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Gradius Rebirth Gets ESRB Rated

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Here's a bit of good news for all you shooter fans out there who've been anxiously awaiting word that Konami's hit WiiWare shooter Gradius Rebirth would be seeing a release outside of Japan.

According the the ESRB website, Gradius Rebirth has now been officially ESRB rated E for Everyone, which means it could be hitting the US WiiWare service soon. Time to get those trigger fingers loosened up and ready for a little retro-shooter action.

We'll have more information on Gradius Rebirth as it becomes available, as well as any news of a possible release date. And if you somehow missed it, you can also check out our Gradius Rebirth Impressions we did for the Japanese WiiWare release of the game.


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Corbs said:

While you never know, I doubt it would show up that quickly. That's pure speculation, though.



shadows262 said:

ya but i mean come on ESRB already rated it and stuff so it should be out soon right?



AlexSays said:

I'm not parading around town just yet.
I've heard conflicting reports on the game's quality. Some people have loved it, and others have not.



Objection said:

I will remain positive about this game's approach-at least until the reviews. Corbie, what DO you think might come out on Monday? I agree that this is probably too soon for G:R.



shadows262 said:

i no u asked corbie in all
but i think alien crush returns comes out
(by the way i only got 800 wii points left) and well it looks good and it was supposed to come out in October and it didnt so i was sad



kitroplious said:

Even though some people think that this is not the best game in the series, Gradius Rebirth is a fine addition to the WiiWare service!



WarioFan63 said:

ya but i mean come on ESRB already rated it and stuff so it should be out soon right?

Vectorman took about a year and a half between its ESRB rating and its release. ESRB never guarentees it'll be out soon but it DOES confirm that itll be out eventually!





Ricardo91 said:

I want to be excited for this, but I've heard this game's been getting lukewarm reception.



Twilight_Crow said:

I hope it comes out soon, I've heard it ain't that good, but who knows; I'll be expecting your review on this one Corbie, when talking about shooters you're the one to trust .



Corbs said:

I'll be honest with you guys, although I'm an extremely avid shooter fan, the Gradius series has long been one of my least favorites. I prefer Parodius much more and I'd have much rather seen a new Parodius title than a Gradius game. That being said, I'll still wait to see how the game is before I judge it.

As for Alien Crush Returns, I think there's definitely a good chance we'll see it this Monday since I was technically bumped last Monday. Here's hoping!



Bensei said:

Btw: The European Nintendo Channel lists "Alien Crush Returns" as being released on 24.10.08, but if I click on it it says not available in the Wii Shop, could it be, that Australia already got it or is it just another mistake?



Yasume said:

^Another mistake. There's a good chance that it will come out Friday, though.



worrybomb said:

I'm hoping Gradius Rebirth turns out to be a fun game and not a quick cash-in like so many previews I have read when it was released.

As for Monday, I'm thinking Alien Crush Returns as well. Originally set for release in October, it was bumped for the Art Style game Rotohex. Hopefully we'll see alien pinball madness this coming Monday.



Wiiloveit said:

@Bensei: I mentioned the Alien Crush thing the other day. I can't wait for it, but whilst I can't say the same thing for Gradius Rebirth (I'm not too fond of horizontal shooters), I'm happy for those that are happy.



blackknight77 said:

I hope so and I hope Nintendo is not finished with the Art style games.
I feel like Nintendo has been on a good roll here with the Wii Ware service, so I am looking forward to monday.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm not too excited with this one, myself.

@Tony: They're far from done. More are coming via the DSiWare service. Some got revealed yesterday along with a great new announcement! As for WiiWare, I'm sure there's more coming. At least, I honestly hope so. Cubello is a gem.



Mayhem said:

Bring it on I say... as long as I can use my Cube arcade stick with it, all will be well heh...



Terra said:

I have to say the way Konami created the game reminds me a lot of Wipeout HD, being remixes of Old levels from previous games in the series.

Still, having not a great deal of experience with the previous entries, this should still seem fresh to me. I will make sure i download this when it's released



Deep4t said:

My brother will love this.

(also.. on side note, i noticed the 'forum coming soon' thing has gone.. so, theres not going to be a forum anymore?)



