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LostWinds Coming To Japanese WiiWare In December

Posted by Corbie Dillard

While the US, Europe, and Australia have been enjoying Frontier's amazing WiiWare launch title LostWinds for quite some time now, Japanese gamers have had to sit back and wait in anticipation that eventually the game might see a release in Japan.

Now thanks to famed rpg giant Square-Enix, the game will finally see a release in the land of the rising sun. The game is set for release in Japan sometime in December for a price of 1000 Wii Points.

Readers of the site might remember that LostWinds was our very first review and any readers who are awaiting the Japanese release of the game can feel free to take a look at our LostWinds review to find out if this is a title that you'll want to add to your Japanese WiiWare collection.

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Most-Excellent said:

Hahahahaha!!! Now I'm first... and for the freaking first time on here!!!

Glad Japan can gets this awesome game, Lost Winds... makes me still think I haven't got it yet!!
I'd still rather hold off for something better though!!!
There's not a lot of good games anyway to fill my tastes!!



Yasume said:

Meh, LostWinds is extremely overrated. It's really not that good.



cyko said:

I wish that Japanese gamers will enjoy it like me

I can't wait to see Lost wind 2. Does someone has information about it



wesleyh said:

Can anyone clue me in on why they can't do this themselves? Why is S.E. required? ..



gameking23 said:

Took this game a long time to get to Japan. Congrats to the Japanese now you can play one of are cool games.



ness said:

Better late than never!^^

LostWinds was great, hopefully we will see some first impressions of LW2 in the next time =).



ness said:

@ wesleyh:

I think they need a publisher because of the localization, although I know that there is not much text to translate.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I envy you, Most-Excellent!, my first first got deleted (maybe i'm not following rules or something)

I'd assume that SE would be the translators, and the name would have it actually sell. I'm not sure about Japanese people's tendency to by games translated TO their language.

Hopefully LW2 is on its way soon!



Starwolf_UK said:

I think they need a publisher because of the localization, although I know that there is not much text to translate.
It is a little more than that. Basically using a Japanese publisher means all the distribution issues (and possible legal issues) will be handled by that publisher. The last thing Frontier want to be doing is trying to translate Japanese documents.

On another note, EA published Pop over there and charged 500 Wii Points for it.

My personal thought is Nintendo should be doing more of this rather than taking a hands-off approach. WiiWare is becoming segmented on a global scale (there are a load of titles that'll never hit Japan and there are a load of Japanese titles that we'll never see) admitingly all the good games tend to come out worldwide mainly leaving bad ones stranded (I'm not crying over either of the two Mahjong games...yet).



Shortay said:

The Japanese should enjoy LostWinds, good for them that they're finally getting it soon.

I enjoyed it thoroughly and although it is short the gameplay is what's really important. Roll on the sequel!



Ricardo91 said:

So the Japanese are finally getting Lost Winds? Good for them, I guess. Haven't tried that game yet. I still haven't gotten myself to spend $10 on a game that lasts 2 hours.



Draygone said:

Whoa, the RPG giant is publishing their title? That must be quite an ego boost. But don't get overconfident, guys. You still need to put effort into your games.



Objection said:

Speaking of sequel: FRONTIER, if you are reading this, please throw us a bone! Any snippet of info welcome!!



Terra said:

Square-Enix? I know that EA published Pop in Japan but i didn't expect that S-E would publish something like this. It's great that Lostwinds will finally reach Japan, as i've noticed that the Western regions seem to be getting the better games (Why i am complaining actually?) but the fact that RPG Legends Square-Enix are doing this earns them a round of applause. Maybe i've been too hard on them recently. Anyway, congrats Japan.



ness said:

@ Mr. Cheez: You need rather 3 than 2 hours to play through LW.



Wiiloveit said:

@nintendo 87: I totally agree.

Which brings the question: what are they going to do for the second game? If they just make the original world bigger, it would take up too much memory and would be a pain to trawl through, so the chances are that you'll end up playing in a completely new world (possibly still keeping some of the old aspects).

Either way, LostWinds still rules the roost on WiiWare as far as I'm concerned (at least until WoG comes out over here)



JNoodles said:


"14. bboy2970 United States 15 Nov 2008, 00:30 GMT

I for one am NOT happy for the Japanese. They constantly get all kinds of good stuff that never sees release elsewhere. God forbid we have something that they don't!"

Why is it that the Americans are always the ones that complain/troll/be ignorant here? It really makes me sad to see that some of us can be so jealous or so rude that they can say something like that (no matter where they are). Frankly, people complaining about VC or WiiWare releases is getting old and annoying, which is why I don't post much here anymore.

