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Tetris Party Released On WiiWare In Japan

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Judging from the Japanese WiiWare releases today it would appear that Tetris Party is about to make its way to other regions sooner than many expected. This is great news for all the Tetris maniacs out there who've waited long and hard for a Tetris title to reach the Nintendo Wii console.

Update: Tetris Party is now confirmed on the official site to be coming out on the 20th October. That's this coming Monday!

Tetris Party features a whopping 18 different game modes to choose from, 10 of which have never before been seen in a Tetris title. As an added bonus there will also be full Wii Balance Board support as well as local and online multiplayer support. Those of us here at WiiWare World can't wait to get our hands on this newest incarnation of Tetris.

Darts Wii and Brain Challenge were also released in Japan on the WiiWare service today as well. While we haven't heard any news of a Darts Wii release outside of Japan as of yet, we do know that Brain Challenge will be heading to the US and Europe at some point in the near future.

We'll have any new information on these three titles as it becomes available.

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User Comments (61)



Negative_Zero said:

Hooray! With the trailer on the Nintendo Channel, and the guide up on the Tetris Party website. High hopes are this 20th



Wollmaster said:

The Tetris Party trailer is on the Nintendo Channel for North America so we might get it next week!



AlexSays said:

Haven't we gotten enough remakes of tetris?

Have they stopped being fun?
Oh, no they haven't.



i_am_error said:

I pretty sure Tetris Party will be up next week. Can't wait. Too much puzzle, too much fun!



kitroplious said:

"Haven't we gotten enough remakes of tetris?"

No we didn't, but seeing that Tetris Party has so many great modes I think we got enough tetris action.

I'm kind of surprised MLE didn't show up on WiiWare in Japan today.



Mario64DStyle said:

YES! I can't wait!! this is one of my most anticipated ones =D
No one can resist Tetris, and with 18 modes, and several of them being multiplayer, this is going to be an extremely amazing package all in one.
I hope we get this really soon



danik said:

Tetris party is very likely to be getting downloaded to my machine, also maybe brain challenge for mrs n all if its any good, not sure about darts if it comes out over here.



Nintendude92 said:

@WolfMaster- I removed that channel cuz if you combine both the data & channel, it caps 400 blocks. That's a good bit of info, though!

Look's like Hudson is bringing Tetris out before Alien Crush, assuming the trailer said "October." A good move money wise, this will be the puzzler to upstage all the others.



Ferret75 said:

If this gets here Monday, I'll be satisfied game-wise for at least two monthes. =D



AlexSays said:

i will get tetris if its 1000 or under

Sucks for you. The game costs 1200.
Looks like you'll be missing out because of a mere $2.



Nintendude92 said:

For what were getting, I'm surprised Tetris didn't try to pull a Plattchen and ask for 1,500.

Then again, Japanese currency is different. One example is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. It was 1,200 in Japan, but only 1,000 here.

I'm probabbly just over thinking.

TLDR: 1,200 is the max, its worth it.



AlexSays said:

@ Tony- You don't have to tell me!
My significant other is already facing the ramifications of all these great games being released.
If Tetris Party is soon followed by Gradius ReBirth, I might never see her again!



Mr_chippy said:

@ AlexSays
i might get it if i have 2$ left over
really i had to delete the nintendo channel to make room for world of p.. i mean goo



Virus said:

Still can't come to a conclusion on this game. I might get it if I have extra money, but otherwise I think I'm set with the DS version...I think...



XCWarrior said:

As long as Tetris Party comes out Monday, between that and SMRPG, I'll be pretty set for quite awhile with my limited gaming time. Please, make it a great Monday!



Tony_Lama said:

I can't wait for TETRIS PARTY! I am hoping for a Oct 20th release. This will most likely be the best version of Tetris ever created!



Pegasus said:

I don't know. Judging from the Nintendo Channel trailer those 18 modes are counting some modes three times: once for single-player, once for versus, and once for online. We'll be lucky to get six distinctive modes out of that package.



