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Art Style Series Coming To Europe Soon

Posted by Darren Calvert

European WiiWare fans who have jealously been coveting the recent Art Style games which North America has been spoilt with will soon be put out of their misery. The initial three games will be coming to Europe soon thankfully.

All three games Cubello, Rotohex and Orbient have received solid reviews from WiiWare World, each attracting a score of 8/10. We tried to hate them, we really did – but these infectious and cheap little games won their way into our hearts!

For more info check out the all new Art Style website or check out the details below:

Starting 21st November 2008, a stylish new series of unique Wii games will begin launching exclusively via WiiWare. Nintendo’s Art Style series combines simple yet highly playable new game concepts with striking audio-visuals. And to celebrate the release of the upcoming series, a new online site has now been launched: providing game information as well as an exclusive interview with the creators, and much more!

The games – Cubello, Rotohex and Orbient – represent compelling new concepts that have been created to take advantage of the unique Wii controls. With only the Wii Remote, players can enjoy new challenges that go beyond traditional action or puzzle games. Each game will be available to download from the Wii Shop Channel for 600 Wii Points each.

The release of the Art Style series is another demonstration of WiiWare’s ability to provide a platform for new creative opportunities. Developers are seizing the opportunity offered by WiiWare to create experimental games, as well as test ideas and re-make and revive classic titles for Wii.

Two of the three Art Style titles – Rotohex and Orbient – have been redesigned for Wii with updated graphics and other improvements, after having first been released in Japan as part of the bit Generations series. Cubello is an entirely new addition for the Art Style series on Wii. All three games have been designed with the aim of delivering enormously satisfying gameplay, utilising the unique functionality of the Wii Remote.

While the games have been totally remodelled for the console, it is the design of the sound in the games that players will really notice – as the atmospheric soundtrack for each title adds depth and tension to the gameplay experience.

Laurent Fischer, Managing Director for European Marketing and PR for Nintendo of Europe said: When creating the Art Style games, developers have taken their inspiration from a huge range of sources as they wanted to give the designers the chance to express themselves and the opportunity to experiment with these games. The result is a series that is fiendishly addictive and will keep players hooked as they challenge themselves and their friends to solve the puzzles the games create.

The three titles in the Art Style series will launch consecutively in the coming weeks, beginning with Cubello on 21st November 2008:

Cubello challenges players to eliminate cubes from a rotating “cluster” by launching matching coloured cubes, fired with the Wii Remote. Levels are completed as players clear all of the cubes without the cluster becoming too big.

Cubello calls on two skills often seen in games – shooting and puzzle-solving – but combines them in a whole new way that will test players’ brains and trigger fingers in equal measure. In conjunction with the eyecatching visuals and ear-pleasing sounds, Cubello will put players in a spin!

Rotohex brings colourful multiplayer puzzle action to the Art Style series. As triangular panels fall into a grid, players must build coloured hexagons as fast as possible by rotating them into position, to clear them from the grid. Once six have been joined together, they disappear. If the player fails to match the colours quickly enough, the grid fills up - making for a frantic race against time that requires fast thinking and reactions.

In multiplayer mode, players compete across two grids simultaneously, to create hexes faster than their opponent. To make things even harder, “block panels” are created in an opponent’s grid if their opponent successfully makes a hex, reducing the space available to play in.

In Orbient, take control of gravity itself and guide a rogue star through the galaxy, using the magnetic force of other stars and planets to reach your goal, while avoiding deadly obstacles like asteroids and black holes.

Using the Wii Remote, players control gravity and anti-gravity to pilot their small star towards blue stars; absorbing them will increase their own planet’s size. After reaching a certain size, players can capture the sun within each level and move on to the next challenge.

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User Comments (41)



Cipher said:

So gotta try out one of these. But I've only got enough for one

Question - of the three, which is the best? Even though they all got 8/10, one has to stand out, surely?



Wiiloveit said:

Yay! I'm going to get Cubello, though i'm unsure about the other two (in particular Rotohex).
If I ever have 600 points spare, I'll most likely give Orbient a go in the future.



wesleyh said:

Why would you think that, it states in the article the first one will be nov 21st. (cubello)



wanderlustwarrior said:

i'm gonna agree with slambert215

i'm also going to assume since they call this the series, that no more of bit generations will be re-released? damn.



Yasume said:

Good to hear. I'm definitely getting Cubello, and probably the other 2 later.



Starwolf_UK said:

as well as an exclusive interview with the creators, and much more!
I nearly missed the interview. Please do read it as it is worth it

Edit: The answer to the last question in particular...though the toher stuff is all very exciting.



PALgamer said:

It's ALIVE! But I have to ask; Are all three coming out on the 21st or is it going to be one ArtStyle each fortnight for six weeks (or more)? I think the latter.



