.
Merging three ever-increasing sites into one is just asking for a cluttered mess.

No AlexSays on DSi World! Where else will we get our truthful, yet doofus comments?
No idea.
Maybe they'll have tryouts or something, to fill my position.



Corbs said:

As with everything else, I'll reserve judgement on the DSi and DSiWare service until I've had a chance to experience it for myself. Since this DSi will likely delay any type of new Nintendo handheld for a year or two, I won't mind shelling out money for a new DSi system. Besides I can write it off on my income taxes so it won't really cost me anything anyway.



Objection said:

@AlexSays-I check WWW nearly every day, sometimes more than once, and so I welcome as many articles as there are possible. With 3 sites, they will lose some readers who just don't fell like checking all three, such as you (though that is because you are perfectly content with [your] DS Lite ) and myself. Just wanted to speak my mind on the 3rd website issue. To each their own.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Crazynoodle: Given the slightly larger screens and camera support, I'm positive that the DSi will have its own exclusive games. And then I'll have a pain in the butt time explaining that to hundreds of clueless DS Lite buyers at Gamestop...

@megacody: You should get a GBA Flash Cart. I'm playing the Mother 3 fan translation on one, and the experience is exactly like if it was a retail release. Highly recommended.

I agree with those who say that having three separate sites is the best way to go. Those who only care about one subset of Nintendo downloads (like people who will buy DSi's but not own Wii's, or currently, VC fans who hate Wiiware) can get the info they want, and those who like everything can easily go from one site to the next, assuring that they'll see all the latest info as nothing is pushed off the list too soon.



Serpent said:

I think both DS ware and Wii Ware sites should be combined. There both the same thing except there on different systems. What if there is also something like the virtual console on DSi? Then there would have to be yet another site.

That Wario game sounds really good, it will be interesting making your own mini-games.



hamispink said:

The DS is not my system and it has almost no games that interest me, but i will definitely buy the dsi



AlexSays said:

The DS is not my system and it has almost no games that interest me, but i will definitely buy the dsi

.......Yeah someone will have to explain this one to me.



Objection said:

@hamispink--The DS is my favorite system. Its got the Ace Attorney and Trauma Center games as well as Mario (Kart), Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Final Fantasy III and IV, and my beloved The World Ends With You. I would recommend any and all of these games, even if you wait until we get the DSi.
@AlexSays--The kind of message you quoted happens too often here...( )



JNoodles said:

Both of the confirmed series were already proved to be great in the past. This just restored my hype for the DSi!



FroguinZX said:

From the wise caption of a picture: "It prints money!"

Too bad I'm going to buy one. Damn you Nintendo and your hypnotic money printers!



Virus said:

Hmmm, I think downloadable games have been the best thing since fermented yeast, but sadly I don't see me getting this DSi just for DSiWare. Seeing as I spend enough on games already, I'll just wait for the next-gen handheld along with some of the others here. Still, it kind of bums me to think I probably won't get to relate to the new site when it comes out.



Vortex99 said:

Well, I still have the original DS, and I thought the DS Lite was a waste of money. You'll probably think you'll know where this is going, but you're wrong. My console is about to break down, and the new features on the DSi seem fantastic. Getting one, for sure.



Yasume said:

"Given they are charging you 200 DSi points just for the Paper Plane game of Wario Ware "

" well as several Wario Ware micro game packages priced at 200 Wii Points each."



i8cookie said:

why are you guys making a whole new site? why not revamp this site and incorporate DSiWare here... surely all you are doing is diverting traffic away... I still can't figure out why this site is separate from VC-reviews, why don't you all clan together with and create one big site encompassing all aspects, seems like a better strategy to me.....



Bass_X0 said:

i'll wait to see more details first before deciding. I don't see why people can't keep their original DS for the GBA compatibility and get the new one for its new features. so what if it can't play GBA games, you must have something that plays GBA games already. i imagine if they added GBA compatibility, all it would serve was to drive up the price of the DSi.



Wiiloveit said:

I can't wait for the mini game creator software, and should pick the new console at release next year



dr_mario said:

I would get this if it had gba support, they probably got rid of it so they could resell us the gameboy games we already have but not give us enough room for them.



Dazza said:

There is a chance we might bundle DSiWare in with WiiWare World. It's difficult to say at this stage. I think we made the right decision in separating out WiiWare from VC Reviews as both sites attract different audiences. We still have quite a while to decide what is best anyway!



Chunky_Droid said:

Yeah I thought it would've just expanded on to this site aswell, oh well! Just have to favourite another couple of sites!

And AlexSays, I have absolutely no idea on that one either.



Starwolf_UK said:

" well as several Wario Ware micro game packages priced at 200 Wii Points each."
" well as several Wario Ware micro game packages priced at 200 Wii Points each."

Basically, just like the cameras (which turnd out out to be pointless 0.3 megapixel...yeah both of them )Nintendo hasn't been clear with what is on offer but I can see only the paper plane being 200 points...