WarioFan63 said:

Strong Bad and Tetris Party on the 20th.
Rotohex and Alien Crush on the 27th.

My prophecies are never wrong.

Except when they are...



Lemmy_the_Koopa said:

Well it's Tetris... yup... hmm .. sigh ... Tetris... hmm... yes ... ... dood ...? Can you feel... hmm ... my excitment... ... Tetris... yes... dood?



PALgamer said:

You guys are spoiled rotten. Just after a great week, you want another? High hopes there.

Tetris Party is one of the few WiiWares that will stay forever in my Wii (no space left) accompanied by Dr. Mario of course.



Starwolf_UK said:

Look's like Hudson is bringing Tetris out before Alien Crush, assuming the trailer said "October." A good move money wise, this will be the puzzler to upstage all the others.
Actually, Hudson isn't publishing it in America and Europe. The Tetris Company or Tetris holdings or whatever they call themselves is

As for this. Since I have not bought a version of Tetris since the Gameboy (and even that wasn't bought it was bundled) this might be a worth purchase. Unlike that Dr.Mairo game which is inferior to a Dr.Mario game I already own (pros:ghost town online, virus bustah cons:no 4 player vs and some other interesting modes missing)



Kevin said:

Good thing I didn't get World of Goo. I wouldn't have the points to get tetris monday. With 1800 points left (I'm gonna get more tuesday) it'll by going towards tetris and mega man 9's second dlc update.



Wiiloveit said:

I personally can't wait. Will you guys be previewing it as you did with Alien Crush and Space Invaders?
As for my Wii Points, I actually do have 1200 points, which means that I'll have to go down to Game and trade in some stuff before I can get Strong Bad 3 and Alien Crush (presuming that Tetris, SB and Alien Crush are all out the same week - forcing me to forgive Nintendo for the atrocious week last time). I wouldn't mind a bit of Art Style either, though I may leave that one for a bit so that I can get the big releases over (I've no money at the moment to buy new games - hence why I'll have to trade in games to get my Wii Points card. Bloody Guitar Hero World Tour at £150...)



blackknight77 said:

I used to own Tetris Worlds which also had 4 or 5 multiplayer. But it was very difficult to tell what was going on. This version looks much cleaner and easier to follow the puzzle action with multiplayer



Ian_Daemon said:

"Haven't we gotten enough remakes of tetris?"

Uh, "Bomberman" games really haven't changed that much, but Bomberman Blast is still a hoot. I love it.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Finally, a great-looking Tetris that won't be discontinued at least two years before it would've stopped selling (I'm still bitter about Tetris DS being made for less than a year)!

@Pegasus: If it totals to 6 modes three times over, it's still a WAY better deal than Tetris Splash on Xbox Live Arcade. In that game, you pretty much get two modes, stack with online and not, and still have to pay $10. Then they try to bleed you dry charging for individual fish for the on-screen aquarium. Some of the stupidest DLC ever...

But anyway, Tetris Party looks great!



cyrus_zuo said:

...I just don't have any space. UGH! This has seriously become a problem. I'm still playing Bomberman and a couple of other WiiWare titles (World of Goo) a ton. When I say 'still' I mean I just barely got them. Would love to get Tetris...and I will...maybe in March when the space issue is fixed .



kitroplious said:

"Tetris Party is now confirmed on the official site to be coming out on the 20th October. That's this coming Monday!"

Where on the site does it say that? I can't find it.

Although, I saw the video of it on the Nintendo Channel so that date may be correct.



Wiiloveit said:

I can't find it either. Meh - as long as I get at least 2 out of the great 3 possibles in our next update (AC, SB3, TP - sorry MadStone, you'll have to wait).
Wait, I just remembered it's my mates Birthday next week as well... well - he's getting My Aquarium or Defend Your Castle or, I could be really mean and get him Donkey Kong Jr Math. Decisions, decisions...



