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Tetris Party Hits Europe Friday

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Good news for Europeans wanting a Tetris fix - You won't have to wait long for Tetris Party!

Tetris Online, Inc. revealed earlier today that the game will be released in Europe this Friday. That's just a 4 day wait - Thankfully this means the online skill difference between the US and Europe won't be that big!

With a ton of both old and new modes, and online battles, this certainly seems like one of the best Tetris games yet - We'll have a review up later this week so you can see for yourself if it's worth the 1200 Wii Point admission.

Source: GoNintendo

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djshep1973 said:

I'm so chuffed to read that this will be online for Europe this week, it really feels like we've been waiting for some of the better recent Wii-Ware games just lately! Almost instant DL for my WIi methinks

'online skill difference between the US and Europe won't be that big!'

Well, we've probably all played Tetris to death at some point, so I don't see any amount of delay in release having owt to do with skill gaps, this is one game I will be playing online for sure.



Terra said:

At least we won't have to wait. i am getting tired of our recent WiiWare games all being catch-up titles though. Still, if it's Art Style Games as well as this, i would have no objections. While i understand perfectly why, i do get annoyed by the fact that there are some good titles the US have got, while Europe have to wait for them. I'm still p**sed that HVS haven't even started preparing European releases for their WiiWare games



Djungelurban said:

Where's Gradius... I want Gradius... I need my Gradius... Gimme! I know this is about Tetris, but I'm impatient...



Drake said:

Gradius Rebirth hasn't even been announced for release outside Japan yet, so it might be a long wait

And to be honest, everything I've heard from Gradius fans about the game so far hasn't been very positive.



Ben__Harlan said:


Cant wait for bou more points and the Review. Hope Corbie does the Review.



AlexSays said:

I need that "better than a hard drive" solution now.
No you don't.
Not unless you plan on playing Tetris Party and twenty other games at the EXACT same time.

I have four WiiWare, and eight VC games on my Wii, and that's more than enough to satisfy my needs at any given moment.
If I wanna exchange a game with one on my SD card, it takes a whole two minutes.
Not sure why this is such a big deal to some.



Mzen said:

Anyone knows if previous Hudson WiiWare games ran in 60hz? I think My Aquarium didn't, and if this doesn't do 60hz, that is a deal breaker to me.



Kenji510 said:

You guys get it too and thats great too... im downloadin mines right now and gonna play once its finished.



Supermarioman said:

Good for you, this game looks really good, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, another game to my get list like:
World of Goo Mega Man 9 Mega Man Mega Man 2
Groovin' Blocks Helix Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels
Mario Golf Secret of Mana Ninja Gaiden 1-3 Strong Bad 1-3

And for Wii:
Rock Band(full set) Rock Band 2 AC-DC Live Roc Band
WarioWare Super Paper MArio LOL too many games,

and now this.....ugh................



Mario_maniac said:

I think I'll have to pass on Tetris. I already forked out enough cash for Tetris DS, and I barely even play that!



Pegasus said:

Frankly, it's easier and faster to just re-download the titles from the shop.



Starwolf_UK said:

Anyone knows if previous Hudson WiiWare games ran in 60hz? I think My Aquarium didn't, and if this doesn't do 60hz, that is a deal breaker to me.
I'm fairly certain all WiiWare games support 480p and 16:9 so hence 60Hz. I can check Bomberman if you like but i'm 90% certain it runs in 60Hz.

I'm thinking this week will be Tetris Party, Strongbad 3 and that will be all Hope i'm wrong becuase I hate being right about WiiWare...



dr_j said:

I'd love some Art Style with my Tetris. The more (good) puzzle games, the better.



Megaace said:

IGN have given Tetris Party a 9, and they say it is "a must", and "the best Tetris game in years"...



Sassy_Cc said:

I enjoyed Tetris Party ~ One of very few complaints I have is that you couldn't’t do vs online in balance board mode & that your high scores for BB mode doesn’t go on the online high scores ~

I play multiple games everyday ~ On my Wii channels, I have downloaded a lot of the larger games which take up more room then the lil NES 20 blockers(I only have a couple of those) ~ For Nintendo it would only take a simple software upgrade to allow us to access our channels with our SD cards ~

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