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Want a Castlevania Remake? Tough, You Get Castlevania Judgment Instead

Posted by Damien McFerran

In a recent interview with website Kikizo, Castlevania series producer Koji ‘IGA’ Igarashi (you know, that chap who is rather fond of wearing cowboy hats and carrying whips around with him) has spoken about his frustration at being told he should focus on new Castlevania games – such as the impending train-wreck that is Castlevania Judgment – rather than remake classic entries in the franchise.

When innocently asked if he had any plans to ‘re-imagine’ older titles for services like WiiWare or Xbox Live Arcade, IGA lamented:

Castlevania has a lengthy legacy of great games, and I’m definitely interested in revisiting them if I get a chance. However, every time I’ve tried to pitch something like that, I just get told I should make a new game instead. But yes, if there is another opportunity like there was with Dracula X Chronicles, it’s something that I would definitely like to do.

So basically, Konami is stopping us from getting that kick-ass Castlevania IV reboot, and instead thinks we need a crappy free-roaming fighting game with character designs that look like they fell out of an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Gee, thanks Konami.

Source: Kikizo, via GoNintendo

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Terra said:

I Think Castlevania Judgement could be an excellent game if people just gave it a chance. Yes, i know a lot of people were dissapointed that it isn't a true Castlevania game on the Wii but does that mean there won't be? No, it doesn't and unless you're a really die hard Castlevania fan and own all the games in some form, there are still loads of other games in the series they could look to.

I Mean, if fans wanted a true Castlevania game, why not the DS Games? There are 3 of them. Of course, if they don't have a DS. there is the option of downloading the original NES Castlevania games for those who have a Wii and Wi-Fi Internet connection. For Those who have both, the more, the better.

A Castlevania remake might be a good idea but as long as a decent or original port/download/whatever else of the other games are available in some form, i wouldn't want one, unless the game in question had issues a remake could fix. I'd prefer something new too. Maybe Konami have seen people criticize Square-Enix's policy to regularly remake old games and tried to avoid that. I would say that's a good idea but maybe they should go back and remake one or two classics, there's no harm in the OCCASIONAL remake as long as they don't overdue it. (Hint Hint Square-Enix)



Adam said:

Judgement-hating is easy, but I think it has some potential. The real question though is, would a 3D Castlevania ever be as good as a 2D one? I highly doubt it. Certain formulas work best in 2D, and others may work best in 3D. I don't understand the need to remake 2D games in 3D. Why not just make a brand new game free of the expectations of the original and leave the old style to evolve in a natural direction? It's frustrating to know that such a great game designer has so little control over his own work. The game industry is screwed up.



SteveW said:

I don't know why so many people didn't like the 3D Castlevania game on N64... I still think it's great! Now that Mario Golf made it to virtual console, the Castlevania game is the only reason I still keep my N64.



blackknight77 said:

I think we should give Judgement a chance first. I mean I wanted a game in the stye of SOTN like everyone else, but Judgement could be cool.

I agree with Terrigangma



Corbs said:

Those I've spoken to that have actually played Castlevania Judgement have already told me that it's not very good and definitely not up to par with the Castlevania name found in the title of the game.

I'll reserve judgement until I've had a chance to give it a go myself, but it's not looking good. Maybe this will be the final nail in the coffin on these attempts to take Castlevania out of its 2-D platforming world once and for all. I certainly hope so.



Cthuloops said:

It doesn't mean that Square should stop though! I almost s**t my pants when I saw the Chrono Trigger remake coming out for the DS(Which I am most definitely getting btw ), but I get what you mean.



Twilight_Crow said:

I have to admit that I'd rather a remake, I belive Judgment just won't fit in with the rest of the Castlevania games, but the point is that a great producer like IGA, should be able to work in the projects he wants, Konami should already know that a happy producer, that loves the game his working on, delivers.



SilentJ said:

So he actually wants to make another classic Castlevania game but Konami won't let him?!!! Screw Konami!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to play a new sidescrolling Castlevania (& Metroid)! WiiWare seems like the perfect place for new sidescrollers and I know I'm not the only one that wants these classic games. It's sucks knowing we won't be playing a new sidescrolling Castlvania any time soon. I almost wish I hadn't read this article.



JoshZTP said:

I for one agree with most of you guys... @Terranigma, he nailed anything I mostly wanted to say right off the bat... so AMEN to you bratha!!

And yes... Castlevania Judgement shouldn't get overturned and bashed all the freaking time!!!

People who love the Castlevania series as a whole heartidly friendly franchise... should love Castlevania Judgement, even if its a fighting game. Most fighting games based on adventure games can usually turn out good... and Castlevania Judgement is no exception!! It'll be awesome no matter what, and people will love/buy it instantly if they've been keeping well eyes and tabs on it these past months and since it has been first announced!!