Anyway, let's bring on LostWinds 2 screenshots, I'm eager to see how it looks! _



Wiiloveit said:

The only reason I might be unhappy about a game getting released in another region is if it has online play. For example, when a game is released, the online play is fairly popular for the first month or so, but then the mode suddenly starts to die, with some games even having empty rosters from the start (COUGH Alien Crush Returns). If a game is released about a month or so after in a separate region, it ensures that the online play mode will still stay buzzing a while longer, meaning that those who still want to play can have someone to play against.
Despite all this though, I still find it unfair that some regions get games before others, making my head very confused.



Starwolf_UK said:

Are you saying that you're perfectly ok with the fact that the rest of the world is usually shafted while Japan gets all the good games, relase dates, and channels?
I'm not okay with it. But at the same time having been a European who has had to wait for years for certain games to come out only for them to be canceled I know too well the pain of a good game not coming out.

I'm not going to hold a grudge against the Japanese becuase they get monthly VC schedules that have at least one mistake as well as Mahjong games on WiiWare. They deserve World of Goo too. Everyone does.



Wiiloveit said:

To be fair, though, translating WoG is definitely going to be hard for 2D Boy. That's the main problem, I think: the companies having difficulty with translations (I vividly recall Nnooo's trouble with getting the translation right for Pop).
This does get me angry though, since the UK still has to wait for these translated games, despite the fact that we speak the same language as the US. Someone should give us our own region - with POWER. (Sorry to all you other European readers, I wasn't meaning offence)



Objection said:

@bboy, you are totally acting like Jonno said. You are ignorant because you are getting riled up over things that don't really affect you, that is, the Japanese getting a game we got months ago. Its very different than us not getting a game they have.



gameking23 said:

@Objection_Blaster I belive that Wiiloveit is not upset about lost winds, but the fact of how long it takes certain games like World of Goo. Not everyone in Europe speaks English. Therefore it takes Nintendo time to translate the games into the many languages spoken over there. This causes a problem because the UK already speeks English so there is no reason thier games should be delayed, but Nintendo wants to release these games in all of Europe at the same time.



Wiiloveit said:

@gameking23: You believe correctly.
@Russta: There will likely be readers who own JP Wii's anyway, and it's still a notable and interesting story, especially since Square Enix are part of the transition.



Clayfrd said:

@bboy2970- I find myself doubting that...

@Mr. Cheez- I feel the same way. Spending 10 bucks on a very short game seems like a hard pill to swallow considering I got the multi-hour MM9 for the same amount, and I recently got Metroid Prime for 7 bucks (granted, that's not what it cost at launch... and yes, I know I'm quite late). Wait! That's it! They should have virtual price drops for games that are more than a year old (yes, I know Lost Winds isn't, nor is any WiiWare game). I know it's really not a good idea, but in an ideal world...



i8cookie said:

@Wiiloveit - yes undoubtedly interesting story, I wish they would cover all JP releases / goings on here. I've never seen a comment posted by a japanese visitor and just wanted to know how much demand for Lost Winds there is over there...

@the previous argument in general, we wouldn't even own wii's if it wasn't for japan



Wiiloveit said:

Price drops would be nice, but Nintendo always have the last say, and that fact alone wouldn't look good with your idea. Just the other day, Nintendo said that the reason the Wii wasn't getting a price drop was because they didn't want older owners to feel left out of a new price, and they didn't want people who don't own Wii's to want to wait a little bit longer in case of a price cut, thus proving that Nintendo are a bunch of lying, money-grabbing bas-



Clayfrd said:

@Wiiloveit - -tards? Yes. I didn't think Nintendo would lower WiiWare prices, but that's why I said it would only happen in an ideal world. I think a higher price is what you pay for immediate gratification. I wouldn't feel "left out" if they cut the price. I have no doubt that that is just an excuse, but I didn't expect much less. They didn't wait too long to cut GameCubes to about 100 bucks (and they eventually sold for even less). If Nintendo followed in the footsteps of the GameCube (which, and this is saddening, would be an improvement in many ways) and released Player's Choice games again, I wouldn't feel sad about paying $50 (or however much of your currency ) for a copy at or near launch. I care about playing a game when it comes out, so I'll pay the price. That's how it works. For example, I just got started on the Metroid Prime series (after realizing that I had no idea what was going on in MP3:C), and I got MP for 7 dollars. I may not be paying 50 bucks, but I still have to crank through the first two games in the sub-series before I can open MP3 again, and I also had to wait several years for it to be that cheap (okay I didn't wait, I just never got around to it but the point remains). But in reference to the Wii, you can't sell a Wii for $250 a year before the next-gen comes out, whenever that is. They'll have to drop it eventually, but only when it becomes necessary.

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