Also I wouldn't hold hope out for a VC on handheld given the accounts are seperate. But if you really want one look into DS homebrew and use the emulators (SNES is iffy* but Megadrive, Game Boy, NES are perfect). Something like the Datel Games n' music is cheap. Just remember DS homebrew is a no-go on the DSi currently.
*-It was enough to get me through Earthbound.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I was wondering if WWW would release this info or not. Great news about the new site.

I'm SO excited for WarioWare!!!!



Ren said:

I don't think the DS is "Tanking" there, it's just not selling like hotcakes anymore and the PSP is so they want to sell more. It's still selling just fine here, thats why we're not getting it yet. I still have an old silver clamshell DS and lost the stylus, so I'll be really ready for something by the time it gets here (If I care to drop all that cash on it.
For that much money, though, might as well just put a phone in it and a better browser and make it into some real competition. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I question the wisdom of Nintendo holding off on releasing the DSi in America and Europe because the DS Lite is still selling well. Won't that just cause a PR nightmare when the DSi DOES come out, and hundreds of thousands of DS Lite buyers are pissed that they need to upgrade to play some of (if not very shortly all of) the new games?

@dr.mario: They made the DSi even slimmer than the DS Lite. There's simply no room for a GBA slot, as GBA games are now thicker than the bottom half of the DSi. Given what all else the DSi can do, I don't really care. I've never been one to play GBA games on my DS anyway. I still had to keep my GBA SP around to play Gameboy and Gameboy Color games, so I just play my GBA games on it as well. That's what I'd recommend everybody do, so you can play ALL of Nintendo's handheld games using just two pieces of hardware!



ness said:

I "just" have the first version of the DS, so i will definitively buy the DSi to get the full package of new features comparing to the DS^^.
And for GBA games i have my GBMicro =).



Fuun_Saiki said:

I never got a DS Lite, so I might well get a DSi. The deciding factor will definitely be the quality of this DSiWare business. If there's retro stuff as well then I'm sold.



SupermarketZombies said:

Gah...I mean I want a new DS but I'm torn between the Lite and the i...
The DSi doesn't have a GBA cartridge slot which saddens me but it does have DSiWare...



Wiiloveit said:

Tbh, I'm more "upset" that the DSi won't have rumble features rather than the actual GBA games



DarkLloyd said:

i had the orginal ds for bout 2 or 3 years now and i was going to get the ds lite but when i discovered about the dsi i decided to not buy the ds lite and get the dsi instead when it comes out

there are alot of gba games d like to get that is hard to find around here nowadays except at the toronto convention every end of august there were loads but bassically i'll get what i dont have already.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I liked that video, RGVEDA. What I DIDN'T like was a related news story on 1up I found linked through a couple "related news" links and found at:
So seriously, if they aren't planning to discontinue the DS Lite when the DSi is released, why the HECK to we who want a DSi have to wait until next year as Nintendo "continues to sell DS Lite's?" I'm sure I'm not the only person here who sees no logic whatsoever in this setup...



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Whew..I read every single comment. That took a while.
Anyways, yeah, I'll probably be getting the DSi. I never got a Lite and just have my regular silver DS so I'm just about ready to move on. I can deal with not having the GBA slot as I never used it much anyways and when I need to use it, I can always pull out my old DS or my GBASP.

About the WarioWare, DSiWare stuff. I they are trying to say that it will cost 200 points to buy a package that has multiple WarioWare microgames within it.

As for the whole deal about a new site just for DSiWare stuff: don't do it. For VC and WiiWare it made sense since they were entirely different markets but even though these will be on different systems, I think they are similar enough to WiiWare to keep it on here. Or, just have it on the same name on this site but just put a /DSiWare at the end of the name. You can just put a link at the top for it between "Games" and "Comments".



MarkyVigoroth said:

Yay! Now I truly want the DSi to be predictably released in December 2008 (since the releases generally follow the order of Japan-U.S.-Europe), even though I read that the DSi is being released in April 2009... crooked cucumbers...

At least I will have one-more-than-anticipated WarioWare to aid me. (I expected 2 WaroWares for next year to make up for the WarioWare-less 2008...)



Twilight_Crow said:

I'm not very excited about it, but as a hardware collector, for me the DSi is a must buy, but I'll wait till the price drop, DSi Ware gets really cool retro games, or a great DSi exclusive game appears.

Nintendo must know that most players that were planning to buy a DS Lite will wait for the DSi, unless their GBA games are very important; but, the casuals that know nothing about incoming systems, will keep buying the DS Lite till the new one suddenly appears on the shelves.



bboy2970 said:

OMG, between wiiware and DSiware i'm gonna be a very poor person! I've already racked up over $200 spent on wiiware alone!



SupermarketZombies said:

Yea but bboy2970 think of how many Wiiware games you can get for $200 dollars and how many Wii games you can get for $200 dollars.

Fifty dolla for a full price big release title compared to $15 max price for Wiiware.

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