But if buy the time November 18th rolls around... and say some review site like (SCREW THOSE AT IGN)... give Castlevania Judgement a medicore score say like a 5 or 6, (I'm calling it right now... just so you know)... then guess what; there will be lots of more hell to pay in the comment section!!!

I swear though... with Wii Music's review, and even Spiderman Web of Shadows... reviews and reviewers (like stupid Matt and Gregorgy) these days are getting more stupider by the minute!!!

And yes.. I know we all still can believe and hope for a true retro Castlevania adventure to grace ourselves on the Wii! Yet (I'm calling it yet again; an for Igarashi's sake... despite what the company Konami thinks)... in due time or whenever they actually do realize the true potential that fans have been missing out on, they might as well give us say a retro Castlevania on WiiWare; like with Megaman 9!

The real answer to that is... it depends on Konami if they get their heads in the game and, yes, give Igarashi the chance to develop such a Castlevania games us fans are anxiously awaiting for!! Could be 2-4, oh who bloddy knows how many years it will take!!!



KDR_11k said:

The problems Cv fans see with Judgement are that the character design doesn't match the other Cv games at ALL (they even screwed Death's design up! How hard is it to depict the freaking Grim Reaper?) and that impressions so far sound like the game simply plays like garbage. So both the "it has characters we love!" factor and the "it's a good game" factor are missing. What's left to redeem the game?



pdrydia said:

I like the very concept of Castlevania: Judgement. It's goofy and it pisses off fans who take their beloved franchise way too seriously. Will it be a good game? I dunno, but I'm going to read reviews with heavy skepticism. Fans have no idea how much bias they bring into reviews of games from their favorite series (see: every review of any Sonic game, ever).

The thing I don't get is why Konami isn't /also/ working on a remake. I'm sure they've got the resouces for it--if they haven't got enough employees themselves, then I imagine they've enough money to farm the work out another company (as Square Enix farmed its Final Fantasy remakes out to TOSE and Matrix Software). I can only imagine a well-executed remake of, say, Super Castlevania 4 as being an incredibly profitable proposition.



Link79 said:

Castlevania 4 does not need to be remade. It's fine the way it is. Now if he wants to remake Dracula's curse that would be cool. Btw everyone should stop picking on Castlevania Judgement until they've actually had the chance to play it. You never know it might be decent at least. I'm one of the fans who even liked the N64 Castlevania games and most people hate them. I guess I'm not as critical as most of you. Either that or I'm such a hardcore fan that I even like the bad games of the series.



Cheezy said:

They should port Castlevania The Arcade, a fairly recent arcade game. I don't know what it's like.



Ness012345 said:

Hows about instead of people whining and moaning about every damn game in X series getting remade, you actually let developers create new games in the franchise/series.

I've never understood the remake garbage people swoon over. Yes, sometimes you get quality ones such as FF3 ad FF4, but do I really need to play Super Castlevania in NES or Pseudo-3D? Unless you're one of those people that are stuck in the past, then the answer is no, you do not. I would rather see IGA work on a game that's based around the 1999 event in the Castelvania universe, or recreate another console-based Castlevania (Yes, that's right kiddies, I'm one of the people who enjoyed Legacy of Darkness, Lamment of Innocence, and Curse of Darkness greatly, and I did indeed grow up on the NES era of Castlevania).

I also think it's ridiculous that people who haven't even played Judgment are already saying it's going to be bad. Hows about you reserve your criticism for the game when it comes out.



Damo said:

While I can see the merit in not knocking a game until you've actually played it, I'd put my house on Judgment being absolutely terrible.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Oh well, we can´t have it all. As far as I know Iga wasn´t involved in the 16-bit titles anyway, but an old-school game could have been sweet.

The best scenario is that Judgement turns out to be Wii:s Power Stone, but I don´t hold my breath for that game. Still, Judgements design has taken too much of a beating, it may not look like Symphony of the Night but it´s not terrible



Atlantis1982 said:

So they don't want him to make a new Castlevania game, yet we get a stupid attempt of a DYC but its sand-castles with crabs. They really need to rehire some of their consultants.



pdrydia said:

I'd like a remake of Super Castlevania 4 because the SNES version is /terrible/. Simon moves like molasses and...well, really, that's enough to make it unplayable for me. The subweapon system is terrible, too, but I could deal with that, easy, if Simon didn't take so long to react to my controller input. By the time he actually does what I want him to do, I could stand up and throw my TV--which is exactly what I want to do.

I'm sure the game was great for you folks who played it back when it was new--its music is still fantastic today!--but holy **, it raises my blood pressure. D=



MarkyVigoroth said:

What? Some people like Yu-Gi-Oh! (Even me, due to those cool monsters like Blue Eyes White Dragon, but I am trying to hate the series...)