Ricardo91 said:

Alright, you're getting the AS series now. Are you happy now, Europe? Now give us Maboshi and we can call it even.



Starwolf_UK said:

It's ALIVE! But I have to ask; Are all three coming out on the 21st or is it going to be one ArtStyle each fortnight for six weeks (or more)? I think the latter.
On the Microsite Cubello is 21st the others are "Coming Soon". Despite Orbient and Rotohex saying "coming soon" their parts of the site work where release date is "coming soon"

Alright, you're getting the AS series now. Are you happy now, Europe? Now give us Maboshi and we can call it even.
ESRB have rated a Wii title called Maboshi's Arcade. I think we know what title that is...



PALgamer said:

Spiffy website, thanks Starwolf for the heads up.

I think we will get Rotohex next year (2nd January),
same week the US is getting MaBoShi (5th).



Terra said:

All this stuff about Art Style seems to be indicating that Rotohex was the last game. I hope it's not.



SilentJ said:

@ Cipher
If you can only get one, get Cubello! It's the most addicting one imo.



Killraven said:

Yes i can't wait. well i could and have, but you know what I mean.
i was goign to get space invaders, but decided i really need to play the games i've already bought.

Has anyone else bought tons of games and really yet to play em.

Super mario rpg (4 stars in)
Ys (not played at all)
Zelda : Link to the Past (not played at all)
Zelda : Ocarina of Time (not played at all)
Streets of Rage II (could finish this in an arvo, but yet too)
Kirby 64 (about 1/2 way through)
River City Ransom, (played for an hour or 2)
Donkey Kong Country (only 10% in)
Toki Tori (i'm stuck about 85 % in)

And there will be more that i've likely completely forgotten.
I think i need some holidays to realy get dug into them.



Terra said:

Yeah, i know. Still, it's like it only just started, It can't be over on WiiWare already. If only we knew.



longtimegamer said:

@ Tony- Orbient was nice in its own way. The music and the way it changed when you got enough things orbiting or absorbed was cool. I basically liked the look of it too. However, I thought Cubello was way more addicting. Could be because in one of Orbiants stages I got stuck for awhile, but (if I remember right) I just don't remember it (orbiant) giving me that addictive feel.

Had to say something about that because I seen others make the same comment as yours.

I got to say however, that I'm not going through as many levels in Cubello as when I first started playing it because level that I'm at takes soo long to finish and when I do I may have to redo it again because I failed.



ness said:

One word: AWESOME!

I'm so happy to hear that now we get the whole series. I know that this was just a matter of time, but it is fantastic to see that there are just 1 1/2 week to wait. Wohoo!



World_1-1 said:

Good for you guys. Definitely pick up ORBIENT, but I don't know about the other two as I never played them...



Twilight_Crow said:

Yeah! we're finally getting MaBoShi , thanks for the info StarWolf_UK, and EU getting the ArtStyle games is great too, soon things wiil be as they should.



Objection said:

For some reason I have a premonition of you getting all 3 at once, but I guess that probably won't happen.



Virus said:

Mazel tov for Europe! Perhaps by the time you guys get the games, I might actually buy one of them too...



Robster said:

YES YES YES, me wants Cubello! BUT can anybody comment on the block-colour-issue? I understand Rotohex had issues with the colours being very similar and hard to tell apart. With the state of my eyesight I won't be able to play that but how are the colours in Cubello?



Lemmy_the_Koopa said:

I think I will get Cubello for my GF ... she likes puzzler but doesn't like the 43402340248203948230942834 irritations of Tetris... to quote her: "Well, it's still Tetris."



Starwolf_UK said:

can anybody comment on the block-colour-issue? I understand Rotohex had issues with the colours being very similar and hard to tell apart. With the state of my eyesight I won't be able to play that but how are the colours in Cubello?
Looking at the videos on the NOE microsite there are some stages with pink and red which will probably be a problem for red colour blind people. Some of the later stages could be an issue too when qwuite a lot of colouors are used. The game does announce colours once they have hit the board so at the very least you won't be completely clueless.

The thing is I only heared complaints for Rotohex and none for Cubello. I don't know if that is because nobodsy played Cubello...



Robster said:

Thanks Starwolf, the Cubello video's actually made me wonder about the colours. I thought it wasn't an issue with the game because no Americans complained , unlike Rotohex, but after seeing the video's I got worried.
But yeah, maybe al the colourblind people gave up after the first stage and didn't bother with the complaining part....



Ian_Daemon said:

"European WiiWare fans ...will soon be put out of their misery."

Um, this doesn't sound good..



gameking23 said:

Yes, I need more Art Style games NOW! Nintendo PLEASE come out with more Art Style games.



World_1-1 said:

I agree, why stop the Art Style games now Nintendo? There's still all the other bit Generations titles, plus I'm sure you could think up some more original titles like Cubello.

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