Ren said:

yeah, this seems neat but just the screen shots look like essentially identical parts from other gradius games. The formula is great, but are there no new level designs? That would be a little annoying



Terra said:

I Would imagine that if America get it, Europe will get it. Konami are a big company and could easily get it Localized. We'd probably get it later though (As Usual)



Djungelurban said:

WOHO! It's finally coming. I mean sure, the PAL release is by no means a done deal with this but atleast things are progressing. I'm pretty sure I'll get to play it before Christmas.



djshep1973 said:

I'm really hoping they release this one in Europe sometime soon!! I love Gradius games in particular, and am feeling anxious about it seeing the light of day over here, particularly with us already having to play catch-up with other great Wii-Ware releases like World of Goo, Gyrostarr, Art Style: Orbient, etc...



Wiiloveit said:

@Deep4t: I noticed that ages ago, but every time I mention it I just get told to go to the WiIWare section of the VC-Reviews forums instead, although that advice is only from fellow users (cough, AlexSays, cough). It would be nice to get some proper closure on this subject matter anyway - are you listening WWW team?
@Djungelurban (I typed it right again!): that does seem pretty likely now. We'll still probably have to wait a while though - remember that there are still many other games that have been rated by the ESRB but not yet released (Bruiser & Scratch, Alien Crush, Fun Fun Minigolf, Hockey Allstar Shootout, Planet Pachinko, Sandy Beach, Space Invaders, Sudoku Challenge and Home Sweet Home are all the known ones - MaBoShi still isn't listed though)



Starwolf_UK said:

No confirmation on Europe getting it though, am I right?
No but we do have confirmation of Groovin Blocks (at last) and Yummy Yummy (seriously? and I thought MADSECTA would be strangest Wiiware game based soley on title) thanks to PEGI.

As for Europe release of Gradius Rebirth, given the time it took for Critter Round-Up to come to Europe it could be a while



Corbs said:

I do my own sites myself. They're nothing fancy, although Daz is currently helping me combine the sites into one 16-bit era review site that will be called Retro Rated when it's finished. The site will cover: Sega Mega Drive, Sega CD, Super NES, Turbografx-16, Game Gear, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Atari Lynx, and Neo Geo. He works on it when he has some free time and I add reviews when I have some free time. It should be really cool once it's up and going.



Clayfrd said:

@Corbie - Good luck with the website. I'll check it out.

@Topic- This is good news. I'm trying to get into shmups, so I'll probably try this if it's any good. Apparently I missed something because I had no idea Alien Crush was supposed to be out soon. That's great news, and I don't know how that passed me by! I'll have to search far and wide for some points unless it's 500 points by some divine miracle.



Ren said:

please keep us all notified when it goes up, that sounds like an awesome site.



Corbs said:

I'll let you guys know when we get it going. It should be pretty cool. It's going to resemble the layout of VC-Reviews a bit.



Wiiloveit said:

@Corbie: I was just wondering what happened to the forums - I'm not trying to rush you and understand the situation you're all in (I do a website as well). Thanks for confirmation, anyway.



Jockolantern said:

Very excited to play 'Gradius Rebirth'! Here's hoping for a release soon so I can get to blasting away alien scum and shooting the core.



Corbs said:

I know Wiiloveit, I just wanted to let everyone know that the forums are still in the works. But with the launch of the new DSiWare site coming up early next year, we're all scrambling around trying to get everything done.



Iggy said:

Hopefully it gets a good review but ill propally buy it anyway



Starwolf_UK said:

this hasnt come out yet? i completely last track of this after nintedos best friend waninkoko helped me install a copy. good game by the way but nothing compared to mm9 which i also have thanks to waninkoko.
I don't know, on a WiiWare fan site bragging about stealing WiiWare titles isn't the coolest thing to do. I'm sad you can continue to steal Wiiware but if I want to actually buy import WiiWare games I can't now because Nintendo closed the door.



gameking23 said:

Woa what a minute @tim2g. Nintendo does not care? Hello there is nothing wrong with a company being big and making a lot of money. Look Nintendo has to care about thier customers because with out their customers there would be no Nintendo. Frankly companies are in buisness to make money with out the insentive to make money why even go into buisness? Also if you do not like Nintendo so much why do you own a Wii? Plus stealing is definitely the wrong thing to do. I'd stop stealing now b4 you are found out.

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