OverlordMao said:

I would like $50 in cash for this tragedy you are about to bestow upon us Konami.
Seriously,Getting cut down because some guys told you "No!We don't want remakes!We want a fighting game,cuz its original!DUHR!".
A genius like him shouldn't take that.



Virus said:

What an article...well, mark me up as one of those glad IGA isn't going for the retro style games. I believe we have old games to enjoy the gameplay of olden times (that's why VC is so great). Consequently, I believe game developers should focus on creating new games that utilize current technology and not remakes that try to recreate the old graphics. There are exceptions, but I think those exceptions are few and far between.

My two cents I guess.

And mark me up as one of those who also admires the character designs.



Ricardo91 said:

I'm going with the majority and say that Castlevania Judgement is going to be complete and utter rubbish. It'll be Soulcalibur Legends all over again.



Wesbert said:

I admit, I was also a little... well, "surprised" when I saw the character designs for this game. But it is a different take on the series, so it's actually a good idea to combine it with a new look, and by now I'm quite used to it (Then again, I remember fans bashing Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin for it's "manga-style", even though most people will hardly have noticed...).
Gameplay-wise, I expect I will personally label Judgment as a "guilty pleasure"; a game with undeniable flaws which I will enjoy nevertheless. And that is good enough for me.
After all, there is a quite steady supply of excellent DS Castleroids, so Castlevania fans actually have little reason to complain (Which won't stop them from doing so, repeatedly and emphatically).



JoshZTP said:

@Mr. Cheez saying "I'm going with the majority and say that Castlevania Judgement is going to be complete and utter rubbish. It'll be Soul Calibur Legends all over again."

I for one can only say you're taking that comment way too seriously and way too harshly!!! There are only those select few, or quite a bit of people you can imagine; that actually do enjoy games for what they are worth... and Soul Calibur Legends is an awesome game for anyone who are life long fans of the series... same will go with Castlevania Legends!!! People will get it no matter what and enjoy it no matter how bad or how others keep insisting on bashing it!!!

People like that can make me sick... same goes with reviews who give games low medicore scores (Wii Music, Spiderman Web of Shadows)!!!!

If you think scores mean everything; you're wrong... it's the game itself that can be either good or bad in your own opinion!!



Finally, a Castlevania I'm not picking up on the first day. Just what I always wanted. I've loved the entire series, and that includes the 3D games, Simon's Quest, and Haunted Castle. But Judgment, it looks like a real crock of ****. The character designs are just awful. I like Death Note, it's a great animemanga, but the style just doesn't do anything positive for Castlevania.

If you're going to make a spin-off or a cross-over, the first thing you should do is include recognizable characters. I certainly don't recognize these clowns. Hell, Shanoa's design has been completely butchered and she's only been in one game that came out this week! Even the bio's are awful. The new Eric LeCarde is a 15 year old version now, and apparently he's a snob. Wow, just wow. The only thing that can make it worse is if the gameplay sucks, and if Simon talks. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS CASTLEVANIA, DO NOT LET SIMON TALK! They're ruining him enough, but that would literally make me cry, and likely vomit. X_X

...not to mention it's clogging up the toilet called "giving IGA the freedom to follow up Mega Man 9 with a 2D Castlevania WiiWare offering". I wonder how much longer the higher-ups at Konami are going to keep 2D Castlevania off of consoles. _



Hyperfludd said:

I played Judgment at Nintendo World, and it was a pretty fun game. Reminded me of Power Stone for the DC.



Ricardo91 said:

@PuppetMasterKuruku. What's so bad about Simon Belmont talking? I bet he would have an awesome voice! (Assuming Konami doesn't take the cheap route and pick some crappy, bargain-bin anime voice actor.). He'll likely have some grunt or scream or something, so you're out of luck there, buddy.

@JoshZTP. "Soul Calibur Legends is an awesome game for anyone who are lifelong fans of the series...Same will go with Castlevania Legends!!!"
Well, I haven't played any Soulcalibur games so far (been meaning to do that by the way), so I guess I won't get much out of that one....
Also, Castlevania Legends? The GB game? Weren't we talking about Castlevania Judgement?

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I do believe that Judgement will, in fact, not be good. The character designs look horrible (especially Simon, which looks like some BDSM-loving reject from Kingdom Hearts. Damo's also right about the characters looking like they came from Yu-Gi-Oh, a show I can't stand and love to make fun of.), and the Castlevania universe never seemed very fit for a fighting game, especially a Power Stone-style one. Konami Wii games so far haven't been that great either; They made some good ones, but not anything to write home about. If this game winds up having a waggle-only control scheme, it will certainly be doomed.

Why, Iga? Why not a REAL Castlevania Wii game? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?



Nintendork said:

^ "If this game winds up having a waggle-only control scheme, it will certainly be doomed"
Nintendo Power has confirmed that Judgment will have Classic & Gamecube controller support. So we're gonna have a button masher too!!