Loooca said:


Nevertheless, I'll surely get some points before Monday. Tetris will be my third WiiWare title after Dr. Mario and Mega Man 9, I've been waiting for it too long. Ah, well, World of Goo will (sadly) have to wait. I haven't got the game on the DS some people seem to own... actually, haven't got one since the Game Boy days.

Tetris is Tetris. It's not a remake — how can you remake an already original concept like Tetris'? Didn't get old after all these years, and it never will.

Also: Nintendo has been treating us so well these past weeks, starting from MM9 up until now. Wonder how they're planning to ruin it for us?



AlexSays said:

Where in the world does that website confirm the release date?

Call me crazy, but I don't see Oct. 20 anywhere.




Time to make even more space this Monday. I had a hard time making room for World of Goo, and now this? Ah well.



Dazza said:

Haha they took the date off. Earlier today it did say the 20th Oct! Now its just "October" !!

Good old Nintendo, good forbid that they would announce a release schedule or anything simple like that!



Negative_Zero said:

I bet its still Oct 20th, they just want people to think there not waiting, then BAM! Right in the kisser comes a tetromino, whatever its spelled



kitroplious said:

@ Dazza - Yeah, but I think it's the 20th anyway because there was a Tetris Party info video on the Nintendo Channel just now.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Wow. Didn't bother to check the official web site earlier. Now that I have (in an effort to see the whole "is the date there or not" thing for myself), I'm even MORE excited for the game! It really does have some fresh, new modes in it, along with all the classics! Looks like I'm gonna have to buy another points card in a few days...



battledevil789 said:

hopefully it will come monday i really really want this badly well at least we know its ether this monday or next but it better be this monday



Ricardo91 said:

Even though the official release date has been taken off, I still suspect that this will come next week. Even if it doesn't, I don't mind; I got a lot of catching up to do.
I might have to buy 4 wii points cards now!

"Haven't we gotten enough remakes of Tetris?"

Well, given that most versions of Tetris are just as fun and addicting as the last ones, and this one in particular looks like one of the most unique and feature-filled iterations thus far, my reply is no.
I'll gladly lay $12 down on this. Tetris is the best puzzle game ever IMO.



Ren said:

Am I getting old and turning into a casual tool for being totally satisfied with all the simple stuff that WiiWare offers + the few N games that I have? (sports/fit/ guitar, etc.) Just turned 31 and have little time for games so the like 10 awesome games they released here recently I can't even keep up with so I'm cancelling my gamecrazy thing. Tetris, megaman, strongbad, goo. So much for good ol' freetime. Can't wait till I'm rich enough some day that I can not work EVER and just play video games all the time. A good HD tv would be nice, too... and a sandwich...



blackknight77 said:

Welcome to the 30's Ren. I am 31 as well.

Its cool we can still love video games and escape the real world. Grad school takes away alot of my freetime for games but its just temporary

Tetris is a game you can just pick up and play and not have to devote hours too



XCWarrior said:

I didn't see the official Oct. 20 release date on The Tetris Party site, but I'll take your guys words for it. Can't wait til Monday! (For many reasons, this work weekend bites!)



SuperMario64 said:

I recently decided that I don't like having updates on monday =|.. right after the weekend.. so I have to wait the whole week to play the game with a large group of friends



Negative_Zero said:

Yeah I hate the fact that its Monday (Yet another reason to hate it). It be nice if it were Friday, or even Sunday. What did they do put the names of the week in a hat and the first one to comes becomes VC and WW realease day?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Negative_Zero: Probably to try to avoid a run on their servers. If you know a lot about Nintendo's policies on releases and shipments (as a Gamestop employee, I have a slight edge in this field), you come to realize that Nintendo likes putting stuff out when fewer people will be available to pick it up. In retail, this prevents riots when we only get two copies of Wii Fit in shipment. On the download, it prevents the already-not-very-high-quality servers from getting bogged down with downloaders. Then they give hardcore people a few days to download it slowly, followed by the release e-mail announcement on Friday. This is all just an educated guess, mind you, but it all seems to fit if you think about it.

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