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Evasive Space Is Anything But Evasive When It Comes to Screenshots

Posted by Damien McFerran

Take cover! Media SPLURGE! YUKE’S may have only announced the promising Evasive Space recently but the company is clearly taking no prisoners when it comes to promoting the title, as this flood of screenshots in our gallery proves.

YUKE’S also published this rather nice press release:

CHICAGO - Nov. 19, 2008

YUKE’S Company of America today revealed the first set of in-game screenshots and level details for Evasive Space, a new action space adventure for WiiWare under development by High Voltage Software. Set to launch this coming January, Evasive Space will blast you off on a space adventure in which you will be piloting Konki from a top-down view through various mazes and environments; creatively using the Wii Remote’s infrared pointer for control. The new screens offer a look at Acts 1 and 2, out of a total of four Acts, each one featuring a central theme and five scenes of varying objectives.

Some highlights of this new shooter, launching exclusively for WiiWare:

  • Pilot Konki through 20 missions spanning 5 different environments
  • Top-down space adventure with creative use of the Wii Remote's infrared pointer capabilities to pilot your ship
  • Pick up items and upgrades to enhance controls and chances of accomplishing your mission
  • Four person multiplayer matches locally on your home console
  • Compete for best times with online leaderboards

Evasive Space has been rated “E” for Everyone with Mild Fantasy Violence by the ESRB and will be downloadable for 1,000 Wii Points.

This certainly looks very nice, and we’ll be keeping you informed of future developments, naturally.

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kitroplious said:

Those are quite interesting screenshots!

I'm thinking of getting this game once it comes out.



PALgamer said:

106 screenshots????
EDIT: (After all 106 screenshots) lol Looks like an improved Protöthea.



BrazCanMan said:

This looks similar to Geometry Wars, except it has better graphics and it's not in open space. I wonder if they will use a similar control scheme?



PEICanada7 said:

Wow this game looks gorgeous in screenshots so I can't wait to actually see how good it looks in action!



Wiiloveit said:

I think I might have given this one a "meh" at first, but now I must say that it has got me awaiting its release. DAMMIT - TOO MANY WIIWARE GAMES, NOT ENOUGH MEMORY. Nintendo had better get on with Wii Update 3.5 before my SD card implodes.



gameking23 said:

One word for the grafix AWSOME. Hopefuly they look just as great if not better in the game.



Djungelurban said:

What? Yuke's makes something that is good?! It can't be! gasp Yeah, I'll definitely look out for this one



Ricardo91 said:

This game looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see it in motion! Looks pretty fun too.



Ark said:

I may be using my virtual hand to pick this title up. Looks good from the screenshots. I respect High Voltage.



Twilight_Crow said:

Not bad, but I'll wait to see it in motion, screenshots can be deceiving. I hope it turns out to be a good game.



Mayhem said:

Interesting... certainly looks promising. Awaiting a gameplay video or similar to see more



ness said:

It looks pretty nice, hopefully the graphic is not the only good thing in the game^^.



Wiiloveit said:

The bad thing is that High Voltage won't bring this to Europe for aaaaages, if at all. If they carry on with their current trend, I'll BUY MYSELF a plane ticket to their office and give their manager a kick up the arse. I'll then grab a McDonalds and go home to bed, hoping my money wasn't wasted.
Or I could get a US Wii. Either way - I still won't have enough money.



gameking23 said:

I sense some one is not happy. Maybe because Yukes is distributing this game maybe it will come to Europe.

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