BlueFlameBat said:

"So basically, Konami is stopping us from getting that kick-ass Castlevania IV reboot, and instead thinks we need a crappy free-roaming fighting game with character designs that look like they fell out of an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh."

Fine choice of words for a game that isn't even out yet.



Slionr said:

I do look forward to castlevania judgment, but i would LOVE to see remake of CAstlevania 4, or maybe SOTN (even if its gonna take much space) or maybe a totaly NEW castlevania game in 2D on Wiiware.
And dear Konami, many people was not that excited of Elebits (it was not bad, buut...) and Dewy's Adventure on the wii, but how many was not ultimatly happy for Contra 4 on the DS for example (PLEAS, let i t come to the stores in europe) ?
I am not sayin that you should not try new things, but let IGA and his team do what they want. We know its gonna be a good choice.



Bass_X0 said:

I'm going to buy Order of Ecclesia tomorrow from Ebay from a seller in the U.K. I can easily find it under £25 including shipping and have it within a week or I can wait until January and pay £30 for it.

Decisions.... decisions...



Terra said:

@Bass X0
I was going to get Order of Ecclesia too but instead i bought NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams, We Love Golf! and Zack and Wiki. all for just under £40.

I don't know what it is but so far for the Wii, i've only bought retail Wii Games developed/published by Nintendo and Sega (Excluding VC Games) and soon Capcom as i ordered the games from Play (£15 for Zack and Wiki and We Love Golf! New. What a Bargain!). I did also buy Hudson's My Aquarium. I've been trying to expand my audience and so far, i've done well. If i hadn't, there are some reasons why i wouldn't be able to call myself a true gamer, which i can say about myself more confidently now. I've tried games/series like Final Fantasy, Panzer Dragoon, Gunstar Heroes, Perfect Dark, Wave Race, Castlevania, Star Soldier, Mega Man, Custom Robo, Bomberman, Timesplitters and Sin And Punishment to name quite a few.

Who else's games should i be looking into om the Wii? If anyone even jokingly says DDI, famous for Ninjabread Man, i know where you live, and i will bring you down

"It doesn't mean that Square should stop though!"

No, they shouldn't. I was in ecstatic when they announced Chrono Trigger on the DS as well, it's just how they do it so often. If it's a game that wasn't released in English before, i'm cool with. It's When they keep on re-releasing games we've seen many times before, like their FF remakes, that's when i don't like it. How many times have the I and II compilation been re-released? 3 Times, it's stuff like that which is why some people (Like me) criticise them for there Remakes, no matter how good they may be. You can't live on your back catalogue forever.

Same thing for Namco, Atari or basically any other company who decide to constantly release compilations of their back catalgoue games. If it's a one-off thing, like a series collection E.G. Star Soldier, i don't mind that, it's when you release it over and over again. It's a similar stance to that of Square-Enix Remakes. How many Times have Namco released the Namco Museum? I Don't know. You get my point, it's too much unneccesary sh*t on the market and i'm tired of it. I don't want it to just stop as they're made for a good reason, Nostalgia and that a lot of old arcade games are great. I have one of those collections where you plug it into the TV and comes with an arcade style box. Those are great when they but i am sick and tired of seeing all these Retro Collections released for every single platform that just end up in bargain bins.

My god i haven't done such a big post in ages. I did need to have a good rant.about this stuff though, i met someone on another website who sung all for praise in the world for Square_Enix remakes and Retro Compilations, defending them from every angle. People like that just build up my stress and anger and i have problems with that already.



Ricardo91 said:

@Terrinigma. Yeesh! You really outdid yourself with that post! I didn't even bother to read the whole thing! XD

Say, is We Love Golf! and Nights: JoD any good? I've been thinking about getting those, but I keep hearing mixed opinions.

I've also noticed you've joined the avatar-changing brigade.



Nintendork said:

^ I know for a fact that Nights: JoD sucks. So save your Wii Points, don't give any more money to Sega because of this crap!



Terra said:

@Mr. Cheez
It was quite Long wasn't it XD
As for the avatar, i thought it needed a change and i like this one.

I haven't got We Love Golf! or NiGHTS yet as i ordered them online but i have played We Love Golf! awhile ago and it was very good. As for NiGHTS, i haven't played it at all and i won't be until christmas as it's a present to my brother, so can't say anything there. He's wanted it for awhile. I bought a 4th game today from Zavvi for £8. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. I figured that as i had Dawn of Sorrow i should go for the second DS game and it was very cheap, so win-win. Next on my list will probably be the GBA double pack as that would be cheaper. Would it be worth buying Circle of The Moon on the GBA? I'm just curious because i know that it was one if the games (Like the N64 games and a couple of others) that IGA removed from the timeline

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