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Second Wave of Mega Man 9 DLC Released!

Posted by Darren Calvert

A quick press release from Capcom about today's Mega Man 9 DLC update packs:

We’re proud to announce that the second of Downloadable Content packs for Mega Man 9 will be available this week. Here’s the run down on what’s coming out.

Hard Mode – Dubbed Hero Mode in Japan, this mode enables you to play the entire game on an increased difficulty level with alternate enemy distribution and spawning points. Hard Mode is not compatible with Rankings or Challenges Modes. Cost: 100 Wii points.

Expert Mode – Dubbed Super Hero Mode Japan, this mode represents the apex of Mega Man 9 difficulty settings and is not for the novice Mega Man 9 player. This mode triples the level of difficulty from the default Mega Man 9 game. Expert Mode is not compatible with Rankings or Challenges Modes. Cost: 100 Wii points.

Special Time Attack Stage – This DLC gives you an additional stage for Time Attack Mode, complete with an all new level and Robot Master Boss, “Fake Man.” Similar in difficulty to the Willy Stages, players will have a fun time tackling this time sensitive competitive stage. Special Time Attack Stage is not compatible with Challenge Mode. Cost: 100 Wii points.

All three DLC packs are available now on WiiWare Channel today (October 20th, 2008) with XBLA following on October 21th, and PSN releasing October 23th.

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Jockolantern said:

Looking forward to seeing what the Special Stage is like and to the extra difficulty modes, I have but two words: Bring it.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

How much are these things?

Fake Man is interesting, but I don't care for Time Attack mode. Maybe I'll add him when I'm out of stuff to do.



Dazza said:

Yeah its odd the press release gave no pricing info! We'll add it later today when we know



kitroplious said:

@ Dazza - I think that's what I remember from the WSC.

EDIT: Fake Man looks like the police!



ness said:

Am i right in thinking that Europe again has to wait until Friday?



blackknight77 said:

Fake mans special ability is that he pulls Mega Man's car off the road and writes him up a big traffic ticket$$$

@ Bass
Its really interesting that Capcom included an easy mode in the anniversary collection, but they won't do it for this game. Odd



Ricardo91 said:

"Why people would pay for an easy mode. The game is already easy."
There's a few people here that would slap you silly for saying that.

I'll hold off on Hard and Expert mode for a while (or just avoid them altogether), but I'm interested in Fake Man. I wonder what his attack is? Shooting tasers? Cuz that'd be freakin' awesome!



Serpent said:

I Agree with DjinnFighter, The shop makes it easier when you collect tons of screws and buy E and M tanks non stop.



Wiiloveit said:

If anyone gets expert mode and finishes it, then they need to get themselves a girlfriend.



SupermarketZombies said:

Bah I can't beat normal mode lol.

I have proto man though which is pretty fun so I might get the new time attack level.



Wiiloveit said:

We're getting these shortly at 100 points and 2 blocks each, though the hard and extreme difficulties are named Hero and Superhero mode. I'm now pretty cautious (and terrified) about going anywhere near the DLC menu. WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?



MrPinguy said:

"Fake Man looks like the police! "
Of Course, that's his disguise... hehehe

im pretty sure much people expected Bass to be the special boss and because of it
much people hate Fake Man, but now Fake Man is my favorite Robot Master XD
I liked him the first time i saw him.



Rabspat said:

The new stage is pretty freakin' difficult, even if I did manage to beat it on my 5th try. Overall, though, I'm not too impressed with it. It's just a rush through some of the odder bosses of the game. I haven't downloaded the two harder difficulties, because even though I would enjoy a harder Mega Man 9, I'm going to see what other people have to say first. If I don't spend those 200 points on DLC, I can download Orbient or something instead with the 600 points I have left..



Boringman54 said:

I got the new stage and damn is it hard. You have to fight every mini boss over again. I've only gotten up to the second one, the falling boulders. I can't wait until I can actually get to Fake Man.



SergeEXE said:

Oh man, that new stage is evil. They bring back the most annoying boss for it, but Fake Man himself, once you recognize his pattern, isn't that bad.

Jewel Satellite, people.

And I really didn't just give away his weakness, per se. You have to figure out how to maximize your damage with it.



Twilight_Crow said:

Cool, I'm going for Fake Man, as soon as I get some left over wiipoints. I'm definitely not getting expert but, I'm sure hard mode will be fun later on, right now I'll just try to finish the game without any items.



World_1-1 said:

I bought Fake Man's stage, but paying for more ass kicking doesn't seem logical. The game is hard enough. Maybe they should release an Easy mode if anything (though I wouldn't get that either).



Objection said:

100 points is how much I think all the MM9 DLC should be, and I applaud CAPCOM for continuing to support this title with inexpensive extras. PS-Wiiware versions pwns the others by getting the DLC first!



Chunky_Droid said:

Yeah, I'm interested to know if Fake Man gives you a new weapon?

Still need my stupid Wii fixed so I can get this freakin' game. And capcom would be LOVELY to re-release Megaman 8 on WiiWare without movies just so I know how the story in that goes



Maderek said:

I don't think you get anything for beating Fake Man, since it's a time attack stage and all.



Jockolantern said:

The two new difficulty modes are brutal, to say the very least. Superhero mode is... beyond terrifying. Ironically, the stage I had the most difficulty with on regular difficulty, Tornado Man, is definitely the easiest stage to get through now. The stage I had the least difficulty getting through, Concrete Man, is now absolutely insane. Holy crap, beating the game on these two difficulties is going to be taxing.



Terra said:

Is there going to be anymore DLC after this or is that it?

Also, are they INSANE to release harder difficulties? My god. I would have to agree with WiiLoveItOnline about those who beat Expert Level. When i get the game, i'll be downloading them for sure, but i probably won't finish them. As for the suggestion of an Easy Difficulty, i would offer that for free if i was at Capcom because if some people buy it and find it too hard, that might help. To be fair, once someone has brought the game, Capcom won't care, will they? Probably not



Big_Sexy said:

The true hardness of MM9 comes from the incredibly stupid hitbox tricks the game toys you with, imo. That and they make you mine for bolts because there are only 3 E tanks and one M tank in the entire game, which is total bull. The creator claims he was aiming for more of a MM2 experience, all the while hitting us with the MM1 stupid stick.

I like others don't understand why Capcom decided that Bass wouldn't show up at all, despite it being called Megaman 9, meaning that 7 and 8 preluded this. None of this DLC interests me, either - the only exception was ProtoMan mode but that went down the drain as soon as the words "no story" popped up. Too bad they didn't do this like MM:Powered Up before it, or else we'd have a lot more to do in this game.

@Objection Blaster: Actually, I happen to think that between this and the 360 version (which, content wise are of course, identical) that WiiWare has the better version because the Wii's crappier video output makes the game look more authentic. Something about the 360's shiny graphics make it unbelievable as a New Age Retro Videogame.

...I can't believe that I just said looking crappier was a benefit. Goodness this game is weird.

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